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I'm a Scorpio lady who has dated a Scorpio man. I am 6 years older and our birthdays are 5 days apart. He is kind and caring but not ready to commit to a serious relationship as he has been very hurt in the past. I have known him for over three years and dated him on a non serious basis for just on two years.

This man has been there for me through thick and thin as I have for him. We have made a pact to be lifetime friends and I regard him as my best friend. We are like peas in a pod because we understand where the other is coming from. He has been my rock in a sometimes stormy sea, with deaths in my family and the recent loss of someone very special to me. My friend and I will always be there for one another. :-)

I believe that the worst relationship I ever had may have been predicted prior to even dating her. This was several years ago, where I had pursued another girl, but ended up dating a Scorpio, (I'm a Scorpio too). Our birthdates were 6 days apart. Of course, when Scorpios butt heads it is ugly, and this was particularly ugly.

We dated for around 18 months, and I would say only the first 4-5 months were actually compatible, while three of those months we were both in other states and rarely talked. After those 4-5 months passed, we were staying with each other occasionally, having a few fights but mainly getting along, although for myself I could say that I tired of her slightly earlier than most relationships, it was boring and not as exciting at first as my previous singles life.

After the new year hit (and 8 months of dating) the relationship was rocky, almost downright painful. We would fight in public, she would often hit me or slap me and I would just have to back away, knowing that I could never touch a female. In the meantime we started having sex, and even though it was great at first, it would often lead to fights or she would use it as a weapon against me.

She craved attention, and demanded that I be with her constantly, which I could not do due to my personal responsibilities. She finally gave up and broke up with me at the year mark, then started sleeping with other guys and telling me about it, just to get me jealous. It was all a ploy to get me back with her, and I was dumb enough to fall for it. We dated about 5 more months, it was the worst of my life, and ended when she drove away drunk with another guy and ended up passed out in that guys room.

The next day I was called by her and she demanded why I didn't take care of her in her inebriated state, I relayed the story and was slapped in the face. I said that was enough, walked away and would never get back with her. We battled for a few more weeks, but then I told her I never wanted to talk to her again.

my fiance and I are both Scorpio's and get along most of the time but Scorpio's need their space and when you say you love someone you give them their space and we both give each other space it works out. All though sometimes I can be the clingy one he understands it. He is 4 years older and we are 6 days apart I couldn't be happier with him. Just because we are the same sign (at least for us) we understand each other better and love each other more for it but every relationship is different. I have never had a stable relationship a Scorpio man till him.

I just met a Scorpio man and I am totally taken by him (especially in bed!) However, as someone stated earlier... I am more clingy and he wants his space. I give it to him and I don't let him see or hear my neediness. We are alike in too many ways but its good, except he is quiet and I talk more. But the connection is crazy. I hope it works but its still very early. But I must say the last time I felt this way it was head over heels love. I am excited!

I don't think there is more emotionally compatible relationship in the zodiac.

I dated a Scorpio man for about 2 years. If it weren't for his extreme jealousy we would have been perfect together. We had such a great relationship other couples literally wished they were us. Without a question the sex was amazing. Unlike anything I've ever experienced. A great unspoken communication if our words failed us during a fight. He fell in love hard and was unsure of how he should handle it. So His agenda was to conquer me. I am a Scorpio woman. I can't be conquered, If I go... I go willingly.

This frustrated him and he became manipulative and jealous. Which I found amusing. So I played his game for a while to teach him a lesson about manipulation. Long story short, I broke his heart, then told him why I did it, he stood looking embarrassed, with a lost for words and apologetic. Yet again, I ruled. But I made sure to end it on good terms. Scorpios are very capable of being dark and vengeful when scorned.

ive dated a Scorpio man for now a year, we actually split for four months but now were back on. we were both jealous and he always wanted space while I liked to be clingy!! he's three years older and were born 5 days apart. he's real sexy and when were together we share some steamy moments. he's sexy and his whole sex appeal excites me , he knows exactly what I want and when I want it.

