Scorpio man driving me Crazy!

by me

I've been dating a Scorpio man for a year and a half and he hasn't spoken to me in 2 days bc I didn't answer his text "promptly" only bc i was working out to a DVD and didn't even hear my phone when i got the text!! I'm sure this is due to his jealous nature bc he thinks i was "busy" meaning hooking up with someone other dude. Im deeply loyal and dedicated to him and always have been since day one. I explained to him what happened and apologized and he tells me I need to learn to "f-ing respond!!" He drives me crazy. I dont want to fight and I even tried to reach out to him to apologize again and let him know I dont want to argue and he just ignored my text. We planned to spend tomorrow together but now i don't even know if that will happen, I just don't think its that serious. At first I said I would give him time to cool down but now my feelings are hurt as I am sensitive being a Virgo. I deeply care for him but I sometimes just find his intensity overwhelming. I could forgive him in a heartbeat for the most hurtful things he's said to me but he can hold a grudge and stay angry and not think about me for as long as forever!!

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Scorpio man are very dominant-
by: Anonymous

Good luck! I am a Virgo myself and fell for a Scorpio guy . I was madly in love . Sex was incredible. DO NOT LET HIM GET USED TO THE IDEA THAT YOU WILL CALL HIM after a fight. Let him call you first!!!!!trust me! he will get to the idea that you will always call him and you will ALWAYS, always feel insecure and you will be needy and clingy because of that. Scorpio men are very dominant and like things their way. And we Virgos like to please and are very stable emotionally.
Do not call him. As I see it you did not do anything wrong , he just knows you love him and he is too secure of your love.If he loves you he will call you. otherwise he will not.
Your story is similar to mine. A friend told me the same thing. The Scorpio guy and I had a fight and I was dying but I never called him. He never called me back. He did not love me! Good luck!

"Scorpio man driving you Crazy."
by: Anonymous

My response to the two Virgo ladies of prior posted, said, "Scorpio drive you crazy." Both of your articles sound to be true; that is insane; he has no fair judgment at all. His madness and jealousy are controlling him from compromising with you to know the fact of what, why, and how??? I'm pretty shock when I read both of your articles about how negative Scorpio man is. I as Virgo has a similar experiences as both of you lady Virgo. Scorpio and I are deeply connected from the first day to the present. He was an extraordinary one that I decided to surrender and took risk for our relationship. For that, it was the very first time in my life. I'm a very busy woman with work, school, and house work. He called me each time, I came no matter what was the conditions and distant as possible. The last time, I met him after my Birthday(September 20) a week; we both had a great time together. Then he called me after the end of Christmas(to say Merry Christmas!!) and he told me that he will call me on New Year's Eve that night my cell was on my hand while I was on my home phone with my sister who lives of the state; my cell rang-I picked and said hello! I guessed he hung the phone down on me; I didn't know how mad he was. I wondered why?? I love, miss him very much each day; some time I feel that I can't function because I love him and crazy about him. I swear to god that I never ever hook up or love another man at all in my life; now it almost a year. My heart still wounded. I cant call his office number. But I have to set a limit for myself in a certain time whether to give up on him and let us be free.
So, we are Virgo with the great talented and qualities for assurance. We learn how to forgive and to forget if Scorpio do not reconsiders. Be Happy Precious Virgo!!! You are very amazing woman! You are very passionate with cares.

Loves and Hope!

Is scorpio mad and why I'm not his girlfriend.
by: Anonymous

I am a Virgo and this guy who is my friend is a Scorpio.We get along great! We are both married to other people and well he used to have a thing for me but then we all(both couples)started hanging out. Last week he said his wife left him and the kids and that it was over.I offered to help him out with the kids and be there as a friend when he needs me.We would text back and forward a few times.Then a few days ago he called my cell and it was on vibrate and I didn't have it on me.I realized he called about 20 minutes afterward and called him back and his response was "hey" in a sweet way then "I'll call you later I'm busy".Exact words and it didn't sound all that nice.I just said ok nicely and he hasn't called back yet...Don't understand?????Scorpio's are strange but I seem to love them.

"Scorpio said his wife left him and children."
by: Anonymous

You, Virgo lady!! You better think nicely and not to involve with Mr. Scorpio and his children. You offered Scorpio for help if he needed, ha, Scorpio is a poor thing I can see; how come, his wife left him?? Are you, Virgo, willing to interfere with this kind of a mean Scorpio man or play safe???
I knoow...Virgo is nice and wants to help. I'm also a Virgo, I won't won't involve with that !! Why??? Because, when you call or text him, he just"say Hey, I'm busy!!!" "Will return your call." Now, you see, it takes him forever. He must be sick!! That is soooo mean...Forget it, Virgo!! He is a liar and don't trust him. The better way is restrain yourself from the mean Scorpio-sh...If I'm you, I do not need a frivolous friend like that. Ha, I'm a lovely free- successful Virgo have lots of gut to help my man who loved me as I loved him; otherwise, I dump him. You, Virgo better stop loving the wrong person. you will get nothing after having surrendered your soul and body. You are your own woman. Okay...!! Best SEX can't hold me; My love is not free. I'm done-over with the nonsense no logical mind or no understanding of a Scorpio man. Best luck to you and be wise!

Scorpio male waste of time
by: Anonymous

I am a virgo female Scorpio men are horrible people they hold grudges and sting themselves over and over because they can not let go of the past. I was faithfull to my scorpio loved him to death after two years of waiting Mr March came along and made me feel brand new PLEASE DO NOT FEEL ANY COMPASSION FOR SCORPIO MALES THEY ARE EVIL and will SMILE AND TALK TO YOU AND STILL HAVE A GRUDGE. I am not bitter just BETTER.
It is hard to let go because I LOVE HIM Soooo much but think of him as a exsperience.

hmm Virgo bad idea with Scorp
by: TaurusGirl

I think maybe Virgo is a bad idea with Scorpions. try a nice Cancerian. Scorpions are so full on I think they can only mate with a Taurus or Scorpion. I pulled my Scorp up on his behaviour and ripped into him, I won't suffer BS. we are ok, worked it all out. he isn't sneakily holding a grudge. we slept together last night :)
i would try to explain nothing mad going on in person and have sex with him!
but if he is being a pain leave him and find a softer sign. they're such intense people...

He mad me so mad
by: Anonymous

Ok I am a cancer women and I am with a scropio man and I really like him and every time we make plan to go out he would put something else before me so today I went crasy and I told him how I felt and I hope he get the picture. But I want to know how he is going to react and will he call back to apologized. He thinks I am being mad for no reason but it is a reason.

we're all on the same scorp boat to cconfusion
by: Anonymous

i am a pisces female. i met my scorpion friend with benefits almost a year ago. he texts me once a month for an arguement and intercourse. what is that about? so i'm impatient and date other guys and he get mad if i turn down his propositions. he stings when he gsmad andds suff to mamejeaous o acebo. i'm still confused

drive him crazy in return !
by: Anonymous

well hello there ladies , ive been dating a scorpio for a year now !! im a gemini myself !! its ups and downs .. scorpio men like strong women, the more u ignore him and make him feel ditched ,,, he ll go crazy and want you more ! ive noticed that cz usually when we fight he never admits he is wrong ( like any other man ) bas i always initiate ! so ive tried this a month ago i did not talk to him , ignored his calls and msgs ! he knew i was out with the girls he went crazy ( thinking ive moved on and i ddnt care) next day he came and apologized and all is well !!
key to the scorpio men ... dnt give much attention cz they fight whenever they want to fight only !! when ur bothered or mad ur a drama lover to them !! while in the contrary , they breathe drama !!!

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