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Hi, im a Capricorn female who met this Scorpio male about 2 years ago. We didn't talk but we couldn't keep our eyes off each other. Well we met again this march and as soon as I got to the table, he couldn't keep his eyes of me.

Everyone picked up on his staring. He hopped all over till he eventually landed a seat next to me. This man meant business. Anyhow we exchanged emails and talked for a month before our 1st date.

Summary - we had sex on our date and have a couple of other times and he cant stop telling me im the best he's ever had. We had a fallout though and I moved on, but I still felt that we had unfinished business.

We started talking and he's always flirting and complimenting me. We spent the whole week tempting each other sexually. I know if I said yes we would have made out today. He finds me attractive and im an alpha woman in his eyes but I guess I want him to love me.

Its crazy how we talk to each other without saying a word, I doubt he's ever had that with any other woman too, if so why cant I get him to open his heart to me? I was naive with him at 1st but this time ill be handling the game. I want him so badly but I want the whole package...

I'm a Capricorn woman dating a Scorpio male. I have to say that there is real love early on, it might not be said but definitely expressed. There is trust from the get go as well, and an early conversation cleared that up. There is playfulness and compatibility on many levels.

BUT.....these two signs are incredibly stubborn and will sometimes battle to the end to win. We argue over the most trivial things and it turns into a horrible argument that literally leaves us both emotionally exhausted, confused, angry......and worse....on the brink of ending the relationship.

I love my Scorpio man! I do! He is such a kind, loyal, funny and affectionate person that I am not going to try, I am going to make a change in my defenses. I am not going to lose what could be the greatest love of my life because I can't handle a difference of opinion. I am raising my hand and admitting that I need to handle these disagreements as just that, a disagreement.

It has really been a chance for me to turn inward and not change, but rather improve myself emotionally and rationally. It has been hard work for myself, but like anyone who has problems, the first sign of change is actually admitting it.

I love drama and love to win and hold grudges......and all for what? It's so stupid. I am going to have my life filled with loving drama and win the respect and love of the man I love and forgive with my heart. A Scorpio and Capricorn relationship can be one of a lifetime relationships. Enduring, loving, loyal, passionate, intellectual and so much more.

I am a Capricorn woman and have been in an on again off again relationship with a Scorpio male for 11 years. I realize that he has pride and is stubborn, so am I. However, I am more flexible than he is and don't find his ways attractive at all. I am old fashioned and believe that the man should be the first to make a move towards a relationship.

My Scorpio counterpart probably believes this as well, but is devilishly attractive, has women throwing themselves at his feet and expects me to do the same. I as a woman could care less of his attractiveness and will not budge, if you want me, be man enough to come and get me. This is why our relationship has moved along so slowly.

I have dated in the meantime and have come to realize that I'm through with Mr. Scorpio, not because we can't get past our stubborn ways, but because as a woman and an exceptionally attractive woman, I deserve a man who knows what he wants and has the strength of character to "claim" me.

Now that I've began dating a Taurus man (he's awesome) who knows what he wants and let's it be known, my ex Scorpio is stalking, and practically suicidal. I know enough about astrology not to fall for it though. With Scorpio, it's all about control. Shame, if he would have let go of his pride and made the first move towards commitment instead of expecting me to lay it all on the line, (without any promise of the same in return) I would have given him all the control he wanted, and then some. Too late Scorpio.

I'm a Capricorn woman and I had a two year relationship with a Scorpio man. For the beginning of our relationship, we were madly in love being that we were both very passionate people.

I found his stability and maturity to be comforting and I had complete trust in his decisions and words. Towards the end of our relationship, we began fighting a lot and his stubbornness became more and more evident. He went from being my passionate lover to being a cold, unemotional person.

After one of our big fights, he stopped talking to me for a month and I had no clue what was going on (he was at a different college at the time). I found out through a mutual friend that he had cheated on me with one of his female friends and that he was too ashamed to admit it to me. After I accused him of it, he denied it and called me crazy. He eventually told the truth and told me that he didn't have enough time to be in a serious relationship anymore. We broke up and I can say that I'm better off without him now :P

Scorpio men are sexy!

I am a Capricorn woman, and I'm about to enter a relationship with a Scorpio man, he's PERFECT. Only because he completely understands me. The way he will basically destroy any man who comes my way, turns me on.

I love that I don't have to worry about other people in OUR relationship. I'm already so bad at expressing my feelings, so its hard to let other guys know I'm not interested. But he has my back. I think I can predict we are going to be here for the long run, like seriously.

Involved off and on with a Scorpio for 6 years. But, as a Capricorn, I have finally given up, which is rare once they are truly attached. I feel however that I will never share the same passion with anyone, but he is indecisive and has lied, so once trust is gone, there is nothing left.

I recently met a Scorpio male, instant attraction. I would find my reserved self stuck on his every word. We hung out and Im very quiet and only say things when Im very secure in the fact I know what Im talking about, he said he finds me weird and has never met anyone like me, he almost tries to pry my emotions out of me in words that I cant find most of the time.

We both wanted each other so bad and the sex was so magnetic, intense and passionate it was overwhelming and I could explain it nor did he or I wanna stop. But Im so independent and he is to I fell like at times I have to but in or talk over him just to get my opinion in edge wise I apologize every time too.

In ways I love how he dominates me for once I don't have to make myself make a move all I have to do is counter his attacks its fuccing great, but I know I need to let my Scorpio man be him, his mind and how in touch he is with his emotions has got to be enough stress as it is. Im addicted to Scorpios passion if I could keep that forever im going to do my damndest to do so.

CAPRICORN LADIES take a bow... we are Supreme. Scorpio is our true true Love, believe me. I am completely Crazy 4 my Scorpio man, he is so intriguing, seductive, strong, and striking... he drives me Wild!

I was in a 14 year relationship with a Gemini.. things went well but the differences in personality were rampant. When I met my Scorpio knight in shinning armor... I was floored at the strong, strong attraction. I am sooo conservative, a bit egotistical you know fearless and diligent, as expected. He totally complimented my every trait to the "T". Will someone please tell me how I can be completely Ga-Ga over this finely tuned specimen, we get it on like there is no tomorrow.

Now, with my 14 year relationship I thought that I was completely in love, everything was "ok". But OMG!... I had no clue what Real Love, Attraction, Lust and Pure Bliss was until I met the love of my life (Scorpio), two years ago. We don't say it.... but we are madly in love and are both go-getters. He is so protective, very protective! And it turns me on. He is a very successful Attorney and I am a Nurse, I just have to say that this connection is off the charts and very deep and spiritual. WHEW!!... I'm exhausted just thinking about it. Scorpio men Rock!... thank you God for sending me my soulmate, I could never have imagined such happiness.

I'm a Capricorn lady who has been with her Capricorn man for almost 3 years now.

We started dating when I was 15 and he was 16. I'm eighteen years old now and we are still up and running :]]

I have to say these two signs were meant to be together more then any other sign out there. I cant lie, at first at such a young age I was paranoid of my Scorpios sexual desires. I really thought that’s all he really wanted from me at that age. But now three years later we are still physically and emotionally connected in levels unexplainable.

He still drives me crazy! and we still have and amazing time in bed, I cant lie he’s always coming up with different positions and just wow is all I can say jaja :]

He’s so jealous! dam! I swear! there nothing and I mean nothing he doesn’t like be doing or going without him there with me. some girls may say wtf??! Obsessed but I don’t I honestly love that about him. It makes me feel real secure knowing he’s there with me :]

Most sign may get sick of one another but these to I can bet on my LIFE don’t! He makes me feel lust, passion, love, the most at depth emotions, its just amazing! and is always telling me how much he loves me hopes I know he'll never leave my side .

Not to be sarcastic but Scorpio men ARE THE best guys out there whether they admit it or not ;]

I had been involved in an on again off again relationship with a Scorpio male for 3 years. There was instant attraction and the sex was magnetic and addictive. However I couldn't handle the games and power plays between us. We both had difficulty expressing our feelings, needs and wants and it left me feeling cold and uncared for.

I am in love with a Scorpio man from past 7 years.. he is simply wonderful, I am really lucky to have him.. we both love each other madly... we are not having sex yet as he having complete control over him and has lots of respect for marriage...he loves me to the death and we are getting married next month .... never reject a Scorpio they give you love, care, respect, protection

I met a Scorpio guy this year after dating Aquarius for five years. we are still going strong, he has difficulty expressing his emotions at times. When I do not hear from him I question why he is so distant, this is to my disadvantage as I feel he has the ace card so to speak. so now I wait until he contacts me which he always does. He has changed quite a lot in six months, he has always been passionate, intense serious, but now he feels more at ease with me he smiles a lot more. I am 43 and dated quite a few men but few share his intense personality. I am very attracted to him physically but when we chill together it is so relaxing ,peaceful. Due to his strong external self assurance, self control, I have questioned his sincerity, only to discover that he is honest! we have argued or I have! about his blunt or not answering my questions, stubborn "yes"! I enjoy variety sexually, but this Scorpio male keeps me on my toes! love him to bits

I am a Capricorn and I've been in love with a Scorpio guy for 2 years but I can't understand if he wants me or if he doesn't... he sometimes stares at me a lot... and other times he totally ignores me what is happening? What must I do to make him mine...?

I dated a Scorpio man, have to say I loved being with him, but he lied to me compulsively and even cheated on me, I still miss him, I was happy with him before I found out about his lies and cheat. We broke up and its been tit for tat, we never really got back, he played a lot of mind games making me think he still loved me, but I think it was just control or him being nasty, I don't know.

I have been with my Scorpio for 8 years off and on. He loves me too much but won't let himself really feel it. He's a womanizer and doesn't want a relationship but he wants me. We have an awesome connection. I don't want to make love to anyone else, yet he won't give himself completely to me. So, I just do my own thing. I let him call me and I'm not too available anymore. I don't know if we will ever be the way I want to be. I won't give up hope. Hez the sexiest, tastiest nastiest funniest love of my life I have ever had. I will never let him go. In my heart.

I was just finished with my Gemini man of 5 years, a superficial guy. We had a turbulent relationship. This Scorpio has always been there, observing me through the turbulence. However, once he knew it was over, he jumped straight in. He did not express his love at first, but I knew it was love. He's supportive and is proud of me. I know, he can be direct at times, we need to laugh at ourselves sometimes and I have a strong feeling that it would be great!

