Scorpio Man love hate relationship

I am a Libra girl and he is a Scorpio and we have had a love hate relationship for the longest time......yet its like we always had this secret attraction. I'd see him and he would be really mean to me one day, sarcastically then the next day really nice. He is very emotional, and deep and keeps to himself. Said few words but they have a strong meaning. I am just wondering when I am going to get that relationship I want with him? We had our first kiss after 3 years and it was amazing and deep now I want more but when we talk its like we have nothing to talk about..... idk he is so weird but it keeps me interested. He has a strong presence I want him so bad help me please!!!!

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by: Anonymous

what's your sign?

All about scorpios....
by: Scorpio Girl

I am a scorpio woman dating a scorpio man for the first time. All I can say is that you must have thick skin and a hell lot of patience to be with a scorpio man. I myself has been in this love/hate, hot/cold relation ship with this man for almost 2 years. A lot of my friends wonder how I put up with all this but I guess being a scorpio woman, I can understand why he is like that. I myself have a tendency of doing that with other men without even realizing it. Only he seem to find this normal although we have very strong attraction and kind of unsaid secret love between us. But something you gotta know is that I have been through a lot of different phases with this man. We have been through the trusting and heart opening conversation, the power and domination struggles, love hate arguments and the ON/OFF relationship during the whole time. You will go through a bunch of emotional ups and downs so if you know you cannot handle it, I suggest you leave him alone and find someone that can be straightforward in telling you that they simply want you. With a scorpio man, it is like bargaining on sticking out or leaving based on your instinctive feelings until he really decides that you are THE ONE. Until then... you gotta be able to live through the 50 shades of grey!

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