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I am a 23 year old female Pisces and I am currently dating a 20 year old male Scorpio. I have a daughter from a previous relationship. Jeremy, my current boyfriend, takes care of her as if she were his own child, which is something I greatly cherish in a relationship. It means a lot to me to be with someone who gets along with my daughter and whom she likes.

I have been dating Jeremy for three years now. I have been friends with him since I was sixteen. We went to the same high school together and met through friends. We have had some rough times though. He is a liar which makes it hard for me to trust him. He doesn't have a good family like I do. He was adopted and his family treated him like crap. I love him with all my heart and I am there for him like the family he never had.

We moved in together 6 months ago and before that we fought a lot. We don't fight as much now that we live together. He has a drinking problem though which bothers me. He's on probation for drinking and currently has three drinking and driving offenses and he's not even legally of age to drink yet! That gets on my nerves. I'd rather he drink than do drugs though.

Thankfully neither of us have cheated on each other. In fact neither of us have cheated on ANYONE before, which is something I am proud of these days! I hope we stay together forever. I would like to marry him someday and have more children.

I am a Pisces woman who is currently involved with a Scorpio man. In the beginning of our relationship, I made it clear that I didn't want to go too deep. I wanted a casual non exclusive relationship. He agrees only with that on his part. He doesn't want to see me with other men, yet he says a "man is a man", and will not relinquish his other relations, I fell hard for him, but I will not say it directly, and I feel his love, although he will not reveal either. This is so difficult, I just wish I hadn't ever got involved with him. It is driving me crazy how much I need him to be only mine.. He has given so many hints that he is falling for me too, but he became dismayed by the rejection from me. It has been over a year now, I have to find the strength to let him go. How in the world did I think as a Pisces woman, I could just be casual with a Scorpio man. We can feel each other presence, and sometimes text or call each other at moment we are both thinking of each other, its unbelievably passionate and painful at the same time.

I am 44 and want to know after two failed marriages, due to cheating, one Cancer and one Gemini, I now want to try the online service that wants me to date a Scorpio. What do you think? His Line is what caught my eye.

I doubt there's any sign which has never cheated. You cant really generalize on small detail like that, as every Scorpio is different. A personal reading would probably be helpful if you know his birth information.

I believed there is some other sign never ever cheated. Well believe it or not, it okay. I'm a Virgo/Libra cusp have been dating 20 years ago (since I was virgin) with an Aries/Pisces cusp. My parent like this dud but I don't I only live with him for the sake of my parent and culture. I never cheat on him even though I don't love him but he accused me of cheated on him; I was getting hurt real bad. I told my parent that I never happy while living with him. It is painful and bitter at the end, so I told my parent that I might not living with him through my retirement year; thought, I met a Scorpio man, Lawyer, in the elevator on my lunch break, on the day I went to do my Jury Duty. He looked at me because my eyes was red. He asked me, Pardon me, "are you okay, miss?" Oh,I'm fine. Thanks for asking. He gave me a business card and he asked for my cell # number; I have none; I gave him my home number. I never been thinking about this Scorpio at all. I threw his business card in the trash can. After a few day, he called me and said," I waited for your call for I want to help you." When I hear that, I cried even more. He said," You are a beautiful woman and smart, I can tell." I'm completely believed him and felt he is mine at that moment. I told him that I have only one mind and heart. I can't go out until I'm done. He said, "he understand." two years passed, he and I still keep in touch and talk about us and laugh. Now, I feel that I love him even more because he listened to me; I told him that I love him but he never say that word to me; he is not attractive at all; I'm not insulting him but it is the truth. Can you tell me if I am falling under his spell? I cannot sleep. He is a mysterious. Or Am I poisoning because of his words? Can you answer me, please? I need your opinion. I love this website.

Hi I am a Pisces women and am married to a Scorpio man. I have been married for 10 years. All I can say is that Scorps are loyal once married. They are also very possessive & protective with their lover. One thing that Scorps like to do is that they like to Sting. They don't do it intentionally, but it's just part of their nature. Just like us Pisces and how we are so emotional and sensitive. From my experience...Pisces and Scorpio are a great match.

im a 21 Pisces woman who is dating a 25 Scorpio man for about a year . we first had a rough debate about controversial topic but after a while we realized that we have too many things in common and especially we sometimes understand each other without uttering a word. I don't deny he is very cunning and at first I used to fear his penetrating look and how he can see what is beyond any crust. he is so sensitive and very passionate and caring. and what I really love in him is that he strengthen my self-confidence. my secretive nature sometimes teases him but he got used to it. he is very jealous and possessive and I love that so much because it shows me how much he loves me. he likes to stay alone sometimes which is something that doesn't irritates me at all bec I tend to stay alone from time to time. he is very romantic and knows how to use words to seduce me ..his words are like magic :):). he is honest but secretive. I believe he got two personalities one tough to face the cruel world and the other very sensitive and fragile, most likely people think he is tough and quick-tempered but they don't see the hidden part in him.

I am 19 yrs Piscean girl and I'm in a relation with a Scorpio guy he is 20, for about 3 yrs. well Scorpio people a first of all very loyal. he is very caring, protective and a great lover. we fight a lot but as soon as the fight ends we become so emotional and need eachother.. i love him a lot and want my life to spent with him. he don't smoke or drink. but he is extreme guy...if he is angry he does physical damage. but still I love him a lot. he is very much romantic.. and when he is with me. he is only with me.

I feel like we are all dating the same man! LOL I am a Pisces woman, and I got involved with a Scorpio man over a year ago. I am in the same situation as the woman who stated she wanted a casual relationship with her scorp. For one, our relationship is extremely passionate. I've never experienced anything like it before. Our connection with each other is like none other. The only thing is, he is flirty and somewhat forward with other women, but does not want to see me with another man, even though he wants to see them admire me. I've been mustering up the will to let him go. Which has been hard because I want to let him go, but I don't want to, because I want him to myself. Aside from this, we get along extremely well. We are like best friends.

I'm a 17yr old Pisces chick. I've been crazy about a Scorpio guy for 5yrs. We've been playing games with each other for 4yrs. All I can say is it was all worth it. It's creepy how he is exactly like everyone described their guy to be. When we're together there's so much passion, it's almost magical. I do get a little intimidated when he stares at me though. Yet, it makes me feel so special. I've confided in him with so many of my problems and he's been by my side through it all. Crying with me, cracking jokes to make me feel better. There's been a lot of rough times but I'm willing to stick it out for him. I think he's worth it.

We have not been dating for a long time (less than a month) but everything I've read about the Scorpio interrogation process seems spot on. We will talk on the phone 1, 2 or more hours every night and I find myself sharing things I never told my ex-husband after 16 years of marriage. The other night when I called him and he said that my ears must have been ringing because he was just thinking about me, I said, "Oh good, that happens to you too" because that psychic connectivity thing is really powerful and more than a little unnerving. I'm often asked Where I'm at/Who's there/etc. Jealousy and possessiveness, they are Scorpio traits. Yet, I've never met anyone with whom I felt as instantly at ease or secure. And the sex? Oh my...OH MY!

Wow! I am a Pisces girl with a Scorpio guy. We knew each other for many years as friends, we were with someone at the time so nothing came of it. Most recently we met each other again and professed our true feelings for one another. He is so amazing! I was shocked to see that Scorpios are secretive and do not share their feelings early on or trust anyone because so far he has told me more than I expected him to. I can't stop thinking about him and although I get frustrated at times with his mood changes, I can't help but fall in love each time I see him. The sex is fantastic...and he is so unbelievably HOT!!! We're compatible with both our astrology and Chinese cheers. Wish me luck...he's definitely marriage material!!!

I'm a 25 year old Pisces woman who is.. working through a recent breakup with a Scorpio male I was dating for nearly a year. We were quite immediately drawn to one another, though I fought the feelings tooth and nail due to a friend of mine having feelings for him first. After a brief friendship/getting to know each other phase, we decided to give it a go and became exclusive.

I was -not- prepared for being exclusive with a Scorpio man. Haha.

To be fair, the Scorpio that I dated was a seven-layer Scorpio (and to those astrologically challenged readers, this means he was nearly pure, undiluted Scorpio - no Aries or Libra crap in there mucking things up). So, needless to say he was intensity personified, secretive to the level or paranoia and of course, very possessive. We fought a lot, very viciously sometimes, but he never went out on me or got physical or any of the other horror stories that sometimes mar the experience of dating a Scorpio fella. He was entirely dedicated to me, putting our relationship before everything, including himself. We had the insane chemistry and earth-shifting bond that usually accompanies Pisces/Scorpio couplings, and we still have it to this day. I was afraid of committing to him completely (special thank you to my folks), and would often get irrationally upset or insecure with him, though he never gave me reason. He put up with me, and maintains to this day that he would never have left me - indeed, I'm the one that ended things between he and I. Completely out of fear.

So to all of those insecure, fickle Pisces women out there who crave an ideal love but are too chicken to mature themselves and step -both- feet in the door for once: go get yourselves a Scorpio boy. I know he seems a bit scary with all the power glares and mind reading, but he's the best protector, teacher, friend and companion you will ever know.

And yes. The sex is mind-blowing. ;)

I met a Scorpio at a party and we shared a kiss. He needed a ride home and I agreed. Since then we have been friends partying together. He gets angry when I talk to guys and claims I am always flirting or 'hooking up'. I do not do either of these. The other day while I cried in my best friend's lap, I looked up at him and looked in his eyes. His eyes pierced through me and I felt he cared for me more than I knew. He always stares at me when we are dancing together. He treats me bad sometimes and pretends to not care. But then when we talk again he acts if none of that had happened. Does this guy like me more than just his friend? And how do I read him and do something about it? He is so different to read and he drives me wild. Yes I admit I only wanted to be friends but his mystery is exciting but kills me inside dying to know what is going on in his head? Please help

For the girl above. He really likes you...All Scorpios at the beginning do that. STARE which means he like's you.. after that it comes the chase, their game is called "HOT-COLD", which means at time to time he will be cold discreet mysterious, and then he goes worm loving dear. don't feel insecure just go for it...

(written from a Pisces girl who is in the chase with a Scorpio :D )

I'm a Pisces woman 24 years old and My fiance is 33 ( Scorpio)

We've been together for 3 years He's a good man . Our chemistry together is amazing and the sex is the bomb !

All my friends envy and want a relationship like ours. We understand each other so well. He can look at me and know what I'm thinking . To my knowledge he is loyal to me , but he has a very secretive side to him , that often scares me . He likes to know and feel that he's in control , so I let him feel that he is , But really I'm in control . We both need lots of attention . We're also both gossipers so that makes us even closer . One thing I can say about Scorpio men they like innocent girls , decent girls , Girls that have there head on there shoulders . They have the potential to be really good husbands and fathers. There very jealous and suspicious about everything so be careful .

Overall I think Pisces and Scorpios are an amazing match

I have known my Scorpio boyfriend for a long time as a friend. We lost touch some time ago and the managed to bump into each other a few years ago. It took awhile but we eventually got together. At first, I wanted something only casual, but soon realized that he was everything I wanted and more. I know what you all are talking about when you talk about that stare. I have never experienced sex in such a sensual way when he just holds you and gazes into your eyes. He makes me feel at ease and he is my protector. We did fight quite a bit at first, mostly due to my sensitive nature, but no matter how tough things he got, he was always there, holding my hand. I have found a wonderful friend, an intelligent being who always pushes me to better myself, and an amazing lover who has changed my world. I love this Scorpio man in a way I never thought possible.

hi I'm a 26 year old pisces, and I'm in a relationship with a Taurus I have been for 8 years we have a beautiful little girl and we have lived together for 9years(i met a Scorpio when I was 13 we shared many kisses as the years went by we would bump in to each other out and we would catch each other staring anyway we stayed in touch from time time as he is a friend of the family, anyway we got chatting on facebook and swapped numbers we text from time and we really do get on ,a couple of months ago we bumped in to each other when we was out we had a really good laugh apart from he was going all weird when I was talking to his friend, now he won't stop texting and says we should go out for drinks and blah blah I really can't stop thinking about him I want him so much!! I don't want to cheat on my partner and lose what we have but I can't get him out of my head, I need help!!

I am a Pisces woman 25 years old im with a 27 year old Taurus which I have been with for 8 years we have a child together and we also live together which we have been for 9 years, so here I go when I was 14 I was with this guy who is a Scorpio guy we didn't last long but as he is a family friend we have always stayed in touch odd texts now and again and then messaging a lot on facebook recently we met up in a bar and he wouldn't stop staring even though he was only at the bar ever since then the text are becoming more frequent everyday to be fair if I don't text back I get another one I can't stop thinking about him we can text for hours and we really get on and he keeps asking to meet I really want to but don't want to cheat on my partner is almost like where lusting after each other what should I do please help.

I am a Pisces woman married but I am in love with a Scorpio man who is also married, I don't know what should I do. I don't know if he has a same feeling towards me but he stares at me sometimes and I feel there is a unspoken chemistry going on between us. please help me.

