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I'm a Leo woman married to a Scorpio man. Everything I've read indicates that we should not be compatible, but we've got our thirteen year anniversary coming up!

I don't know why it works, really. I am a typical self-centered, controlling, selfish narcissistic Leo, and he is the typical vindictive, brooding mysterious Scorpio. Maybe part of it is upbringing; he's the most considerate, respectful person I've ever known, and he always is concerned about my feelings.

The sex is awesome, though--the passion in both signs definitely comes into play there! All that aside, though, I think the main reason we get along so well is that we are simply on the same wavelength.

We share the same views on so many issues. And we don't have children. I swear nothing will wreck a relationship faster than having a child! So the secret? Mutual respect, shared views, and effective birth control!

"Everything I've read indicates that we should not be compatible"

Funny you say that as I just finished reading the compatibility article here and it seemed fairly positive, with reasonably high scores! Not perfect, but then what relationship is? I love my Scorpio man and felt the article was about the best description I've read. I wouldnÂ’t take too much notice of the negative articles elsewhere. This site seems way more accurate, at least for the relationships I've been in.

dating Scorpio man for few months mostly sexual nothing of substance. we both disrespected each other with jealousy and anger. insulting. Leo woman got physical with Scorpio and he blames Leo for acting out in front of others and will no longer speak to her. Will he ever return and forgive or want to discuss things when he comes out of his cave or is it goodbye as he said he was turned off?

Hello !!

I agree with views about Scorpio man they have amazing personality that draws to you .. no men ever drawn to me before, I am Leo woman and he was Scorpio man we deeply fall in love in about after three dates he saw me first and he is eyes all over me and I liked him even though I was married for two years after I met him we had crush on each other and it was so strong -magnetic attraction that I have tried to forget him but I couldn't and we seeing for six months and suddenly he disappeared I was terrified and insecure which I never feel for any man he was awesome !!

but we been try to control not to see each other but he kept chasing me and I keep ignoring him and let down so many times but we have mutual respect for each other and I lose interest in my marriage before I met him but for me its not problem for him he is got girlfriend he was telling me for last three years since he met me before but he told me on second date that "I wish I met you ten years ago " his words always for me like he express me strong feelings we never tell that we love each other because we sense each other deeply we don't use this words coz when we together we don't speak we act almost and our hearts talks!!

he was deeply fall in love with me and he deep inside in me after three years hot -cold relationship we suffer from due to our circumstances my marriage and his relationship but he is concern about me is so strong that what more I can say go to tell further that may be you don't believe this but we never had sex together he respects me I am married and he will not do such thing that way of thinking in him more, more and more each day pass my attraction is drawn to him and one day he sad to me by text " stop calling me" and I replied him "wont call you happy!!!!!!" even though this words is killing me but due to my pride I can not say to him or neither he will say that why?? you written this

then after one month I left my 7 yrs marriage for him even though I know he never come back to me but I lost interest in my husband , lost love in him while ago but I will continuing my marriage just sake of my lover he sad if you leave him I will leave you ... I was confused ... dilemma !! which direction to take and I left my home and move out some where is been now two yrs still he is inside in me and I was crying for him today as well I just give but no take ... injustice to me but I will survive but he still stops me to move on I have got five boys who chasing me , all are professionals , like lawyer, business consultant, etc but my hear, body and soul with him I never heard anything from him since ... I have another Scorpio man who worked with me he is my boss at work and one day he sad to me he liked me personally but I don't trust any man specially Scorpio man he is mad about me I keep ignoring him but he is eyes on me he is care about me a lot we work like a team ,get al ong good and top of the four guys who is interested in me I totally lost ... confused I sacrifice my love for...him hope he understand one day and god send him back to in my life ...I should waiting for him or move on



Leo woman

I love him, he acts like im not that important to , but every time we see each other its magic I can read his eyes he loves me even more. I pray to god we can be forever happily ever after one day, one sweet day. I wished I knew why things had to be this way ;(

With my Scorpio man, there is so much fire in my relationship, passion, and understanding. At times its like hell, clash of the titans if I must say... but we love each other very much!

Leo woman and Scorpio's like a drug. Absolutely amazing. and then horrible when you come off the high. It's like bipolarity shifting between two people. Intense. Crazy. Unforgettable...and unless you're both careful it will swallow you whole. If you're a Leo woman and Scorpio man, I'd recommend either getting married or not getting involved because you'll never forget each other.

I am a Scorpio man I met my girlfriend in grade 2 she does not know much about me. I am extremely attracted to her we have passionate evening together. we are both 40 years old I am her first boyfriend and her first lover. I am an extremely wealthy man and I do not know how to tell her because I thought if I appeared as an ordinary person with nothing and old car I wanted to know if she could fall in love with me. My girlfriend does not like me to tell a lie and I promised her I never will but how will she take it if I tell her what I really am. she is a chartered accountant the monies I have made over the years has always made secretly under the radar of the south African revenue services. she is a very honest person and so am I she just does not like my secrecy about how I do my business. how can I break the news to her who I am and I love her so much she is my childhood love...

I am a Leo woman, and my partner is a Scorpio man. We are together for 7 month. He represents the best and the worse I could imagine in one person. But I know I have chosen HIM and or I will have him or I will not take anything else. There are many unexplainable things between us - both negative and positive ones.