Scorpio guy's sexual vibe is so strong. I could feel it calling out to me in my sleep.

Great mind and so intense. He is ultra protective. His particular background did not lend itself to opening up emotionally. He holds on to grudges so strong and hard - even ones I don't know about and he won't cop to??? They come out in arguments and I feel blind-sided. I take criticism too strongly which is bad when it comes with the blunt Scorpio on the cusp of Sagittarius way of expressing oneself.

Sometimes he is more committed to the role of father than hubby and it makes me feel in the cold. He tries to do things 'for' me but the feelings are what I am after, expression and demonstration.

Looking back I see how I needed him for stability and in fact let the control seep in. He would make me feel crazy for even suggesting infidelity, then when the investigator in me found it he was sorry. It feels like he has no idea how to create boundaries between himself and others. Men or women. That creeps my cap sensibilities out!

When things aren't going well or when he doesn't have attention and sex, seems like he is ok crawling to others. His slighted 'perceptions' seems to make it ok to sting.

We work so well together and share the same strong basic values of family, security, finances and working hard. Somehow he still doesn't let me in even though I am the only one he really opens up to. Not his mom, dad, siblings just me.

So attentive in bed at height of romance will wait for me and took me there EVERY time. Has kinky tendencies maybe afraid to express fully? Found that with Aries as well. Maybe prudish cap exterior gives them a complex?

Has ideals about profession 9-5 and my artistic Libra rising Aquarius moon seems to exasperate him.

Could stick with it for long run but feel kind of hollow almost like it is on autopilot and I get a feeling from him that he thinks I should be happy to settle for what he is 'willing' to give.

Irony? With all the security that I, as a cap have established -- am still considering leaving for some sense of security, i.e. that he would catch my fall, be a safe place and not stray.

So see caps security comes in all facets.

Hey guys! I'm a Capricorn woman and a Scorpio man just asked me out few days ago! We are off on a date next week! He seems a bit shy and keeps himself to himself, what can I expect from him, or what can I do to loosen him up and make him feel comfortable with me? thanks :)

Im a cap and was with a Scorpio man for about a yr and a half in a long distance relationship. the attraction was instant. we still talk on occasion and both fully admit we miss each other and have yet to find anyone else that compares sexually. we were very much in love and in lust. the energy between us was electric. when we were together we were inseparable almost literally attached at the hip. we couldn't keep our hands off of each other. we just longed for each others touch. in the end, it was the distance that killed us and the fact that I moved even farther away. I tried. we tried, but in vain because I knew it wouldn't work. im pretty sure that if we had lived in the same town... it would be all over... as in happily ever after!

I met a Scorpio man and he told me he doesn't want to be in a serious relationship. He would text me on and off every week or two weeks later. He said I was good in bed but afterwards I had a big attraction with the Scorpio male since I felt we had a mental connection even sex. I also felt the love game he was playing was not only like a silent chess game but I had to win since he said heartbreak was part of the game and he always wins. I gave him revenge for that harm and it backfire him because I ended the game not wanting him even though inside I do but he didn't knows this. What will happen? He said to lose his my number and he'll never bother me.

I'm a Capricorn girl with a Scorpio guy. At first we were great friends, he made me laugh and brought out a total different side to me. When we would hangout we would either talk a lot or just stare at each other. It was a back and forth kinda thing. He would always think I was weird, because of how I thought too much about everything, and how I approached everything.

In the beginning of our relationship I was shy about everything as he was too, and that was one big thing that would cause us to fight. I got past me keeping to myself and decided to take a chance and be 100% honest with him and I do. There are such times though I have to keep things from him, because he gets so mad and once he's mad there no point in trying to stop him. He holds grudges on me like a bitch. But I do find ways to make up, as in expressing my feelings more in other words somewhat kissing his ass but its all the truth.

When big things come up in my life I like to get away and think about everything. He sees this as me ignoring him and being distant. He is very stubborn about this, especially his feelings. I have to sit there for a lil while and make him budge about his feelings. We both like to do things back when hurt, to show how we feel. I'm very open to my options, and like to talk about what's going on. As compared to him, were once he finds something out, it will take a while to talk to him about it. He sometimes takes advantage of the fact I forgive very easily. We do fight a lot, while other times we're the happiest couple in the world. One thing Scorpio has to work on for me is being more open. At first when we would have sex, he would go easy on me and respect how I felt very much, but after that we would have amazing sex, and the love connection is there. We have been together for 4 months, and are still working on getting everything attached.

Have a huge crush on a Scorpio after my first date with him. It went incredibly well. For a Cardinal sign, I don't actually like control (except for in my work). So I appreciated that he took control of things as I'm somewhat panicky.

tip: if you're trying to get a Scorpio guy to agree to something, just ask. There's little point trying to push him into it. I've dealt with a few before, and others are usually amazed at what I get them to agree to/with. The fact is, they're really sweet if they do like you -- all you have to do is ask. Respectfully, of course. Don't order them about: you'll regret it.

Like all Scorpios he's quite secretive, and I think he's cautious. He picks his friends incredibly carefully (it's hard to get the 'scoop' on him!). I felt so at ease with him, which is rare, since I'm usually terribly nervous around people, even my good friends. He recognized the importance of my career to me (alas, I am a grad student) and treated my research with respect. That's more than I can say of most men. I've been corresponding with him: very calm and supportive, which is great, since I'm really insecure.

Of course he's really handsome (most of the Scorpio men seem to be -- to me anyway!) so the physical side is no problem. No sex (yet?) etc but I'm happy to just hang out with him and get to know him better. The only drawback is that his looks always draw girls to swoon over him or want to jump him but he seems quite immune to this, so I'm fine with it. Loyalty is of utmost importance to me.

He does see things from a perspective which I don't -- and he's great at understanding mine. It works similarly for him, apparently, since he actually bothered to keep in touch with me (he doesn't usually! -- introverted). He does strike me as the jealous sort -- but I don't care about that -- I would never ever ever ever cheat.

I understand he wants his own space and will do things at his own time, so I'm just waiting to see where it goes. After all, I hate people barging into my work schedule demanding crap from me. So I understand him completely. We're young and we have time.

Like so many others who are sharing their experiences, I too have dealt with a Scorpio man on and off and finally declared. this is it! I finally asked why... Why is it always on and off. On because the sex is good and off because I expect more. However, the Scorpio can call on you for the rest of his life without any intentions of making you a wife or even a friend. You might know his family but do you know his friends?

For my part in this crazy relationship, I finally declared no more. I am tired of being used, yelled at, hated, walked over, etc.. but mores, I am tired of hating me. Against your best judgment you continue to go back and eventually you can't even respect yourself. Three letters. not sex.. SAD!

I have had this on and off thing with a Scorpio for the past 3 or 4 years. At first it was serious, I had never felt that way about anyone before. He was amazing, his personality just fit so perfect with mine. I didn't have to try, it just was. He is cocky and for some reason I love it. He is so secure of himself.

After a month of hanging out, I cut things off. I got scared of getting hurt, I was unsure if he wanted me or not. I had a boyfriend after that ( a Taurus) one of my perfect matches. It was good; we lasted two years but I always kept that Scorpio on my mind. We kept in contact and flirted back and forth but nothing really happened.

After my ex boyfriend and I broke up we started something again. I must confess I love the mind games. I get so bored, I cant have people too easily, I hate things that are just givens. That on and off kept on for a while. I try so hard to control it, which I do very well with everyone except with him. The sad part is that he doesn't know exactly how I feel. I'm horrible at expressing myself, especially under unsecured circumstances. So I think we will never get anywhere because I wont give in until I know he truly wants me.

His sister and best friend told me that I was different. That he had girls on and off and gfs but I was different, that there was something about me that he really liked. He is just so confusing that I don't know if that's true, so I guess its gonna stay like this until he gives in. I know its bad but im so stubborn and I refuse to be the weak one ... I cannot chase him, I am very conventional. If he wants me he will make it happen and if he doesn't then I hope I can find someone that can make me feel half of what he made/makes me feel =]

I am a Capricorn woman trying to deal with a scorpio man. He tells me he doesn't want a relationship but he does not want to be with any one else and he doesn't want me to be. He is extremely cautious with his feeling and hardly ever lets his guard down. He says he has never been able to count on anyone before. He wants to count on me. He says that with a good woman behind you he can get through anything. he is complicated and difficult but I crave this man. He says I am thee best he has ever had in bed and I can tell you that he definitely is the best I have ever had. He says I always surprise him in good ways and he never knows what to expect from me. I keep him on his toes. I love him I want to spend eternity reminding him what it is about me that let him let me in in the first place. I think he is hooked but he doesn't feel he can trust me with his heart yet. he was the first to say I think about you all the time and he said I miss you first. what do I do ? help

I am a Capricorn girl, and I have JUST recently came into contact with a Scorpio man. How it happened is actually very weird. I was in a chat room online, bored-when some guy came in named "black stallion" for SOME weird unexplained reason - I had the urge to go over and flirt with him ONLINE - I did so, and we got chatting. I HAVE NEVER done such a thing before and its really weird. anyway, he is a black man and was arguing with some Asians in the chat room - i wasn't aware of it but it was because they were desperate to get my attention and I went for him.