I can answer a few of those confusing questions posted by many of Pisces woman on this forum, being that I am a true Scorpio male (born in the middle of my sign). Possessiveness and jealousy is unfortunately a negative trait of our sign. However, it is an immature Scorpio that has not learned to overcome these negative traits. I don't mean immature as "does not act his age". I mean immature where he has not taken the time to acquaint himself to understanding his sign, and then overcoming the negativity of being a Scorpio. The woman who are experiencing problems with a Scorpio male should bear this in mind. To truly have the heart of a Scorpio man, you need to have his respect as well. This is a very important ingredient to having a successful relationship with us Scorpio males. Although we may put on a good face for showing respect towards our love ones, you would be wise to follow your female intuitions!! There would be no questions in your mind if you have the Scorpion man's respect. It would be felt as strong as the passions in the bedroom.

As far as the intense stare goes. It is the Scorpio males way of taking a quick mental snapshot for that moment. That mental photo will be stored away in the back of his mind. It will be brought out at a later time and be fully examined for further insight about his love one. So put on that best face, and keep smiling!!

I am a late pisces..17th of march. I have had two Scorpios in my life...for my whole life of 23 years. My dad and my best friend. I can only say that I can NOT stand Scorpios! My dad cheated on my mom constantly and choose drugs and alcohol plus lots of women over his family. Not only that but when he got clean he always tried to do his "duty' to his only two daughters but there was never a true familial connection; esp. after he got engaged and chose her views on children...she HATES and never wanted children! Apparently all children are selfish and manipulative. I haven't talked to him in 2 years.

And then their was my friend of 20 years. All through out our child hood she never trusted me with her secrets and was always insecure and jealous of me. She even had a dream that I was going to steal her boyfriend and needed to hide him. We didn't speak for a few years and got back into each others lives because she said that yes she was horrible friend then and had changed. She had a baby! She got jealous that her baby son loved came to the point that we could only hang out when her child was at his grandparents! I also don't think she liked that I and her boyfriend had a quick and easy connection. He is a Capricorn. I never did anything...never wanted to...physically unattractive, did some illegal things, and his wasn't ambitious enough, etc.. most importantly, he was her boyfriend and such a trespass is unforgivable. I loved her so much; she was the sister of my heart.

To her I would always be the bad longer friends.

For some odd reason I attract in my friendship and relationships the opposite signs. My two besties are a Virgo and a Gemini.

Im a Scorpio male... many of the above statements are very true to me... Just because you had a bad experience with someone who was a Scorpio... does not mean that all Scorpio males will do the same. You cant just put people into twelve groups... it also depends on your date of birth when it comes to compatibility.. and also the person, forget star signs for a minute... just follow your heart

Aahhh! I'm a Pisces female and I have never been in a relationship with a Scorpio...I want to so badly. I have a Scorpio male friend though and when he stares, he stares long and hard and I feel he can read my soul. I want him and I feel it would be so good, but I can already predict he'd be hot and cold at times! but I know I can love him like no other woman can! Mind body and soul I'd give him!

I am a 20 yr old Pisces as well and my Scorpio is two years younger. We met in high school, I was the older cheerleader and he was the popular football player. but when we started talking it was MAGICAL! we would stay on the phone for hours and got so close but it ended when we got in a argument one night, my emotions got the best of me and I said some pretty mean things. Ultimately I lost his trust.

After me, he started dating this Libra girl and I went on with my life to college. They broke up but ended up having a baby together. all the while me and him reconciled and I was there for him through it all. I find it so hard to let him go because every time we meet up threes a lot of chemistry and passion but we never had that exclusive relationship.....Is it time to just let him go?

I'm a Scorpio man. Hi ladies! Lol but everything bout us that I'm reading is true! Wow! But I had never been or love a Pisces before! I am a lonely man that's trying to find my true heart. Others say I'm to soft when it comes down to love but its the guys out there that is so evil to women. The only time I'm evil towards a women is if she double cross me, cheat, or but or business out on the streets, which I really hate. Romance is a way to show concern, understanding. The drive to push further then you r already r! One day I hope I get to the point of where you women r. Just remember that just because he don't show it all (like he's hiding from the world) doesn't mean that he's hiding from u. Just that he's trying to keep you from harms way. HIMSELF!!!

I am a 17 year old Pisces and I am dating a 25 year old Scorpio. He is the best I ever had. He treats me as if I am a queen in every way and meets my needs. He is quite older then me of course but we have come to an understanding that age is only a number!

I'm young and a late Pisces. and seeing all these stories and experiences with Scorpios just makes me want it. something dark and mysterious gives me chills. and I have never been in a real relationship. I want to be wanted and seeing all of what you have put makes me believe that there is a great chance with a Scorpio. I do think I have encountered one :) I was walking down the hallway at my school and I saw this amazingly attractive guy pass me. I felt connected and he looked at me for a moment, but his stare was hard. just like the stares I read... is he a Scorpio? if so then I really need to know this guy

Im 22 year old Pisces woman and I like a 19 year old Scorpio man. We met 2 years ago and he wouldn't stop looking at me and I wouldn't stop looking at him. Then 2 years later I feel the same attraction for him. He constantly looks at me but doesn't make the first move. Maybe its because im 3 years older than him.

I am a Pisces woman. I once had a brief but very intense connection with a Scorpio. For me, it just got to be too much.

The physical chemistry was insane, honestly, unparalleled. And the passion between us- God, very hard to describe. But in end, we were not a good match. He was very secretive, and I never really knew where I stood with him. I sensed that he liked me and was struggling with dealing with his feelings-but he always kept me at a distance. This of course, did not cater to my need for security and safety. I need a man who isn't afraid to make his feelings known to me. I need someone to "man up", so to speak. So, this Scorpio didn't work for me.

I will say, of all the men I've dated, he was and continues to be an enigma. He was the one I couldn't figure out. The one I'll probably always wonder about. The one who I left thinking "wtf?!". Though, it was very hard to leave and it tore me up inside.

I don't think I want to go through that again. Think I'll stay away from Scorpios.

Is it possible to just stay friends? or will some deeper feelings emerge over time?

I'm a Virgo and based on everyone's comments I swear we're dating the same guy!! very scary!! I broke up with my Scorpio 3 days ago, but it was out of anger and frustration, I told him lets work it out, and now he's keeping me hanging!!! He has never done this before, and we've been together over a year, but now he's telling me he needs to think it over!! typical Scorpio, he's totally getting me back, and making me sweat, because that is true Scorpio nature! vindictive. But I'm a strong Virgo, if he doesn't know what he has, then forget it.!!

I'll find someone that really appreciates my loyalty and devotion. and one that knows how to COMMUNICATE.!! Scorps struggle in this area.

I am a 41 year old Pisces and have been dating a Scorpio for four months. Like many of you we send texts to each other or ring each other at exactly the same time. He told me he loved me after 2 weeks of seeing each other. He does the staring thing which makes me go wobbly at the knees. He is the most understanding, loving man I have ever met. He makes me feel safe and loved all the time. You have to be straight with him though, no emotional games. As you have all said the sex is out of this world.

I am 25 year old Pisces. I have had 3 Pisces men in my life, though they never really turned out the way I read in books. My first Scorpio guy was when I was 21 and he was 18. It was summer love. He was my friend's brother. We got talking online and decided to meet. We were opposites. I was all sunshine and he was dark and moody. But we were attracted to each other. But he never told me his feelings. He tested me, said mean things to break me down till I confessed I like him. And then after torturing for 2 days he admitted he liked me as well and then began what was almost a fairy tale romance. He was sweet and caring and looked at me like I was the most beautiful woman in the world. Then he went back to school in fall and we tried to have a long distance relationship but it didn't work. He was too possessive. He called me constantly. He wanted me to talk to him every night for hours. He didn't care about my classes and how I would manage. I felt suffocated and tried to reason with him and he just blew up on me and told me I was a cold person. I then broke up with him, but he still tries to get to me by sending me random messages.

The second guy was my professor. He had just graduated and started teaching and I had a crazy crush on him. He wasn't that attractive but I couldn't stop thinking about him. He however acted cold with me. But I would catch him staring at me all the time. When I tried to talk to him, he would get cold again. He would praise me when it came to school work but avoided any sort of personal conversation. Then when I graduated, he added me as a friend on facebook and started talking to me over it though he kept it very friendly. I had moved to another country and every time I went home, he would ask to meet with him. But then he wouldn't really talk and just stare at me and leave me to do all the talking. He still keeps in touch with me over facebook and keeps a tab on my relationship status but never makes the first move.

The third guy too is like him. I met him last year. He and I were friends and he was pleasant with me. Over the winter break he would ask me to watch movies with him every evening. And then he asked me out for valentine's day saying he wanted to celebrate this American tradition and he couldn't think of better person to do it with. But on that date as well, he never made the first move. And I am not the kind who makes the first move. He went back to his country and this year he came to visit me and during the entire trip he never made a move. It confuses me. I heard that Scorpio and Pisces are supposed to have a strong connection and that it is like a match made in heaven, but in my case the relationship never even starts. All the women in my life are Scorpio but it is so hard for me to find the Scorpio man I love in theory

I am a 20 year old Pisces female and cheated on my 23 year old Pisces boyfriend (we had dated for two years) for a 21 year old Scorpio. My relationship with this Scorpio is indescribable... we started off as friends, we got along SO well. Definitely an unspoken communication, especially through music. I guess it got to the point we started wondering what things could be like... he made a move, I had the best physical pleasure I ever had in my life. Eventually we stopped talking because it was too intense and I got scared... but now, a year later, we never forgot each other and have always had that sort of ESP. I was thinking about him so much one day and he texted me out of the blue... for the first time in about a year. It was unreal. We hung out soon after and everything reunited. I don't know how I feel yet about a real relationship... it seems so scary for some reason. But what am I afraid of? I trust him and he's wonderful but at the same time, I fee l like he might be a bit too secretive! I'm used to being the mysterious one in the relationship. Perhaps if things got more officially serious with us, he would open up more? I think he's afraid to fall so hard as well, in case of getting hurt....although I know it's too late... we both have already!

I have a friend who is scared to tell this Scorpio how she felt by the way she an Pisces I told her about what will they do but she still confuse but then there is this Cancer who likes her to so I need help to her help to figure out what to do?

I'm a Scorpio man of age 20 and my girlfriend is of 16 Pisces girl ,we both love each other very much ,n understand one another with very friendly and frankly ,,she told me that 'your my life'...n...m m lovingly says to her ' I love you sweety....!

so. who makes the first move in this match? I've been feeling a vibe with this Scorpio dude who's doing' the stare!!

I am a Pisces female 17 this site is awesome btw =] all I have ever dreamed about since I got into astrology is about finding my Scorpio!! male,, ive started a new job and there is this 21 year old male who is a Scorpio and I got on with him really well when we first met,, ive only known him for 4 weeks and he always stares at me like he can read my inside feelings or something and if I can't explain myself he still knows what I am on about! he ALWAYS and never fails to make me laugh and I can never finish what I want to say because im laughing so much! everyone's viewpoints have proved my belief I hope I can find my Scorpio and get married to him 1 day,, I will live for that day x

I'm a Pisces girl that used to date (or maybe still is dating. you'll get my drift as you read on) a Scorpio guy. The chemistry was great at first. Everything clicked so well. But one thing is that he seemed very obsessive and excessive which bothered me. (Obsessive: meaning that he would call/text me nonstop without a break-Pisces need space sometimes; Excessive: meaning that he would compliment me so much to the point of flattery.) I like my men to be very attentive, but this Scorpio guy didn't want to leave me with any type of mystery.

Oh, and, how could I forget about the traditional Scorpio "mind games"?! Every time we got into a disagreement, small or large, he argued to death for EVERYTHING. It was almost to the point where he ALWAYS had to be right. Then on top of that, he would make it seem as if I had a false conception as to why I had a specific opinion and would CONVINCE ME TO BELIEVE I WAS WRONG...I tried talking to him about it, but, AGAIN, he defended himself and tried to make me seem like I was wrong.

After each disagreement, he would "flip his switch" on me as if nothing happened. That didn't sit well with me.

One thing about me is, I dislike when people are stuck in their ways. He seemed pretty unyielding and that didn't sit well with me. I guess it's because he is a "fixed" sign. I told him let's take a break and he still continues to call. I'm scared to tell him why because then it'll lead to another disagreement, which will revert back to ME BEING FALSE. There's no point! I understand that he's trying to test my honesty and intentions but "GEESH"!

Ladies, it's true: If you've had your hearts set on a Scorpio man, you're in for a ride. Once they've fallen for you it will be very intense and passionate, so be prepared. THEY WILL GIVE YOU THEIR ALL, Full Force! Make sure that he is the one you really want.