Hello, I am a Scorpio (True Scorpio) 1st Dec an, and I am dating this Scorpio Male who is also a (True Scorpio), our birthday are 1 day apart (10/26 & 10/27).We have been dating for about 2 months and I am head over heels for him and am so excited to talk to him on the phone as well as seeing him in person. The thing is that he is so secretive, and I am the one that is very outspoken. His gaze is very intense. I know that he likes me and is very expressive physically when we are together. I think that I am in love with him, but refuse to express this to him for fear of rejection. I do not know how long I will be able to contain these feelings that I have for him. I do not want to be clingy, but I want to see him all the time. We had our first misunderstanding, and I felt his wrath, but did not ignite it any further, all was forgiven, and what we both feel has become deeper. I know that he want to reveal his love for me, but he is also protecting his heart for fear of being hurt. I believe that 2 Scorpios can definitely have a long lasting loving relationship if the two are willing to put fourth the effort to make it work. Wish me luck. 2 TRUE Scorpios ;-D.

I would not recommend for the same sign to dating for a relationship. Since Scorpio is a water sign and it is very emotional. As I knew, Scorpio man is very secretive and barely expresses about himself to his lover of how he feels. He is not afraid of getting hurt but he doesn't want his lover crazies about him or he may be takes this advantage and try to gain power with his lover. I don't think it is a good Idea by not expressing to your lover by just saying a three simple words-words are important; it shows how you feel for each other-for the soul; either too much space is not good. Since you are a Scorpio woman, why don't you try to look for a different sign as Cancer, Pisces, Virgo?? There are other signs are good. Other hand, Scorpio man will fight for an uneasy one-a unique and a difference one. He is very honest to someone he loves. Whatever you do, it is your choice. You decide it.

Lady Virgo, wishes you Good Luck with a Scorpio man.

I was married to a Scorpio lady for 19 years. She took care of me and I returned the gift as well. The sex was out of this world, all of the time. We had 4 children, and it did not slow her down in bed. But let me warn you guys, I cheated on her and she came very close to ending my life. So the lesson here if you would like to link up with a scorpion, do this at the end of your running around because they mate for life.

I'm in love with a Scorpio man. He's 2 years younger than me. He's typical of his sign. He's a champion kick boxer and boxer, and a humanitarian development worker who's always pushing himself.

He doesn't come out directly with his emotions, but shows his comfort in other ways. He doesn't like to be judged, or told what he is or isn't. (e.g. that he's guarded). He gets a bit defensive. Maybe that is seen as a form of domination/pigeon holing.

I'm a Scorpio too, but have too much Sagittarius for my own good. I can't hide how I feel, and have been making a heroic effort not to tell him I love him top to bottom and inside out. I'm not sure I can ever see him expressing the same thing, it's almost like it's a form of weakness, or that it reveals his vulnerability. Anyway, he referred to me as his girlfriend in my presence the first time, two days ago, while we were haggling over the rent for a potential crappy flat for him to live. I was so elated, that I asked why we didn't just get a place together (cheaper, nicer, subtext). He smiled and said it was ok with him. So looks like we're moving in. But I should add that he's only in the country for another 6 months.

Can I just say at this point that not all Scorpio men are gagging for it all the time? This one is so disciplined with the rest of his life (e.g. boxing training), that there are times when there is a real dry spell. I think it can be as damaging to have unrealistic expectations about male Scorpio sex drive. It's all present and correct, but as with everything, he's in control of it, not the other way around.

I am just trying hard not to be my own worst enemy at this point. He hasn't expressed the same enthusiasm as openly as I have, but there are a lot of signs that things are positive. But I worry, about how I measure up to all his exes, about whether he is as interested as I think he may be, about whether he'll just find me boring after a little while, and that I care about him so much more that I'll seem needy and clingy and he'll loose all respect and ditch me. But I'm so elated by him. Of course he can't be controlled or dominated, and I would never want to do that. I feel like a hawk has landed on my shoulder. I have no idea if it wants to make it a permanent resting place, or if one time it may fly away for good, just leaving me with a memory I can hardly believe happened. But I'm holding out for option 1.

