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I'm a Sagittarius female. THE ULTIMATE SAGI (Sun and Moon, Rising, and Mercury in Sag with an Aquarius north node.)

When first meeting my Scorpio man I was as most girls are to Scorpio men, hypnotized, he knew exactly what to say and how to make love like a stallion! I was immediately attracted to his strong will, his sense of danger and excitement, his PASSION, and strong libido. The fact that he was compassionate without being too needy. He loved my passion, my strong libido, and the fact that I was exciting and not like most prude or wishy washy women, I had opinions and BY GOD I was sure to tell him. THIS relationship will NEVER EVER be boring that's for sure, VERY GOOD CONVERSATIONS. sounds good to me. :D.

After awhile both sides will see little ticks that are off. Emotional things and ways of approaching life. As a Sagi, I ignore bad thoughts and feelings or am over them in 15 mins after a hell raising fiery temper. He on the other hand seems to need to process negativity and cope with them, it takes him more time. Sag will feel like this is bringing her internal happiness to a screeching halt, while Scorpio will feel that she is not feeling things with him which is important to him, or that she is naive with her emotions.

I always want to go go go!!! he likes to go go then lay back and chill. I CAN NEVER CHILL. unless there a martini and im watching a dance floor. or im out somewhere else chilling, I can chill at the neighbors but as long as its not my own house. I don't know what's wrong with me... Sagi's are usually very undomesticated people and im also VERY restless.

Another thing is jealously, Sag women are NOT cheaters, but they will if they are accused or feel caged in, and they LOVE TO BE AROUND NEW PEOPLE AND SIGHTS AND SOUNDS. I personally love attention, so I know im driving him nuts with the "Omg, they love me they really really love me!" feeling whatever social event I go to. they will do anything to protect the feeling of freedom but if they do cheat it wont stay a secret for too long with Scorpios weirdo cool sense of knowing what another is knowing and thinking before they even do. lol. this ALWAYS freaks me out. Scorpios read minds..... crazy water people.

I'm a fiery little sag girl and I love my strong manly Scorpio man. He makes me feel protected and has a strong personality that I wont walk all over. HE IS THE BEST IN BED IVE EVER BEEN WITH. we've been together for 5 months and going strong. He is exciting, which I NEED. he is funny which I NEED. he is smart and can hold a in depth conversation which I really need in a man. PERFECT.

Yea yea, sure he is a little emotionally intense, he gets upset easily which is a lot different then me but who cares! at least he isn't boring or emotionless. At least I have an amazing spiritual awakening every time we make love! LOL.

I used to hate on Scorpios, now I see how deep of people they are and how passionate and good to those that are close to them they are. I love being the little cute lil crazy girl for once instead of the cold hearted independent woman, A Scorpio man can definitely make a sag female feel like this. Like she is wooed without the corny uncomfortable stuff, he is a MAN!

I am a Sagittarius woman, and been living with my Scorpio partner for more that a year. It's the best relationship I have ever had. We obviously had differences not different from other supposedly compatible signs couples. Sorry but you cannot decide a potential relationship just according to star signs...mature people don't base success of unsecces of relationship in something like start sign compatibility

People who read astrology sites just to post comments that they dont believe in astrology crack me up. Just had to say that. There's enough people who know without doubt that there's something to it. We wont drone on about how it does work, if you wont comment that it doesn't. Deal?

Back on topic, I love my Sagi wife! She's perfect for me xxxx

I am a sag woman and my ex is a Scorpio male. I'm absolutely in love with him. We haven't been together in years but his actions and mind games drives me wild. He's never boring and he has special talents in everything. Although were not together, he will always be my favorite guy.

I'm a Sag woman going 9 months strong wit my Scorpio man,

at first he was really nice it seemed like he really wanted to get to know me.. but I jus couldn't really open up to him Idk y that's just me--so after awhile that feel went away as if he didn't care. he started to act so stuck-up, stubborn, careless etc..

and ya know eventually we made up started going out and its great I kn0w sometimes I feel like he doesn't give a *#!$ but he's told me many times that he knows it seem like that but really I always and the first thing on his mind...I mean he's so passionate, loving, fun, funny, etc. BUT--also aggressive, extremely jealous, forceful, too serious. some how we just always seem to work out our problems-- he's the best and I love him--oh yea and the sex it

he keeps me wanting more he's my addiction.

I do agree with the all above SAG girls. I m also an Sagittarius. I love my Scorpio lover. he is very emotional n passionate in love. he is caring, humble n cool hearted man. I would say that its wrong to judge compatibility by their signs. fire n water sign also makes good couples.

I have just started dating a Scorpio and think he is very interesting but what I read on the internet scares me a bit. I feel like telling him all about my life without getting anything back, how does he do it? And how do I turn it around? I want to know more! I am still not sure what he wants and if he wants something serious but he is very possessive anyway and everything is planned it seems to me. Sometimes he takes ages to reply to messages which kills me but I have now learned that he will reply sooner or later :)

Usually I would say I flirt a lot and get distracted easily but he makes me want to be with him and only with him, he's got that magical attraction! He shows me that he likes me only is he is sure that I do like him which can take a while sometimes... Despite from driving me crazy I love having him around me, he makes me feel such an intensity!

Oh, and there is an incredible intensity in bed. When he touches me it feels like whoaaaaa lol

I'm sag and in love with a Scorpio man. I think he's the one for me by his behavior...he is just the way I want my man to be...LIKE A REAL MAN but when I read all those compatibilities and love matches, I get disappointed. I want some real couples who can tell me that yes Scorpio and sag can make a great couple or at least good couple... I need help, I think we can make a very good couple but compatibility scares me...

I have been with my Scorpion man for about 6 months now. He has been the most mind blowing lover I have ever had. He always considers me in everything he does. He is sincere and we reach new levels of intimacy daily. He has shown me how deep his love goes. I am usually skittish about committing but if he dropped down on one knee today I would say yes in a heartbeat. Yes he can be mopey and sulk when he is unhappy. His temper is terrible, and can be very emotional at times, which I have learned to be patient with him when he gets this way. The key to our lasting power despite our differences is communication. Always being upfront all the time.. no matter what.