I have been with my boyfriend for 2 years. He's 18 turning 19. he lies constantly witch makes it hard for me to trust him and has to be the best if he isn't the best he will fight to be the best. .

he texts other girls and cheats. We are trying to work it all out, because its hard for me to let him go. but he talks sweet and is an AMAZING liar. So I just keep going back..

I cant talk to any guys, but he can talk to other girls.

he calls me names and treats his family like shit.

he does drugs and drinks.

he is a lying cheating ungrateful disrespectful, deceitful young boy..

" I believe he got two personalities one tough to face the cruel world and the other very sensitive and fragile, most likely people think he is tough and quick-tempered but they don't see the hidden part in him."

Shamefully I burst into tears after reading that...

Im a young adult Scorpio male I was in a year long relationship with a Pisces , we were/are in love.

She said this to me one time, and it was so true.

I used to make fun of her for believing heavily in this horoscope stuff , but reading up on it a lot of it reflects our relationship.

She broke it off with me because I think I was getting a bit too much and demanding along with her family hating my guts.

We are still playing games months after the breakup. She says she still love me but only rings me when she's drunk , for sex I think. The tables have turned , I was hard on her in the relationship and did make her wait ages before we were exclusive. When I was doing that I loved her , I just didn't want to be hurt. But I think what she's doing this now because she can and knows I will be der.

Its very sad it was pure love , I messed up again by testing my limits and not knowing when to stop.

My heart will always have a place for her

I'm 20 and in relationship with a Scorpio man whose 24 years old... I'm actually very happy with him... he is perfect!! I like to marry him... they are really passionate and romantic.. he treats me like a queen..

I'm a girl Aries who has strong Pisces influence, and I'm with a boy Libra who has strong Scorpio influence. Our suns and Venuses are opposed, and the passion is incredible. I was 17 when we started to date, but I've known him for a year already before that. When we did start to date it was a whirlwind romance, mixed with physical attraction. I ended up giving myself to him only a 2 months after we entered a relationship, and he to me. We were virgins and the exclusiveness was just beautiful. We've been together 18 months now and we've never been more in love. I honestly believe he's my soulmate. We simply have a common depth of emotion for each other. Like no other. I think that if we split we'd always end up being together again after some time. He's a very intense person and very possessive, he does get easily jealous about me. I do try to sacrifice myself for him and ease his tensions which occur very often. We're both still very young so we're still fighting th e negatives of our natures. But I know it's him. I'm just afraid something will ruin what we have.

Like many of the other posts, I can strongly agree that many of those characteristics between a Pisces & Scorpio are in-fact, true. Astrology has always interested me and as ridiculous as it sounds, whenever I begin to date a new guy, first thing I ask is for his birth date. I'm a 22 year old Pisces female, born March 1st. I was in love...or so I thought with a Leo for 3 1/2 years, that ended badly - Fire & water definitely don't mix. The other guy I fell for, in between my ups and downs with the Leo, was a Virgo. He broke my heart as well. My roommate, who is an Aries kept claiming that I should try dating my supposed "best match" in astrology, aka: Cancer or Scorpio. I laughed it off, realizing that I couldn't base everything off of a person's zodiac sign. Well, this past June, I met this guy through a mutual friend at a going away party. I'm very's rare that I meet a man I'm attracted to - mentally & physically. He was tall, good build, dark hair, nice lips... after being introduced briefly, we ended up staring at each other from across the room for quite awhile. My friend told me his birthday...he turned out to be a Scorpio. I couldn't believe it. We finally ended up in conversation and got each other's numbers. He's 26, intelligent, handsome and works very hard. We went out to dinner and have been seeing each other ever since. It's moving at a slow pace because we're both pretty busy, but when we do get together, it's beyond intense...I definitely blush like crazy when he stares at me. We haven't had sex yet, but my god, the passion is's almost near impossible to not want to rip my clothes off every time we start kissing but I'm trying my best to hold out until he makes me his, officially. We'll see what happens but I guess my point, after all of that, is...the Pisces/ Scorpio connection is fantastic, whether it lasts or not.

I am a 43 year old Pisces woman who has just reconnected with her Scorpio ex-boyfriend, 44. I was 19 when we were originally together and he was also my best friend. We spent every day together for nearly a year and never ran out of things to talk about or do.

So many things I have read on this board ring true for me as well. He was intense, funny, passionate, loyal. We were electric, even magnetic together. Eventually we moved in together but after a while I felt like I was losing myself and isolated from my friends. He wasn't particularly jealous but he did smother me a bit and I had never had a serious relationship before or been in that kind of situation. And he then became a bit withdrawn. No major drama or fight happened when we broke up - in retrospect, I was just too young to understand what he was going through and he was too young to articulate it. So when I suggested that we see other people, he agreed. The odd thing is we still hung out just as much after that. We even started seeing other people but remained quite close.

Years went by, he moved to another state and so did I and with no cell phones or internet we pretty much lost touch with each other for about 22 years! But I never forgot him. He was a huge influence on my life in many ways. And also the way that we were so open and honest with each other, I have never experienced again in my life.

Well, a week ago we found each other online and have been talking on the phone, texting and emailing pretty much daily. It's as if no time has passed between us!

I am dying to see him again. I can't quite describe the range of emotions I am going through except that it feels like we both grew into ourselves a bit more and can handle the intensity now. He seemed a bit overwhelmed by the reconnection at first as well but ultimately we are both quite happy. We never thought we would see each other again.

I feel like I am in a time machine lately - so many vivid memories come back to me. But it's not about living in the past. It's about what several of you have mentioned here - that certainty when someone else "gets" you - that unspoken understanding - and a combination of intellectual challenge and animal magnetism.

It's going to be an interesting Autumn....

I am a 31yr old Pisces woman, and I have recently met a Scorpio man (28) who I just cannot stop thinking about! Problem is: I am married (to a Cancer man) and he has a girlfriend (with a fellow Scorpio woman).

There was a connection from the first moment I saw him, and when we spend time together (he is a trainer and I am his client), there are moments when I can feel a connection. I have experienced the stare, however brief it still has amazing power and energy. I don't know what to do. I know Scorps are loyal, and I have no idea if this feeling I have is mutual - or if there will ever be a chance we can experience something together. I feel like I cannot break up two already functional relationships, but at the same time don't want to miss out on a possible soul-mate here - because that's what it feels like sometimes. Opinions and advice welcome please!

Ive been emotionaly involed with a married Scorpio man im a married Pisces we txt everyday do sexting & he says he has very strong feelings for me & dosent want to lose me but says he cant say he loves me but he. Wishes he could says he hasnt felt this way since high school he always seems. Very concered about me he says im his sweetie & says im beautiful & sexy what am I suppose to think about this relastionship its a very long distance relastionship should I stay in it or let him go I feel in love with him! Need advice:(

I'm 47 year old Pisces woman and I met a 43 year old Scorpio man about 4 months ago and I have to admit that the chemistry was electrifying. But I have never in my life been on roller coaster ride so terrifying as that relationship it truly left me numb. He was so unstable and possessive. His birthday is November 17th the same day as my brother who I get along with but that's different when you're dealing with family, but I did ask my brothers girlfriend and daughter how was my brothers personality and they both said crazy and he even agreed lol. They also told me to run from the Scorpio as fast as I could.

I'm a 22 year young women, and is with a 20 year old man. When I first meet him I didn't pay him no mine for 3 months. After a while I gave him a chance, and it was the beast thing I ever done. He was so good to my two boys and me. The sex was the best thing I ever had. The scopio man is caring,helpful,sexual,and so ifiy but it feels so good!

I recently met this guy and he was very quiet around me and the way he talked to me was kinda blunt and cold sounding and he really got on my nerves. Eventually we found a way to communicate which is me teasing him and him calling me mean (in a joking way). it doesn't seem like anything will happen. then I learned he was scorpio, I couldn't believe it! It's weird because now i'm curious to see what could happen between us just because now I know he's a scorpio!...and the scorpio-pisces relationship sounds pretty good to me! I guess i'll wait and see.

im a Pisces and Ive been talking to a Scorpio that I met on myspace for a few months now, purely accidental but we hit it off great, we both were up front about not really wanting a relationship over the internet or relationship at all but the more we talked I realized he was so different from any guys ive ever been involved when something annoys me but I don't say anything he knows and is quick to say "im sorry" even if its the silliest thing or visa versa and we have this weird thing where we can feel each other when we think about each other..its so strange it freaks me out when im just going about my day and suddenly I feel like someone put their hand on my cheek.And even weirder whenever he or I get hurt we both feel it like a few weeks ago I hadnt talked to him in a couple days and my left hand was hurting but I hadnt hurt my hand at all and then when I talked to him he was telling he had a accident at work and I was like ' you hurt your left hand , right?" and he was like" yess..? how did you know?" I was like " my left hand has been hurting". Anyways basically its great between us but there is a catch, we live about 5 hours away from each other,he works literally all day everyday , He is 31 and he has a kid who is 13 and im 19 and don't have a steady job(working for family who often don't pay)I refuse to let him buy me a ticket to see him because 1. he has a kid to take care of I wouldnt feel right about him spending money on me. 2. My mother who I live with at the an Aries and very controlling and she tends to go too far whenever I have a new guy around like bulling them, ive had two boyfriends that I brought around her and she made them cry...they were both Pisces but anyways basically me leaving her for a couples weekends wont go down very well especially if some guy she has never met sent me a ticket which I understand her concern but still im 19 the age of making mistakes and learning lessons and I think if I get the tickets on my own it will be a way to show my independence and that im not a little girl anymore.He and I both want to just try hanging out a few times just to see if it'll work cause I think we both feel there is something quite special between us that is worth trying out just to see what might happen. just one more thing...even though we just talk and not really sure about taking the next step I worry about how him dating a younger women will effect his son... like will it make him see his father as less of a person? or could I maybe help them relate to each other because of my age I could still easily relate to his son. Maybe I can help them relate and understand where the other is coming from. Any advice?

im a Pisces and Ive been talking to a Scorpio that I met on myspace for a few months now, purely accidental but we hit it off great, we both were up front about not really wanting a relationship over the internet or relationship at all but the more we talked I realized he was so different from any guys ive ever been involved when something annoys me but I don't say anything he knows and is quick to say "im sorry" even if its the silliest thing or visa versa and we have this weird thing where we can feel each other when we think about each other..its so strange it freaks me out when im just going about my day and suddenly I feel like someone put their hand on my cheek.And even weirder whenever he or I get hurt we both feel it like a few weeks ago I hadnt talked to him in a couple days and my left hand was hurting but I hadnt hurt my hand at all and then when I talked to him he was telling he had a accident at work and I was like ' you hurt your left hand , r ight?" and he was like" yess..? how did you know?" I was like " my left hand has been hurting". Anyways basically its great between us but there is a catch, we live about 5 hours away from each other,he works literally all day everyday , He is 31 and he has a kid who is 13 and im 19 and don't have a steady job(working for family who often don't pay)I refuse to let him buy me a ticket to see him because 1. he has a kid to take care of I wouldnt feel right about him spending money on me. 2. My mother who I live with at the an Aries and very controlling and she tends to go too far whenever I have a new guy around like bulling them, ive had two boyfriends that I brought around her and she made them cry...they were both Pisces but anyways basically me leaving her for a couples weekends wont go down very well especially if some guy she has never met sent me a ticket which I understand her concern but still im 19 the age of making mistakes and learning lessons and I think if I get the tickets on my own it will be a way to show my independence and that im not a little girl anymore.He and I both want to just try hanging out a few times just to see if it'll work cause I think we both feel there is something quite special between us that is worth trying out just to see what might happen. just one more thing...even though we just talk and not really sure about taking the next step I worry about how him dating a younger women will effect his son... like will it make him see his father as less of a person? or could I maybe help them relate to each other because of my age I could still easily relate to his son. Maybe I can help them relate and understand where the other is coming from. Any advice?

I thought I was the only one!!

I am a 19 yr old Pisces woman and I am involved with a 22 yr old Scorpio man..i met him about a year ago when I started college but we never really talked until april of this year. around school he is known as a flirt and a jerk..And he is, but to me he is not.He is really nice, and caring. and he has told me he likes me but he sometimes doesn't show it. And its true when we're in public he usually makes fun of me but when we're alone he usually tells me beautiful things that make me fall for him really hard. Besides all that we connect on a very deep level, he knows what I am thinking without saying a word and we both understand each other deeply. We are not boyfriend and girlfriend yet but people around school talk about us just for the fact that I am the only one he is open about his life, which I think it's funny, so I honestly think we are a great match :)

I am a Pisces woman and have dated only one Scorpio. Yes the stare as if they need to possess you can be very intoxicating and the sex is almost a religious experience. We are with other people but he still talks about it. They like us are secretive but they are more manipulative. Yes they will try to sting you because it is in their nature but once you realize that you can instinctively move out of their reach and it doesn't matter. They do have a jealous streak but just set your boundaries and let them know you are not a minnow but can become a shark if need be.