We added each other on yahoo and he said such sweet things to me-we then exchanged numbers-all in the same day! it was 1:00 am in the morning and we chatted on the phone for 3 hours EXACTLY! we talked about allsorts-and his voice was so hypnotic and I told him this and he said he liked mine cos it sounded sweet and cute and innocent and he wanted to corrupt was such a turn on...he said he thinks im an intelligent t girl and we swapped pics over email, he is VERY attractive and he said the same for me. when I was talking to him my loneliness and depression just VANISHED im 17 and have never had a proper boyfriend and I think he could be the one, his voice is so intense and passionate and he was telling me things he wanted to do to me-yet it was never cheap or seedy-we both said we felt a spiritual connection and he told me how he is a deep man and wanted to explore everything about me and even mind control me. I felt so relaxed with him and after the few hours I could tell he was about to *relieve himself* and he sounded like a freak-in a good way. honestly I have never felt so relaxed yet so stripped bare and controlled ever before until meeting him. I want to meet him in person soon. I can imagine the experience will be more than mind blowing

I am a Capricorn woman who has been with a Scorpio man for about two months. Our first date was a whirlwind. and we had a blast...danced, drank, talked, kissed, HAD SEX!! I couldn't resist...I was that drawn in by him. What is interesting is that I am not usually open with a person I meet initially, but after fifteen minutes and one drink I was spilling my guts to him. Since the first date we have not spent more than one day apart at a time. Every time I know he is on his way to see me I get excited like a little kid waiting for Christmas morning. I have never felt this child-like urge for someone before, and the passion is incredible. One of the things that really draws me to this Scorpio man is the fact that he is a gentleman, real, and emotionally open with me. I had dated a Scorpio man before this one, and he was more of the player type. not always around and very ungrounded. My current Scorpio man is grounded, hard working and mature. He cherishes me and puts me on a pedestal. which we all know ladies is exactly what a Capricorn woman wants. Also, the fact that he is cultured (speaks four languages- my favorite is when he speaks to me in Italian) and can COOK!- boy can the man cook! He is concerned with all aspects of my life and shows interest in protecting me from any downers that I may come upon. Like someone previously mentioned, Scorpio men are knights in shining armor...and I am very excited to see where this relationship goes. I am trying my best to put my cynic ways aside and hope for the best in this relationship. A word of advice for capi women....if a Scorpio man reaches out his hand, please grab it and let him know you don't want to let go! Trust, communication and (if your a dependent type of cap) loyal to the last drop. Good luck in love! I found my pot of gold :)

Scorpio man and cap woman just let me say... im quite young but I know what I want and I want him... I've been in this relationship with a Scorpio before but we broke up because we couldn't stop arguing he was nice but im in love with another man and the perks *whispers* he's Scorpio too... Omg, he drives me crazy, its a long distant relationship where he's in Canada and im in Jamaica but we always talk and I find myself opening up to him which I haven't done before with anyone even the ex for 3 yrs and were only together for about 3 month... he intrigues me, just his voice drives me crazy, his body, Omg his laughter and just the way he makes me laugh... the point his im deeply in love with him but lately he's making excuses about being busy im always thinking the worst like; he's cheating, he isn't man enough to tell me he isn't attracted to me anymore, he's hiding something from me etc etc or maybe he's just busy for real but even 10 minutes of me time wud be appreciated... I wanna just pause my feelings for him until I know where I stand incase he hurts me it won't hurt me to the point of no return he hardly texts anymore... and when I completely just want to leave him even without saying a word to him he gets so sincere and I give in... the distance is bad and I can wait but I don't want to feel like I've lost him (my soul mate) and all this I can never say to him I fear rejection, insensitivity and a deaf hear of all things...

This is soo funny, the similarities! Im a Cap woman engaged to a Scorpio man it's not easy getting there engaged stage)). Talk about telepathy, we got it. Our bond is sick, our passion is ridiculous, yes he's extremely overprotective, and gentle with me (to others he's very serious, and short, non-tolerant). We love each other too much. Were both very opinionated, but the trick with us is we work hard never to dominate one another, we compromise, listen, understand, and get over, whether we agree or not, we respect one another, and Its awesome loving my scorpion!!! A dream come true, exact idea I've had in my head since a youngin of what my husband would be like, HIM! P.S. His sign is the only sign that could handle my true Cap. nature. S.W. loves E.B.

I think Scorpio men are very secretive to ensure they can protect themselves from any emotional hurt they may experience. Keep your Scorpio interested in bed, equal his passion which is easy for a Capricorn female. I have really tested my Scorpio to the limit sexually. fortunately I am very attracted to him so that's a easy at the moment. what I did not like about him recently was his attitude to commitment I asked him a direct question if we would live together. He said "see how it goes" so I was distant for a while, not easy when I really want to be with him. I put all the thought of wanting to be with him aside. He asked me to go to on holiday recently which was very passionate. our love is quite relaxed now he did hint to me on holiday that marriage was ahead! I did ask him if we spilt up would he be ok! He was annoyed and said he had put a lot of time and effort into our relationship. IT is important to always remember that Scorpio men like to be in control but they never reveal this. I believe that if they love you they will reveal devotion in the relationship. I do not see him a lot due to him working away, when he comes home it is so exciting! I surprise him a lot with trips to London, keep him alert mentally new ideas in science I have read, this proves productive as it keeps my obsession with him at bay provides us with some alternative interest apart from sex. I do believe Scorpios and Capricorns relationship can be magical.

hey ya'll, Im a 22 year Capricorn women who is in a relationship with a Scorpio man. The things is I've known him since I was 11 Years old, we've dated when we weren't in elementary school, however back than it didn't work, due to the fact that it was just puppy love. Faith brought us together.. it's painfully clear that there is something about the Scorpio man than makes the Capricorn women feel secure and wanted (AS CAPRI, WE NEED TO FEEL LOVED AND WANTED) anywhoo.. back to my story, we've got back together and it's just been amazing, our souls connects in ways that I never thought I could imagine...seeing how practical Capricorns women are were all don't believe in fairy tale bullshit....but this is real...the sex is amazing, his sex drive is crazy, and he makes my body numb. he's very possessive and jealous, yet its okay...I love every bit of it...we are planning to get married very soon.. hes all the man that I a Capricorn women speaking to my Capricorn ladies s...theses two couple are a power house couple, and don't let no one tell you others wise...I love him. and he loves me..p.s Capricorn women rules.. we're such ladies...

I just love my Scorpio man; he's my lover AND my best friend!

I'm a Capricorn woman and Scorpios aren't the type for me. The only good thing I enjoyed was the sex, he would tell me that I was great in bed. We were only good for sexual partners and nothing more

I am cappy gal 25 yr old... had a huge one sided crush on cappy guy.. and thought we wud have flocked together.. things got abrupt nn we ended... rather our families ha d a typical cappy old war.

I met online a scorp guy of 28. and added him on networking site... ! our messenger conversation was little cautious but like trance and a torpor cum stupor! such an imaginative touch was there... then I ignored him. as it mite be Rebound of my X.

god know how me got numbers? I cud not recollect that part.. but ya its a dream come true... he used to give me miss calls just to check out ... then I showed fake anger to tease him, and med him jealous that I am on a date wit a guy wink? then I got the first slap of reality) he deleted me somehow.. and couldn't pick my calls up... I thought what went wrong man? then I understood the typical repressed J factor was the reason!!!!

he brooded over his anger for days and days... till I patched up to say incident was fake!... then he smiled and said SMART GAL.. you BITCH:) and LAUGHED LIKE Monster...

Moral: scorpios r sexy vindictive... mysterious loves to be unpredictable ... moody... 9 on 10... but ya they will inform you astro rituals to do.. telephone connection if goes kaput, the exam dates, mom be days, shares, off course scuba diving!

Now I feel to tek it as long term... me smart and have 12 astro sign friends and know tricks and tips to win but scorp is tough man... they only win and laugh after desired victory.. huh Jesus help me out!

so, this is my first time dating a Scorpio. super sexy, and jumped right into the sex talk. I wanted to make him wait, but im afraid I wont be able to. but I figure he is a player (so I have been told) and I think I am going to use him for sex instead. I just got out of a relationship with a very controlling Taurus... so I need to figure myself out anyway. it would be cool if things were good and serious, but it seems as if Scorpio men are hearybreakers. I donno, we will see. wish me good luck!

lol what is a "hearybreaker"??? We didn't have that word in my day. Good luck though meanwhile :)

LOL. She meant to type "heartbreaker!!!"

Ahh!! Heartbreaker! I see it now! Doh. haha that's funny :)"

Hey caps! I am so fortunate to have met the man of my dreams after many attempts at love...I've only known him for ten days.. He's already proposed marriage.. or should I say I asked him first and made him officially propose. I had an ex-boyfriend who has stalked me, I had to have him arrested for telephone harassment.. He threatened to kill my Scorpio man, who by the way isn't scared off.. They actually talked on the phone and my Scorpio man said he would "enjoy me in the meantime", just to piss off my ex. Needless to say the ex was pissed, and didn't see the obvious point of that comment. My baby is very handy as well, i.e. protective; he bought and changed all the locks in my house. Mind you.. it's only been ten days. He has promised to be with me for the rest of our lives. I've met his kids his parents, they all love me and my kids, his kids and my kids already said " I love you" to one another.. This is the KICKER! He's white, I'm white and black, his kids are white, and mine are black! If that isn't love I don't know what is! While we were in Lowe's buying locks, we couldn't keep our hands off of each other up and down the lock aisle. The sex is INCREDIBLE! He just asked me what I was doing on the internet, I told him, I would copy and paste this so he can read it tomorrow... Scorpios are very jealous, but I told him, I don't mind reassuring you until the day that I DIE! So cappy's if you find the right one at the right time... no worries... you'll never have to search anymore, and you can be yourself. Before I read everyone's comments, I had already told him that he has shown me a different side of life, and I am as happy as I've ever been, outside of my first wedding day ( been married one time previously) and the birth of my children. So hang in there ladies and catch that fish. Love you all!

I'm so in love with my Scorpio man, which hereafter I will refer to as "Brian", that I had to write again. Our first date, we went to lunch, then the park. I decided to take a camera.. we took pics together. More pics of me than him.. On a swing, slide, in the grass... I was a goner already... Then I really wanted to test him out, so I asked him to take me the thrift store... Just to test out his tolerability shopping... I was in and out which is what we caps do, or maybe its just me... After that we went to the grocery store, and what really got me is the way he rode the cart in the parking lot like a kid... I smiled to myself, as I'm smiling now thinking of it.. Anyone who can be that open is a turn on to me. So... what a first date! I planned it and it worked wonderfully.. I love him and he loves me too. He does have his jealous side, but I take that as sign that he loves me... Also he told me this weakness the first day, so I had every opportunity to take it or leave it.. I chose to take it! Might I say again the sex is INCREDIBLE! Ladies, look that word up in the dictionary, which by the way was written by a woman, Merriam Webster, and you will know exactly what I mean. The only things we don't have in common is Country music, although I like SOME, and Italian food, which I love, but I can compromise, as my first husband didn't eat red meat at all, so I would have to cook two different meals. Love you all, even though I don't know ya, but I feel like I know ya, but I have love for every one , why because I'm so in love, and we promised each other we would be that way until the day one of the other one dies. There's nothing but love here, dayton, oh.... Good Luck ladies

I'm a Capricorn women currently dating a Scorpio man. We meet in school one day. I had never seen him beforehand, but for some reason he stood out to me. I loved how sensual his eyes where! We were setting in class and I actually found out he had transferred to the college a week ago. Anyways, during the professor's lecture, I could feel a pair of eyes glaring at the back of my turned out to be him. After class he asked me out immediately...I was hesitant at first, but he managed to convince me. So fast-forward a few weeks later and now we're hardly ever apart.

