Scorpio man jealous and possesive

by val
(new york)

Well i've been dating this guy, he's a Scorpio and im a Sagittarius girl. we've been doing pretty good so far,, but we get into many fights for he's very jealous and possessive, on the other hand i don't really like getting too serious .. he's a deep and extremely sexy guy...I really do love him, but sometimes i wonder if its going to work out?

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Sagittarius, workout or not...
by: Anonymous

Sound very good, Sagittarius lady with a Scorpio man lover. Since you are a fire sign and he is a water sign as a result, you may understand if you check or read by your specialist Astrologer. I believed if love made from heaven, there will be no conflict that comes to interrupt between two of you and lead in to a fight or argument. So, I don't think Scorpio and Sagittarius are workout. Scorpio is very emotional-cold(Yin) and Sagittarius is very peppery and (musculin) heh, heh. I can say if you love Scorpio man, don't make him jealous. I feel sad for you, also feel sad for him.
You need to find out for the fact from Astro Advisor....

The Virgin

Over 20 years with a Scorpio and I'm a Sag
by: Anonymous

I am a Sag woman and I've been with a scorpio man for over 20 years and in the bedroom BOOM! Right there we can make it work. But, he is shut down but there for us/his family. He is not jealous though.

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