I am a 18 year old Pisces female and have recently started dating a 19 year old Scorpio male. I find him so difficult at times. everyone is so right about the mood changes. he is as emotional as I am and is often quick to want to fight if I get emotional by him saying the wrong thing. but so far he's been very sure to make it up to me after. I have no clue where our relationship is going. I feel like we have the potential to have an amazing relationship but his intense emotional side scares me. ive never been with a man who is as intense as he is. should I just put everything into this or beware?

and yes.. sexual chemistry is amazing.. I have never been this into someone before..

It's a really tough decision whether to date a Scorpio man or not. This is what they had in mind when they coined the term, "emotional roller coaster." In the beginning, the sparks were enough to change even the most level-headed mind (my own). I never knew what the term "chemistry" meant until him, and it was instantaneous. I only wanted something casual, because he had a history of instability with women. While every casual relationship prior to him (even with past Scorpios) was easy for me to feel good and "in control" about, it was impossible with him. I won't lie: the ups are just as insane as the downs. Though in the end, I couldn't take the secrecy or the mind games, which he openly admitted to playing. It was like being out at sea, with the waves crashing over top of you. He easily contested with the other most emotional man in my life, an ex-Pisces. Everything was black or white, happy or sad, trustworthy or deplorable. The only reason I stayed as long as I did was the sex. I've been with 3 Scorpio men in my life, and each and every one was "the best of my life" at the time, sex-wise. As horrible of a relationship my most recent Scorpio was, I'll never forget him. Even years after the split, I still find myself thinking about him. That is extremely rare for me. It's not often that I get hung up on a man. I can't actually say it was worth it, because had I never tried, I could have saved myself from a lot of pain. Scorpio men have a way of changing you forever, and you'd better hope it's for the best. I had never felt so shaken until him, so utterly leveled by just the thought of him, even now. Something about this union makes you, as a Pisces woman, feel less sure about yourself. I suppose if I were more of a stereotypical Pisces (emotional, secretive), it could have gone better. As it was, I just couldn't stand the instability and moved on. He never knew what he wanted. As sure as he was of our relationship one day, he would be that confused the next. Easily the most frustrating relationship I've ever been in, and it only lasted a matter of weeks. The flighty-ness was like dealing with a child, which my particular Scorpio man was, emotionally. I even tried helping him with expressing himself, and fell into the stereotypical bad-boy, good girl deathtrap, "I can change him." I hated who I was when I was with him, and was never able to explain why I'd gone from an intelligent, logical human being to the jealous, insecure, submissive I was while he and I were together. Everyone noticed; my friends, family, co-workers all saw the change in me. I left our matters private because of how embarrassed I was to confide in my friends that he had hurt me yet again. I never even believed in this Astrology stuff until him, when I started finding similarities in the stories. He and I are still friends, but he makes me question my resolve every day. I feel as if I can't control my feelings when he's concerned, and that's a very scary place for a Pisces woman. The fact that I can still miss him after how incredibly unsuccessful our pairing was, is nothing short of terrifying. After a pairing with a Scorpio man, especially one with very strong sexual chemistry, you're left a little more illogical. Even if you're the unmovable type, it's very easy to find yourself thinking, "Maybe this time it could work." There are a few ways I could see this union working. If your Scorpio man is devoted to you, communicates well, knows what he wants and doesn't change his mind every day about your relationship, then go for it. On the contrary, if he seems too "high school" for you, steer clear and wait until he's grown up a bit (even mine at 22 had the emotional IQ of a carrot). Good luck; you will need it.

I am a 34 yr old Pisces woman born March 6th, dating a 33 year old Scorpio man born Nov. 17th for 4 years now. Minus a couple of break-ups. I have put a lot of time into reading more about Scorpios behavior because I just cannot seem to understand mine. I agree with the whole Hot/Cold reaction you can get with these kind of men or women.

My boyfrined did cheat on me a couple years back which eventually led me to break up with him once I found out. I Honestly don't know what Scorpio's intentions are. He says he has not cheated since then and I have lived with him now for over a year now; where previously I was living alone. I often bring up marriage to him, but he distances himself away from me when I talk about that. I really don't understand why it's such a sensitive subject for him. He's never been married, though I have been married once for 13 years.

Our relationship is wonderful when things are on his terms it seems. Yet if there is an argument, I just feel I lose the battle and he ends up making me stumble for words. He loves to be right and see that he has done nothing wrong. Even if I explain what wrong he did do, he gets very defensive and I end up walking away more frustrated.

Scorpios are not "feelings" kind of people. They would rather not talk about things, but feel they have to, to keep things normal. They are very quiet and mysterious indeed. Being a Pisces,(who is all about feelings and communication), totally goes to show our differnces in the way we talk and live our lives. The way Scorpios communicate is rough to deal with because they don't seem to understand where your coming from. They are not very good at imagination, and are not the best romantics in the world. Sex...yes...It's amazing...if that's all your interested in. If only things went as perfect as sex in everywhere else of our lives, I would have more pleasant things to say. And I'm not bashing on the Scorpios, because I know of many who are wonderful and have great relationships. Just wondering why mine is not so perfect.

I have children from a previous marriage and want to make my relationship with my Scorpio man solid. My kids usually stay here with us during the summer, but I'm not sure what he really wants. He doens't really show he wants to step up to be a father figure, I'm not really sure if he wants a realtionship with me and my kids, or just me. He is an only child who has lost his parents and has only a handful of Aunts and Uncles alive that he doesn't even know. He says he wants a family, yet when I talk about marriage, it distances us.

Is there some helpful advice out there before I make either a mistake on marrying him or leaving him.

After reading the forum, I made an observation and that is Pisces woman are fond of younger Scorpio man. But this combo doesn't really work out as well as many would like to think. Perhaps they work well with highly evolved Pisces-Scorpions.

I'm a 14 year old Scorpio male. I've read just about half of this forum and I have to say it is quite the read. Though I am having a little problem. There's this Pisces I've kept my eye on for quite awhile now (about a month or so) and she's pretty shy. We sat next to each other in school for a short period of time until I got moved. During the time that we sat next to each other everytime we had a small conversation I felt we totally clicked. I've actually realized I've started staring at her like most Scorpio males do. I'm sorta new to relationships. So like the noob I am I made a huge mistake and asked her out too early. She said yes but then stood me up along with another person who asked her out the same day I did. Lately I've been trying to find out how I can make her mine. I've been pretty drawn to her even though my brother and friends hate whenever I mention her name. I still really like her and want to give her a chance. I need to know how I can successful ly show her that I can love her like no other man can.

Hello fellow Scorpio men and Pisces women. I'm a 17 year old Scorpio practically idolizing a 17 year old Pisces. I have never felt this strongly about someone else. I for one think she is the most beautiful woman in the world and yet my friends and brother say "You could do a lot better than her." It frustrates me sometimes because I think "I don't want someone else I want her." I have kept my eye on her for about 10 weeks and I want to have the courage to ask her out again but I'm afraid she'll stand me up like last time or find me pushy. (Now you see why they say I can do better than her.) Sure I notice when a girl is cute but this girl stands out. I mean if it was anyone else I would have never forgiven her. This girl is somewhat different though. Even after she stood me up she continued as if nothing ever happened. Sometimes I just wanna go up to her and confess my feelings. Is this the right thing to do? Or should I just continue and keep my mouth shut as if no thing is gonna happen? I really like this girl and I don't want to lose her as a friend.

I'm sorry, but Scorpio man/Pisces woman is the best combination ever. Despite all. Scorpios, be gentle to your Pisces. She is there to love you. You will never experience pure love like hers.


Hello fellow Scorpio men and Pisces women. I'm a 17 year old Scorpio practically idolizing a 17 year old Pisces. I have never felt this strongly about someone else. I for one think she is the most beautiful woman in the world and yet my friends and brother say "You could do a lot better than her." It frustrates me sometimes because I think "I don't want someone else I want her." I have kept my eye on her for about 10 weeks and I want to have the courage to ask her out again but I'm afraid she'll stand me up like last time or find me pushy. (Now you see why they say I can do better than her.) Sure I notice when a girl is cute but this girl stands out. I mean if it was anyone else I would have never forgiven her. This girl is somewhat different though. Even after she stood me up she continued as if nothing ever happened. Sometimes I just wanna go up to her and confess my feelings. Is this the right thing to do? Or should I just continue and keep my mouth shut as if no thing is gonna happen? I really like this girl and I don't want to lose her as a friend.

Wow.. reading all the post have me my mouth wide open. I'm a Pisces woman with a scopio man. He isn't mine but he is mine. I know I need to let him go, but I don't want to let him go. We do have that connection, he is amazing with my son (who is not his son), a huge help when in need BUT he is a liar :-( I HATE LIARS. I always read how great we are suppose to be together and I can see it but am I suppose to ignore the things I don't like in him and wait for him to figure out I'm the one for him. I like to help people, he prefer to do it himself or struggle without it. I just don't get the match at times. I don't understand how he feels about me, but yet and still he is still around and don't have to be but he won't admit to his feelings. He says he hates that I don't show emotion or how nothing phases me but honestly I'm dying inside cuz I just don't know what to do. This sucks and its amazing at the same time. I'm not sure if I like this feeling but I don't hat e it enough to want to let it go. :(

I can't believe I'm contributing to this post.. It's crazy. I'm a Pisces female, all my good close true friends are scorpio's, I have very good Cancer friends as well but scorpios even just as friends get me like nothing else, it makes me feel wonderful. I was dating an Aquarius cusp and things fizzled out and didn't work, he was young and close to my age, (im 21). Now I have wanted to date a Scorpio since I have heard that we are well matched, and since so many of my friends are scorpios. I met a Scorpio who is in his 30's and I have started to have a crush on him. I'm a very slow person, with a really good head on my shoulders, I want to take things slow with him, because I don't like to be rushed. I wonder what he's thinking. We see each other, but he doesn't call me or text me during the week. He stares very intensely. He includes me and introduces me to his friends, I likewise include him. I have a Capricorn love sign, his is virgo. He was a little drunk and see med to be saying his true feelings because he asked me if I wanted to be in a relationship. I didn't know what to say. Of course I do but I am very nervous.. I thought that he had forgotten, but then a couple weeks later while sober he asked again, of course I smiled and giggled with happiness but didn't know what to say, he asked if he should wait a while. I said yes, that we should wait.. I wonder if he will stay interested, and will be patient and wait? I wonder why he doesn't call me during the week? I wonder if he knows that I do like him but it's so soon. I wonder if that is something he is okay with.. I don't know. He's super sweet, even to my friends. He has said he likes me, and that I shouldnt be so nervous or shy. but I find him to be super compatible, I wouldn't kiss him at first either.. I don't know, I make him wait quite a while. I am not sure he will wait for that long. Or what will happen? I wonder if he's for real? Or just entertaining himself somehow? I wonder if he's over the two other women he's had serious relationships with? If he likes anyone else at the moment? - I know these questions probably wont be answerable, just what's on my mind.

I am a Pisces woman and met a Scorpio man on a dating website. We have now been chatting on messenger and talking on the phone for 5 months. I felt instantly drawn to him for the beginning. I am confused because he says I am lovely, attractive, smart and funny and have a kind heart and soul. H e seems content with just chatting a couple of times a week or less. I want more and want to meet him, when i've ask to meet in the past he says he has work commitments etc. He lives 90 miles away. Last week I sent him an e-mail saying I think our on-line friendship has come to an end etc. He know how much ilike him and want to meet. He sent me an e-mail back saying we live to far apart for a relationship. I got angry and upset at this and sent him some nasty text messages. We had a brief chat on messenger but he I told him how very very sorry I was but he only answered with one word replies and was very cold towards me. He ignored my texts that I sent saying how horrible I fe lt for what I had done. We have now had no contact at all for 4 days. I am waiting for him to ring me. Do you think he will forgive me? I am scared he will ignore me forever.

I'm a Pisces girl born in the 6th of march and I had been madly in love whit a Scorpio boy two years older then me, he was born on the 6th of november. But the truth is I got tired of suffering because he didn't love me back. Insted he had a girlfriend a Virgo girl a year older then me, but the truth is even thougth he dind't love me I always felt exactly the way you all Pisces feel like he could see rigth trougth me and he would always open op to me. We were suppose to be only friends but I always senced that I wasn't the only one that felt something more. Still noting ever really happened.

I stopped talking to him, "forgot" aboute him and got myself a Virgo boyfriend that I really like. But not long after that the Scorpio brouke up whit his girl and now suddenly I started to feel the need to be whit him againg... I'm confused I really don't want to suffer for him again and I don't want to hurt my sweet virgo... but everything... I feel like I'm falling all over again whitout him even traying it... and the worst is that I'm sure he dosen't feel the same... even if I'm starting to feel and act like I used too he does not... I really loved him but he never loved me back...

It hurted a lot, mine is not a happy story... I want to get away but every time I see his sad expresion I can't help but go and try to make him happy wich is hard since I try to keep my distance... I'm so confused...