Wish me luck, and best of luck to others in my situation. Let's try to live in the present, and not anticipate the future.

Im dating a Scorpio male. Our birthdays are 2 days apart. Its weird because I have dated other Scorpios before but never like this. We have a naturalness between us and an emotional link, that Ive only felt with a cancer. I didn't think anyone would be able to get me like this again but it happened and its almost scary. Im a little more clingy then he is, but he doesn't seem to mind. And of course the sex is no other way to explain but spiritual and explosive at the same time. The nice thing is we can talk about anything and its ok. Even if we don't agree. Its a nice change. Hope its stays this way. Its only been a month.

I am a Scorpio woman (32) married to a sag man (35). WOW! I can honestly see that what I am feeling is pretty common in the other comments I've been reading. We have been married almost 3 yrs coming up. We dated (off & on) for 11 yrs. When I look at all of this, it feels like an eternity. I was so in love with him during the 1st few years of our relationship, then came the cheating, breaking up with me to be with someone else whom he thought was better than me, only to come back running because no one else would put up with him the way that I did. We ended up getting married for insurance purposes (my dummy suggestion!). I honestly think that had I not opened my big mouth, he never would have married me! But now I guess I'm stuck, nothing to do but ride this thing out. The sex was great at first, but in the last year we haven't had it at it makes me wonder if there is someone else he's bringing his attention to. My work & school schedule is pretty set, so there would be opportunity & I would be none the wiser! My high drive can't take it much longer! Just to have a man touch me passionately! Even now, there is still manipulation, trying to trust him with the bill money....only for him to tell me that I need to work more overtime because he screwed up again....*sigh* If I had the opportunity to go back and change it I would. I would love to have a family (or at least starting one) but I doubt that will be in my future with him. He plans on starting to take frequent trips out of town to work on his career, I just don't know how much more I can take. Please take it from me.....someone who has put an exhausting amount of work into her marriage & relationship with this sag man, all the heartache, losing of trust, etc....I would have NEVER married this man. Don't be blinded & get in too deep, so you're in the same position as me.....

I'm a Scorpio women and I will NEVER a Scorpio man again. Geez.. I'm bitter. He was manipulative, selfish and controlling. Of course he did it a passive aggressive way which gnawed away at me and made me want to pull my hair out. The relationship started out really intense, we understood each other insanely and I liked being with someone who understood me better than anyone I've ever been with. But it quickly went downhill which I'm glad for- I could not have dealt with it being dragged out any longer than it was. He tried to control me and I will not be controlled (I'm a Scorpio TOO) and so it was almost like a clash of the titans, lol.

Scorpios make better friends...I am female Scorpio and my very best friend is male works out perfectly because he understands everything about me...we finish each others sentences and we are very open with each other. However I'm sure we would not be compatible dating as we both have intense anger issues and would probably kill each other...

I am a Scorpio woman dating a Scorpio man...he is 4 yr younger....44...we just past 4 has been all areas......we get along naturally.....and have had no problems thus far so I say its a great match...I did date another Scorpio man in my youth...we were great till he left me for his x-gal friend only to come crawling back to me.....but we Scorpios are not forgiving of things of this he wrote letters to me...for a year I never read one of them.....

I'm a Scorpio woman and I'm currently with a Scorpio man. we are 13 days apart. My birthday is Nov 4 and his is Nov 17. I've read some of the personal experiences and I'm astonished about how similar they are. It seems there has been the same problem. I've just started dating my Scorpio man and it seems like im clingy or needy as well. I hate it. The last relationship I was in was with a Leo man and we were fine when it came to attention. I love to have attention its my security otherwise I'll be suspicious. I feel sometimes I have no control and what's going on so I sabotage it completely. help?