It's interesting that no Scorpio guys posted on this site. Mysterious people they are, and how the sag's dating these Scorpios are blabbing all over the place. I am a sag, so I can point that out

I have posted something just when I started dating my now Scorpio boyfriend. I would like to add a couple of things. I think he is very caring and loving but it took a while until I figured it out. Sometimes I still think he tries to hide his emotions and he's definitely into playing games which is annoying but I am trying to be patient because he means the world to me and he trusts me more now. I have read a lot about compatibility on the internet and I do not agree. I think a long term relationship between Scorpio and Sagittarius is possible if both partners work on it and are just in love with each other.

I am not flirting with other guys because I am so in love and there is no need for me to keep options open although I am a Sagittarius. I know he loves me very much :) I also think I am calming him down, taking away a bit of that seriousness.

Oh Scorpio's do open up after a long time, so be patient.

Also, I think I am as possessive as a Scorpio can be so please don't tell me all Sagittarius women wander around flirting and seeing everything light hearted, not true.

To all of you who have read those disappointing compatibility articles on the internet: it is possible to have a relationship if you are in love and sometimes I would just say "screw horoscopes"! Find out yourself, you will learn out of your mistakes. If you never make any, how are you supposed to learn anything?

I am a Scorpio male, I am responding. Sag women are generalized as "party girls" with no direction. Not true. I am in a relationship with a sag lady. She is 15 years younger than me, and I know she is crazy in love with me sexually, mentally, and spiritually. I am not the possessive type anymore, been there, done that, did not work. My sag lady is Hispanic, I am white, and I love her culture. Star signs are generalizations only. Sags are truly misunderstood. She is the only woman who cries when we make love, crying that she is happy to have me in her life. I'm a lucky lucky Scorpio! That's passion, and Scorpios love passion!

it's weird. I have Mars in Scorpio but I've never been attracted to a Scorpio I don't think. unless he was famous I didn't know him but other than that, in real life I don't recall one Scorpio male I've like. I also have Venus in Capricorn, Ascendant in Aquarius, Moon in Leo, most signs in Sagittarius and I'm a Sag girl.

I like Scorpio girls for some reason but not Scorpio males, I don't know why. and I like Pisces and Cancer males a lot although I don't really have any Pisces/ Cancer in my chart. someone help! does Mars in Scorpio mean you'll be attracted or marry a Scorpio cause it said I would I remember reading it somewhere.

and also my dad's a Scorpio maybe that's why I've never liked a Scorpio male though? cause find them too scary and mature? I don't know. I really love Jonny from Radiohead though. x

Hi I am SAG women who is deeply in love with her Scorpio man. He is my king and I know that he loves to be in charge. I have no problem with this. At times he can be a little thrifty lol however he is doing better. We disagree but rarely argue. Its a relationship that we will be taking to the next level. He proposed and I have accepted. I love him so much and have even allow compromise to enter our relationship. True love should not be determined by a sign. I love his manliness and his ability to make me feel completely safe. He is my soul mate and my best friend. S + S may be the hidden best!!!!

Hi all there..:D..!!

I am a sagi girl.still a teenager...umm...m at times a lil introverted girl (which is, I know different from my sun sign)..:) I don't believe on any kind of short term relationship based on lust and blah bla.....

m into this Scorpio guy...I don't know y, I find him really attractive, irresistible & protective towards me...:s...and m completely confused...what should I do?....its very stupid of me...

He seems to show me mutual feelings emotionally and but not physically...but m scared. I mean really scared...

By the way,

this is a question for all the couples out there:

"How did you guys hooked up...share your love stories pls"..:)

An Introverted Sagittarius

I am a Scorpio man and my first love was a Sagi girl. We started dating in high school, but our initial attraction towards each other went back to middle school. For a long time once we started dating, things were great. It was the young romance that most everyone seems to have, with intentions of marriage plain as day. We both gave each other our virginity, and we both infatuated with each other in every way.

Towards the end of high school, she got in a verbal confrontation with my friend. My friend was not really cool about it, but I believe she saw it as contest to see who I would back up. I found the whole argument childish anyways, so I kept my mouth shut. She took it as a betrayal, that I should back up my girlfriend 100%. I told her that she should have just let it go, and that it was just my friend being a jerk (I would have lots of convos about how awful my friends were. Maybe she didn't like me giving attention to other friends?). Anyways, after that things got crappy. We had a long talk and at the end of it we were "on a break". We had already made plans for senior prom so we went to that together, but it sucked. I thought she looked beautiful and she knew it, and she teased me all night long and then left with other people afterwards. She started pursuing this guy, who I knew she was attracted to even when we were dating, and behaved very coldly to me. I was very hurt.

I started flirting with another girl, yet maintained a polite relationship with my Sagi. Then one night, she broke down in tears while I was dropping her off at her dad's house. She wanted to get back together, and I tried to tell her we were broken up, that we needed to stay as just friends. But I was weak, and couldn't cut it off. My baby was bawling right next to me, and I just wanted to make her feel better. I knew that the guy she was pursuing had turned her down; she had told me so herself. Looking back, I wonder if she only wanted me back because I was getting involved with another girl while her attempt with another guy floundered.

Anyways, I took her back (a mistake) and the following summer was the most sexually explosive time of my young life. But I felt like she was very clingy. I always had to give her rides to work, to hang out with her friends, to do anything. I even had to give her little sister rides. She still did not have a license to drive at this point, and I honestly felt like I was a chauffer or taxi man.

Then, when I was about to start college, we had another talk. This time, she said she felt like I loved her, but not as passionately as before, not like a girlfriend. But she was not sad about it, and I found it too easy to agree with her, to tell her she had hit the nail on the head. After all, the world had just opened up for me, and I was eager to explore. So once again, we separated, this time as friends. Things got worse. We had a casual sexual relationship, but she never thought twice about telling me about how she took some younger kid's virginity who worked as a counselor at the summer camp she worked at, or how sexy this guy I work with is when they are alone *gag*.