I am a Pisces woman strongly influenced by Mars. I have never been able to be fully compatible with Scorpios until recently. The sex is the best I ever had (it's the best he ever had however I am very wary of being in a relationship with one. They are very unpredictable and like to stay that way. I already know that I will marry a Scorpio one day because I am in need a strong willed, determined, and sensual man and Scorpio's emobody all the above and more. To my Pisces ladies....for those who desire a Scorpio man know that they are nothing to be played with as they are in ways more emotional than us and the manifestations of those feeling are scary and dark.....The best thing to do is be yourself and when you find the rite Scorpio, he will like(love)you for exactly who you are and that will make you want to give of yourself to him. Don't give yourself to any Scorpio who purposely holds back to see how much you give first. Fair exchange is no robbe ry and make sure that if he doesn't vocalize his feelings, he definitely shows you. Thats the only way you will knoe he for real about you as you are of them.

I am a Pisces woman and I am dating a Scorpio man and the are no words do discribe of how much we match. At 1st we were just messing around go on dates but never put a label on us and this lasted for 8 months. But as time gone by he stared changing but it was only because I had him waiting to long and he really wanted to be with me but I didn't want to considerer it. But now we are together we don't fight much anymore just happy and good sex

The first time I came across my boyfriend I knew that we were attracted to eachother. We started of as friends but we were not so close. There would be times where his attitude changed with me because he did not have his way. He can go a day without talking to me and that would hurt me. But other then that we have wonderfull times and sex is amazing. We always come back for more. He can go on and on and I can go as long has he can. I love him and its a perfect match

I'm a 45 year old Pisces married to a 41 year old Scorpio. My husband has been in prison for the last 18 years. You want a woman to hang by you through the worst time of your life pick a Pisces once we marry it's for keeps.

Okay, after reading all those posts by some of you Pisces women out there especially the ones who have had terrible experiences with scorpios maybe it's not the Scorpio in your life thats so terrifying maybe the real problem is within yourself! Think about it, maybe that's why it's so damn scary. If you are attracting these types of people (scorpios) then maybe you need to deal with something within yourself. Well from my experiences I know when I'm feeling bad about my unsuccessful relationships that's exactly what I get! So I think if your looking for an amazing relationship and believe it will happen you'll attract that certain person that will light your fire- your soul mate, if that is what you are looking for of course;)

0n Aug 8th of 2010. I met a Scorpio [Nov 20th] and I am a Pisces [March 7th]. Him and I met from his cousin. Which is one of my best friends. We both were attracted to each other. I called it, "Love at first sight." He took me ice skating for the first time in my life. I was terrified of falling. Holding both of his hands, almost about to fall...He says, "Don't worry I got you." I felt secured. He was the first guy I dated that would want to pay for my things. I disliked that. He made me feel like I couldn't pay for myself.

However, the reason behind that was, He wanted to be there for me; support me. He wants to be the man to work, take care of the house hold. So I would never lift a finger. It might sound pleasing to most women. I'm the type that's fair in most sections, I'll admit I'm mainly weak yet independent.

What surprised me was that after when he took me home. He kept smiling continuously. His cousin told, "I have never seem him smile like that before." I smiled and laughed, for I felt the same way. He and I had a conversation that last for about six hours. He had told, "I've dated a girl from Vietnam and American girls before. Never a girl that's Vietnamese and born in American. You are my first." I wasn't sure on how to reply to that at first. It didn't matter afterwards.

On Aug 10th, he had told me. His entire family knows about me from his cousin. On that same day. He asked me to become his girlfriend. Without hesitating I agreed. He lives two hours away from me. On week days him and I talk over the phone, internet, or by text. He lives two hours away from me. Every weekend he would drive a total of four hours back and forth just to see me every weekend. He wouldn't drive far for just anyone.

When ever I see him he treats me with different emotions. I find it to be amusing. For I understand what he feels with out even saying a word. He shows me that he cares. Shows that he loves me. So far so good. However, his hormones need to be in control. When ever he sees me, He can't help but want XXX. I thought of moving slow at first. He wanted to approach towards a level that I'm not ready for. While in this early stage. I couldn't help myself either. Trying to resist like a force that pulls you till you snap. Once his lips locked on mine... I lost my will; my ability to fight back. It's like he knew all my pleasure points. I was deeply moved. He then captured me, Truly unexpected.

He and I argued then made up. He does unbelievable things. That are very bad for his health. Either way those type of guys aren't my type. I could do better. Why do I find myself to only have room for only him. Sept 10th, was our first break up. We are still separated till this day, Dec 11th. He's a total different person. He's acting even more immature then before. Not giving a care in the world. It's like his only priority are friends, parties, and his car.

After our separation. He accused me of being controlling, implying that I get angry easily. I disagree, how could I be controlling by asking him, "Can you try to come home early?" How could getting upset, for his wrong doings put me in the wrong? When he stated, "No one can control me." He really makes no sense. He plays with my emotions way to much to the point where I just want to escape. Once being reminded of him I return. For I feel that no matter how much he hurts me. The hurt he had caused does not match up to the happiness he has giving me.

Between the day of our separation Sept. 10th and thanksgiving. I was on the verge of letting go. Apparently something pulled me back in. His cousin and his family invited me down for a thanksgiving. Surely I went, I had a blast. He didn't bother to say, "Hi." Although he did drive two hours just to pick me up with his cousin and her mom, his aunt. My feelings started to come back. The unwanted faded memories had reappeared. I was even more confused now then I was before. I kept wishing that I would have never met him. Although deep down, knowing that if I lose him completely. It'll be my unforgettable regret.

He was in his room. Laying there listening to his music. He didn't mind that I walked him. I sat next to him. The atmosphere was unpredictable like whatever happens, happens.

It was 6pm-ish. Dark yet we both are able to see the glow on each others face. His eyes were like a maze. Looking deeper I saw a an empty dark space. Something started to open. On each beat like pulse appear. It opens wider. The visual beat was so familiar. Before I could Grasp it or had a clue of what it might be. He turned away from me.

"Please get up and look me in the eyes." I asked him. "Why should I. We are over." he replied in a way I could tell he didn't mean it. "I want you to look me in the eyes and tell me you don't love me anymore. So that I could see it for myself, and more on." He got up. Looked me in the eyes and said. "I don't love you." he said in a way he was laughing and smiling. I couldn't tell. "I'm being serious." He laid back down, putting the blanket over himself like a child playing peek a boo. What should I do. Can some one please help me...

On the day when his grandma was in the Hospital. I called him. Our conversation started out about his grandma. Then I asked him do you still love me. He said, "Yea I still love you." "Do you miss me at all? "Just a little bit a day." he answered in a loving way. Then a few days later he acted as if we never had that conversation. I did I ever do to deserve this. Does he love me? I've been looking for commitment. Whatever he wants. I please him without knowing anything. How can I get him back. I think I'm deeply in love. If I wasn't I wouldn't be able to put up with a person like this. Please help me... I'm in need of advice. Even though it's up to Us to work things out. To tell you the truth. It's painful when you are the only one trying.

I don't know guys!I've dated two Scorpios before and quite frankly, I became irritated by their stubborness and mind games. Whenever I got into an argument with either of them I could tell that they were either holding feelings back or trying to get a reaction out of me...Scorpio men love emotions and passion, let's not forget! I know that they like to feel like they're in control of all situations but in reality they're hindering some real deep emotional feelings about their lover that could really save the relationship. This couldve really made me feel more secure with either of them but I guess it won't ever happen.

They say that Pisces women and Scorpio men are extremely compatible when it comes to communication but I disagree. Yes, we're both intuitive but we can't read minds!! WTF?! /:

And I absolutely HATED when a Scorpio man tried to get me jealous because if I didn't show them attention they would think I didn't love them! Its like entertaining a kid's bad behavior! Oh, and I would usually let them think that they were in control but then realized that my whole relationship them was about manipulation. The sex was splendid and the connection was there, but the communication was horrible!!

For any Scorpio man out there pursuing a Pisces gal I just want to let you know that this can be a beautiful relationship that can lead to marriage if you KEEP THE COMMUNICATION FLUID!!! Don't just sit there and watch her give all of those emotions and not give any back. Also, we can put up with a lot of crap from you guys but we will not settle for any unhappiness in our relationships! If you sting too much and we get fed up, WE WILL LEAVE...and never come back!

Im 23 Pisces girl , recently I start dating this Scorpio 23 boy , even tho Pisces are well known for there emotions but im quite the opposite I never get attached so easily ! now and in a short period of time seeing this Scorpio boy drives me nuts !! I feel like I was made for him, to love him and to contain him, I feel like I understand him very well and deep inside I know he figured me out already , he says he doesn't wanna fall for me as I do say the same thing but we end up making love and chatting all night long, he is way more romantic than me (weird right) yet he is as idealistic as I am !

i know we both confused (water signs) but I love how we share our thoughts and instead of dreaming alone, we day dream together, we think about different theories of things and we imagine things yet when I get lost of any of our dreams he have a strong grip of me and brings me back to reality, I fantasy about him when im not with him and give my self to him willingly when I see him , he loses him self in me and maybe even he doesn't know it he totally let me in!

sex is great but it never felt like sex it always feel like the most natural thing we can do!

he says ill fall for you but I don't want too (we are from different countries and we met on a mutual land haha !

im upset that I always thought great love will find me and this is why I tolerated all the rubbish meaningless relations, didn't get involved and waited for the right guy and when I got him (my Scorpio boy) I was never as scared of getting deeper with anyone as im now

i feel like if I totally give in to him and loved him the way I feel I should love him I will end up not only heart broken I will be beyond repair !!

i told me today that I don't wanna see him anymore ! :( im afraid I like him too much for my own good

Will a Scorpio lay off a Pisces woman he wants? This guy tries to seduce me and always hints he wants kids with me, but I don't like him that much at all! Will he eventually stop? he's coming on really strong, you ladies know how extreme they are! He gives me those stares, and the chemistry I feel between us is crazy. What should I do? We're always around each other and I can't avoid him.

Im a 17 year old Pisces (25th Feb.) girl and im pretty much... not quite in love with but I cant get enough of, my Scorpio guy friend. it probably sounds sad when you read this but in the three years we've known each other we have hung out for maybe... 4 weeks all up. anyway, when we are together its like all his attention is focussed on me and me only even when there are way better looking girls throwing themselves at him,. he plays games with me too, everyone who knows us when we're together is already planning our wedding, they are that set that we have something going on, yet when asked directly if he likes me he gets all defensive and insists he doesn't. Is it just me or is he hiding something??

My best friend of five years is a Scorpio male, and I am a female Pisces. About two years into our friendship I began to feel something more by the way he would stare at me... He could see right through me... And we completely understood each other. He also began being very protective of me. He hardly ever expresses his emotions which drives me insane, but he often confides in me when he needs to talk about things. He jokes around a lot, but no matter how much he jokes around we just have to look at each other and can feel something. I started reading everyone elses situations with these zodiac signs and they seem eerily similar. It's weird, I want him but have never told him... I've been trying to lose the feeling from distance but when we see each other it just comes back and I'm afraid it won't go away.

My experience with a Scorpio is wonderful. I started out friends with him for about 3 year and at first he would want to talk on the phone and never say anything much; we would pretty much be listening to each others breath. It's crazy though of how much we relate to each other and how the chemistry is unbelievable. This is definitely something I have never experienced from any other guy, lol he's almost like a magnet. I can relate to a lot of the relationships described on here and it's really helping me learn just how to deal with this relationship. One thing that happened pretty recently was that he told me that I knew he wanted him and I laughed so hard out of shock because I guess he could sense it. He was right I did but was afraid because of his hot and cold tendencies and mystery ways. I ended up telling yes I do like you a lot and do want you more than just a friend, and he said he does too. So from this I have learned that I just need to be honest about my feelings for him and in return believe me he will be honest about how he feels as well. I have learned that Scorpios are extremely selective in who they associate with so if he talks to you are stares you down, talk to him. He really needs you to make the first move.

I'm a 21 year old Pisces (Feb. 25th) and I have to say...the sexual chemistry between a Pisces and a Scorpio is Fantastic! I dated a guy who was a Cancer for a long time and although we grew to be close friends, the sex was just never as passionate or mind-blowing as I had hoped. However, when I had sex with a close guy friend of mine who is a Scorpio (in every sense of the sign- the stare, secretive manners, possessiveness), I have to say, it was everything I had ever wanted and more. It was a wonderful experience-DYNAMITE.