I am a Leo woman currently dating a Scorpio man. We met through a friend and he told at that moment he started to like me very much. Three days later we started to hold hands and that was the start of our relationship and a week later we had our first kiss ever in our lives. He can get secretive and all but I always try not to be nosy even though we both love talking to each other. He's my first serious boyfriend who's a Scorpio and I'm glad cuz we both know what we both want and I love him even more every day.

Hello ! I'm a Leo woman and my boyfriend is a Scorpio man. I love him dearly but our relationship seems to be very bipolar at times. I've never met a man that loves me so passionately. He's my everything but once or twice out the week, we would be arguing over little things that seem to explode out of proportion. We're both going to college in the fall and the fact that we'll be apart, it makes me realize that he is the one I want in my life. I just guess that compromising is the only way to keep our relationship alive and healthy.

I am a Leo woman totally in love with a Scorpio man, and yes we have had heated fights one so bad we broke up for four months and never even tried to talk. I went into mourning, and just as I was getting over him, he came back, don't know where we are going but I sure do love the ride!

hello!! im a leo woman in a relationship with a scorpio man! it is one of the craziest extraordinary realationship ive ever been in. wow!! in good and bad ways!

I think I need help! im Leo woman - I met this Scorpio guy on Sunday after 3 days of talking on the phone a lot. met him it was mad I liked him so much straight away and I let my guard down and told him he was nervous but then said I am sooo attracted to you I love your persona I love your passion I like the way you dress I love everything about you I want to be with you! he is 38 I am 37 he has said about 10 times that I AM THE ONE! he knows I am - however I find him aloof sometimes he wont call that much unless I instigate it we are meant to be meeting tomorrow and even though he says he cant wait he has a funny way of showing it! what shall I do! HELP AND ADVISE ME PLEASE XXXX

Im a Scorpio man falling for a Leo woman. But it seems like she isn't on the same level as me, we both have been friends for years. But have never been single for a chance to get together. Now we are both newly single and talking about getting together. But out of the blue she says that she wants to stay friends because she needs to think about her feelings. I don't know what to do, I feel so drawn to her and don't know what more to say. I want her to do what's best for her, but I also want m chance with her. What should I do?

to the Leo woman phoning Scorpio man-

my Scorpio (we've been together for 8 months) can go a couple of days without chatting with me or seeing me. At first, I thought it was because he didn't like me or was mad at me. But after countless arguments about the subject, I'm finally beginning to understand that he needs his space. That it doesn't reflect on how he feels about me. he just likes to do his own thing.

to the Scorpio man falling for the Leo-

this reminds me of my relationship SO much. it took a while for me and my Scorpio to finally get together as a result to my "feelings".

I was uncertain and questioning about him and how I felt. though Leos are very confident and self-absorbed, they are VERY insecure.

so they pretty much explains why she has doubts about the relationship. it has nothing to do with's about her.

all I can say is if you really like her, stick around until she knows what she wants because if she wants you, it'll be the best thing that ever happened to you, romantically.

Leos and Scorpios are full of passion and potential

they can either go very very wrong or so so right!!!

depends on if both are willing to contribute effort and compromise.

I have been dating with a Scorpio man for 2 years and broken up a year ago.

I know that I have never forgetting him at all but he just doesn't want me back even I attempted to ask for patch back for few times. why is it so hard to change his mind. He is still taking care of me after the broke up and until now. It seems nothing has been changed. Should I still wait? I am pretty sure my heart still having him...

I am a female Leo interested in a male Scorpio who is my boss.

I already know that he has been involved with other men, although he himself has never told me that. He is constantly flirting with me in a direct manner, and I am trying to figure out if he is bi? As a Scorpio, he is flirting with me in all the ways a true Scorpio does.

ie: calls me out that he makes me nervous and that im blushing, tells me he loves me when no one is around, touches me playfully in public, pinched me, tells his friends in front of me that I look pretty everyday, stares me down with the look of seduction across the room, gives me the look of death when flirting with other guys, puts his hand behind his back for me to hold and manipulates me by saying that I hate him in order to get me to say that I like him. I am so confused--I want him to be bi and come out with his feelings for me, however I do not want to risk putting my feeling out there first because A.) he is my boss and we work together, B.) Incase I am wrong and he is gay. C.) I am not bi and am afraid I wont be able to handle the relationship. How do I flirt back in a discreet way during work that lets him know I am very interested? And how do I find out for sure that he actually likes me and is not gay? Thank you!!!!

hey !!

I am a Leo woman and have a very special friend in my life who is a Scorpio man !! Believe me, with him, I forget how to dominate, I forget how to show arrogance - all I feel like is to be a real good woman .... still however hard I try, I cannot be as good as my dear Scorpio man...

This is the sweetest period in my life which I would never want to lose ...

Hey ppl!!I'm a medical student and a Leo woman.. My senior is a all started with my music auditions...I just fell for him..& I know that he too likes me because of his over boiling passionate stares...we are still keeping our distance.. I have realized I truly love him for what he is...I wish he asks me out!!!!

I was with a Scorpio and that will be the first and last Scorpio I will ever date. It was fun in the beginning until he started to get super over protective and clingy and jealous. We fought constantly and he beat me if someone even looked at me or I didn't agree with him.

Stay far away, Leo!!