I am a Scorpio woman and I dated an Scorpio man! Our birthdays are like 6 days apart and this relationship that we had was sooo intense. We connected the first time we talked like we already knew each other! As if I knew him a lifetime! and non the less the sex was the BOMB!! lol nobody ever done me like he would. Everything was perfect. I might have gotten mad at him but we never really had arguments and if we did argue we would be right back at the best of friends again.

The only thing is he never really wanted a commitment. Like he jus felt that me and him being in a relationship would work because I was like 45 miles away!! I always jus thought that was an excuse. He sometimes act selfish and if we are together we don't really talk that much. usually jus sit around and watch tv or something but once a conversation sparked we would always make each other laugh and have a good time.

If there was effort in this relationship it would be the best relationship by far for me but communication wise I don't think its the best. We will always be friends but I don't think a real relationship will come out of it!! But in my eyes he the only guy that ever understood me!

I'm as Scorpio woman and I am in love with a Scorpio man but I don't know if he love me we had sex and it was great

I am a Scorpio woman and my best friend is a male Scorpio. I'm married and he is divorced. Now the relationship is getting a bit complex. We are so compatible. We have the same emotions, thoughts, and can basically finish each other's sentences without question. So here is the problem. I have fallen for my best friend and I know he feels the same. The problem here is my marriage of course. You could cut the sexual tension between us with a knife when we are together. I don't want to destroy my husband but my heart belongs to my friend. I'm at a loss.

I am a Scorpio woman, and I know many Scorpio males. For the most part we make great friends. But some how I feel they all fear being too close of a friend. Even though I've only had feelings for one of them, I resist the feeling. I value of friendship way to much. I feel the Scorpio relationship is best keep friendly.

I am a Scorpio man and I am married to a Scorpio woman. I have never loved liked this before

also had a scorpio/scorpio relationship, same age and birthdays a week a part. This guy come sand goes into my life when and if he feels like it. Everything has to be his way, he disappears and comes back as he wishes. So when I got demanding he dumped me. Our "friendship" lasted 3 months and the pain I'm going through feels like we were together for years. I've been told that Scorpio men come and go. But yes there is a great compatibility there. But I still go with that opinion that if he isn't into you then it wont work.

Im a Scorpio woman, Let's not forget that there is the Chinese sign also involved into the equation of love and bliss. My best friend is a Scorpio man and we have been friends for over 5 years. We do have our space and we know when it gets to overwhelming for the both of us, but we somehow know when we can hang out and express our friendship. I've just met another Scorpio man and right away we felt this overwhelming and the connection was there immediately.

Ive got to read im a Scorpio of Scorpios Scorpio ascendant Scorpio and my planets are all I nthat which make a Scorpio a scorpio. Ive been dateing a Scorpio woman for a year and then some now its been amazing at first it was amazing it got rocky but I figured out some solutions to it. were ten days apart im an oct ober scorp and she a november. We plan many things together my advice for all of you is share with each other open up to each other and one of you must be stronger and wiser then the other to relaize when to hold your tounge and when not to. Shes more clingy then I and also has more jelousy then I do to lol but otherwise work together and you can over come anything now ill countinue reading this.

I had just started dating a Scorpio man and things were starting to get a little intense then his girlfriend rang me - he was honest but NOT THAT honest. she started getting suspicious because he became secretative. I am so glad that I found out before it got too far but it did crush me!

I am a Scorpio women who has dated both a male Scorpio and a female Scorpio at one point. They both ended very badly. I think the only thing that was any good really in the relationship was the sex!! Put two scorpios together that's just what you get. However, I will never date another Scorpio again.

I'm a Scorpio woman and dated a Scorpio man for seven years our birthday is on the same day! I loved him with such intensity and still to this day I still love him like it was yesterday that I fell in love with him. We even got married but his betrayal destroyed our marriage and we have be apart for the last five years. Still to this date I think a lot about him, still love him and have missed him everyday since I left him. He tells me that he still loves me and wants "US" to get back together that he has not ever loved no other woman the way he loves me. The only thing standing between us is the lack of trust I feel for him because he did betray me in the worst way.