And then she started dating this other guy, and our sexual relationship ended. I became evasive and withdrawn from her. Eventually she broke up with that guy, and once again our passions were reignited. But then, suddenly, it was over again. We still slept in the same bed, but things were obviously different when we never did anything more than exchange simple kisses during several concurrent nights spent together.

Then one morning after we slept together (mind you, still no physical relations), the insane Scorpio in me came out to rear it's ugly head, and I looked at her text messages that she was spending so much time on the previous evening. Well my suspicions were confirmed, unfortunately. She had been texting her boss from work, who I had met previously. I didn't know they were involved romantically, but it hit me like a ton of bricks that morning. According to her text, I was an "asshole friend" who couldn't take her out to the bar where he was hanging out. I guess they had made plans or something, and I was her ride (yet again grr) to get out to meet him. I was wondering why she was so eager to go out...

So I kept looking thru her texts with him, and I have never felt any heartbreak greater than that day. I was literally able to trace their romance from its beginnings to the night they hooked up to the night that I was too tired to take her out to the bar to meet her friend. After that, I was really depressed and felt betrayed. I became withdrawn again, but we managed a shaky and tenuous relationship as friends. They dated for quite a while. While dating him, she revealed to me how she felt caged by him, and she told me how I was her outlet for her feelings. Then they broke up, and this time I was more than ready to reignite our flame. I had some other unsuccessful attempts at romance, and the chemistry we have is unlike anything else I have experienced.

But it seems that she is past me. We have kissed and hugged romantically and only once made love since. I thought she wanted to take it slow perhaps, let our love blossom again. I was ready to treat her like a goddess; I had come to realize how happy she made me. But it isn't turning out as I imagined. I can handle her having physical relationships with other guys, but I need a little physical attention of my own. She says she wants things to last between us, but I can't handle it when she invites me out to a bar, where she is hanging out with another guy friend that I know she has a crush on, and she is all over him while I had to sit by myself and make small talk with her sisters friends.

She used to call me to hang out all the time. But now she has 2 jobs and is very busy, I can understand that. But she is too tired to hang out after her double shift, and I work a lot too, which leaves us little time to be together. A few weekends ago she said she would 'save a weekend night just for me'. I was looking forward to it with great avarice. But then, our time together ended abruptly as yet another friend came to pick her up out of nowhere to take her somewhere else. All in all, I'd say I spent more time thinking about how I wanted the night to go compared to the amount of time we did spend together. This brings me to the here and now in my life. I started looking into astrology out of curiosity, and the descriptions for Scorp and Sagi were pretty fitting for me and her. I love her but I am tired of being emotionally toyed with. I am having trouble moving on, and in truth, I don't want to move on. She pervades my dreams, and fills my head at night with feelings of desire. I am young and I will find another love. This is my mantra until further notice

Hey im a Sagittarius 17 year old girl dating a 17 year old Scorpio Guy. BEST RELATIONSHIP IVE EVER HAD! My ex was a Leo I thot I was gonna marry him. But when he broke my heart Scorpio came in and saved me! I mean he's very different but that's da best part!

Im a sag female in love with a scorp im 34 yrs old and he is 37 I been with him since I was 17yrs old. sex is great and the coversation. I rather go blind to ever see him with someone else . HE IS SERIOUS ALL THE TIME AND I LIKE TO JOKE THAT CAN START A FIGHT.

Im a sag women currently with a scorp man. Its amazing how similar all of the relationships talked about on here are so much like my relationship. We are still in the beginning stages. He plays mind games & hides his feelings still. I think its somewhat of a defense mechanism he has in order to keep from getting hurt(scorps are said to feel things intensely). I feel like he really cares for me though. like he might even be the one, who knows. I feel like he is what I need in my life like he is someone I can have something real with. which is what im looking for.

Sag open! Scorpio secretive!

I am a Sag woman and I met this creature, a Scorpio man...he is so fascinating to me..he makes me want to be a good girl. its been over 7 months and I am determined to put those silly compatibility articles to bed! he is so interesting. his possessiveness and jealousy is alluring. Ive been waiting my whole life to find a man who wants to lock me down, tie me to the bedpost, and throw away the key. he's a man's man. he's my man because we both want him to be. I love how he stares at me. I love how he speaks to me, with so much logic and straightforwardness. he holds me tight after we smash. he is an amazing adventure. he makes me feel sexy. screw the competition.

He seduced me and I LOVED it

Hi I am a Sagittarius woman. My ex was a Capricorn. When that relationship broke Scorpio hero came to my life. He made me tell him that I love him. I started loving him to escape from my past relationship. now really I love him. We are about to get married. He had 2 -3 relationships in the past. One of the girl a Pisces. The problem between us is that the Pisces girl cannot go outside from his life even though they broke up years back. He is struggling a lot to make her understood that they could not get married. She agreed it. Still she needs to continue their relationship. Currently I am confused, don't know what to do. He is very loyal to me. Just waiting to see what is going to happen.

I am a young Sagittarius woman with a lovely Scorpio boyfriend. I can honestly say that I love him to death. So far, he has been my longest relationship, along with the best. Even though as expected, we do sometimes have our conflicts. He'll hide his emotions and I'm not sure how many secrets he has still. He has opened up quite a bit to me, but he is still quite mysterious, which I find really attractive anyways :] I have noticed though that I am way more open than he is. He knows pretty much everything about me now, but I can trust him and I'm thankful for such a guy like him. I love him so much..I hope this relationship will continue to work x

I don't believe scorpios and sagi's can't get along. they sure can. I never officially dated this Scorpio man, but we've been friends since we were 4 years old, and still counting the years. we had romantic and intense moments that I will never forget, but I knew Scorpio would find someone MUCH more suited for him. and could be around him (he moved away and lives in the province beside me)

and he did. he now has a Cancer woman and just had a baby boy.

although I can't have him, i'll never love a man more than I did him :)

I'm a sagittarian girl, who dated 2 Scorpio guys. It was the most horrible relationship ever. They kept on texting "where are you?" "what are you up to?" man that drived me crazy. They always wanted to be with me, everywhere I go. The HORRIBLE part is, I let the 2nd Scorpio sleep in bed with me. He could not stop moving, I discovered he was playing with himself. "ewwwwwwww!"