I met my going to be fiance soon here by fate/chance.

And as a Cap woman I wasted no time, zeroing in on the BREATHTAKINGLY GORGEOUS loner playing World of Warcraft on a weekend nite..:)

Up until that point I thought I was the biggest loser/nerd in town..

that is till I met my Scorpio boyfriend.

First off the connection was instant.

He further pursued me that night, by asking a mutual friend for my number. and he ever showed up at my work. a couple of days after that initial weekend "chance" meeting.

I had just gotten out of a bad relationship, so had he..

As we talked and talked and then talked some more.

I realized how much all my other relationships had lacked that simple communication.

He also like you people have mentioned is extremely protective and obsessive.

Most find that alarming.

I find that intensity as passion and love for meeeeee..

Most women would be scared off by his strict rules, opionions and overall blunt nature.. but as a cap woman, I must say.. they're is no one as opionated, bordeline bitch than us in the zodiac.

Our humor, our fetishes, our opionions on almost everything is almost the same. Another note, Scorpio's may be pissed when you disagree, but they come around, not all the way, but enogh to "agree to "disagree".

I hope to marry this one. He constantly tells me how he wants me to be a leech beacause in my past other zodiac signed males, have been scared by my own obsessive qualities.

Check out the moon signs, they play a big part to your personality too.

Bye, wish me luck

I am a Capricorn woman, and I have just started a relationship with my Scorpio man. We have been friends for a long time before this and even though he liked me during this time I didn't like him back. Once I no longer saw him or hung out with him anymore, I missed him. This is when my crush developed.

He found out through my friend and now we are dating. Things are great but they are going pretty slow right now, mainly because we both have issues with expressing our emotions.

I can really see myself falling in love with him and I want to make him fall in love with me.

We haven't had sex yet, but im excited because I know it will be great. He treats me like a lady and I love it. I love Scorpio men, and we Capricorn women are lucky to be equals to them. :)

I am a Capricorn woman and I've been in a relationship with my Scorpio for almost 2 years now. I seriously didn't know a love and a bond this strong could exist between two people. It feels like it's us against the world when we're together.. like we can conquer almost anything. The sex is AMAZINGGGGG. We never get bored of each other and always explore new sexual pleasures together. We feel completely comfortable with each other and can talk about ANYTHING. If we argue it's only a small tiff here and there but we get over it quickly. We've both changed A LOT for each other. I saw two different people morphing into one person in the past year. I really don't know if any of this has to do with astrology but all I know is that we're a match made in heaven!

I am a Capricorn woman in her early 50's and my Scorpio man and I went to H.S. together, although we really didn't have too much close contact. Our H.S. friends found each other on Facebook and stay in touch often. I live in Atlanta and he lives in NY where I grew up.

We saw each other for the first time since we graduated from h.s. at a gathering in late 2008. There was an instant attraction. At that time I was married to my H.S. sweetheart-a Gemini-who turned out to be someone I didn't even recognize after more than 20 years of marriage. His wife of over 25 years had died a year ago. As someone who would never cheat, I ignored the attraction. My Scorpio friend called me a few times around Christmas 2008 and early 2009 and even tried to come visit when he visited Atlanta that year. I pretty much ignored him.

I saw him again at a H.S. gathering in July 2009 and the attraction was still there. I again ignored it. However, my husband died suddenly in August and my friend actually drove down from NY with one of my close friends to attend the funeral for support. I thought that was incredibly sweet, because we still didn't really know each other that well.

Anyway, after my husband's funeral my friend and I reconnected because he was lending his support knowing what it was like to lose a spouse after having been married so many years. Well, we've been talking on the phone for the past nine months, which he initiated. I love that we can talk about anything and that he knows so much about so many things. He's intellectually stimulating and emotionally supportive and passionate--so different from my husband. He recently came to visit me in Atlanta and we had sex. It was absolutely incredible! We are now working on developing a long term, long distance relationship. I don't know where this all will lead but it has all the signs of becoming serious. We have too much in common, including a passion for each other that I've never experienced. Observers say he's my next husband. I don't know if I'd go that far, but I do know I'm glad he's in my life at this point in my life. He makes me feel like a woman and like we're still in H .S. We laugh, he listens to me, he's affectionate and he's passionate. And did I mention...he's very handsome and sexy even at 51..just as he was back in H.S. I wish I'd known how well Scorpios and Capricorns were together...I probably would never have married my Gemini...who I did love most of my marriage. But that was then and this is now.....wish me luck!

I am a Scorpio, she is a Capricorn. A Scorpio who LIES is a cheater. He is not a TRUE Scorpio. Trust is where it is at for a Scorpio. Capricorn women do not betray that trust. They are loyal, patient, intelligent, and especially romantic and sensual. She brings out the best of me in all phases of our relationship. There is no better match.

I am a cap girl whose in love with a Scorpio male. ive been crazy about him since 7th grade and still am! he is everything I could ever imagine in a guy. he's very good looking, stubborn, possessive I find that quite sexy!), and has a creative way of doing things. He has this cockiness to him that just draws me in. I think about him constantly. He has the cutest smile and the way that he walks and presents himself couldn't get any sexier!

He doesn't know how I feel about him, I want him to know but then again I just end up running away with my tail in between my legs. Im so attracted to him that it has literally taken over my mind. I would give anything to be with him!

I've had people tell me that if we were a couple we would be unstoppable. I want and love him soo much.

idk what to do...somebody help me:)

I ve met a Scorpio man and can already tell that he is distant and needs alcohol to loosen him up before he expresses himself, and being a cappy I can understand that. I am afraid to try him out but I want him sooooo dam bad so of course Im gonna go for it. I just hope being honest with him will get him to let his guard down.

I'm a 37 year old Capricorn woman. I divorced last year from a Cancer male. My Cancer was far too needy and insecure for my taste. Recently I met a Scorpio man. OMG! Girls what's the deal with the magnetic draw to Scorpio for us Capricorn chicks? So I've been trying to draw him in but he is so very fickle. One minutes he says he's the man I've waited my whole life to meet. The next conversations he says, I'm not looking for a serious relationship. Even though the stud can't make up his mind, I just wanna touch him! He is amazing. I wonder if my Capricorn sensitivities can hack the flopping around he does. I hate the game but I certainly wanna touch the player!

WARNING!!!! To All Cap ladies: Scorpios have stingers both good and bad be weary! I have been in this "relationship " for a year and can't tell you if he loves me as a friend or something more. As you know we are loyal and it seems that he welcomes that but takes it for granted too. That sexual attraction and conversation bond is real but it can lead you to believe that it is more because you "feel" it is, not because it is to him. When they are sweet and loving it feels like you have met your perfect match but as soon as that mood changes you feel like you are in hell emotionally. My thoughts on it in hindsight: play hard to get as long as you can, challenge him he loves games and power struggles. In the bed PUT IT ON HIM LIKE ONLY A CAP CAN!!! When he leaves with that high sex drive lowered he should be thinking "Who was that masked goat/fish!!" lol Cap sisters DON'T TELL HIM YOUR FEELINGS FIRST! They like mystery keeps them coming back. Last but not least if your feeling your scorp is playing games he is, never doubt yourself scorps can have you wondering what is your own name! lol For me I love him but I have to have a open love, words and action must match no grey areas. My scorp was still immature they are at their worst then. Love you CAP sisters no matter the sign I wish you love, security and happiness in your lives especially in your love life. We deserve it we are the hardest working women around!!!

I dated a Scorpio man for about 7 yrs. he was exactly the man I wanted giving ,understanding, caring, loyal (i thot so) then he cheated on me. one thing ..we as Capricorns are very unsure of our partners. just trust all destiny........

Love reading everyones experiences...thanks so much...

I've known a Scorpio guy for the past 6 yrs....but always as friends...he moved away and over the years we would check up on each other and crack jokes, talk about TV shows/music/ 2 yrs ago I end a relationship with a Gemini...and then I get into an 8 month relationship with an evil Virgo (ladies watch out for them...esp the cute ones!)....the Virgo ended up breaking my heart...and I just had a horrible down period when it came to guys....until about 9 months ago....I went from sitting at having guys trying to constantly take me out....I began to get back to that powerful, classy, witty, confident Cappy girl that I used to be....for a while I was juggling school, work and all these guys that were interested in me...then out of the Scorpio friend and I become friends on Facebook...hadn't heard from him in about a yr....and we catch up on the phone....he's engaged and doing well....he would call me on my cell...and a lot of times I'd be too busy to answer or return the call he started calling me at work...we'd talk a few times a week.....he would tell me about how he loved his fiance....he traveled a lot with his job and his fiance lived in another they didn't get to see each other often....over the past 4 months we started talking more at work...and then one day his fiance breaks up with him...I guess it was a dispute over him buying her a car...something stupid...anyways...we would talk about it as well as our usual topics....over time I noticed he was calling me everyday....and I would sit and talk to him for hours...time would fly by and we didn't know it....sometimes he'd call me at the end of my work day and I'd end up staying a couple of hours later at work....just to talk to I concluded that it was over his I asked him and he told me that he was done with hes....I think he gave her that old Scorpio sting because she made efforts to try to get him back

Anyways...over the last month....I've really noticed how much he listens to me....and how sweet and considerate he can be....he's not quiet like most Scorpios (probably because of his Gemini moon) my shyness is never an issue....his honesty encourages me to be open....we like similar things and his ambitious nature (not to mention his bank account) turn me on....he'll be in Middle East for a year....and I noticed as he was getting ready to leave emotions came up from nowhere out of me....he became busy and didn't call and I actually noticed that I missed his phone calls....we've never had sex but on the last night before he cut his phone off we had amazing conversation and it actually led to some "fun" on the phone....but this "fun" was different....I could feel his energy through the phone...almost like he was here.....anyways he just arrived in the desert today...and I've been thinking about him EVERY second....and it's scaring the sh!t out of me...........I trust hi m but I'm still extremely cautious....he has EVERYTHING I've ever wanted in a man....I don't want to lose him but I'm scared to be in a serious relationship.............I guess we'll see how his tour overseas goes....but I already miss him....*SIGH*

I am a Scorpio man In search of the Capricorn Goddess.