The one thing I can say even after he betrayed me I still love him and my heart still calls for him everyday. I don't regret ever meeting him he showed me what true love really feels like and how bad a betrayal can hurt.

I have a question

umm, anyways i'm a Scorpio women, okay girl, and I kinda like my classmate, we're both 19 years old (like 12th grade now..) anyways and he's a Scorpio too and umm how will I get close to him? i'm not an open person and he's not very talkactive aswell and like umm we sometimes chat between classes but that's all. I don't even know what to do i'm confused i'm not even sure I like him but in a way he is attractive and now i've read all those sories about Scorpio men and umm i'm kinda scared I don't like the idea of liking him anymore. this is really stressful and i'm overthinking and anyways my question is that, well should I try to do something? how should I get close to him? how should I behave around him and

well and mainly should I even try and do something for this relationship to even umm start ..

I am presently seeing a Scorpio man. He's the 6th Nov, and I'm the 9th. He is pretty much good for me, ecept when it comes to his moodiness...

I met my male Scorp 3 years ago and it was like fireworks. Immediate connection. Now, 3 years later we're still as intense and passionate as ever, tho wearing a little on the edges due to our occasional battles for control/lack of communication at times. He is strong, gets a job done, tender with children and animal, loyal, supportive, and passionate. His downsides are he's stubborn, rigid, and makes the mistake to tell me what to do instead of asking my opinion which, being a scorp woman sets me off bad. But you have to understand why they do what they do. They want to protect you, and take care of their own, and whether you like it or not, you are his . but I couldnt live without mine despite all the challenges we face at times. he is my world, my rock and my everything.

I met my male Scorp 3 years ago and it was like fireworks. Immediate connection. Now, 3 years later we're still as intense and passionate as ever, tho wearing a little on the edges due to our occasional battles for control/lack of communication at times. He is strong, gets a job done, tender with children and animal, loyal, supportive, and passionate. His downsides are he's stubborn, rigid, and makes the mistake to tell me what to do instead of asking my opinion which, being a scorp woman sets me off bad. But you have to understand why they do what they do. They want to protect you, and take care of their own, and whether you like it or not, you are his . but I couldnt live without mine despite all the challenges we face at times. he is my world, my rock and my everything.

I really would like to know if a two Scorpio can forgive each other? I'm Scorpio (female) and my ex best friend is a Scorpio (male. I fell for him and told him and he freaked out. Our relationship really changed after that. Then we had a horrible fight and he told me to get out of his life forever. He actually wrote me a nasty letter telling me to go to you know where and to not even think of ever approaching him or his friends ever again. He said it was goodbye forever. I lied and told him I never read the letter and ripped it up unopened. Our paths crossed two years later and we are talking again. We have never brought up what happened but I'm still hurt and he is very cold and closed off at times. I want him to apologize and I want to apologize for my part but I can't get the words out! I miss my friendship with him so much. We still have a deep connection..I can feel it. I notice the less I talk to him the more excited he is to see me when I come around again. If anyone has had an experience with two Scorpios forgiving each other let me know!

Me and my husband are both scorpio's 10/31. 11/01 and we have been 2gether since the age of 14 we are now 28, and its been hmmm good, bad and ugly until we matured and now its da best its ever been

The first time he sees me, there was a sort of attraction. I could tell because it's obvious. He told me he wants to be with me and all that at first sight. He's a Scorpio and I'm a Scorpio(female). So that's why. I didn't really believe all that love at first sight thingy but I gave him a chance to get closer. We didn't know that we're both scorpios.

When we had our conversation, he made it known that he's a Scorpio. Then we both found out. It was a good feeling. I've just known him for like 4 days and our birthdays are 6 days apart. He's older by 4 years.