I am not dating anyone Scorpio again

hmmmmmm...... I never knew that a Scorpio+Sagittarius would be such a good match. To be honest, maybe ALL of thouse astrology website's were wrong, yet you guys made it sound right. I'm actually happy that you SAGITTARIANS shared how compatible these 2 horoscopes are.

I'm a Sagittarius girl, who is a teen. My Scorpio guy is my best friend but *I* decided that we both should stay as friends.

I'm a sag woman and had two Scorpio men that I've been in love with. The first one was my first love from high school where we were inseperable from one another. We had lots of fun, he wasn't affraid to express his feelings towards me and visa versa, he was outgoing with lots of quality time. We were both in love but his parents made up break up because we were so...close and his school grades were dropping. He went away to college when he graduated from high school and I never forgot him. He is the love of my life even though we're not together. I am currently happily married and so is he. Although, I still can't seem to release him from my heart and think about him all of the time. I believe that one day in the future or another lifetime we'll be together again. There has been no other man that has made me feel like he did. Most men are fearful of expressing their true feelings. He's the only decent man who was bold enough to. Oh yea, he was extremely pasisonate to no end.

Leos have been mentioned shortly as in between heartbreakers and a**holes and I would admit that although it's my sign, I haven't really seen "awaken" Leos. Still, from my 2 cents I've seen plenty of Saggi-Scorp marriages crumble after 9-10 years because the Saggi betrays the Scorpio trust. Saggi is a mutable sign and that is that. Inevitably a Saggi will cheat. I was unknowingly involved in some story like that where I Was receiving passionate letters from a Saggi with a Scorp wife .. she saw them, saw I was into discussing philosophy and not flirting and dumped his a**. Saggi is chasing me even now, after he married another girl!!! Didn't even bother answering his fbook posts. Saggi, honest? People are people, honesty doesn't belong to certain astrosigns.

I've had 2 female lovers in my life (not lesbian, not even remotely). It's true, good sex, but the loyalty is NOT there. My Saggi bff excused herself from my 18th bday party cause of some new adventure lol

Cant possibly see this as a winning thing for a Scorp at any level. A Saggi will just prey on Scorps need of light and optimism, that's about it don't see any progress really

Scorpio man-- I had a similar experience as did the fella whose Sag high school girlfriend became a total flaky, sneaky user. My ex and I had an amazing dating relationship until going overseas after marrying. I could not provide her with the space she needed as a private in the military. We just had few options. After a few tumultuous years, she called it quits by having an affair. I still tried to make it work. Once Scorpio sets his heart on you, it is pretty hard to remove it. However, through months of flaky reconciliation attempts and flakier parenting.... Mr. Scorpio pretty much despises her. If you find yourself in a situation where Sag is taking advantage of your feelings... making you feel like a doormat, it's time you woke up. She can be the best thing since sliced bread until she doesn't really want you anymore. Then, the weakness of character shows through. She is very charming in person, so it is best to avoid dealings in person as the commi tted nature of a good Scorpio will betray him.

My first girlfriend was a sag, but she is very opposite of the aforementioned snake charmer.

I'm a Sag woman and have been with a Scorp for almost 5 years now. I love that he is the silent and strong type of man who I know loves me and would do anything for me. Yep, I fit the fiery sign of a Sag. Fiery Temper and very restless, but my Scorp man keeps me in check and gives me room to roam. I'm 38 and he's 36. We give each other the room to enjoy our own passions and do our own thing.

I do find myself frustrated at times when he won't open up about certain things. He's very quiet. He's a homebody, so I've had to find things I know he'll enjoy go get him moving.

Our relationship hasn't been without it's challenges, but that having been said, I wouldn't want to be with anyone else!

I'm a sag woman involved with a Scorpio man. I love him to death but he play games too much for me at times. He can also be revengeful and jealous. I in return retaliate and play an even bigger game on him than he just played on me. I feel the need to teach him a lesson. Although he's a Scorpio that don't mean I'm supposed to put up with his crap! He comes accross like a nice somewhat shy man but underneath that skin of his is something different if you anger him. We've broken up a few time but keep coming back to one another. But, besides those things he's extremely....passionate like no other man I've been with. He also enjoys spending a lot of quality time with me and is sort of clingy. He is a real gentleman, fine looking, makes good money, intelligent, and sexy. Best lover ever OMG!:) What an experience full of challenges and fun. Anyway, sagittarians need some challenges because we have a tendency to bore easily. This is the 3rd Scorpio lover I've had and they've all been beautiful and passionate. Their passion can have a tendency to overwelm you at times. No matter what a mans sign is I must be respected and will let you know if your not respecting me. There's other fish in the sea wether they're Scorpio or not.

I love my Scorpio man. and I kno he is the one I need, although sometimes I wonder if marrying him will be a wise thing to do. because he loves to look (it is not the normal 'looking' most guys do..he ISSTaaares so long, and sometimes acts like a desperate to be able to keep looking) at other girls..and he ignores me when beautiful girls are around. I don't know what to do. We tried to break up ...its like a routine. we both know we cant live separately, but im no longer sure that he wants to be with me.maybe its the fear of being lonely again that holds us together.... I doubt my love for him sometimes. maybe he does too.. but the only certain thing is that I have been stung for life!!! this is a crazy situation. Worth anything!

ps. fragile sagi girls don't get into this...

I was engaged to a Scorpio man, and we broke up to months before our wedding.

I must say, he was an excellent lover, the best im sure ill have.

However, very possessive, controlling, jealous and even obsessive.He always doubted me which eventually made me insecure. I am happy to be without him now, he was destructive. Scorpios are negative by nature, and we Sag girls are positive and energetic. I do agree wit the above posts-- scorpios sting you with their sexual passion, and commanding nature. It is like you must obey them

I have matured so much from being with him.

But I must let go.

He was so good to the point where he was toxic.

He was also a big flirt, and a gorgeous handsome man, from a movie- so he had double standards..