S.O.S. I am a Leo Gal and like many, have encountered a captivating Scorpio Guy in my life. I met him a year ago we were both on a "trip" together, I immediately was drawn to his natural magnetic charm but after the week long trip ended I didn't see him again....

Until the next trip just a few months ago, and again I literally went weak at the knee's seeing him. It took all of my self-control not to rush up to him and talk to him!

This trip, however, I did not chase him it was mutual and he even would come up to me. I felt like we both connected on the trip, we grew together and we able to talk. Just sweet nothings really nothing of consequence but it was the best 7days I could have had.

Then once we came home things have changed.

I have talked to him, encouraged him and just have been able to be myself and have somewhat intimate conversations (about our passion, which is our carrer).

I am also extremely close to his mother and have met some family members (whom I also met on the trip) but there is a huge factor in the way. Age.

There are a few years separating us and while I am in college, by a year I am not yet an adult.

I feel as though he is trying to be safe around me, and while I appreciate that he respects my age, it also hurts me emotionally.

I am so emotionally connected to him, that I am breaking my own heart! I desperately want to be with him and I know what being with a Scorpio Man entails and it is worth the wait.

I just don't know how to tell if he returns my affections (due to his cool exterior) and is simply waiting for me to come of age, or if he see's me as just a good friend.

Plz help my confused heart...

~Leo Lost in Love

I am a Leo woman, and the person who is supposed to be my superior at work, is a Scorpio male. All I can say is this:

They cannot stop the bitching.

A Leo woman can't avoid a confrontation with them. Believe me, Ive tried. A Scoprio male colleague trives on conflict, and will not contribute anythi ng positive.

They are jealous of competent,intelligent and confident Leo women. This person can't stand the fact that I am brilliant at what I do and have gotten recognition for it from other people in my office.

They will do everything they can to make a Leo woman feel bad about herself. This goes for Scorpio women too.They can't understand how a Leo woman can be so confident and happy with herself. Their aim is to make us as insecure and unhappy as they are.

Andrea from South Africa

I am a Leo woman who meet a Scorpio man online. He has persued me non-stop until recently. We have talked for hours everyday but I have not heard from him for the past few days and I don't understand. I know its a difficult situation...I live in the US and he lives in Spain but he promised he would come see me. He said he has had his share of women in his life but I was the one he wanted to be with. He talked about marriage, having children and me moving to Spain to be with him. He even said he was in love with me. Well a few days ago we were talking and I just felt like he wasnt being himself so I asked him about it and he said nothing was wrong. I asked him if he had looked into buying a ticket to the US yet and he said no but we would see each other one day...I am soo confused. How do you go from wanting to spend the rest of you life with me to not knowing if you are going to come here and you arent even responding to me. What happened and what can I do t o get to back on track with him? I have fallen in love with him and want to be with him. Please help me!!!!

Online Scorpio

Sorry to shatter your illusions about online scorpio. They are destructive men on the internet. I have been in contact with a guy online for over 18 months. I had the same conversations about being the one, how he cannot live without me, I have to be strong in order for us to be together. He loves me, wants to grow old with me. Numerous occasions spoke about meeting and never happened. Then I find him having a string of liasons with other women, reeling off the same old conversations and generally trying to manipulate as many women as possible to feed his own ego. If I had my time back, seriously I would run as far as you can as a Leo myself I am still trying to recover from this. Once I confronted him about all his liasons, he decided that I had to live my life (appropriately this happened just after I found him out)

So my advice to you, is do yourself a favour and research this guy. More than likely he is married in the real world and has no intention of moving from his computer because he has all the attention he needs on the screen

I am sorry it sounds so harsh but I am the opposite result of a Scorpio and I know the detrimental effects that they have on your life when they spin you the world and never come up with the goods.

I am a Leo Woman in relationship with very powerful wealthy Scorpio Man. Scorpio is cruel and selfish. I love the money and power and thats what keeps me with him. We are both with huge egos, always silently fighting to overpower eachother. Sex is amazing! But out of the bed, I cant be myself. I had tried to break it up with him, but he wont let me. We are on and off, up and down...emotional roller coaster. Very sexy and very intense. But thinking long term....I better get my Capricorn Man back.

I am a Leo woman and I am married with a Scorpio man. My Scorpio man was my high school crush back when we were still young. And he said I was his dream girl during that time too. I have been into a lot of relationship before we met again but he is the only guy who drove me crazy.. As time passes by he made me fell in love with him more. I have read from his sign that he is the misunderstood sign..but if you try to dig in deeper he becomes more amazing. He is everything that I have ever dreamed of.. he is so sweet, so careful about my feelings, so thoughtful, very considerate, generous, wickedly handsome and sexy..with all the muscles all around his body. And I felt so secure everytime I am with him..

He might be calm at times and secretive but I have respect for him and I understand him..he might be quite jealous and possessive but I find that sexy everytime he acted that way..and when his head started to heat up because of it.. I like to cuddle him, give him small kisses around his face..hug him until he calms down..His being mysterious made me more interested on him..and id like to discover it myself..Maybe at first he is a complex person but since I am a Leo woman and I always look at the bright side..good things are always visible in my eyes. And now we are hoping for a baby to come..

I,quite frankly shocked at the number of Leo woman that have lost their minds!!

Where, what happened to your strength!!

As Loins we can love, be loved, and do it alone if need be.

Most of these postings is of women that simple are out of it in love with a man thats simply not there..