Someone who will turn my life around for the better. I

Know the game well and times don't want to play it no more.

I am the Knight in shining Armor. I'm at the age where I need to settle down. All these post about the Cap woman has this mysterious Scorpio rdy to sting to get to the bottom of this. I have one in mind but she seems very distant. Is it that she wants me to persue? I don't want to turn it up to much cause when I let out the good passionate emotions, I don't want her to run away. What should I do?

Im a Scorpio currently jobless my gal however is a capricorn, I don't really get why she always acts like she doesn't care and she doesn't really open up to me. She says she loves me but she doesn't show it and all my friends tell me that she doesn't really love me that much if she does.

I have been dating a Scorpio man for almost two months. I am 32 and he is 35. However, it has been very challenging. Although, I see his loyalty with others it appears that he is not that interested in me. As a capicorn woman I am not willing in this point in my life to waste or invest any of my time with anyone when it appears the relationship is being one sided. Yes, I can be aggressive however, I am loyal. So should I continue to pursue this relationship or just walk away? I am not interested in hurting him nor am I looking to be hurt as well. I would like to hear from those who are capicorns and scorpio. Thank you

I dated a Scorpio guy in high school. Our sex was out of this world!! We are still great friends today because we know each other so well and for so long.

I ended up marrying a Cancer....big mistake. It was good the 1st few years but I found he is more emotional and secretive then I like.

I'am talking to a Scorpio guy that I'm comsidering having a sexual relationship with and I know it's going to be very hot!

Scorpio man in search of your Capricorn Goddess: Do you feel she feels for you? That she is truly interested? You say she seems distant. Scorpios & Capricorns are both very intuitive so you should have a gut feeling about it. If you think she has feelings for you then yes, pursue her. You can tell her of your feelings, if you want to just let it out, lay it out there. Then back off and give her time to think about it.

I am a Capricorn woman and sometimes we just need time to think. All those emotions can be over-whelming (and scary) but if you step back and give us time to think and let it sink in, all will be well.

I met a Scorpio man just a few months younger than i.. I am 31. He is the friend of a guy I used to fool around with. so him and I have known each other for a bit but never really spoke to him on a one on one basis. I met up with him about a month ago. I don't think I have ever met a Scorpio man until he. I read other experiences on this site today and laughed when I read that someone was just crazy about his voice alone. I feel the same way!!... his body, his stare. I have fooled around with plenty of men but to this day... no one has ever gotten my attention like he has. I have been playing the field since I left my Capricorn husband a year ago... but this Scorpio man makes me feel like the buck stops with him. I wasn't ready to commit to anyone but I feel like I can with him. it's only been a month and I cant control this child like urge that succumbs me about him.. I always want to see him and be with him.. like no other!!! I feel like I am driving myse lf crazy... bec. of him. its not in my nature right now to want someone for myself this bad.. or at all but I want him. I want him to love me already. I could see myself with him forever. he sends chills up and down my spine and my whole mind and body melts in ecstasty when I have any contact with him, in person or by phone. I don't know what to do... but I feel like I need to keep going.. I don't want to get hurt. but I know that there hasn't been anything who had to the power to hurt me but him. I think I love him, even after a month. I want to do anything for him and with him. damn!

Scorpio man in search of the Capricorn Goddess: She won't run away.

I am a Scorpio Man and I had relations with 2 Capricorn women. They are very sexual with the right man and just so happens we Scorpios are the right men who can bring out that Lust in a Capricorn girl....Love you Capricorn women.

hey cap ladies, wooooooooow I agree with so many of the things you have all said and I can completely relate....and I must say....that a Capricorn and Scorpio match equals PERFECTIONNNN. I am with my extremely handsome, magnetic scorp and its as if fate truly brought us together. I was emotionally destroyed by an Aquarius I previously had, they need their "freedom" pff....whereas my scorp was a player before he met me....we saw each other from afar for the first time at my cousins prom, we both noticied eacother but neither one approached he other. then after 1 year. I found him on one of my friends facebooks, and after our first was as if we knew each other for a lifetime. there was an instant strong connection between us. I even mentioned to him "hmmmm im imagining that you are the one who is going to love me and respect me forever" and woooooooooooow he really turned out to be the one. we are sooooo in love with each other. BUT we are going throug h a very rough time because my family does not want me to be with him, but I will never let him go and he will never let me go. we unfortunantly in a long distancce relationship but we're both extremely faithful and miss each other a lot........but then again we do fight a lot hahaha because we're both jealous and possessive and have basically the same minds. even though things are hard for us now, I think that even God wants us to be together. I believe that we are such a perfect couple and that we compliment each others qualities. seriously, finding such a love in a Scorpio is once in a lifetime. if fate introduces you to a scropio, neeeeeeeeeever let go because it is worth the efffort, risk and fight for them.

It seems there is more frustration in being with a Scorpio man outside the sheets makes me wonder whether he's (Scorpio guy) is worth keeping for me...Cap gal.

I'm a Scorpio male and I'm involved with a Capricorn woman. I spend most of my time in a state of confusion. What would a Capricorn woman do if she wants you to propose to her? Thanks.

I am a Capricorn young woman, totally head over heels about my scropio man..Its funny how I feel he's "my man" even though we are not "actual" together..Its that bond, everyone is talking about. The connection I feel with this man is incrediable! I have never pursued a man in my life, ususally I just wait for some guy to fall for me, then I just go with the flow because he seems to like me so much. But I have never "gone after" someone I liked! This is new for me, and exciting and makes me feel alive. I know this Scorpio likes me, probably more than he'd like to admit but he's putting me through an "x-ray" machine and seems to be testing my every emotion! I find it funny, and sexy and go with it..though I know "why" he does every move. Its to make sure I'm worthy of his love. So I maintain patience and make him feel "king." Its funny cuz I'm strong and independent and Ive always wanted to be the one "pampered over" in a relationship but with him and more than willin gly wanting to chase!! Krazy! Though I feel this way about him,.. and for now am willing to remain patience, my Capricorn pride can only take so much. He better come around to his senses or I'll be gone! I say this, though I know his pushing me to the breaking point to the last minute til (hopefully) he will make us offically! God, I hope so because I know we could be great!!

I am a Capricorn woman. And I can say,SCORPIO is really the right one for CAPS.

i never loved anybody like him. My parents and family punished me after they knew that I was dating this guy. They hated him. He's posessive, caring, understanding, helpful, passionate, and mature. He talks like a real man, and loved me truly. Unfortunately, some things aren't really made to last forever. And just this afternoon, we ended our beautiful future I was expecting someday to come true.. :(

-azumi :(

I am a 23 year old Capricorn female, I have been off and on again with my 23 year old Scorpio male for 5 years. He is the love of my life. Capricorns are meant for scorpios, end of story. There is nothing sexier than a Scorpio man and nothing better then a Capricorn woman :) Only the few that have been lucky enough to be in this kind of relationship know what im talking about

I'm a Capricorn girl hooked on a Scorpio guy in a way that no words can describe. I'm sure you all know of Scorpio's incredible magnetism and sexyyyy vibes. Mmmm I love him to death, but he also drives me crazy in ways I never thought anyone could.

We met in high school about 4, almost 5 years ago. He is almost 2 years younger than me and this has always caused some stupid comments from ignorant people who don't understand. We can't seem to stay away from each other. This on again off again thing is wearing me down. Within this last year we have realized that we are meant for each other in so many ways. I know I will never find another one like him and I'm pretty certain he feels the same.

It took me awhile to come to this conclusion. I dated other guys and none of them seemed right for me spiritually (I dated a Capricorn, Aries and Sagittarius guy). I had a few moments of enlightenment that made me realize he was the only one I wanted to be with. Here in lies a problem...distance.

Over the years I have learnded that distance and scorpios do not go well together.

He's a very "in the moment" kind of guy and recently he confessed to cheating on me about 3 months ago. Now, I have been nothing but faithful and loyal this entire time, making sure not to give any guy a wrong impression. This news struck me deep down in the core of my being. I know sex with other people is viewed differently for a Scorpio than it is for a cap, and for a guy vs. a girl. But I don't want to keep making excuses for him, while I keep getting hurt.

My worry lies in these next couple of years. We go to different schools and cannot physically be with each other permanently until 2012. I don't want to lose him. I don't want some stupid hook-up to kill what we have. However, I can't stand the thought of any other girl anywhere near what I claim as mine. I don't know if I have it in me to say yes to an open relationship until we can be together forever. I don't know if he could make as big of a sacrifice for me. It's gonna boil down to him sacrificing flings (which I don't think is possible in a long distance relationship), or me sacrificing my sanity and letting him go do his thing until we can be together.

I NEED ADVICE! This issue is causing serious problems for me right now. I'm barely eating, can hardly sleep, have nightmares of him leaving me for other girls all the time. What should I do? I don't want to lose my other half but I don't want to lose myself.

I am a Capricorn woman and have recently fallen for a Scorpio man.

We met about 5 months ago, he was my teacher and all was well until one day when I was giving a class presentation, saw him starring at me and when I looked up he looked away. At first I felt awkward but as I got to know him over time, I felt that he was a kind and passionate person and began to acquire feelings for him. Unfortunately, during a few lessons, while he was explaining something to me, we maintained eye contact for a very long time...longer than usual. Sometimes when his hand moves towards the keyboard and mouse, I would move my hands away. Not that I don't want him to touch my hand, but as a Capricorn, we tend to be extremely cautious as to showing our feelings until we are absolutely sure that the person we are interested in is:

1. Is in fact interested as well.

2. Not attached.

3. Most importantly want a relationship (casual stuff is not on my agenda)

We managed to maintain a professional relationship during the whole time. During class he would tell the class bits of information about himself e.g. favourite food, likes and dislikes. Although he wasn't talking directly to just me, but I felt that he was indirectly trying to tell me what type of person he is. While he does not ask me questions about myself, but his desk is very close to mine and when I am talking to other students about me, he is around most of the times listening.

