Scorpio man not taking me seriously


Me and my Scorpio have known each other since highschool. He always used to talk to me but i never really paid him any attention. but this last summer we met up and exchanged numbers. he works all the time but hes a great guy. on our 3rd date we made love for the first time and it was great. he was so aggressive. he's met my mom and my grandmother but i haven't met his mother yet. sometimes he'll go days without calling me and i wonder why. every time we see each other its like the first time. and he says that he loves me. he recently went through a breakdown. his aunt and uncle died but he wouldn't let me comfort him. why is that? and hes also an artist and there's always groupies writing on his Facebook wall and i tell him to say he has a girlfriend but he thinks that i don't trust him. how can i do that when it feels like hes not taking me seriously??

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