Now, I need someone to just love me and be my friend.

okay what should I DO? i'm a Sagittarius woman and you we don't hold our tongue,,,but it seems that Scorpio man has a problem with that,,, I love him to death and I show him affection but it doesn't seem like I get that in return,,,what do I do? I feel neglected...i just want my friend back when we first started everyone around us knew that we were meant for each other,,,but now i'm second guessing it...i know he's faithful but I need that know? that.."hey I was just thinkin about you" or "how was your day?" and not when I prompt either...ughghhh! im so frustrated! but I love him more than anybody! what to do??

I'm a little sag girl and i'm crushing on a Scorpio guy! As far as I thought, scorpio's really got me. They're good looking and totally know how to make a girl fall into his love. I really can't get enough of him. He got me laughing and Crying. He got the best of me! But yes, sometimes he ignores me. I always tell my problem to him, he isn't a good advisor though but HE REALLY CARES about girls' feeling. That's why I love scorpio's guy. :')

I just ended a 7 year involvement with a Scorpio man. It was nice, intense, sex was great, dinners and fun stuff. After about 3 years, it started going south because nothing changed. No committment, no clear cut relationship plans, no birthdays, holiday's or special occasions together anymore. in 2009, I stayed away from him for a year and a half, just corresponding via telephone (never initiating any calls, and seldom returning his calls. I was accepting of the fact that I was now in a dead end relationship that had no future. So I focused on myself, received two degrees in an 18 month period, bought a new sportscar, started a dba and was happy (meanwhile, he's seething, mainly because I was always very independent and never depended on him for money, dates, rides, or anything else.) During this time, he took on a job as a truck diver (widing the wedge) and wanted to hang out whenever he was in town. In the meantime, his adult children with kids of their own moved into his c ondo along with full occupation of the condo of his "wife" with whom I found out were still legally married, but she was still involved and "engaged" to another man. In the meantime, my Scorpio guy couldn't tell me where all his "stuff" was, furnitue, toothbrush, personal papers, etc. I had reason to believe that he had another residence somewhere else. Still too many secrets, unanswered questions , etc. Then he started accusing me of messing around (I was monogamous for the whole 7 years, except once the first month we met, I hung out for the last time with an ex.) In the meantime, he tells me of his trucking adventures, hiring a 50 dollar call girl, but not being able to get it up, started making up arguments, etc. cut to 2010 after a year and a half, we saw eachother, had a good time, it was just he and I. This was a week before thanksgiving. A month later, we saw each other again, this time a week before christmas (we always saw each other a week before major holidays (another secret issue I grew tired of) this time it was with his kids and relatives, we played the drinking game, I ended up storming out in the middle of the night and going home. I called him the next morning and he acted like his phone was cutting off. Well we finally talked and he said my storming out was not cool, etc, and blamed everything on me. Needless to say, it is truly over, as I want nothing to do with him because he was famous for putting the blame on me for the slightest thing.

In short, it was the longest non relationship I ever had and the most intense, vindictive, hurtful, emotionally draining experience of my life. This man put everything and everybody in his life before me and he even told me that I was not a priority (that is what prompted me to stay away from him for a year and a half and ignore his calls and emails) I wish I had never answered and saw him two times after that year and a half...I'm pretty sure that he would have thrown some chick in my face, because the sex between us was pretty much non existent, as he became a total turn off to me when he called me fat a few years before (I weighed 115 pounds, because I had gained 10..go figure? ) If I hadn't taken every single emotion I had and let it disappear, I would probably be in a straight jacket by now.

Not speaking for everybody, but then again, I think this experience had more to do with this Scorpio man being a jerk more than being his being a scorpio.

Glad its over and I still hope he finds what he is looking for. By the way, he was 54 years old when it ended (I am 8 years younger, never married, no kids)

I dated a Scorpio guy for 3 yrs. Our relationship was perfect, we had really good communication, we love each other family, and we were the perfect match for each, He asked me to move in with him, but during our relationship he always took my money.. Then I started to feel unhappy since He was very possesive and jealous and would always take his anger out on me and did pretty messed up things to me, but despite all the bad things he did to me I will NEVER forget about him, he will always be my one and only true love and although it hurts me to say it, im finally happy without him.

Im a Sag Girl.! and Im Totally and Undeniably and love wit a Scorpio man.! its everything I could have askd for hei mayks mei feel lyk a queen its jus perfect sumtimes meiy sagi girl ways of being a major flirt cause us problems but because I love em so much im workin on tryin to bury them for the better of meiy relation its been almost 3years we've been together. I love everi moment of it and would rather die den see em wit sumone else.! hei truly meiy heart and smile and joy.! and hei will forever bei meiy Scorpio man and I his lil' SagGirl.

I am 25yr old sagitarius woman who is dating a 24yr old Scorpio male. He is the only guy that makes me think about marriage, eventough we approach the world differently. In a way I feel like we balance each other out. He helps me look at things at a different perspective and I help him on how to percieve things in better way. We had a talk about how he doesn't like how I say things that he feels is inconsiderate of his feelings so sometimes that will make him pull back his feelings. But I told him im working on that because sometimes out of anger I would say things I dnt mean or I would say things without really thinking before I say. We also talked about how he doesn't like to be bothered for long periods of time when he feels like he is going threw something dramctic.(well I feel like its long becuase I go crazy If I miss a day without talking to my boo:)He says he work on dat. He makes me happy. If you love that person you have to talk with your partner and work on your differences and try to come with a solution. When we get together the sex is amazing and passionate. He stares into my eyes with an intense gaze and holds my hand while we do the do..I love it!!! I feel like he expresses his feelings more when we are intimate. Right now we have a problem, we are long distance lovers but we are working on changing that soon. Distance 6hrs apart :"(

well about sag being faithful. I think it depends. I do agree that some signs are more prone to certain behavioral patterns however this does not completely define a person. so I agree with leo. :) i'm 19 year old sag girl and i'm wise beyond anyone's chart.ha! lol

20 year old Scorpio man - My ex is a Sag. But before I describe our current "friendship", I should probably mention our past. She was with a guy for 7yrs. She told me they officially broke up because he had moved 4 states away, and one day she decided to drive up there and surprise him, but once she got there his first reaction was "what are you doing here??". Not going to get into detail. Anyways now he's with another woman, and they both have a child together. She tells me they are still friends, and I have never had a problem with that, even when we were together. But of course, as a Scorpio, I had to pry and ask questions like "does he know you have a bf?" Etc. Anyways, after him, she had a couple flings. She was with the ex before me, whom we both work with BTW, for 3 months.