I to have been pursued by 2 different Scorpio men. Of course being a Leo, I love the attention! but I'm certainly not putting my eggs in a basket full of holes..

The main thing any man loves from a women is confidence, being a Leo women FAKE it! If you have to!! Don't let someone have that mush control over you!! Good sex is God sex! but most of you sound like a bee following the honey blindly! And that my dears is why he's not calling!!

Hi I'm a Scorpio man in love with a Leo woman. We've known each other for 7 years since we were both kids and needless to say, things have been complicated.. and somewhat epic.

When we first met through a mutual friend 7 years ago I thought for sure she wasn't my type. Typical leo.. energetic, very extroverted, and a little bit slutty(I thought). The kind of girl I usually preferred to stay away from. I told myself I wasn't interested.

...but then she called me up one friday night and asked if I wanted to come drink at her house and sleep over on her trampoline(remember we were kids at the time). I wasn't doing anything that night so I said yes and went to her house. There was 2 other dudes there and we all had a good time drinking until her mom said she had to go inside to bed...So she said she'd sneak out and hang out with us later. And she did.

I must have said it was cold out or something, because then she offered to sneak me in the house down to her room so I could be warm. I agreed because it actually was cold and trampolines suck to sleep on. I was too naive at the time to notice she hadn't invited her other two friends in'

We both went to sleep on her bed. Me on top of the covers, her under, separated from eachother. We talked a little before she fell asleep, but then I layed there the entire night, awake and thinking about how strange it was to be in this girls bed who I hardly knew. I'm not gonna lie, I also couldn't stop thinking about how badly I wanted to touch her. I had no clue then, but I'm pretty sure that night a part of me instantly fell for her.

We were friends after that and a couple weeks later one thing led to another and we had sex. At this point I was still unsure about her. My logic still told me I didn't want her but I had unexplainable feelings I guess so I asked her to be my girlfriend. We dated for about a year and had a really good time together but one thing I could never keep out of my head was her sexual history. And just like a typical scorpio, I COULD NOT stand the thought of her ever being with anyone besides me.

This intense jealousy of her past led to me breaking up with her. I thought it was the right thing to do and there must be someone much more pure out there for me. It broke her heart and I'll always regret that.

More than a year passed without seeing each other then, one day she came into the fast food joint I worked in to apply for a job. The second I saw her I felt something. It shocked me. Why the @#$% did I suddenly feel like I loved the person I hadn't seen in over a year, and claimed to hate?

My feelings got the best of me and I somehow won her heart back. Round 2, I thought. Two years later our relationship once again came to a vicious boil. Once again my fault, I was still hurt by her past. And in the year we were apart she had accumulated even more 'past' for me to contend with. I became cold and distant and when Leo's aren't getting the attention they deserve they usually go find it somewhere else... She cheated on me. I was furious but I couldn't stand the thought of her leaving so I somehow convinced her to stay.

After that we wasted a year together trying to overcome what had happened. But I was kidding myself. I couldn't get over the guys she slept with before she met me. There was no way in hell I could forget this. This time she broke up with me, only to go be with the person she had cheated on me with. I couldn't believe the irony.

They remained together for 3 years in which she almost never spoke to me. I'd be lying if I said I didn't think about her for that entire 3 years. Things just felt 'unfinished' between us. Even so, I told myself constantly there was no hope for us and continued on with my life. I met lot's of other girls in that time and dated a few, but never really connected with any of them. I always kept coming back to memories of me and 'her' and the passion we had for eachother...

Which brings us to present day. A month ago she calls and actually wants to hang out. As it turns out things are not going well between her and my nemesis. Breakup is imminent. I tried not to let my hopes run wild with thoughts of us being together at last but I could hardly stop myself.

She ends things with him and almost immediately we start seeing eacother pretty much every day. She claims to have never stopped loving me, and that she had only pushed it aside this whole time. Things seem like they are heading in the right direction, but it soon becomes obvious she remembers our past all too well. After a month and a half of amazing sex and reliving fond memories she has come to the conclusion that we will never be right for each other and we should both move on. Sounds simple enough but I'm not convinced. Sure things might be easier with someone more 'compatible', but love this volatile and strong is very rare and in my opinion the rewards far outweigh the risk. I will never be happy just getting along well with someone. The unending desire, the searing rage, incredible feelings of connection. Those are the things I live for and the things I cannot live without.

...and thats my Leo female + Scorpio male story.. to be continued I hope.