Ahah! I'm a Pisces and I met a Scorpio a few months ago, I hadn't expected much based on his situation/work, but I went along with it. Felt an immediate attraction (to say the least) when I first saw him in the group of guys at the bar. I felt he was only looking at me, felt his piercing eyes stare only on me. We've spent day(s) back to back to back with each other and have surprisingly still have a great time. Except one thing, he was upfront in the beginning he had another girl that he was kind of seeing/talking to. I truly felt I was just the girl on the side in between him flying back home and seeing her, really hurtful. But the thing is, I don't feel that way after months of meeting/seeing eachother-sounds real crazy I believe he feels strongly towards me too, but won't let on since he's very unsure what he wants. Is that typical of a scorpio? Either way, we don't mess around any more and the more we see each other I feel something boiling within, is it pure ange r or pure Lust? He's a great guy and I know he genuinely cares about how I'm feeling, otherwise he wouldn't contine this. These guys are deep, true to their instincts and you'll always be sexually satisfied with this guy.

What is it about the Scorpio male he tells me he has feelings for me but he thought they would be deeper by now what's with that?? and when I tell him I love you he just smiles and tells me he knows.

Hi, I was with my Scorpio man for 8 years, mariied for 2. I'm a pisces women and can relate to everyones comments. We 1st got together when we were both 19, friends since we were 16. We were immediately drawn to one another. Our relationship has been a rollercoaster from the start.. Fun, exciting, scary, crazy, ramantic, everyhing you can possibley think of... Right before we had our 1st child we slowly bagan shutting the world out, and that was the start of us going down hill. After our 2nd child he ended up leaving me for another woman... This crushed me.. I felt like a piece of me had died..

After a year of him bouncing back from me to her, and another woman, I finally filed for a divorce.. Now he is saying he can't let me go etc.. I don't know what to do.. I still love him with all of my heart and feel like we could get through this, but I don't trust him at all.. Please help.

I am a Pisces woman (Mar4). I got involved with a Scorpio (Nov 16)man when I was 36. Unlike most I was not attracted to him- I thought he was an A-hole and a jerk. We worked together so I had no choice but to communicate with him daily as part of my job. Well, we started talking more and I found that I was becoming attracted to him - we had so much in common, music books etc...we would talk for hours about everything when we had the chance and I found myself looking for him. I did not know he was a Scorpio but a lot of the signs were there. He has this stare that just make me week in the knees and oh, does he have this sexiness about himself. Finally after dancing around for while he asked me out to a concert first formal date outside of work. It was great, he treated me like a queen and was very attentive. I thought it was a crush on my part but after that I fell head over heels, then there was the love-making which was so intense and overwhelming, what else can I say, it was amazing. He was very independent had his own personal enjoyments so there was no smothering or jealousy from him it was more on my side, we enjoyed each others company, but I wanted more. life got in the way and I moved to another state. I put him completely out of my mind but would remember his B-day and our first date whenever I heard the group play on the radio. Just before the New Year I was clearing out my e-mail contacts and low and behold I had his e-mail. I sent him a message then deleted the contact. After a few weeks he sent an e-mail request. I waited a few days before I excepted and we have been chatting ever since. I'm not sure if a long distance relationship will work but the feelings are still there and I have missed him. I fell in love with him and I still am. I hope he doesn't manipulate my feelings from long-distance.

Hi, I'm a picese woman married to a sag man..Accroding to his Birthday.. He's never really fit the profile of a sag, besides being adventureous.. He's 100% scoprio with sag tendencies..

The new 13th that came out would explain why I thought was more of a scorpio.. Does anyone have any info on this. His birhtday is 11/27..

I was with my boyfriend for almost 2 years. He's a Scorpio (Nov 8) and I'm a Pisces (Mar 16). He is really determined to buy his first house soon (he's 25) so he works 2 full time jobs...1 during the day and 1 overnight. I started becoming hurt because he would just work and sleep. I was over at his place all the time, but he was always on the go, helping himself and other people.

He had mentioned it a lot how he wanted to be "single." I asked him if that meant he wanted to see other people and he said that didn't mean that he was going to see other girls, just that he wanted to feel free enough to get done what he had to get done. He didn't want to continue to hurt me knowing he couldn't be there the way I needed. We still talk every day and he still works every day. I used to see him almost every day. I haven't seen him face to face in a week. And before that I hadn't seen him in 2 weeks. Whenever I cry to him, he tells me he just wants me to be motivated, too (I'm looking for a job, an apt, etc). And I'm getting there. We have a very honest a Scorpio he feels that we have to always be honest so I know he's telling the truth. We're very in tune with each other....we can predict things about each other and literally read each others minds.

I'm just so hurt. Not being able to see him hurts me to the soul. He really is like my other half and I know there's nothing I can say to make him see me more or anything. I'm just afraid he'll cut ties with me completely. I don't really have a question.....I'm just so sad and feel so out of control that I don't know what to do.

Everything they say about this combo is true. Amazing but dangerous. This was such a bitter sweet experience. But I cannot play the victim card in this. I was with a Scorpio man and it started out as friend's and I guess he automatically had feelings for me, which I was oblivious to (surprisingly) and when I started going out with a Taurus man but that was a bad relationship and I started to cheat on him with this Scorpio man and of course there was plenty of conflict! So I just left and got with the Scorpio man. It was very sweet in the beginning, he loved pleasing me and putting up with are little arguments and the sex was unbelievable, we almost did everything. He was very rough, which I loved too. He was always with me, we always were talking through text, if we weren't together. We had the same interest in life and we liked the same things to a T! But we'd constantly argue about one thing and I couldn't take it and thing's went sour because he would tell me he was still in love with his ex and became secretive and he would say he would want to be with me, but his actions would be different. Eventually I just realized he was probably keeping me around for good sex.

Now whenever I think about him, I think about everything I hate about him. I hate how he tried so many times to ruin my current relationship, I hate how he was that one who fucked me up for future relationships. I hate how I feel used. I hate that we can't even be friend's anymore! I hate how I always end up going back to him in someway, it's like a never ending story and he's always just there... But one thing I'll always remember, is the sex. And how no matter how great our conversations would be... I'd never open up to him. He would try but it wouldn't work and he was horrible about that stuff. ALSO he was my first real heart break. I won't forget him and a tiny part of me will always have a tiny thing for him.

Hi yall', I am a 45 yr. old Scorpio guy... I have read every word of every post on this page. time to weigh in w/ my opinion. my first love was a Pisces woman, 22 years ago. I will never forget the moment we met. her brother n' law worked for me and we also partied together. they came to the club to pick him up and he introduced us. when I looked up from what I was doing, I almost blacked out, I got tunnel vision and felt like I got struck by lightening. standing there smiling shyly at me was the most beautiful and desirable woman my 23 yr old self had ever seen. needless to say we started dating immediately and moved in together w/in 3 months. everything between us was exactly like the posts before this one says: trust, sex, protectiveness, etc... etc... we had 2 children and 6 years of marriage and that Pisces woman put up w/ a lot from me as I was still very immature and unsure of myself. we were divorced and living 1500 miles away from each other at the end. I h ave to say if I knew then what I know now, I would still be living in bliss w/ that woman to this day. I eventually fell in love w/ a virgo/libra cusp woman and we lived together for 17 years, but I still think about the Pisces woman who still owns a small part of my heart. if your another Scorpio male and are reading this and are lucky enough to have a Pisces woman in your life I congratulate you on your good fortune. if you are single and wondering which sign would be best for you, then you can't go wrong w/ the Pisces woman.for you Pisces women who are wondering what's up w/ you're crazy ass Scorpio guy, give him a chance, gain his respect, be patient and be prepared for the love of your life.

Well Im a female Pisces married to Scorpio for 10 yrs ( I not strangled him ..... yet :P or him me for that matter)

A word of warning to all Scorpio males with their eye on a lady of the sea

1) NEVER EVER EVER EVER make her feel vurnerable this is one thing we HATE beyond question.Yes we know you are remarkably adpet at reading us and really hate to be told we are like an open book. You have to give her a place to hide ... yes from you and the world from time to time

2) Just beause youve found a pretty little fishy doesn't mean shes going to roll over like that. With this woman although she appears soft she is actually very tough despite how much she struggles with emotions.

Never ever try to mould her into something shes not. With this woman you either take it or leave it. Simple as that.

3) Despite the fact we are emotional we really hate baring that emotion to others and will feel probed and violated if you go to deep.

Scorpio goes to the heart of emotions and can get very deep.Pisces needs to escape in order to take a breather

Ok.... where so I begin. I'm a 23 year old Pisces female and this is about a 26 year old Scorpio male.

In Jan of last year I moved to another state. Pregnant at the time but not showing and my sister convinced me to go out. While at this club this strange guy came up to me and my sister and said what you doin dancing in the club pregnant. (Wasn't even dancing jus standing) I laughed and was like OMG do I know u. My sister wasn't really sure who he was but said he looked familiar. All night he stood a distance staring and shaking his head. I didn't think much of it. The next day bro-inlaw told me who he was and that he asked about me. But not to worry about him. Bkuz he was married! Smh... so I didn't. Soo long story short. I wound up dating another one of his friends... a Libra who I was really attracted to initially. Don't get me wrong I was fond of him but I never really looked at him that way until a cookout went where we exchanged words and eventually hit it off. Me and this Libra dated my entire pregnancy. And I love him dearly. This Scorpio came around a lot too but never made a real pass. Jus talked a lot of trash lol....and stared...we were pretty cool but didn't talk outside my bro house. We made bets that he couldn't talk junk to me for 24 hours or he would have to rub my feet lol. Jus fun... one day the day the bet was in affect I was about 7 months pregnant and had in a bikini at the pool lol sure he would crack under pressure lol. He did pretty good. After having my daughter my now boyfriend the Libra had to go on deployment an would be gone for a year. The Scorpio would cone over my bro house and ask when I was gonna let him take me out and eventually asked for my number we talked and txt and finally I gave into him. Remember he's married! Recently my sister and his wife kinda got close so I sorta have to interact with her. And even tho its against everything I believe in I continue you give all of me to this married Scorpio..and its horrible bkuz his wife jus loves me... and clearly has no idea that I'm with her husband on a regular basis.. I've never cheated until now and I've certainly never messed with a married man!!! My boyfriend is soo good to me and my daughter who is not his but lately I've been questioning if I'm settling or jus distracted. I love this Scorpio who is now getting a divorce. Not only bkuz he wants to but so does she. Sometimes I wonder if I have anything to do with his reasoning and other times I dnt. One day I asked if he wanted to be with me and he said no bkuz he can't have me bkuz I'm in a relationship... he told me he loves me but then renigs when we are not in the heated moment of sex and says mean things almost to keep himself from bein vulnerable it seems I really care for him but I love my boyfriend and I know I can't have both. I keep finding myself imagining it won't work and ill end up with my Scorpio later down the line and big part of me hopes so but another part of me wants me to run for the hills.... TORN..

Hey I'm a Pisces girl(18) 13th march born and I met a scorpio(20,2nd november) guy about two months back during that time I was in a relationship with a Gemini which was very rocky. The scorp and I became friends within some time and there was a connection we both felt. Initially when I was committed to the Gemini he would maintain his distance.But when I broke up we started hanging out as friends a lot and I am attracted to him.but its barely been a month since my break up and I don't think i'm ready to date anyone no matter how amazing our bond is. I feel he has some feelings for me too but he hangs out with other women as well ( so I can't be sure- who knows maybe i'm over reading hints or maybe he is like that with all women). This doesn't make me jealous but I feel a little weird and a little funny.

Till now whenever we talked he always looked at my lips, does that mean anything? and recently once he looked in my eyes and I became all wobbly in the knees. I couldn't handle the stare and he said that I didn't have the courage to look at him (not true- I may look soft and shy but i'm a tuff girl). Later on he said he could read a lot in my eyes and I just laughed.

Now I feel a little overwhelmed by the connection we share. I feel like I need to run away! what should I do?

I am a Scorpio male I had never been with a Pisces female before but we met and I had this attraction to her my mind and body could not grasp we connected and it was like things made sense all was right I have never felt attraction like this so instant so strong after so short.

I am a Pisces and have been dating a Scorpio for 10 months now. We met as I was coming off of a long difficult relationship and he was in a marriage that didn't want him. He was hitting on me for about two months and it seemed like everyone around me knew it but me because I was blinded by the hurt from my previous relationship. I had written off relationships and I wanted nothing to do with getting back into that scene. He would leave me business cards and kept inviting me to lunch. it wasn't until he left me a business card and circled his number multiple times that I thought something was strange. :) He is 21 years older than I am and I had never dated outside my race before so it never dawned on me that he was trying to as me "out". Finally, after 2 months, I took him up on the lunch date. I thought that it would not go anywhere especially with the barriers that were there. I felt guilty for seeing him but he was very upfront with me about being married but let me know that he was getting divorced. Yeah right! That's what they all say! Well, we went everywhere and the little town that I live in, he wasn't hiding me.

I quickly became emotionally attached to him. He has my heart right now. It took a minute but he has me. He is getting divorced and it should be final in just a few days now. He deserves to be happy and he tells me that all of the time. We have a really special relationship unlike none that I have had before. We don't have to say "I love you" to each other. I prefer not to. I feel it and I make sure he feels it too.