My past is somewhat dull. I had been with 4 girls my entire life. The longest, less than 2 months. But only because I had always went for the wrong girls. Before me and her were together, I had been single for about a year. And she had been single for about 4 months. So of course I was more than ready to commit than she was.

We met and started out as co-workers (and still are), but the funny thing is we were barely friends until she went on L.O.A. (Leave of absence) after she had been in a car wreck. She was on LOA for about a month. And towards the end of the month, about 2 weeks prior to coming back to work, she sent me a friend request on Facebook. For the first week we had little comments here and there on each others post, but nothing serious, no flirting, no PMs, no chat. Until one post she had made. It was about her being bored and needing company. I had a crush on her, so I took advantage of it, and it ultimately worked. I told her to come hang out with me. We flirted a little, then before she got off of FB she sent me a PM with her number. From there it was on.

Now, she didn't come over that night, but she came over within the next couple days. We talked on the balcony under the moonlight for 4hrs straight. Being a Scorpio, I was very much into getting to know her from the start, and she knew that. The seed was planted. We texted each other for 2 weeks straight. Literally. We had over 1,000 texts between us by week 1.5. We talked about everything. Then we got more personal by week 2. Talking about our past relationships etc. We went all in. Then week 3 came, by now she had been coming over almost everyday. NO SEX BTW. She had stated she didn't want the relationship to be based off of sex. And I was okay with it. I told her whenever she's ready. Anyways, It started to feel like a relationship, and it was, we were devoted to each other and hadn't been talking to anyone else, but we didn't really label an official "first day of dating" until later on. She chose October 4th. Which was the day we first slept together (no sex).

In the beginning she was sketchy. She told me she had been hurt too many times, and it made it harder for her to wanna commit. But using my Scorpio charm, she finally realized how devoted, loyal, and passionate I can be. So it allowed her to open up to the possiblity of an actual relationship. I will never forget (literal when your a scorpio) how much it had meant to her (at the time) when I told her "I see us being together for a long time". I took her reaction to heart, and from then on I didn't think anything could break us up... until...

November 1st, we had a solid relationship going and had NEVER argued about anything. NEVER. We had the best relationship anyone could ask for especially in terms of "getting along". Every now and then, Id worry, mainly about how she thought and really felt about me, so Id always explain too much. Mind you most of our conversations were texts. So I had no idea what her true reaction was to what Id say, and I'm very open, so I was sharing everything. The fact that I would explain to much didn't bother her too much to the point where she would complain. But one day she finally said "You explain too much. And worry too much about what I think of you." I know it seems pointless to share a lot of these details with you guys, but bare with me, I have a point to make. Back to November 1st. We had just gotten off of work. Which is normally the time shed come over. And she was tired so we took a little nap. When we woke up we decided to fool around. And I tried some new tricks on her w hich ultimately made her "ready". We had sex. And its embarrassing to say, it wasn't what we had expected. She was wayyy too wet and she even said so herself, it was messy from the start and neither of us was diggin it. I didn't care though, I have the stamina of a horse so I kept going and ultimately we had "made love" not "sex". I will never forget the loving stare she gave me when we were through. Anyways, this is where evrything started to go downhill. She had to go home because she was late and her dad had asked her to clean the house after she had got off work. I went to bed. And when I woke up I checked FB and saw she posted "I don't know what I want anymore". Of course I questioned her about it, and she said that her dad got home for.his lunchbreak and was mad that the house wasn't clean. So they had an arguement and her dad told her that if she wanted to live rent free, shed have to go back to college. Now, she does not handle stress very well AT ALL. And once she's stressed she gets in this "I don't want ANYTHING" mood. So she told me that she might have to start "pushing me away" soon because she needed to go back to school. Long story short (within a very long story LOL) I was worried as %#!? Because I had no idea if she was really planning on getting rid of me. She calmed me down and said "as of now, you're still my baby, and I'm still your girl.".. now, I was panicking on the inside. I started to question "does she have true feelings for me?" "Is it because she thinks our relationship will be purely about sex now?". And eventually I got desperate for answers, and what best way to know than to finally tell them you love them. She got scared. She was afraid of hurting me because she had plans to push me away. Why? I still don't know to this day. She had said multiple times that it doesn't have to do with me, and that she needed to deal with something from her past. Anyways, that night at work, (Oct 4th) she broke up with me. But at the same time she was panicking and begging for a friendship, not to mention she told me that I'm the perfect guy, with a list of reasons why, and she said "Hopefully later on down the road you'll give me another chance. I just can't do it right now. I'm not ready". So I accepted her friendship, expecting it to be a close friendship given we didn't break up over an arguement or something bad. But then she started to push me away.. and I had a very hard time with it.

The day after we broke up, we were both scheduled to work. Now at the beginning of the night, she was shy. But I refused to let things be awkward between us, so I kept trying to make eye contact. And we finally did, and when she looked at me she gave me a pout like "what have I done?", but she kept with her decision. For about 2 weeks we stayed good friends. But she slowly pushed me more and more away, to the point where we barely texted eachother, and she didn't bother to invite me to hang out with her on our lunch breaks. I got depressed. I thought she was forcing herself to lose whatever feelings she had for me. And I knew there was no way in hell I could move on anytime soon. So one night we were walking to her car on lunch, and she noticed something was wrong so she asked me "what's wrong?". And I finally confronted her and said that I was confused, because she had told me we might be getting back together in the future, but at the same time she was building a wall betwe en us, which I assumed would ultimately cause us to drift away (or at least make it easier for her to change her mind). She didn't like that I asked her about what was going on between us. She got frustrated and couldnt talk about it, literally. She tried to say something, but all I got out of her was "I just need a friend right now". Two days later we had our first arguement.

