Scorpio man getting over Ex's

by Ivan
(st petersberg)

I am a Scorpio man and I hate breakups, but its part of life. I dont know why I just cannot get over breakups without burning everything that's related to my old lover, and that's what I have been doing since I started dating. I gave them back all of their gifts, pictures and letters and burn everything I ever created for them. I cannot be friends with ex lovers.

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Same here!
by: Lovely

same here... I also cant get over an ex until I am seeing someone new... its very obsessive... i absolutely cannot be friends with an ex

Why do you breakup?
by: Anonymous

T Scorpio man, why do you breakup with your ex-lover if you hate it so much. If you are innocent Scorpio toward your ex-LV, you need no burning all the pictures. But there is nothing wrong to burn it out if you knew exactly that your ex-lover cheated or have someone new beside you, yes, burn it out. Lol...Wishing you meet a faithful person than your ex-LOVER or girlfriend.
From: A disappoint Virgo

Virgo lady free at last
by: Anonymous

I'm Virgo who have been separated from a Scorpio while ago; I'm a faithful, honest, Loyal, and very determine Virgo toward my mate who I was deeply in love with. I am too shy but strong then ever. Since my Scorpio has gone and forgot about me, I feel that I am mistrust and don't believe other good guys out there who have been noticing on me. Even though a new Scorpio, I will be always distant not let myself be hook up. I never make mistake. For I knew, in other form: I'm rich, successful, and (Devotion/Intelligent) There is no others but it seems tooo late now for a Scorpio to come back to me. Now I'm free at last. Virgo

I feel ya...
by: Anonymous

I am too a Scorpio. And I'm in the middle of, well 4 months past, a break-up. She (a Sagi BTW) broke up with me after a month because she wasn't ready for a longterm relationship. Now, as a Scorpio, break-ups are hard enough as it is. But imagine your ex, whom you love to death, telling you that she hopes you'll give her another chance down the road and plans on getting back with you. Then after 3 months of staying devoted and loyal to her, even as just friends, she decides to tell you that she only sees a friendship, nothing more, and not to wait for her. But wait, there's more. She recently wore a heart pendant you had gotten her AFTER she said that.

by: Anonymous

Do scorpios ever take their exes back after the ex breaks up with them?

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