I have been married and divorced and he as well. We will pass on that part of our relationship. My Scorpio is not jealous because I give him no reason to be. We have been honest with each other from the start and there is nothing that we cannot share with each other.

The eyes, look into your Scorpio's eyes. It's all in the eyes.

I would like to take the time out to thank you woman for being dead on about your man in each situation! I am a Scorpio man and reading everything that was said, put me in such a great mood! It was like opening a book about myself and having all you woman read aloud to me individually. From the bottom of my heart ladies, on behalf of all the rest of the Scorpio men, Thank You, for being so kind and careing when we need it most, Thank You.

Yours Truely


I'm a 20yo Pisces, and dated a Scorpio guy for a month or so about three years ago. It was a very intense romance and we were instantly attracted to eachother. Even though we broke up and met other people (we were both in a relationship with others for at least a year or so at a time) we still kept in contact and maintained this amazing chemistry. Occasionally we would go for months without speaking but it seems we just couldn't shake the other off! After three years, we're both finally single again at the same time and going on a date next week :)

O MY GOODNESS I really do feel like all the Pisces woman are dating the same man. I am currently dating a Scorpio and man AND HE IS SOOO GOOD TO ME. And the attraction is so strong and the sex is out of this world. He is very secretive and very moody but I look pass that. We also started of as friends and we just got closer. Befor we started dating he chased me for 8 or 9 months and I just wouldnt give him a chance because I hade a boyfriend a ( capricorn) and he started being cold with me, he got a little tired of waiting. But he still wated. But I love him so much and breaking up with my x and saying yes to him is the best thing I ever did. AND AGAIN THE SEX IS THE BEST!!!♥

Im a Pisces women and I don't know a Scorpio man yet but I would love to know if one day I meet him, how can I get his attention and if you are dating one tell me how you met...

thank you

I am a 19 yr old pisces, and I had this Scorpio guy friend a year older. And oh man, we just matched from the start. I first met him, I saw him just briefly at school sitting down, and I don't know what it was, but I felt like I was drawn to him. Anyway we didn't officially meet then, because I met him through my Scorpio friend. And I was walking through the sliding doors to a shop and it was like in the movies how you see them there and time stops etc My eyes locked with his. And from then on, we became so close, that I told him outright I liked him and he said he liked me. Butttt he liked his Scorpio friend. Now at this time, it didn't matter, cause I thought I could change that but I couldnt.

Times were changing the more we hung out and we grew so close, she got jealous. And then the love triangle began. And it all went downhill from that. Constant fighting, arguing, telling him to make a decision etc. But we both kept on coming back to each other until it came to a point where we were both tired and depressed and just stopped. But there isnt a day I don't think about him and maybe what could happen in the future...

Wow so I really cannot believe Im actually putting my story up I am a 20 year old Pisces woman whose in a 2 year relationship with a 20 year old Scorpio guy and I don't even know where to start. Well before we started dating, he and I were just friends. I've known him since I was about 12. We started going out in our Senior year of high school. Everything was SOO great at first. Sometimes I used to get aggravated at the fact that he wanted to be around me so much. But before things began to go downhill. he and I had some of the best times ever. I fell in love with him ofcourse. No man had ever made me feel the way he had me feeling, but after we had been in a relationship for a couple of months. It was only our first summer together and he began acting funny. He went away to another state for a couple of weeks and he did not answer my phone calls and he didn't call me for like a whole two weeks. the excuse he gave me was that he left his phone in someo nes car or something like that. but when he came back I was starting college and our relationship was not fully back on track. He came back from his summer vacation. We werent seeing each other that much. Not calling each other as much and I was about to start my freshman year in college. Afraid that he did not want to be with me anymore. I broke up with him by sending him a text which he never replied back to at all. but called me two and a half weeks later saying that he missed me. So like in October we got back together. and things were good until I hacked his facebook page and saw everthing I did not want to see. So he got upset with me for invading his privacy which only made me not trust him anymore so I began to talk to other guys. Ofcourse not telling him what I was doing. January we were having a deep conversation about something and me having sex with someone else came up in the conversation and I told him I had sex with someone when we were broken up. Ofcourse he told me he was mad. but also now that I think about it as immature as it sounds I think he's still holding a grudge against me by not trusting me 100% for betraying him. even though he was doing his dirt on the side too. after that things were the usual.

Summer was back around and as usual things began to get rocky again. I had moved to another city and I stayed there most of the summer. I'd come and visit him but I wasnt with him everyday so I felt like he was cheating on me. I had never cried over a guy before. Never imagined myself doing it and I did coutless times that summer. he'd hang up on me not answer when I called him. Send me to his voicemail. But if I would do that to him, he probably would never wanna hear from me until he was ready to talk. But after summer was over, I started school again recently and things were going good. He came to a party at my school and overheard me telling this guy that I was dancing with that I liked what I saw. so he got mad at me ofcourse and lost more trust for me I believe. he told me that he was alright. made it seem like he didn't care and he said since I was tryna talk to other guys he minus well talk to other girls and I told him No but ofcourse he didn't listen. but a coupl e of weeks later one of our high school friends wrote me on facebook asking me if I still went out with him because he was asking her for her number. surprisingly this was before the incident with the guy at the party which shocked me. So I asked him about it and he tried so hard to act like he didn't know what I was talking about. I don't know how but someway he talked his way out of it. after that I saw a picture on fb with his ex girlfriend sitting in his house in the summer we were together and he told me he wasnt there when she was there, she was there with his cousin. after that since the start of the new year I told him I didn't want to stress anymore and he said he didn't want me stressing. So our 2 year anniversary just passeed recently and Im still stressing over the things he does. I don't want him talking to or messing with other girls and I just want him to be honest with me. I don't think he trusts me because of the things he's caught me doing, but at the same time it doesn't compare to what I've caught him doing. I want to ask him where he see things going between us, is this relationship really what he wants at such a young age. does he wanna be single so he can enjoy his self while he's young because honestly I think thats what he wants to. But he doesn't want to let me go. I don't understand. He ignores my phone calls like too much now. doesn't text me back. Im in college and I only see him some weekends. He used to text me every morning and tell me good morning but now he does it some mornings. I speak to him on average of 20 minutes in a day, and thats if he calls me or answers his phone when I call him. Conversations are very short. We still tell each other I love you when hanging up the phone, but I feel like im a single college student even though im in a relationship. I don't have any male friends. a lot of guys at my college like me and I don't talk to any of them because of him. I really really really don't know what to do. I stress about this everyday, and I mean EVERYDAY. and bad enough I have school to think about. What should I do??? I really love him, and I know he loves me, but what's going on with him.? will he ever change.? am I to nice to him and thats why he does the things he do?

I am a pisces. I believe in the connection of astrology signs, but I think a lot has to do with how mature you are, how independant you are and how much self respect you have. If you are in a bad relationship, learn from it and learn what you need to do to make it better. Don't try & change the other person, have a look in the mirror and look at yourself. If you are getting footprints over your face, it's up to you to get out of the way, not to change the other person. You have your morals, be patient with yourself. I am with a Taurus, no he has not got that spriritual connection, but hey, he is reliable, a good provider and it is a learning curb for me. We probably wont stay together in the end, but I have learn't so much about myself in the meantime. I do need that connection with either a Cancer or a Scorpio as I click with them, so until then, learn from your experiences until you find the right person.

I am a 22 year old Pisces woman and I have a 19 year old Scorpio bestfriend whom I ended up falling for. I don't know what to do because as others have stated, they want to let their feelings go but cannot do so because they want the Scorpio man all to themself. I don't know what to do and at times I am a bit confused because he makes it seem like he does have feelings for me in return but then what he says sometimes contradicts what his actions are towards me at times. I don't know what to do, I have not yet directly told him how I feel about him and I don't really want to either because I would hate to ruin a great friendship, I'd much rather have him in my life as a friend than not in my life at all..

Well, where do I start.... I am a 30 yr old Pisces female madly and hopelessly in love with a 34 yr old male Scorpio. We have been together for a little over 2 years and man o man has it been one hell of a rollercoaster ride!!! That stare that everyone is talking about well the stare he gave me the moment we met will be etched in my mind for the rest of my life! Soooooooo intense! Our attraction knew no bounds - I was 4 months pregnant with my ex's child and even this did not stand in the way of us getting together! It was months before I finally gave in but really he had me from hello - my scorp is nice and tall and well built and just drew me to him like a big old magnet - Abd I am happy to say I am still stuck by his side :-) We have had our ups and downs though and we have separated once and reconciled. He is so intense and I must say it was a little overwhelming for me as I've always been an independent person and here's this guy who comes along and wants to be in charge! Some things we've had to work through are the mind games, him always needing to be right, him needing to be needed by me - once I worked this one out I backed down and am actually enjoying having a strong handsome man in control of me ;-) Possessiveness and jealousy and me being the true piscean that I am, my indecisiveness and lack of direction which he always tried to guide me through but I used to jack up thinking he was just trying to control me, but once I realized this guy actually lives for me and does not do anything without thinking of me first, it just became so much easier to have a harmonious relationship with him :-) And the lovemaking - OH MY GOD!!!!! All those other women are not kidding when they say it is unlike anything they've ever experienced before - He still manages to leave me with a big smile on my face - EVERY.SINGLE.TIME!! :-)))) My darling scorp is a scared little boy under all that he man outer layer and once you have gained their trust 100% they will reveal this to you and it will all fall into place - you will then understand why they say and do some of the not-so-nice things they say and do. If you are thinking of hooking up with a Scorpio male be sure he is the one you want to be with, because once he opens himself up to you, he won't want to let you go! I still get the stares and at times a nasty word said here or there, but I now understan him, and him me and in the month we were apart we were both an absolute wreck.... Friends are so jealous of our relationship and it's true, when we are together it is like no one else matters There can be a room full of people yet he and I lock eyes and it is only us there :-) I have never felt anything like what I feel with this guy and he says the same So if you are looking for a daring adventurous dark but sexually thrilling partner who will make you the queen of his world - go out and get yourself a scorp ;-)

I recently went on a date with a Scorpio man (I am a Pisces woman) and I felt very pulled to him... Oddly I did something out of the ordinary with this guy. We met online on Day 1 and went on a date on Day 2. I felt so drawn to him it was very unusual, like I knew him from somewhere, but I'm *sure* I didn't. I stayed at his place and just shared a bed with him that night - no sex, but umm he had a bit of an unspoken pull on me.

Who knows if I'm ever going out with this guy again. Personality and values are most important to me, but I have to admit that our Sun sign is our essence. I think I'd love to date a Scorpio long term.

Scorpio watches me ever day online but has a girlfriend. What does that mean?

I'm a Pisces female and when I met Scorpio male it was love at 1st sight. He would act cold to me so distance myself from him. I haven't seen him in over a year. He now has a girlfriend but he's stocking me online everyday for the past couple of years since we 1st met. I'm in love with him. I'm too shy to ask him out and now that he's in a relationship I would never do anything to disrespect another woman. I don't know what to do. A part of me thinks he's with her to teach me a lesson for not pursuing a relationship with him.

Please help. I need Scorpio Love advice. Why would he be in a relationship with someone when obsessed with someone else and then know that that person is in love with you. And trust me I know it's him for a fact ...he does things in response to my sight he goes on. I need advice on what to do...should I just wait it out and wait for him...I don't know what to do, I feel like he's the love of my life!

So- I am not going to repeat my story of "pisces woman [pw]/scorpio man [sm]. We work together, are both married with children and NO, we do not have any physical relationship. Just an emotional affair without words!!! Everyone can literally feel the "electromagnetic field" that stirs up when we are in the same room-- even though we interact very formally.

Like all of you, I love my Scorpio deeply- in fact so deeply that I don't even want him to leave his wife and young children, because we are both in comfortable enough marriages- just not as strong as our connection with each other.

Dear fellow Pisces women! let's face it: The Scorpio men are every bit as intriguing, magnetic, intense and compatible with us as they say [I don't know about the sex part, but even the thought of it puts my heart on fire]. These gentlemen sting us, freeze us [broodiness], burn us [fiery passion], play games with us and then patronize us.

So what????

Don't forget your strengths and advantages over your scorpio- you ARE a Pisces WOMAN:

It takes 3 simple steps: believe in your strengths, know him, play along, and be confident

1. Recognize, develop and use the power of your INTUITION to understand the deep labyrinth of his mind.

2. Let's not get worked up by this guy's intimidating presence, intense gaze, or mesmerizing charm. As the creature of the ocean, his deep emotion is our natural habitat. View his "need for personal time and space" as the opportunity for swimming with your girl friends.

3. It is in our nature to move smooth and swift but change direction easily and quickly. Use it to change your position from being his opposite to his best ally. Be "cool" but not cold".

3. Pisces women are ultimately feminine- so his sexuality does not give him an advantage over you-- it becomes his weakness. He can't resist your silky vulnerability, your tender love and the sliding swing of your hips.