I am a Leo woman and I am deeply in love with a Scorpio man. He is 2 years older then me and he has said he usually doesn't go for the younger women. We know each other from high school and recently caught up with each other on facebook. Since then we have been talking for about 6 months. We have never dated each other but we both love eachother. What attracted me to him is his confidence and is honesty. We are in 2 completly different states and talk on the phone just about everyday. I must say.... It is so difficult to understand a Scorpio man being a Leo becuase he doesn't open up, and me on the other hand loves to talk about my feelings and like opening up. I know he loves me but he doesn't always tell me or show me and I think thats what makes it so hard for a Leo and Scorpio relationship to work. When he doesn't tell me these things I get very insecure and start to think he doesn't feel the same way for me. He gets angry about almost every little thing.... One of th e main problems is he says I don't listen. I have remained single and so has he since we started talking and we have talked about getting more serious and dating but its really hard for ME when he is distant from me. Leos have a lot of wants and needs, Yes a Scorpio can fulfill some of these needs ans wants but the jelouasy is what gets to us the most. He is very attractive physically and mentally and a lot of women talk to him and try and persuade him. This is what gets me really hurt the most. He gets very jelouas as well and I like it. I love it when he does it never bothers me becuase that shows me that he wants me and wants me to himself. And he does need his space ive noticed becuase there are days we wont really talk... And that is kind of hard for me becuase I want to talk to him all the time since we cant see each other everyday. I have times where I cry and am hurt with some of the things he does and says. He is an asshole sometimes. He does appaligize to me and that means a lot to me. He does open up sometimes and when he does I love him even more. I constintly tell him what he means to me and I do a lot of things for him which he says he deeply appreshates. So basically what Im trying to say is... I believe a Leo and Scorpio relationship can work, but it takes a lot of patience I mean a lot and strenghth to keep trying and keep the love strong between eachother. There have been times where I just want to give up and forget about him but I always keep coming back to him. I just know deep in my heart that he loves me and really.. thats all I need from him at the end of the day. No matter if his moods change twice in one hour... I know its not his fualt. He's just a Scorpio and I am passionatly in love with this man. I want him to be the one!

Leo ladies - don't do it! Scorpio men can be unpredictable,,always moaning,aggressive, demanding, have nasty streak, verbally insulting etc--married to Scorpio for 10 years,felt like I wa sliving in a prison,,he got involved in drinking too much, doing coke etc, not attractive features for leos,,tried ot mak eit work but finally gave up--he would never change,,reminds me of a buzzing angry wasp

Wow I agree with one of the comments about "where is the Leo strength" But then again I totally understand! Being in love doesn't make you weak, your strong enough to deal with and express your emotions! Unlike some Scorpio men who I think are afraid of the repocussions. They might feel it and you would never know!

I'm a Leo currently dating a Scorpio man, and apparently being the typical Leo woman, I'm used to being incharge (like it or not, because sometime's i'd like the guy to man up and take charge) My Scorpio guy makes me loose all self control and feel like I'm willing to give up anything to try and satisfy his seemly unsatisfible self, jump when he wants, and has me questioning my standards, what I am and am not willing to take from him!

I totally agree, I do feel "that way" about him but I cant show him that, I am usually a very expressive person, and although I feel like I could shout it from the roof tops how much I LOVE HIM, I will not say it outright because he will not tell me how he feels about me, yes he does everything he should, and the sex is amaaaaazing but vocally, he chooses to keep his feelings to himself! I know he loves me, even if he doesn't say, i'm cool with that!

The calling thing: I've realised if I leave it and don't instigate calling or texting him, he will contact me (the most he's gone without is 2days) try it! He WILL call you, trust me!!! He just like's his space and will respect you for giving it to him!

The secretive thing: Yep, very secretive, but if you open up to him and let him feel comfortable with you and not pressured he will open up to you, might take some time but he will once the trust is there!

In closing, Scorpio men are sooo sexy to us because they are hard to crack lol give it time, the best things are hard to get ey!?

I have been dating this scopio fpr about 2years now but always feel he does not love me because of the way he treats me.He has been silent for about a month and will not even ask after the children.Tome he is not serious and I am in the process of removing him frommy thoughts.

Im a Leo woman dating a Scorpio man for a year and couple months now. And boy its definatley something ill never forget. when we met I was my own boss and nobody told me what to do.But it came to a point that I wanted him to be the boss. his mysterioius sexy self turned me on so badly that I just fell for him and oh so blindly.Scorpios are very dominating and so are Leos but since we were so stubborn someone had to let someone be the boss so I let.Sometimes leos don't mind being told what to do.but if a Scorpio knows he is able to do that he will take every control he may get.And thats what he did.He controlled everything and I did everything he wanted.But he was so sweet about it and I loved doing everything for him. Until it came to a point I just couldnt catch up and he started driving me nuts.He became very selfish and hed walk away many times leaving me in tears.My insecurities made me weak which he fed on and became more stronger.He started putting me down alwa ys but he was right.But thats what he thought. he thought I was always wrong and it came to a point I hated him. but I wanted my Scorpio back. so I did everything I could to get him back. He abandoned me a lot and came when he wanted, lets just say if you get on their bad side its evil and they will break you completely. He started controlling our sex life to. I couldnt even get it. And since he was so mean to me I became the biggest bitch known to men. truthfully I was such a pussycat in the inside but my bitchy ness got me going.he said he didn't want to make love with me until I changed and was more nicer. and I swear I tried but still he drove my life crazy. And since he supported us more than I could at a point he liked to remind me. so I oviously had to bow down to him for alittle bit.Until...