During the last lesson, I was the first to arrive and he was photocopying and as I looked up, I saw him starring at me and again, he looked away when he realised I was looking at him. I was also in a foul mood as it was the last day and realised that I may never see him again and am unsure of how he feels. Unfortunately, neither of us was prepared to take the first step and I rather it this way as I don't want him to put his job in jeopardy. Towards the end of the day our communication was not going well, what he said I got upset and what I said I believe he took the wrong way.

He was also telling me about his upcoming trip overseas. At the beginning he said things like, I'm going to....I've have done this and that. Towards the end he said 'we'. Now to me it sounds like he is saying that he is not interested or is he just testing me to see how I would react to that word. Unfortunately, I went silent after that for a long time and if he was tested my feelings, he got his answer and would have read my face like a book 10 times over.

As a Capricorn, I usually don't like to make this known anyone as finding someone to understand is extremely hard. And in previous experiences, I have been told that well 'You have read the wrong signals'. And I am sick of it, but, I just need to tell someone how I feel. Unfortunately, when I got home, I could not hold back tears and have cursed myself for not expressing myself but knew that my situation is awkward. I guess if he has already met someone recently, then I wish him all the best with her. But, if he is only saying that to test me then, believe me, it hurts. The feeling that someone has just punctured my heart.

I am a Capi woman and was introduced to a Scorpio guy at a concert by a mutual friend. There was petty conversation then he started coming on to me. I liked him from the minute I saw him but played a bit hard to get until I couldn't take it anymore! I gave him the green light and it was on. The voice, the laugh, the touch, the stare, and the body made me want more. And, he was just so smart and friendly. He was like a magnet. I wanted more! Yes, the same day we met, we had sex. I didn't want to say no, and it was not only amazing, but I am in my 40s, and had been married for over 20 years (to a Gemini - bad mistake), and this was the best sexual experience I ever had with Mr. Scorpio. OMG. OMG. OMG. He took my breath away. We went at it all night then when we awoke the next morning he started again. Dang. I didn't want to leave him. I never experienced those emotions ever! I still get flashbacks on a daily basis!

Before I came across this board, I thought it was just me. But, I'm a very sexual Capi, and have insatiable desires. This Scorpio man was just what I had been looking for in one package. We talked for a week then he disappeared to get some business straight but he returned 2 months later. We now talk daily on the phone since we live in different states, and we seem to be going in the right direction. He has become my best male friend and we can talk about everything (except he just won't talk about his emotions yet).

I made up my mind that even if we never have a real relationship, I am willing to have a sexual relationship with him whenever we can get away and see each other. It would be worth it. I feel he could be my soulmate, but as a true Capi female, I am patient and will wait for him to make the serious move. He knows what he got in me but I feel once he commits, he will be loyal. As for now, I'm content with how things are between us. I will not trade him for anyone. He is just amazing in every way.

I am a Cap woman, have been dating a Scorpio man for 3 months. I cannot agree enough with most of the other comments I've read about the dynamics of this relationship. The sex? Too hot to touch! From the very first time he touched me, he played me like a violin. Just instinctively knew what would please often does that happen, ladies? Instant friends, comfortable even in long silences, trustworthy, protective, funny, independent, financially responsible. The downside I've experienced more than once, as others have also recounted, has been his secretive nature. I trust him not to ever intentionally hurt me or cheat on me. Ha ha, I say cheat on me, yet he still hasn't asked me to be his girlfriend, even though we spend tons of time together, talk, text and e-mail while working, and he continues to plan special dates for us! That is the problem: his fear of getting hurt! I know after reading others' experiences that this is common, and even worse, he w as hurt tremendously in the past...multiple years ago! Decided to be alone, resigned himself to it, he says, until he met me, and wanted to see what happened. Had to stop seeing him before he even could tell me any of his thoughts/feelings about me or about us. I am not the type to pursue a man, but it seems that is what he wants? In that way, he risks far less. Likes to take things very slow (in reverse sometimes seems more accurate), but has finally, and ONLY, I strongly believe, because I NEVER pushed or requested, introduced me to his friends and family. When I say family, I mean cousin, not mother...that would probably not happen for a year or more. Fortunately for us both, I am in no big hurry, as I am separated, going through divorce from my husband of 9 years, a Cap with major control issues who was abusive in every way, but sly enough to take that control tiny bit by tiny bit, before I even knew what was happening. But "my" Scorpio man is kind-hearted, gentle, giving, concerned, and not inclined to argue at all, which is helping me grow and realize that fighting does not equal passion, only passion equals passion. So if you have some time to kill, fellow lady Capricorns, and are patient enough to not try to push him, I believe this match is amazing! I hesitate to say after 3 mmonths, but I think I've finally found my match at 37 years of age! I'm attractive and accomplished, have dated several great prospects, but have never felt the instant connection and chemistry I feel with "my" Scorpio. Best of luck!

I'm a Pisces woman married to a Scorpio man. I don't think it will ever work if you sleep with him on the first date. In his mind youre easy and any man can get you from him. If you want love keep your legs closed and make him work for it.

hi, I am a capricorn... I have this Scorpio that tells me when he is drunk that he likes me... I think its the only time he can tell me. all his friends tells me that he likes me and he asked me out while he was drunk and also he confess with his emotions. he acts like he cares for me always wants me to be beside him. he recently introduced me as his girlfriend.. he looks at me like he really does. but he is so shy that I think he does not remember me when he is not drunk... Scorpio men can you please help and tell me if this scopio has feelings for me or not because I am confuse.what should I do to have an open communication.. I am just being realistic. and I just want to know if I should give him a chance or not?

hi, I have this Scorpio that tells me when he is drunk that he likes me... I think its the only time he can tell me. all his friends tells me that he likes me and he asked me out while he was drunk and also he confess with his emotions. he acts like he cares for me always wants me to be beside him. he recently introduced me as his girlfriend.. he looks at me like he really does. but he is so shy that I think he does not remember me when he is not drunk... Scorpio men can you please help and tell me if this scopio has feelings for me or not because I am confuse.

To the Scorpio man wondering what a Capricorn woman would do if she wants you to propose to her -- if she continues to see you, treats you with respect, wants to listen to you, laughs at your jokes, for a Capricorn, she is seriously interested. Capricorns aren't very good phonies so her interest and respect you can take to the bank.

Scorpio man to the Capricorn ladies wondering about us, I will let you know some details which might or might not be general to all or at least most Scorpio men but are true in my case.

Scorpios are sometimes open but mostly very shy with women. The issue is trust and being afraid of getting hurt. As we feel very deeply once we fall in love we are very likely to be very disappointed and hurt when a relationship ends.

Once a Scorpio man loves you, he loves you for good. You become his obsession, his goddess and he would not cheat on you even if he was forced with a gun. You are automatically the most beautiful, smart, wonderful woman that he ever knew and nothing can change his mind. All this can happen very fast so if you don't like him that much, don't mess with him cause you will hurt him. If you cheat on him... it's over. That is probably the worst thing you could do to him. If you cheated, you lost his trust forever and don't even bother ever talking to him unless you want him to get mad and bring you down in the most humiliating way possible.

Scorpios are honest, maybe even brutally honest. If you don't want answers don't ask questions. If he says something he means exactly what he says, no games there, "I love you" means "I love you".

If you are dating a shy Scorpio and want to know his intentions, try alcohol. Alcohol always loosens us up and makes us reveal our true kind and sentimental nature. You want to know something? just ask him. You want something done? Just ask him to do it, it's that simple.

Jealousy and possessiveness are well known qualities of Scorpios, what you can do about that is to reassure him before he gets too deep into those feelings. If you can honestly tell him that the other guy you talk to so often is really just an old friend and you are not attracted to him in any way should be enough to at least calm him down. The origin of these feelings is his deep love and fear of losing you. Also keep in mind that if you show jealousy and possessiveness he will probably know it is because you love him so much although it sometimes might hurt because he will do anything to show you that he is faithful to you and you are the only one he needs.

Scorpios often avoid fights with their mates and instead just keep it in, become depressed and distant. If you get in a fight or observe these symptoms, lots of hugs and kisses should solve it easily. If you make a Scorpio mad, you can almost surely use the same methods to calm him, who else would he turn to if not his love?

Always be honest to him and he will be the same in return. He also likes details a lot. Don't be shy to expose your feelings for him as detailed as you can, he will love it.

Scorpios need to feel you close, they need to feel wanted and loved. If you sit down next to him sit close enough to touch him or better sit in his lap. If you keep a distance he might feel unwanted. Don't hesitate to hug him, kiss him or just touch him anytime you can. Physical contact is very important to them. Even in a long distance relationship, tell him what you feel, tell him what you would do to him. Saying that you want to hold him will make him feel almost as if you actually did it. I know from experience that it works, I have been in such a relationship where we could not meet for almost 2 years and open communication and cyber sex kept me loving her and being faithful even though I had the chance to be with a very attractive (possible soul mate kind of attractive) local girl whom I had to turn down... (unfortunately she broke up with me 3 months later when I finally managed to go to her country but thats not Scorpio related)

And finally the sex part... Scorpios are very, and I mean VERY sexual. The good news is that most Scorpios would only want sex if they love you. The more they want you, the more you can be sure they love you. Its just their way of really expressing their feelings and many times this is misinterpreted as "wanting sex only" when nothing could be further from the truth.

Shyness kicks in often during sex, Scorpios are very kinky, imaginative and eager to try anything and everything in bed or anywhere else, but they often fear rejection or being thought of as perverts (which is not even that untrue :P). Just look at any porn movie and your Scorpio would most likely be willing and wanting to do whatever you saw. As opposed to other men, Scorpios actually enjoy and want foreplay and after play. Take your time, there's no need to hurry getting there or getting out of there, if you stick around cuddling and kissing after sex, you will probably make him want another round. Tell him everything you want as detailed as you can, he will enjoy it, it will turn him on and it will make him more open about his needs. Don't be afraid to talk during sex, tell him when you like something so he'll know next time, also share your feelings. Feelings and sex are almost the same to him. This is the one thing that can combine evrything a Scorpio man likes: feeling needed, trust, honesty, love of details, open communication. You can do and show all of these during sex and he will love you for doing so.