4. When they say "compatible", it is not just about how perfect they are for us; we are also perfect for them. Believe in this! Give him the tender love that he secretly craves for, get enthusiastically engaged in his mind games and walk with confidence?. HE IS YOURS

My Scorpio man and I are both in our 40's. We met via an odd set of circumstances online. From the first minute there was an intense, open, honest and amazing connection - 3 hours on the phone for nights in a row, never running out of things to talk about. The first date was electrifying and it was all I could do not to grab him and kiss him.

I think I'm fortunate in this relationship in that I'm a Pisces/Aries cusp (March 20th). I am definitely ruled by Pisces but there's enough Aries in me that I'm not afraid to speak up when something doesn't feel right. And even though it hasn't been very long, maybe a month at the most, we are further along in our relationship than many couples who have dated for months and months. Any little hiccups that come up, we are able to talk them through (once he realizes he can open up to me about it and be honest, without me judging him) and move on. Each time it makes our connection stronger. There have been a lot of mistakes in his past and he wants to try to wait to have sex, as do I. But that is becoming VERY difficult - just being near him is so sexually charged. We've still managed to keep our committment. But he is sometimes hot and cold. On one hand he's already talked about 'down the road' moving in together, future plans, etc.. but then it's as if he is witholding . I have no problem saying exactly how I feel. But I'm wondering if that is putting him off - since there may be some control issues going on? Any advice?

I Am 24 Year Old Pisces Woamn. I Have Been Involved With My Scorpio Man Since Age Of 14. Though We Have Never Been In An Exclusive Relationship, We Always Find Our Way Back together. One Way Or Another! I Was In two different relationships for 3 years each, and he was in one for 6 years. We Still Stayed in touch and made time to see each other all these years. Now We are both single and I don't want to be with anybody else. He Is the only one who understands me, and he is who I Want to spend the rest of my life with. He Finally has opened up to me and is able to express his feelings to me freely. He Asks Me To wait another year, so that we could be for sure and also financially stable. What do you think? I Love Him So much! He knows My Body and My Mind. He Listens When I Talk and He Streghthens My Soul and Puts My Mind at ease. I love his calm-laid back nature,The Way His Eyes Look at me and The Way he know how to touch my body.Its Like Magic or A Part of a fairy tal e when we are together. He Is The Man For Me, No One Can Do It Better. I Pray to God That This Will Be The Man I Marry SOON. He Is The Ultimate MAN OF MY DREAMS

I'm a Pisces woman and I have dated and broken up with a few Scorpios to keep my sanity. There's a reason their sign is the scorpian. Its mysterious, interesting, strong, and deadly. They get the wrap of being the BIGGEST FREAKS and in a way its true. Let me explain how. Scorpios are the most self-serving sign I have ever met. When they are upset, which is often because they are so possesive and jelous you cant reason with them, talk to them or explain anything. When you first met them Pisces they are charming, funny, and appear considerate. WRONG they are studying you and seeing if YOU are the woman they want. Not to love and respect but to control and admire like a fish in a tank. They seem easy to talk to and listen to you which is exciting because as Pisces we have a lot to share but its so they can later twist your words, they seem considerate to your needs and day but thats so they can learn your routine to later question any change to your schudule and accuse you of something. And they maybe the best freak you know in the bedroom, but that is to later make you a slave to your desires for them so they can use sex as a weapon. The chemistry between Pisces and Scorpio is strong and intense from the start but so is Morphine and like a drug you don't know you got a habit and its a problem till its to late and your hooked. I've never met a Scorpio that didn't have some real issues trusting, not lying, and helping w/out looking for something in return. They are insecure about everything but hate and would never admit it, its easier to blame everyone else. Only if you feel love should hurt should a fish stay. Otherwise swim deep and fast in the opposite direction.

I am a Scorpio man dating a Pisces woman. We have been dating for 4 months and it is an awesome relationship. As a Scorpio man I do get jealous but I am able to get over that feeling quicker than anyone Ive been with. My Pisces woman treats me like no other as she seems to know and care for my emotions. Just like most above state we text and call each other at exactly the same time sometimes. We can be craving a certain food or restaraunt and once one of us says it...its the same one! Its amazing and of course the sex is amazing as she handles my passion like no other and gives the best love Ive ever had. The only thing that could come between us is my jealousy and Im pretty sure I have a grip on it for the fact I don't want to lose the best thing Ive ever found.

I have had an interesting experience with a scorpio...I'm a 24 yr old Pisces who met her 25 yr old Scorpio last year. I had gone to the same high school as he did, he even dated a couple of my friends, but we never spoke. We just knew of each other...well, I knew of him. The phrase I knew him by was "He's so unpredictable!! No one ever knows what he'll do next.." of course I was intrigued, and hoped that one day I might just sit down with him and really pick his brain, try to understand his motives for the things he did. I also knew he always dated the hottest girls at school, and so never, in a MILLION years would I have EVER suspected he would be attracted to me(I was somewhat of an ugly duckling back then), much less pursue me breakup after breakup, probe endlessly to see if there was ever a crack in my wall of silence.

From the first few weeks we had started dating, I knew this wasn't the kind of guy I wanted to be involved with. His morals were way too loose for my taste, he used all the dumb lines, and I knew what happened to women who allowed themselves to trust in that type of man. So I broke it off, told him we would never happen as a couple. It was extremely hard...I hate doing that anyway, and with him it was especially difficult, since he made me laugh and feel accepted more than any other guy I had ever been with. I had also just been dumped (my first time being dumped!) by an older Taurean with about ten yrs worth of baggage, and so my self-esteem as well as any confidence I once had was pretty much shot. This made my Scorpio try again and again for me...he could see the pain I was going through, the self-doubt, timidity and vulnerability that plagued me. This is where the manipulation started. He would tell me he just wanted to be was funny...he would try a line on me that had worked on so many other girls, and I would just kind of shoot him down, telling him he just sounded dumb. I think that's how I got to know more of a real side of him...I saw more of the genuine man, and as a result I learned to trust him. We had such a real connection...It kept drawing me back, time after time. After he tricked me into kissing him (quite brilliant, by the way) I once again tried breaking it off, but the more I tried, the more sweet and dramatic our reunions would be after he broke me down again. He wrote the most amazingly romantic emails and letters to me...the most amazing voice mails...I would be sucked back into the world he would create for us, be happy and content there for a while, then realize what I was doing. The obsession I had for him, and he had for me probably wasn't healthy, and I would realize again how much of a master manipulator he was. So I would break it off again, trying my hardest to be smart, logical, responsible for my future.

This went on for months. I got mono from him, almost didn't pass my classes (it was my last semester at University). Being sick only made my resolve weaker, and on a bad night, I would text him, telling him how sick I was, and he would tell me to come over so he could make me soup and rub my back. Which he would do...and of course what followed would be most satisfying...anyway. Along with being my best friend and the best seducer I've ever known, I could also see my morals and character slowly going down the sink. Because I had been the Ugly Ducking type for most of my life, I craved the attention from boys so many other girls got. The way he just...DEMANDED me went to my head, made me feel desirable and sexy, feelings I had only experienced for the past five years or so, ever since I had been in college. Giving in to him time and time again wasn't doing good things for my independence or regard for myself, and I found myself fearing to disappoint him. We fought all the time ...he was the first guy I ever actually fought with. He would actually encourage me to let it out, to yell at him. It was an incredibly freeing experience. I got mad at him a lot. I don't believe in sex before marriage, and one of the things that made me mad was when he would push me farther than I wanted to go, physically. I wanted to, trust me. Every time, more and more I wanted to surrender myself to him, let the tide of desire wash over and drown me, but my upbringing wouldn't allow it.

Finally, I found the strength to break off from him. A close friend of mine who had dated him before had been away for 18 months and had come back to find me completely unsure of myself, living in fear, wanting to do the right thing for myself but unable to have the strength to do it. About the same time this Scorpio had been physically forceful to me, nothing abusive but it was like he was testing me. He would hold me down on a couch or something for an hour just because I wouldn't tell him something he wanted to know, or just not listen to me when I wanted him to stop doing something and I would have to take initiative. Don't get me was the most fun I had ever had in my entire life, but everyone could see how destructive it was. My friend helped me resist his calls, his emails, his texts. He would play all the games, telling me if this was truly the end, then he deserved for me to tell him goodbye...but the thing was, he had done this before, and when I would cal l him in the past, all he had to do was talk to me and my resolve would disappear.

I was able to stay clean (haha) for about two and a half months. During that time, I was going to therapy, and he dated another girl, asked her to marry him, and then cheated on her in order to break up with her. When I found out he was getting married (he asked me to come to the wedding!! GAAHHH!!) I was extremely hurt and angry, but I tried to get over it and had texted him congratulations on his engagement. I thought he had finally moved past "us", fallen in love with another girl and so of course it had to be safe now to speak to him...right??? He called me after I sent the text and we talked for an hour, and then a week later his engagement had been called off. I started talking to him again, started being sucked back into the erotic fantasy world he was so good at creating for me, but after all that time and therapy, I was stronger. I could keep in my mind how false he could be, the poor girl he had just destroyed, and I could break things off with him for longer period s of time.

Now...we are not talking. He has taken a job in a different state, is blocked from my phone, blocked from my fbook, and even though I really miss having someone who understood me so much more than ANYONE else ever has, I know that had I finally agreed to be with him, we might have had a couple good years...we may have been completely slap happy for a while, but he would have betrayed me in some way. Or not...maybe he was telling the truth in that he would have dedicated his life to making me happy, but somehow I know that my life, as well as the life of my future children (I definitely plan to have some) will be better and safer because I have deleted him...and his complete all-encompassing passion from my life.

I am a piscean with Scorpio moon 21yr old suffered for a bloody Scorpio who is 23 and all I can say that these scorps are mean jerks who just live for their gratification. Their best job is to confuse and abuse pisceans acting as messed up and we fools tend to believe they are having problems dealing with their so called feelings. I hardly have faith in this relationship no matter the psychic connection. If it ends up well in marriage it can be a boon or hell for whole life. You will always feel the bloody connection and it could hurt even more knowing that its with him and you will feel it whether you want or not.

I am a aries/taurus cusp (22/4). I have been with my husband for 13yrs (7/11). We met each other through work. He was at the time married to a Virgo (7/9) which he left to be with me. Me and my husband have a 10 yr old son together (4/7) during our 13yrs together he has cheated and lied to me 5 times. (And yes I know I should have left him after the first time) But I truly loved this man. Recently we got into an argument and he filed out of the blue for a divorce. Since then he has moved in with a woman (12/3) Pisces woman. He is 38 and she is 40. I stood by him through all the times that he had affairs. Now he has turned against me and has even gotten a court order that I am not allowed to come to his residcy where they are staying. He has called his son a liar, because he caught them in bed together. The lady that he is seen has lost both her children in a car accident which was whilste she was behind the wheel. And two years ago she lost her husband aswell. I jus t want to ask a Scorpio male out there why would you turn against your family, just be honest and tell me rather you found someone else. And to a Pisces woman out there. Why would you have an affair with a married man who has so much history of affairs behind him. If the pisces/scorpio signs are emotional signs does it not mean that they will cry each other to death. She is at the verge of losing her house, horses and even her job. He on the other hand just quit his job to be with her. Yet he has my son to look after. Today is the 15/9/2011 and we are still legally married.

I am a piscean.. Here's my story I met my guy(who is a scorpio) when I was in 7th grade. He is 21 now and am 18. We were in a relationship for almost 2yrs. We splited some weeks back. (I still love him..) He dump me.. But there is something that I don't understand, and that is he stil talk to me like before.. Like we r still in a relationship. I don't understand what he really wants. I don't have the guts to ask him.. Does he wants me back? I really want him to know that I love him... If any one have any suggestion i'l be really thankful for your help.

Does a Pisces man stand a better chance of winning his ex Scorpio girlfriend back? Basically, I dated her for only a month but we texted each other off and on for about two and a half months. She broke up with me basically because I became insecure constantly asking for confirmation that we are a couple. It didn't help that I completely fall for her when I meet her for the first time in person. I knew I was going to really like her from our texts. I just forgot the golden rule...(Don't put it all out there and leave a little mystery). She knew how I felt from day one. Jokingly, I even asked her, "What do you think about having my last name?" and in her responce she said "I can see that happening."! Obviously my mind was blown hearing this from such a extrordinary woman. By the way I asked that question the first day I met her in person. Once hearing her answer I just went crazy with the declarations of devotion and love! Now that I look back I realize it was just t oo soon to act that way. I know for a fact she was really into me before I went all over the top so I'm wondering if there's a chance she can feel that way about me again. We still communicate as friends but I want to ask her to give me another chance.

By the way, I'm 41 and she's 35. Also, I'm a February 28 Pisces and she's a November 18 Scorpio. If It's even possible after only having a one month affair, can any Scorpio give me some advise on what to do to win her back?

It's all true. Love at first sight. Unspoken emotions. A bond that will never be broken. I have found my soul mate.

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