I got a job and I completely became independant agian. he still tryed controlling me. I let alittle bit but still it was my way finally agian. I gained my own respect again. but then I lost my job after a week or two. oh my how sad I was...i cried and cried.and thats when I got my Scorpio back. he held me the whole time and said he would be there for me and whatever I need hed try to help. slowly we are healing together from everything the year brought for us. I learned we both completely misunderstood each other although he couldve been nicer. now when I tell him how he hurt me and I start crying....he starts to cry front of me. I ask baby what's wrong why are you crying. and he says because he hurt me so much and it hurts him to see how much until this day its brought me pain.... I love him so much and im glad we are geting better.he tells me the way for him to be nice to me is if ill be nice. so thats how we are trying to do. although there are those days we are so irritated with everything that we throw it out on each we end up getting a day of space and by the end of the night we kiss every second and hold each other until one passes out.. I learned that leos should not let a Scorpio man control them. it comes only to a limit. a Scorpio loves a Leo woman that is her own self to not where she is all about him then he starts controlling her and she starts giving him a hard time and blah blah so much drama.. hahha. but I think this relationship is something that can definatley guys will just need to try understanding the other lovers needs. and have respect..alot of that. and you can make it (:

I'm a Leo woman dating a Scorpio man, and the article is almost accurate. We argue every other day, but I find it amusing and funny. I usually start an argument with him when it seems like I don't have his attention but, we love each other so much. I can't really imagine my life without him, and the sex is mind blowing. He loves to take control in bed, and when he's mad with me, OMG!! He takes me to jupiter...LOL...but I love my Scorpio man so much!!

Scorpio male after a Lioness.

We've known each other through mutual friends for years, just recently hooked up; nothing serious yet, just a lot of hanging out, doing some minor activities together and the here-and-there peck on the lips. Her little brothers and mother all love me apparently, and I'm starting to think we could go a little further in our relationship. She's younger than me by a couple years, but we're both young anyways.

I have a problem; I'm about to be deployed. With the soon-coming year overseas, and running out of time to build our relationship -- am I wasting my time? Should I get what I can from the relationship and dump her before going? [I could not stand a long-distance relationship like that without it adding stress to an already stressful situation] or should I play the fool and try to keep her over the phone and mail? Its a petty stressful situation. advice would be much appreciated.

I am a Leo woman living with a Scorpio man for two years now whom I met online 3 years ago. Most of the time we get along really well and we're very close to each other. Sometimes we appear clingy to the ones who see us together but we mostly don't notice. It's natural to us that we share everything. I'm very jealous, he is too but he doesn't admit it many times. I say it to him openly while he pretends to not be and when I notice he is and ask him about it for long he breaks out with it - still saying he's not really that jealous. In this case he in fact is secretive - about his emotions and feelings. But what I do know as well is that he loves me a lot and he'd never betray me or leave me. We are loyal to each other. His secretiveness though makes me jealous from time to time. I need security, admiration and love. He gives all this to me and he's extremely offended when I doubt him. Our sex is the most beautiful, intense and at the same time loving thing in the wo rld. I'm the one with the moon in Libra while he has his Moon in Pisces, so often I'm the one to bring peace again and calm him down when he gets aggressive and puts on his secretive mask. It doesn't work all the time though. It's difficult for me to ask him things without him thinking that I'm distrustful. When he doesn't feel trusted that's the worst offense to him. Recently we almost broke up because of his aggressions. But when I came back home to get something I saw how devastated he looked. He told me that he wants nothing more but for me to stay with him. That nothing is really fun without me. That he wants me to be there with him and annoy him, he wants me to pull him away from the computer, scream at him, whatever, the main thing is, I should be there. He felt incredibly sorry for hurting me and he even cried in front of my sister and her husband. I never saw him so down and lost than in the moment that I went away. I love him endlessly and I know he'd be more than unhappy if I was gone. But if he ever gets this aggressive again, I will not be able to stay for my own good. Even though breaking up would hurt me more than anything. He has to be less secretive in order for me to trust him more, so he won't get aggressive in the first place. I tried and improved my distrust a lot, but the more I trust, the more demanding he gets. It's not so easy to improve so fast, specially not when you're always forced to get better. I don't want to lose him... I just wish he could take this part of me with a sense of humor since jealousy is a sign of love, of being scared to lose the one that is so precious to you. He's the only one for me, and I compromise so much, he helps me a lot too in learning to trust him. He does things other men would never do for a woman. He gave up a lot for me. But never without receiving anything from me that showed my appreciation to his love. I hope he'll see that our relationship is amazing. Nobody betrays anyone, nobody lies and we both have the same main goals and moral views. So why the hell do we make problems when there are none? Love is all about giving and taking, about compromises and sacrifices... everyone fights but mostly without hurting anyone physically... It could all be so easy. If he understood what I understood long ago. To take things with a sense of humor and to love the minor flaws of the one you are with.

I'm a 36 yr old Leo woman my lover is a 31 yr old Scorpio man. We have known one another for 6 years and it's been an "on and off" sexual relationship the entire time. I am drawn to this man like no other I have met. The intensity between us is like seeing sparks fly. Anger and jealousy has played a role with our relationship. My anger and my jealousy may have ruined what he and I shared. I know I feel as if a part of me is missing since the Scorpio "stung" this Leo; and it hurts deeply.

~Blessings to All~

I am a Scorpio man & I am deeply in luv with a Leo gal. when I frist proposed her, she said "no". then later on she said that she wanted to be just frns. But aftr few months she confessed her love for me. She was my ninth girlfriend. I didn't feel anythting like this before. I was in deeeep love with her.

But later on she said that she was insecure about our relationship, and just wanted to be good frens. But I didn't let her go. Again she confessed her deep love for me and said that she was insecure.

now we are still in love & the best thing about our relationship is , it is an eternal flame for us. our love doesn't seem to cease.

love you pia ... from you're love amuu.

muah muah.

Im Leo single, having a relationship with Scorpio married man for 3 years now. But till todate, he never ask me out for a date.