I am a Scorpio male, 16 years senior to my Capricorn who I just met about a month ago. It is true that a Scorpio is shy and vague with his feelings, simply because he does not like the pain of being hurt through the heart. Physical pain pales to that of mental. My Capricorn lady was giving me all the right signals for me to open up to her,I did. I saw in her the trust I had never experienced in a relationship. Yesterday she had discovered that I had communicated with other women online, but no communication since she and I met. She lost trust in me, why? Capricorns are the only females who can truly understand a Scorpio. I value her personality and characteristics just as much as I do the air that I breathe. No woman in my 58 years has inspired me the way she has. I have only had two relationships in my life that I was committed, one was marriage. I never cheated in any relationship. A true Scorpio will not cheat on a woman he is truly committed to in a rela tionship. We value honesty, respect, and devotion. I want my Capricorn lady to understand me, to know that I can be trusted just as much as I trust her. Any ideas?

Capricorn woman is a keeper and if you want honesty and faithful, truthful, she is everything a man wants... she is the only one. :) I am a Scorpio man wishing for her back.

I am a Capricorn woman. I have been with my Scorpio man for a month. When we first met, I was already in a relationship with a Virgo man. I am fiercly faithful. I don't believe in being cheated on, nor am I prone to cheat. I was beginning to feel unloved in my present relationship. Then he did the unthinkable and cheated on me. My fellow Capricorn women, you know how we are with men who like to cheat. He got kicked to the curb. Now, I'm in this new relationship with my Scorpio. He makes me feel so loved. He pays attention to everything I say and do. He remembers the little things and surprises me when he recalls or does something I love. In such a short amount of time, he knows me better than anyone ever has. I can open my mouth to say somthing, and he will beat me to it everytime. I love how protective he is over me. When we're out, he holds my hand, or puts his arm around me, letting everyone within looking distance know that I am his. We're both going into the Ai r Force, and I'm worried about how it will affect us, but he says we'll make it work. And I believe him. Wish us luck!

Ok I am a Capricorn gal and I fell for a Scorpio guy.. We have been going out for the past month and our dates are amazing our chemistry is amazing as well ... So I expect him to call or text me but he doesn't call me or text me during the week And I'm always wondering what is he thinking ? Does he like me ? Is he using me ? I mean we he says he's always been into me and he likes me ... What should I do ?? Should I text or call him should I wait for him to call me ... Please help me !!

OMG I thought it was just me. I've craved the same scorp man for around 15 years. Fate seems to keep us meeting up but one or the other of us is always in a relationship. Most of this time I thought he had no feelings for me but a couple of times I felt he maybe had. I had no idea till I read this that they can be as secretive with their feelings as us cap women are. It all makes sense now. Sounds like he dislikes cheating as much as me & since one or other always has a partner this explains his reactions so much. Once when drunk he kissed me & I have never felt such passion for anyone. But he pulled away quickly & left. Talk about leaving me confused. I was single at the time but it was recent & he wouldn't have known that. Everytime I meet him I'm overwhelmed by the feelings I have for him. I am a typically reserved cap & don't allow myself to get carried away. I always analyse any potential relationship before getting involved. He's the only one who can break dow and my defences with just one look and I wouldnt be able to think straight even if I tried to. I never thought anyone could make me feel like he does. I haven't seen him for ages now but never fully forget how he made me feel, or that brief kiss, & reading this brings it all back. I have always been able to forget about a guy & move on but not this one. I can't believe how many of you cap ladies feel the same, and thanks to the scorp guy who was able to shed some light & confirm so much of what has been written. I wish I'd read this sooner I would have handled so differently. I so hope that one day we can meet when we're both single & get the chance to see if this could really be as amazing as some of you describe. I feel it could be, I also fear we may have missed our chance, gutted, but hopeful.

I am a Capricorn woman involved in an on and off relationship with a (wonderful) Scorpio man.

I have to agree with mostly what other people have said here. My Scorpio man is secretive on so many levels that is frustrating most of the times. Not only so, he is passionate, he is confident, he is reliable, and bordering obsessive even from times to times (but that makes them who they trule are) And the sex. It's more than hot! Since that very first time, to every single time afterwards, he know very well what he's doing. Love experimenting above anything else.

The only issue that always arise between us (hence the on and off relationship status) is our stubbornness. We could get into argument over the most trivial things every single time we see each other and neither one of us is ready to back down from our opinions. But I have to say I love my Scorpio man, even with the amounts of arguments we get into, once you get to know the true nature of them, it is impossible to not fall further in love with them.

I'm a cap and I've been involved with a Scorpio man for the past 3 years. In the beginning he was like a drug. We couldn't get enough of each other. That lasted for about six months. I have never felt so connected to anyone as I have him. Then came the days of silence when we didn't agree on certain issues,and him telling me if I just changed the way I thought we would be fine. Everything was always my fault. So we would breakup and then we would makeup and within a couple of weeks he would start to distance himself emotionally again! So I tried for three years to do things his way and ended up being in the same place with him which was nowhere. In the three years that he has claimed he loved me he has never told his x girlfriend about me so that I could finally meet his daughter and says he won't until he decides to marry me. I have never met his children from his previous divorce or not one member of his family. He continues to live in his little world of secrets and I can't imagine how many secrets he has that he hasn't told me about. I can no longer deal with his coldness, his inmature ways of walking out on an disagreement, or his bipolar personality. So for all of you women out there absorbed in the sex and passion of a Scorpio man,I suggest you run like hell before you ever feel a thing for him because I promise you the minute he's not in control he'll break your heart.I've cried a river over this man and he still doesn't get or ever will. I have been understading, loyal, kind, and totally given him my heart and he has destroyed it emotion by emotion all in the name of love. Run


I'm reading this and all of them are from women who deal with Scorpio men.. Well, I'm that Scorpio man!! Yep - here I am!!! In fact, I am Scorpio Sun, Moon and Rising and whatever the next one is (it creeped out the reader and she quit). Well, first off, I do have to say this - we Scorpio males are not stubborn - we are combative! There is a distinct difference. If you do not come across as you want to battle - there will be none. It's just that easy! Politics - religion - type of tooth paste... Doesn't matter! If your man feels you want to battle he's going to get entrenched and fight you to the death! Which some of you have already found out!

I have dated two Capricorn's one for four years (my best yet) and this other one is new. I will say this - I will not let her go! I shouldn't have let the first one go!! Capricorn women - we are the best match! Period! Get over yourselves (which is what happened in my first relationship) and I will say this! YOU KNOW that nobody has made you laugh like your Scorpio male - well guess what - that is the same for your Scorpio male! If you see your Scorpio male start getting entrenched - DON'T DIG IN! Find something funny - say something that you know will make us smile - you can do this! Then walk over and softly take the shovel from his grasp! Believe me, he'll notice... You'll see it in his eyes. We have a thing for that you know. Put your hand on our face when we get start to stock pile water and Twinkies for the long battle and come up and put your hand on our face and look at us. That's it. Might not work three times in a row, but it will work. We need this! Scorpio men do not want to start battles - sometimes we come off harsh and blunt and might trigger something inside you for you to dig in, but please - please ask us! Ask us what we meant by that, how you felt when we said it. Talk to us!! We are great listeners and will appreciate you more for explaining it (don't be all mean and condescending)... Remember - hand on the face. Believe me - if your willing to make us feel secure - you will be rewarded a relationship that a hot dog and a bun would be jealous of!! All you need to do is communicate!

Story - when my ex (four year girl) said that when she gets mad give her time to cool down it was hard for me at first, but I did it! When that happened we were able to talk rationally and work out our problems and guess what?!?! For the next four years we argued - FIVE TIMES!!!! We broke up because we decided we wanted different things - I wanted to move our relationship on with MORE children (I had one - she had one) and she didn't want to have anymore... It's been 10 years and we still, to this day, email or have some type of communication once a week!

So, I laughed at the beginning ladies for one reason - I have had the pleasure of getting my Capricorn back! Last thing you want is to keep your man and work on it than get a very jaded Scorpio after he's been hurt too much because believe me - you'll get stung often and he won't care not one bit about how that makes you feel (which I think some of you are in now - and that is a place I do not know how to help because - at that point, I would assume there is no return for the Scorpio male... Ask first and if he is - walk away...)

For the Scorpio man who wants his Cap lady back: Tell her everything you told us. Keep contacting her (not obsessively, but often enough)and let her know you are sorry she lost trust in you, that you had not "cheated" while seeing her and you never would. That would be a big turn-off to a Cap woman to find out a guy who claimed to like or love her was spending time with another woman (on-line or in person) If she was truly interested in you it may work. If she wasn't sure about you to begin with, I would say forget it because once a Cap woman doesn't trust someone, more than likely she never will. She probably was very hurt but she might not admit that. Good luck on getting her back. Cap lady here.

To the Scorpio man dating Capricorn 16 yrs your senior...

Show her you haven't communicated with those other women since you met. Just pose it to her and then give her space, letting her know you'll be waiting for her when she's ready.

Sometimes we just need time. I could almost guarantee to you that such is the case with her. If you two honestly have this amazing connection, she's probably just hurt by what she thought was going on and is looking out for herself. If she sees the proof, she'll come to terms with it, see reason and the realization that she really can trust you like she once did. What was the past was only the past.

As a cap female, when I'm mad, I just want to be mad for a little bit. Nothing personal. When I believe something and someone is trying to convince me otherwise, I can be hard-headed. But I'm always the same... you propose a different idea to me and I need time to think about it. I always come around.

Give her time and let her know that's what you are doing because you care.

I'm a cap female and was in a relationship with a scorpio. I'm currently single, but I have a date tomorrow with another scorpio. I have another guy friend that I've recently become close to and becoming closer with who is a scorpio.

I love talking with them... it's so natural and understanding and we just think very similarly.

In the relationship with the one Scorpio bf, the sex was just beyond it. Two partners who really knew how to dance with each other, to any beat, any style, could anticipate each others every move, and fed off of each others energy, which there was never any shortage of... that's a Scorpio man and Capricorn woman. We were in love and in lust. That unfortunately ended because I had moved away for family reasons.

But really, I've know scorpios well enough to know that care, honesty, loyalty even if just friends, deep emotion, respect is so easy with them. And being single now... I would sure love it if I found THE Scorpio man to spend the rest of my life with.

