Scorpio Man Broke My Heart

by Ruthie
(Houston, Tx)

I'm a Gemini woman and I have had a remarkable relationship with a scorpio man and out of the blue he stood behind a woman who approached at a snowcone line and poof - He heart was thunder struck according to him. He broke up with me because he said there was no passion. We had been dating for four months and I must say we would talk for hours, sex was amazing and we were planning a future. The only problem is that I met him online and he would try to trick me and place his own ad on the internet. I would get upset and he would say why are you looking. This started it all. Now he wants to be friends. I'm so uncertain whether to be his friend or not. Doesn't absence make the heart go fonder. This new girl he is dating is 22 years his younger and I'm 22 years his older. Quite a difference in age between her and I. He is going through a divorce next and I truly believe he will leave her. I don't understand it. I apologize for the internet thing as I wasn't looking for anyone - yes the doubt was there for him and this is why I looked but no other reason. I'm so lost and I don't know how to regain his love. I have left him alone but he texts and we communicate this way. I love him so and now he is off with another. What shall I do?

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Scorpio advice from a Scorpio
by: Anonymous

Just walk away woman. You are being toyed and fooled by someone at a higher intellect than yourself. You say you are 22 years his elder and his girlfriend is 22 years younger? Well, if I was 40 years old I would much rather have sex with an 18 year old than a 62 year old (by the arithmetic you showed). Scorpio loves sex, he will give it to you. But his heart will only belong to one woman and by what I have read, you are not it. Otherwise Scorpio would never leave you for another. Chase guy's your own age and quit lying to yourself about what you wish the Scorpio man would feel for you.

Ps. Guys will tell you anything in order to get in bed with you.

peace :)

Move on
by: Anonymous

You were dating him for only four months that was lust not love. You barely know a person in only four months. Let him go and move on. He's obviously not interested in marriage if he is asking to only be friends. Sounds like he wants to date other women yet still keep you on the side. Have his cake and eat it to. Don't allow his selfish ways to hinder you from moving on foreward to find the real guy for you that want you just as much as you want him. I wish you the best of luck.
God Bless

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