Q: How can I be sure whether he really loves me or not?

Well, I'm the Leo woman and he's the Scorpio man. What can I say. It's the weirdest situation I've been involved in with a man my entire life. I met this man online who resides in a another state and things heated up pretty quickly via internet. He told me those words..."I'm falling in love with you". Soon after, I told him those very same words. We realize we are so into each other, but being that we are miles & lives apart, things slowly started to dissipate. I will say that, considering we've only spoken on the phone twice, it was the most amazing feeling that I had for a man and the way he made me feel, I just wanted more of. But things didn't work out as his reasoning is "if only we lived closer". I guess I'll never know if he was my soul mate.

I have been dating a Scorpio Man for about 4 months. I was a virgin and I wasnt ashamed to tell him. But I also told him that I was ready for intimacy. I am the kind of woman who needs a lot of space so I was okay with not talking to him everyday. Some weeks we go three days without talking to each other. He works nights all week then sleeps most of the day. So I can only see him in the weekends. The Leo in me does get insecure, but then I get a call thats like, " I miss you so much. I need you now" and when I go see him, they way he looks at me and the questions he asks and his hands on my body,I feel all of the passion that he feels for me and its very confusing. And the sex is BOMB. I fear he has probably ruined it for other guys lol.

But I want to know, Lately communication has been a bit more sparse then normal. He didn't my texts this week. should I be worried?

But I know I will get a call this weekend at some point. I dunno, im usually straight forward with him because thats how I am should I ask him what's up?

I am a Scorpio man, sigh, whom was in a relationship with an unbelievable Leo femme fatale. The stars, as much insight as they may give, can, in my opinion, guide to sunrises or sunsets. An understanding of both natures is required. Sacrifice is often used liberally with love, but is giving up one or some for the greater good trumping true acceptance of the others approach?

It's about acceptance. When in love, acceptance(of the small "trivial" things, is what gives you tomorrow together). Peace.

It always amazes me when I read that I as a Leo Woman am "not compatiable" with a Scorpio male. Even before I realized my pattern, I have always been very attracted to Scorpios and they to me. And once I found the one I love now, I can honestly say that I have never ever ever loved any man as much as this one. Problems? Sure? But that is what we call passion, intensity and love. The smartest thing is to have areas of control somehow so toes don't get stepped on too much. I give, he gives, (on our good days LOL), and it works. And even when I "hate" him, I love him and I know the same is true for him and that complete love is the best.

The love of my life and I know we will always be together.

I'm a Leo lady and I am happy to have my Scorpio man in my life. We fell for each other immediately, married after 1-year and have been together for 13-years thus far. We treat each other with respect, never turn a disagreement into a personal attack (golden rule that works) and have a deep and heartfelt love and trust for one another. The Leo/Scorpio relationship can and does work really well - my 2 closest friends outside marriage are also Scorpio. When a Leo gives their heart there is rarely a sell-by date and I find that scorpios find the loyalty and stability from such a dynamic too hard to resist...when deep love runs between these two signs they have the potential to mate for life. Add compassion, understanding and mutual respect to the deep love and there is a partnership made in heaven and one that neither party wishes to be without. I guess those qualities ring true across all relationships but not all will have the resolve and glue and pure dedicat ion that sees them sail through the rough seas together - appreciating that special bond between them as they go. Take time for each other, appreciate one another and safely send your hearts into the future to meet up on your journey through life. It doesn't get any better than this! ;0)

I'm a Scorpio male for some years I liked a Leo girl she's threw signs. That she liked me a little flirting (i thought) when I see her and don't say anything its very awkward I can feel her stare at me when I walk pass I could feel the tension how can I be sure she likes me ? How to tell her I like her ?

I'm a Leo women who's been dating a Scorpio man for a year and I cannot deal with emotionless, in different self. I do not understand this man. He shows NO feelings! Yes he's resopectful and loyal and hardworking but emotionatley unavailable? He says he wants a relationship but won't call or text for days and even forgot my birthday. I teplied to his usual how are you text? I replied I'm done with you and of course he replied FINE..............

I am a Leo women dreaming about a Scorpio man. Me and hin aren't really close but we've been around each other for some time. We would tell jokes and just have fun but he started to get so distant and I never knew why. Then one day he moves and now when I try to talk to him he really don't want to talk. I want ro leave him alone but I cant stop thinking bout him. I just really wanr to talk to him but I'm scared that he never was attracted to me the way I was to him. What should I do?

what I can say after reading all these relationships oh my god I am a Leo waman . I've been meeting a Scorpio man since 13 may 2007. That was the first time he asked me my number. We were friends but on 29 october 2007 yes he admited his love for me and how happy I was . Since that time we've been together,however, we broke up many times but he always came back to me . I know he loves me a lot though he sometimes acts cruely . In the past I managed to feel a lot of pain but now I think I could understand his mind . We don't actually have a complete sex till now. We just wait for our engagement and then for our marriage . Actually he said that he wants me tobe his wife but I am afraid of his family especially his mother I think she doesn't like me I don't know why I wish she wouldnt stand as an obstacle to prevent our engagement . I want you're opinion please does he really mean that he wants me to be his wife ???? And if his family refuses me may he submit to his' family wil l and leave me ???? Please you're opinion is appreciated