He's really sweet and he expressed his feelings quite a few times and the insecure type that I am, I kinda ignored it and just smiled. I didn't even say 'Aww'. I think he felt rejected but I didn't intend to hurt him even. I don't trust people. Usually he'd call me through Skype or MSN. He was the one who did things first. He opened up to me but I didn't. Then today itself, we were both on Skype and I'd expect him to call me, or ask me to call him. But he didn't. I would call him, without even asking but I don't want to appear clingy or whatever. We just texted and he didn't even say goodnight, just left. Both of us, we're stubborn in a way but we do have feelings for each other. Probably I should let my guard down?

Thing is, I don't ever want to lose this guy. I'd be glad if we would remain as friends even. I love him, I just couldn't express it. I guess people come and go so probably I should get over it if he leaves me. I hope not.

I know Scorpios are the jealous kinds because I'm also a Scorpio (female) and there's a mutual attraction between me and a Scorpio (male). He made it clear to his friends that I'm the one he's looking out for. More like a warning, so they don't ever try to attract me. I feel special that way though. But again, his friend, a Leo was talking to me the other day. To add on, in his presence.

He didn't even try to talk or smile, so just paid attention to what we were talking about. Of course, I only regarded the Leo guy as a friend. We communicate way better than how I communicate with this Scorpio guy (but I still love him anyway).

I know he was jealous when I didn't even intend to make him feel that way, but that Leo keeps on talking.So I changed the subject and went like how awesome me and this Scorpio guy is. THEN he started to smile a little. I had to get playful with him (which is no problem) so he eased a little.

Everything went alright though, because we both know for sure what we want and it's just a matter of time before we get it on. But you know, I hope he wont talk to any of my girl friends secretly because then, I WOULD BE JEALOUS - since I do all the talk in his presence. Perhaps it's just the communication.

I am a Scorpio girl in love wth a Scorpio guy 2 years e;der to me.. I am crazily in love with him. And he says he loves me too. We have beenin a relationship now for 1 and half years.. And I really want this towork out.. Even if he gets angry with me and we fight at times, I can never stop loving him. He is my life.. and I would do anything to make him happy. Please pray for us coz I seriously want this relation to work out more than anything else in my life..

I'm a Scorpio woman who's dated a Scorpio man. Two days apart. Must say one of the worst experiences of my life. I won't ever forget him though, and he tends to pop up occasionally.. But I know I'll never go back. Two scorps only work if they are willing to work hard at being together. Since then I've tried to stay away from my own kind.. Didn't work out too well but my guy now is on the cusp so we'll see lol

My Scorpio boyfriend proposed to me after 3 months. Being a natural Scorpio I have always been suspicious of people and always on my guard . Our birthdays are one day apart and he is the best man I have ever known, he totally gets me in every way. Go team Scorpio !!! I said yes btw :)

I am 34 Scorpio women, recently I get to know him Scorpio men 53 for about 1 month now. Everything seem know what within 1 month we already had 1 fight...but soon he seem to be apologetic...hmmmm we are 19 years apart...but im so attracted to him. We had sex once, it was awesome and im looking forward for more hahaa....well l love older and mature men so age just a number so I really think we are super compatible.. im so excited to meet him, to receive his calls and of course his jealousy and his possesive....its like get squeeze till dry but I love it seriously because I am the same, we give us what we want and need. Its not easy to find your soulmate. So Its a YES for Scorpio scorpio relationship no matter how much far apart are they...

I've recently met a Scorpio guy who is 14 days apart from me and the first couple of days were great and had major chemistry with when we spoke to each other on the phone. Although now that he doesn't really talk to me as much. I seem to be the one making conversation all the time and I only get brief responses from him. I would definitely say that i'm the more chatty type and he was just as talkative as me at first. I can't help but think have I done something wrong or am I just being the typical over suspicious Scorpio that I am or do I just need to give him some space?

Started dating a Scorpio female and was instantly amazed at our similarities. Coy, smart, sexy, fun, honest..... Direct conversation is a must. Getting her to open up, and getting me to trust again, are two things we are still working on. I have always wanted a Scorpio woman based on what I heard.... The relationships are either really, really good (like the sex) OR they are really, really bad. I hope she and I can get over our past(s) so we can enjoy our future.... together.

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