I was desperate to get her to come back closer to me, so I was plotting every possible way to make that happen. Lets just say, my choice wasnt the best. I tried to make her feel pity for how she had been acting. I complained. And it pissed her off to the point where she said she was gonna back away completely for a while. But that only lasted a day. The next night at work, during break, we were hanging out with our group of friends, and she asked ME for a cigarette. Even though there was 4 other people around us smoking. Then I said I had to borrow mine and she gave me the pout face again. (I love and miss that face). Anyways, we continued to be friends for a while. We didn't really text eachother, but every now and then we would throughout a day or so.

Around the beginning of December, I had almost given up hope that she still had feelings for me. But one day, after not texting each other for almost half a month, she had the night off and she had called me while I was working. She asked who was working that night and said her and her best friend wanted to hang out on our lunch. Funny thing was. She has most of our numbers, yet she chose to call me. I instantly notice this stuff LOL. Anyways, we all hung out at lunch. Afterwards, she went home and once she got there she texted me "At home now. Goodnight.". The next morning she sent me a 5 page text stating how she was sorry for hurting me and that she still cared. It was one of the happiest days for me since our breakup.

A couple weeks later, she sent me another text:"I got yu something =)", a Christmas present, a personal one I might add. It was a Ripleys book. We had a conversation while we were together about the things we collected throughout our lives, Ripleys being one of mine. I went out and got her a heart pendant. A couple days before Christmas, I texted her and asked her if she wanted to pick up the gift I had for her. And she agreed to. She came over with her best friend. And it was the first time she came over in 2 months. So it was nerve racking for the both of us. But luckily, she had her friend, and I had my cousin. So it wasnt too uncomfortable. She told me she couldnt stay long though because she had to get back to her cousin. (Perfect premeditated reason to escape). As soon as I answered the door, I knew she was feeling somewhat uncomfortable. She instantly went for the bathroom. Probably to calm herself down. Because she had just left her house 5 mins ago so I doubt she was really going. When she got out, she went to my bedroom, where my cousin was, and looked around with this face of sadness. It had been 2 months, and its where we spent a lot of our time together. So memories blanket the room. (Messed up because I have to be in there everyday). I came up behind her, she turned, I handed her her gift, she opened it, awwed, and gave me a nice 5 sec hug. After that, she felt even more uncomfortable so they left. That was the last time she came over.

Around the middle of January, she wasnt giving me much attention anymore. She barely talked to me. Never texted. But at the same time It had been almost 3 months so I was giving up trying to bring her to that "close friends" level.

One day, she posted on FB "How old is too old?". I instantly knew what she was talking about. I got heated. I decided I was going to ignore her from then on. That night at work, thats exactly what I did. And to top it off, I even texted my cousin in front of her to give the illusion that I was texting another girl. She was standing near me, saw me start to text, and imitated my text recieved notification sound before I even got it (It tripped me out that she remembers it). After she heard it, she walked inside and waited on my aisle for me. (I stock shelves at Walmart). Once I got there I walked past her, she turned around, and said "Did I do something to piss you off?" I responded, "Do you really want to do this here?" And boy did she. She went off. I asked about the FB post, and come to find out I was right, she kissed a 26 year old dude. Anyways, I told her that I was beginning to feel like she was done with me, and she gave me a speech stating that "THIS is the friend lev el I was talking about" and I asked why she doesn't show the least bit of care anymore and her answer was "I don't see you enough to feel it". WOW.

After that 10 min arguement. We werent really friends from then on. Id try to talk to her every now and then, but she wasnt interested. This lasted until about the end of Feb. By the beginning of Feb, I was done trying to be friends with her... now it gets interesting.

An old friend, who is a girl, my cousins ex, commented on one of my FB posts. We got into a conversation about virginitys and hanging out etc. 10 mins later, my ex posts a status update, "If you only knew". Now I instantly knew it was towards me. She would communicate to me indirectly through her status updates. And I tried to figure out what she meant. If I only knew what?.. that I was being shady for talking to girls? That she still wants me?.. If that were the case, I needed to let her know that I wasnt trying anything with any other girls. So on Valentines day, I sent her the text "Happy Valentines x I'll always be yours xoxo"

She replied "Happy Valentines day to you too. But honestly. All I see is friends. Nothing more. don't wait for me or youll get even more hurt." Once again.. big slap in the face. I cried. Felt depressed for a day. Then said whatever and tried to ignore the pain... little did I know, things were about to get much better.

I became friends with another girl we work with. A very pretty one I might add. But she came to me, so it wasnt like I was using her to make my ex jealous. We got somewhat close. We hung out outside of work a couple times, and at work we are really good friends. The first time my ex saw us hanging out at work.. it hit her like a car. Total wake-up call. That night my ex tried talking to me again after almost a month without a peep. She complimented me on my new shoes. She kept looking over at me. Kept walking down my aisle.. she became the desperate one. Haha. It was nice to reverse everything for the first time. 2 days later she texted me at work and asked me to tell our manager why she had to call in. I was so happy. She was finally texting me again. I instantly felt relief. Like the weight on my shoulders have been lifted. Sounds pathetic. I know. One night, she came into our work on her night off, and came down my aisle. We talked a bit. Then when she left, presumably whi le she was in her car, she texted me "thank yu for being a friend", I replied "of course =)" and she said, "Im serious. I know I was a bitch. And yu didn't deserve the way I was acting. Its just. Some things came up and. Yeah. Im truely genuinely sorry. And. I do care for yu. Yur an amazing person. And friend =)". Since then we've been MUCH closer. She talks to me A LOT more. She actually sits next to me on breaks and lunch and tries to have a conversation. And she sends me a text here and there. She even told me she wore the heart pendant on her trip to Tahoe last weekend.

Its been 2 weeks. And Im still not sure what to think. Is she telling me that she DOES want me to wait? Or is she just trying to actually be a friend? But why would she wear the heart pendant? Is she having second thoughts about letting me go?... I'll just have to wait and see.