God bless you Leo Ladies! Please let me tell you that only the Lioness can transform the Scorpio to the Eagle and only the Scorpio has the willpower and strength to bend the Queen's ear as her most trusted Royal Advisor. Don't waste your time on the slithering, sick, weak, cowardly lizards that prey on the weak and desperate online or wherever the slimy toads hide their sick twisted little selves in the swamp ... we Eagles are out in the real world living life to the fullest, patiently, desperately waiting for you to find us and share the experience. Together we are EPIC and God help the fool who tries to come between us. She will champion the weak as strongly as I will ... even when it's me preparing to bring the pain. Only her roar can stay my stinger. Only I can talk her out of demanding her royal birthright when she feels disrespected ... I remind her that true nobility is in example and that it's beneath her to demand admiration from the peasants. I tell her I love her every chance I get and she rewards me with the genuine love only the Lioness is strong enough to give. We speak volumes in a glance ... people are unable to ignore the passion we share and many sense it so powerfully that they actually feel compelled to comment on it. Somehow (Thankfully!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) we did it right. My advice to you wonderful Leo Ladies: 1. Set your boundaries early. 2. Do not under any circumstance back down until you know you have no other choice (and believe me, you will know) 3. Tell him exactly what you want and do not be afraid of him. !!!!! THIS IS WHY HE LOVES YOU!!!! 4. Let him have the time to let all of the psychic information he's been absorbing for the last few days sort itself out when he needs to be alone. He needs the time to recharge and realign his plans. Most likely those plans revolve around how he can make you even happier. Trust me ... if he's an Eagle, he will not be with anyone else at all, male or female, unless his outlet is a sport or shared hobby. 5. Let him protect you (even though we both know you don't need ANYONE to protect Your Highness) and when he needs to be defended YOU HAD BETTER STEP UP or the betrayel will never ever ever be forgiven! 6. Ask nicely for the little things and pleasantly demand the big things ... but note that demands had better be reasonable, few, and far between (Warning: Chances are he already knows what you want, he's already made a plan on the way he will dramatically give it to you and has already started budgeting and saving for it. Asking for it will only seem like nagging to him and may even ruin the surprise he was planning - you have stolen his thunder and it will pain him ... it's not your fault but it's one of the few bad traits he may never be able to completely subdue) 5. Surrender in bed, at least at first, and give yourself completely. Tell him what you want and try different things until you find exactly what he likes (once again - you will know) Eventually he will let you have your moments and when he does ... well ... you will know.

I am a female Leo, I knew this Scorpio man 7 years ago online but we were both teenagers we had a big fight over a difference of opinions and we vanished (he blocked me and I didn't care).

Almost one year ago one of my friends introduced me to this guy online whom she spoke on the phone with for a while and she thought that he reminds her of me and she told him that his character is the spitting image of a friend she has (which is me). I talked to him not knowing about any of this except that my friend said this guy have something in common with u. so we kinda talked for the whole day and we almost matched each other in each and everyway! and he kept on saying that he feels like he knew me while am saying noway I didn't know some1 this cool b4 thats for sure, just to realize by the end of the day when we exchanged emails that it was him from 7 years ago. HE EVEN REMEMBERED MY NAME. So I got mind blown and thought maybe this is fated and I should give it a try. after few months he confessed his love for me and so did i, I never loved a guy b4, but being a Leo girl I have always been chased by guys but I was never impressed or interested, but this guy omg I dunno what to say, its as if he reads my mind he say what I think WORD BY WORD its BeYOND FAR BEYOND normal and am soooooooo deeply inlove I never thought I will meet a guy who is compatable with me in each and every aspect.

but everything written here is true, the fight for power lol and not wanting to be controled, when we discussed this because we both went to read about zodiacs as we r (the-know-it-all) kind of people lol. We finally understood what was happening to us, we r both indifferent not easily ineterested kind of people yet when we meet we feel like we are shaking from head to toe, its SO AMAZING, and he is the first guy I kiss. I understand how he can be jealous but I guess my Scorpio doesn't feel so bad as he knows he is my first love.

Another mistake is that I am too proud to speak clearly so I hint for things I want or Feelings I want to express and he does not get it, he needs a straight clear sentence to give me back a clear straight answer.

Its an effort of two, one person can not make it work

I love him so much and I wish to never lose him and I hope that one day he will be the father of my children *it is that serious from my side*

But he never said anything about a future which is bothering me so much and that is the only thing that keeps me on reality check that he might walk out at any moment. And I am too proud to ask him clearly if there is a future for this or not.

I guess I will ask but not now as it will seem so rash and desperate, I will hopefull be able to ask in the right time. to either put my all in this, or simply walk away without a really broken heart.

Met my Scorpio guy online, even then his personality shown rather intensely. We were together for almost two years and most of it was just mind blowing but in the end the distance got to me and I called things off but we stayed good friends. now, three years later after we've both been with other people its obvious that we're still very much in love. i've never been more attracted to another man so much in my life, he's always so intense and passionate. he's very quiet and its always a pleasant surprise when he becomes deep and talkative. he knows exactly how to make me feel loved. on the other hand, when we argue its somewhat similar to nuclear warfare. we're both stubborn, but have been learning to compromise better. overall I have no doubt that this is the man I should be with. just don't tell him that, because it will more than likely lead to one of those "i told you so" conversations. at times our relationship requires more work than usual but the results are com pletely worth it.

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