Scorpio man Gemini girl loyalty issues

Gemini's having two sides is a well-known fact. One is the vivacious, fun-loving and carefree side which makes them such great company. The other is the moody, misunderstood side looking for true love and nurturing.

I met my Gemini girl whilst working on an assignment together and we got on very well; the relationship slowly growing over time to a deep and passionate love - definitely not one of those flings! I allowed her to maintain her active social life with her own circle of friends (even though I sometimes resented it) and yet we shared a close & meaningful emotional bond which fed each others' hearts. I assumed we would eventually settle down together when our careers became more stable. Unfortunately, after 6 months she "out-grew" me and is now involved with another guy who she says truly understands her feelings (and what was I all this while ?!).

This latter relationship developed WHILST she still was, for all intents and purposes, my girl. She has told me that we could still be close friends. My take on Gemini's are that they fall in and out of love easily, get consumed by infatuation and then move on when the initial flames die down.

This is esp. so if the guy can fulfill her emotional needs i.e. the side of her that hides beneath the fun-loving, cheery persona. Emotionally-intuitive Scorpios are blessed with the ability to care deeply and nurture. This will appeal to the often misunderstood Gemini. But be wary, faithful Scorpio. Gemini's flip-flop by nature including their appreciation of their lover. And when the passion fizzles, they will move on to the next guy who gives them what they need. Loyalty is not one of their strong points!

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flirtatious ways
by: Anonymous

I'm a Scorpio man With good old Gemini girl, I'd like to say they are very interesting. And they really cannot control their flirtatious ways, my girl being a stripper. I let her cause she did not have my heart. I never cared what she did. Might have drove her crazy, when I really cared the whole time.

We are still together 7 months strong with a lot of adventure and emotional obstacles in our way. She doesn't want to leave me. Im different Scorpio because I love to talk and laugh and play yeaaah baby. Its really how your raised, though I am very secretive so secretive to where I forget my own secrets lol

Young vs. old
by: Anonymous

Im a gemini woman... What your talking about is a gemini girl. You see we flirt by nature never intending to actually do anything and sometimes not realizing it. But when we're young we dont know how to be in control over taking it too far. In the moment is how we live with the knowing of the future. We never want to be hurt especially with heartbreak and our take on that is leave before we get left. If we feel threatened or rejected we fly away and make you chase us. Its a game we play it hurts but its testing your passion. As we mature we go after the future and often return to that one that stuck by in the background. We never admit to wanting security but that what we're searching for. We like to be chased and involved but when we're young our attention span is off skelter. She hasnt grown up trust me she looking to learn her lessons in life. Im only 21 but i had my daughter young and now I know how great i can be. I was really bad in the past and i can admit that but we chill out with responsibility i promise. Let her go unless you really want her. You have to fight for it and being a scorpio you can do that. You are good at strategy so figure hers out. Thats how u you understand a gemini beat them. Keep them coming back because we dont chase unless we need it. Just remember make her change her mind if you do it for her it will be control to her. Good luck!!

Scorpio man with Gemini woman
by: Anonymous

The scorpio man likes to win a conversation at all cost and can be too carefree with words. the sensitive soft side of the gemini woman needs a lot of love and that is the part a guy has to capture to have us. We flirt but that is just who we are. We do enjoy respect and a stable relation ship and Scorpio men can be very disrespectful and insecure! Do not try to hold us with the domestic things we like to get out and will find a way to do it even without you! Remember we are easy to love because we are charming!The Scorpio man does not understand how to be flexiable and a gemini woman needs that like she needs fresh air!

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