I am a Sag who has been with my Scorpio for 9 months. He has been the best I have ever had in the bedroom. He has been by my side through out some very serious times. He is very jealous but has shown a lot of compassion toward me. I love him a lot and I pray that we stay together till death due we part.

yes I just started dating a Scorpio man ( I am a sagi woman) and its been maybe 2 months. At 1st it was wonderful but lately , and I do know he has a lot going on as I do myslef, but he is not giving me a whole lot of attention which of course a woman craves, and its still new so maybe I think he should want the same. Anyways I really like him a lot, but waiting for him to respond to me is hard. BTW he lives 2 hrs away and I go down there when I can, he hasn't come here yet. The 1st 2 dates were like he almost said he would marry me, but now I can't get him to call me much or talk on the computer, I do most of it. So I feel like he's not into me yet I can't help missing him and talking to him. I just want him to come out and tell me so I can move on and it won't hurt as much NOW as it will later. (I met him on a dating site and he persued me greatly!) So I know there are other men in the sea and have gone on other dating sites and have had offers, but have and ot gone for them because there's just something about him. Any ideas?

Hey :) Yes I am a Sagittarius girl.I am sad because I have found no Scorpio man who sounded really that happy with their Sagittarius women. No wait,actually there was one. But anyways!

Most people says we r flirts, party animal and in most cases the one who is not loyal with their spouse. Not necessarily! :) Astrology generalizes traits and what we become is because of our surroundings in which we grow up and is completely upto our will! I am saying this because I am an extreme shy and anti-party creature though I love to travell and to have adventures. I have certain numbers of friends. I am not a social butterfly!But m also a clumsy, silly and a bluntly honest(I hope,tht describes me as a sagi well :P). Yes, I love freedom but that doesnot mean I am scared of marriage ties which is because, I like to think practical!

I am sharing the feelings I experienced and still experiencing with my Scorpio guy. I really wish I could confront this in real life

I am only 18 and met this guy more than a year ago. I always knew, this is an age when we all fall for someone (i.e. get crushed!). I knew I may fall for him. Damn! I am still calling this a crush. Love is something which needs time to grow. Love never happens this fast!!!! I was aware that I should not fall for him. I never wanted to! I mean, just don't want to be his another hypnotized prey! In the first meeting, we did not have any conversation.Ah, He always gets so curious when he meets someone new! :) I don't mind!;P

In the next meeting, he started acting curious. Unknowingly, I enjoyed the attention he was paying towards me. And yes, I found him intense, attractive, charming and very influencial on me. We started working in the same project as one team. I used to get smothered every time he came a little closer towards me. My question is, did he do those stunts on purpose?? x(. But he was always a very good partner who would would never let me feel down. :)

Days kept passing. We kept seeing each other for more days. We worked, sat in the cafeteria, hanged out, played indoor games, went for trips with our circle of friends together. I was not dating him! Infact I have never dated anyone before. But, my obsession about him kept getting deeper and deeper. I have no idea about how to get over this thing.

I wanted to know more about him. As a result, I read all about Scorpio guys which is I believe IS damn insane! I never prefer to judge anyone on the basis of some generalization. As far as I have known him, he is a great person and ofcourse a great friend.I feel a strange sense of security when he is around me.I feel a calm happiness inside! I feel like holding his hand and never let him go away.Oneday, he just casually held my hand and I pushed him back. Something drives me away from him. I don't know exactly what! May be it is his perfection!! I know, that again sounded nuts!I don't need perfection at all. I never wanted or expected someone this perfect!But m still blur about the type of feeling I m having for him right now. I only know that it is intense! I hate it when he is in pain. Strange! Extremely strange!!

But yeap, he is just one of those type of guys, whom most girl desires to be with."Smart, intelligent, and handsome."

Every words I am saying is coming fron the bottom of my heart. And with every words I am realizing, I am not scared to lose him. I would probably never be. Rather, I fear getting him closer. I fear I might not meet his high expectations! And the more I try to make sense to myself the more I end up feeling like a nonsense!

I still keep aking myself what it actually is . Love ?? Crush?? WHAT?? Till now we are great friends and we go along with each other ver well :)

But I surely want to give it some time.I want to see what is coming next. Where will we end up with the flow of our fate. Whatever will it b, it will never be the end of my world!


READING THIS BLOCK, MY OBSERVATIONS: The Scorpios guys don't find their sagittarian girl that intriguing for long. Though Sagittarius girls do find Scorpio intruguing throughout their relationships. I mean, in most cases.

------------------------------------------------------------ MESSAGE FOR ANY SCOPIO GUYS: Would you like to give me any advice? I need it badly! And pls also say things you normally don't like about you're spouse! :)


I have just started to date a Scorpio and I am in HEAVEN!! He is so incredibly sexy and fun and great in the sack, we have so much in common it is almost scary!!! He IS intense and prone to dark moods, but like any relationship, it takes work and you have to find out how best to support each other if you want it to work..I am looking forward to a long loving hot relationship with him!!!

Im a Sag girl still in high schoo and im crushing on a frined whos a Scorpio and he is the sweetest guy ive ever met. He knows I like him and we Talk every day I love it. he is so easy to talk to and although we are just friends I can feel a strong conncetion between us. this guy understand that I came out of a crazy relationship and is the first to not ask me to sleep with him.

Ive gone on so many sites that say sags and scorpios cant be together but reading all the things that all of the other sags wrote helped me see that its possible.

so I guess for now ill stay frined with him and see where we go from there.

I'm a Scorpio man who's been married to a Sag woman for almost 28 years. So, it really can work, long term. I'm typical Scorpio in her eyes, silent, intense but then funny and playful. Sometimes I even finally open up and hold long conversations. LOL

My Sag lady IS eternally optimistic, carefree and very smart along with being very verbal . We both laugh that astronomer charts hold us as not being very compatible with sex, trust me, we cleared that hurdle 3 days after we met and have never worried about lust or lack of desire in either one of us. So, take heart about a Scorpio/ Sag relationship , it just might last as long for you and you partner as it has for me and my wife.

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