To the Capricorn woman who sexed her Scorpio man on the first date. NEVER have sex with a man on the first date ESPECIALLY if you JUST met him. He will put you in the "sex only, hook up" category and will never take you serious. Move on, keep your legs closed the next time.

My Capricorn girl is nothing short of a Goddess.We began going out 32 years ago, she was 13 and I was 15 and we have had a beautiful life together.She was (and still is!)the most beautiful girl in the whole school, and for some reason chose ME, pursued me ruthlessly and has held me happy captive to this day! I'm still mystified - talk about batting above your average....!

Much has been said about Scorpio's approach to sex and passion but I have to say that the Capricorn girl is more than equal. True, I haven't had much to compare it with, but why do I need a comparison when this woman still leaves me shaking with desire after 32 years!We just seem to bring out the "wicked" in each other, always pushing boundaries from outrageous acts of public sex to tender romantic moments. She is the positive side of EVERY woman rolled into one. I think the trick is in knowing her need for balance. When all the other aspects of her life are in order,her career, her family, the house, she is ready for play.If you are smart you will help all of this to fall into place as quickly as possible, for the rewards are divine!After all of these years, jealousy is replaced by total trust, there are no power struggles any more because all you care about is lifting each other up and I can honestly say that love is all there is. The Capricorn girl has everything you need.

Foremost she is loyal and caring and honest (and a terrible liar, so you always get the truth ha ha!)(Darling, I don't give a rats'@#* about what you spent on that stupid device you saw on T.V.!!I think it's funny!)she is responsible and bound by duty. I know this sounds boring, but when you scratch the surface and find the right buttons to push, this girl sets your life, your bed, or any where you happen to be....on FIRE!I am so grateful!I have a wonderful wife and best friend, a respected member of the community and the hottest, most wicked lover/playmate a Scorpio could wish for. Soulmates.

I am a Capricorn woman (moon in Virgo) and the only thing I feel for Scorpio men/boys is an intense sense of friendship.

I agree w/the comment above. I have dating seeing this Scorpio man for the past 3 years. Come to find out that he is engaged and getting married in a few months. I am heartbroken. I am a cappy so I don't know how to deal with the pain. RUN

I am a Capricorn girl (15)and I recently met a Scorpio who made me feel like a completely new person! I met him on a day when I was all dressed up because it was my birthday, and the first day of gym class because it was the start of a new semester (haha, so now I have no choice but to remember!) and he caught my attention when he said two things: 1- "Nice! Heels are a sign of confidence!" and 2- "Haha, I get a base line and you don't!" and ever since then we've really hit it off!

I already know he likes me because of all the hints he's dropped! But I know that I like him, even he can be immature at times, and I know he's smart even though he tries to not seem like it (I'm in all higher ability classes with A's and B's, and he's in not quite the smartest classes and gets C's and D's). He makes me smile and laugh almost nonstop when I see him! I wouldn't say he's the hottest guy in the school, but I think he has potential to be up there! So I have a question- Is it worth giving this relationship a try? like would it be bad if I offered to help him at school (to get his grades higher so that if we went out, my parents wouldn't mind, and that's time together) I think he would see it as a kind gesture, and heck, maybe his parents would start to like me!

I love him as a friend right now, but I think this is one of those that has real potential, even if we are only 15.

*Just FYI, I already let him know I was staying abstinent until marriage, and he seemed to like the fact that I had enough respect for myself. Just clearing that up so you don't get the wrong idea!

I am a Capricorn woman 50 in an online relationship with a 43 year old Scorpio, I agree with the majority of the posts I have seen here! There is a spiritual connection like nothing I have ever experienced before, it's as if we never have to say a word and we know each others thoughts it is uncanny almost scary at times. I can sense his emotions like I have never been able to any man before him . I have a question for Scorpio guys out there? I am very independent and straight forward would a Scorpio guy like the girl to approach him about commitment or future plans and how would you recommend that! I know speaking to his heart works best....;) j

*Reply to the Scorpio who'a searching for the Cappie Goddess:

Yes, the likely reason she's acting distant is because she's conservative and hold the view that women should not be the one chasing after men. Also, she's likely to be using this time to reassure her feelings for you (cappies are very careful and serious about their love for someone).They need to be 110% sure they truly love you & and you truly love her too. So chase after her, let her know your love is true, prove to her that you ARE THE ANSWER! cappies like to see dedication, especially in love. You have all the qualities a Capricorn girl is looking for, and all you're lacking right now is the INITATIVE. Don't let her think you're not interested in her by showing hesitation- it's a sign of weakness and cappies won't show you respect for that. Cappies respect frankness and strong individuals who have the gut to express their feelings (remember, cappies don't know how to express their feelings, so they tend to be VERY attracted to that trait) So if you turn that around, you' ll win a girl that will love only you & be loyal to you for life! Good Luck!

Scorpio guys are real bitches :). Aqua girl here. :P Me + Scorpio in the same room= WW III. Will most likely kill him if he tries to play with my mind or my self esteem. They are really bad at dealing with jokes made on their account and with an overly detached attitude. Which is what Aquarians are really good at. If you're a Cap girl and you want to play with his mind be smart and ignore his behavior, if he tries to read your mind...laugh at him. If he tries to make you jealous: make jokes about his "charming ways". Do not let a relationship or someone dictate who you are or what you should be. If it's meant to be you'll get the respect you deserve from the very beginning, if it's not meant to be just let it go and move on fast. Good luck!

I'm a Capricorn woman, a very Capricorn woman at that. Recently I have moved back home from college and am starting to rebuild a "support system" here, a group of friends I can count on. I've found a rare and enlightening friendship with a Sagittarius woman. For some reason I was drawn to her from the first night to be myself. which I do very rarely, seeing as I'm an extreme introvert, and don't like to give anyone any insight into my weaknesses. Now this new friend of mine has a younger brother, who is less than a year younger than me, and he's SCORPIO.

the connection we have is unparalleled to any I have felt in a while. Very rarely do I get worked up over a guy. Most of the time guys bore me, because in my silently cocky Capricorn ways, I find them to easy to obtain. But this boy, I can't shake. The first time we met he quickly added me on facebook, but then later that night, when he had patched things up with his girlfriend of a year he deleted my post! Never in my life has someone been able to lead me into doing something so risky and me not getting the results I want.

Our first conversation was him peeking up quietly from his phone and genuinely saying "you remind me of myself, what zodiac sign are you?" yes. so not only did he hook me with the straight forward declaration of our connection, but he tied it back to one of my favorite subjects....astrology. Even recalling these little bits of interaction i've had with him is giving me butterflies. Anytime we are in a room together we somehow gravitate much closer than I find comfortable with anybody else. With him I long for him to touch me. I've been fighting myself for weeks, not eating, and driving myself insane with the what if's. I just don't know what to do...I was thinking about telling him my weird feeling of connection towards him the next time he's "single"....just looking for insight. As we all know nobody but ME knows how head over heels I am for this kid, but I reallly need help :(

- sincerely a distressed cap

My match with a Capricorn lady was the best I've ever been had in my 27 years of life. She completes me. That's all I have to say :)

I'm a mature Scorpio and I'm in complete control of my positive & negative traits. She's a true Capricorn to the T. We both have what it takes to create a fulfilling relationship and make it last.

well the first time we set eyes on each other it was a go we are both in relationships neither of us happy with our partners due to one thing and another,we tryed to resist each other but no good and to our surprise we couldnt keep our hands off each other he had to touch me and I had to touch him it was love at first sight a deep, real, passionate soul bending love we will both leave our partners once things are in order terriable and unusual for us both this behaviour is pure animal every day we think of each other every time we see each other our hearts jump out of our chest we get each other in most ways,my relationship with my husband is difficult and his with his wife we both care for our partners but there was never the spark we so naturally have and had from the get-go.ooow and the sex.

I'm a Capricorn girl who's always been fascinated by Scorpio men since my teenage years, not all are adonises but most are or come close to one, and the ones that are other women will fight you to death to get and believe in me they are a life time prize in all the zodiac signs,and in bed don't even get me started they are diffinetly not made for Patty good two shoes type that are affraid of expressing their sexual desires or tamed women who are here just to reproduce,a Scorpio man wants all or nothing at all he's an all male the epitome of Masculinity when it comes to making you feel all woman and beautiful inside but in a out of body experience way that you feel like he is GOD, truely being with all the men of the zodiac Aries men probably come close to Scorpio's stamina however I find most Aries cocky and self centered with little in common with them, Scorpio men that wants his woman to be all female and submissive,yet they go out of their way to make you feel th e ultimate pleasure a woman have on earth and love their softer sides when they will want to make sure you are at ease with everything they do without a word spoken to ruin the moments, one look from their hypnotic eyes is like a piercing beam that travels through your core and into your soul and give you the comfort every woman ever craved for. I would not give up on this man at the time of distress because he could become withdrawn and unfocused on your needs but every parts of his genius brain is working to bring himself together because his goal is your happiness, if you're a Capricorn woman you're in good hands because you will communicate telepathically with him 90% of times however to my other zodiac sisters ,( a word of wise: do not ever talk down to him nag on pitty stuff and be negative on issues that can be worked out, support him 100% if you see potentials of being together and he will give you his world, don't ever come across as shallow and superficial as gold diggers as this man has zero tolerance on these areas and can drop you like a hot potato and walk out on you before you can ask what happened to him?

I loved my Scorpio man... he said there was no such thing. I fought for the relationship... he destroyed it with his coldness. Nothing I could do. I am heartbroken. The more I tried the more he hated me. The nicer I was the more he ripped me apart. Still love him. Don't hate him. Its all pain.

hey Guys and girls listen to me carefully i'm a Scorpio guy. with my Capricorn woman i'm living from 4 years. we always fights because of my Capricorn girlfriend. I always left her for her faults but she ever never left me or cheated me..she always came 2 me to accept her all faults.this is happening from 4 years...still it is running I lv her a she is not trying 2 cant say about this relations b/w Scorpio and Capricorn because of very much fights...and cause of their ego and all..

I'm a Scorpio man and I'll Say one thing.. I love being around Capricorn women, But Friendships is really the best thing to hope for.. As a spiritual being the bible will tell you nothing is meant to last.. Hate to rain on nybody's parade All Scorpio males I think will agree that Individuality and Independecne is the key. Nothing wrong with being sociable tho just keep your reality in check. Adios Amigos

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