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My Scorpio boyfriend slept with his Aquarius female friend while we were separated. He was angry with me because he thought I was messing around with his accounts but it turns out the Aquarius female friend is the culprit.

He wants me back, says he realized he loved me, and says sleeping with her was a mistake and he doesn't want her in his life. I asked him to tell her off and he could barely get angry at her (whereas when he thought I was to blame, he was livid). I feel he's protecting her even though he doesn't want her. I know Scorpio's rarely beg and have strong likes/dislikes but I can't trust that he loves me 100 percent still.

As soon as I let him back into my life, he was sweet and improved at first but that went away after a month and he's back to being bitter, lazy and angry at me and the world for anything and everything. Is he playing games again or does this mean he really loves me? I am a Taurus girl by the way.

How can a Taurus female cope with a Scorpio man's games?

I'm a Taurus woman falling deeply in love with a Scorpio man. I love how masculine he is and he's quite traditional. Every time we spend any time alone together, I leave feeling as though we've gotten closer. His biggest issue is trust and asked that I never lie to matter how small. I told him I wanted to take care of his needs (my nurturing self) and he asked if he could trust me to take care of him. It was a thought-provoking question and I appreciated that. All in all, things are going well. It has only been 4 months and we've had a couple of speedbumps but the speedbumps only made us stronger.

I'm a Taurus woman and am utterly infatuated (obsessed?) with a Scorpio man. He is passionate, intense and the sexual sparks just fly out of his fingertips (and other places LOL) when we are together. He is also very interested in me but we both have "situations" and it makes it difficult right now for us to be together all the time. How can I be sure this isn't just a "fling" for him? Aren't Scorpios deeper than that?

I'm a Taurus woman currently involved with a Scorpio man. All I can say is...WOW! Every time we touch each other, it's like an electrical current passes through our bodies. When I look into his eyes, I instantly feel exposed/naked. He is so passionate, intense and sexy. Combined with me being sensual = HOT AND STEAMY!!!

My personal experience with a Scorpio man was nothing but mind-blowing (I am Taurus). He was the classy type: deep, dark, intense, hugely intellectual, insightful, unforgiving to extreme and sooo sexy it was almost criminal! He enjoyed his complicated mind games with me because it amused him to test the will and power of an emotionally strong woman. he was definitely not into seducing a doormat of a girl! No challenge - no game! Domination in his world didn't involve whips, collars and chains, it was far more intelligent on a mind level and somewhat sinister even.

Did I fall for him? No, it was no ordinary love when you feel comfortable, close and secure with a man. It was an incredible attraction of strong minds. I got drawn to him against my will, logic and common sense but without losing my dignity and self-respect at any point. He didn't attempt to drag me into his bedroom for some good poetry reading for a good few months, but kept stirring my emotions on such a deep level that I felt totally blinded by this connection and desired him immensely. Sometimes I got the impression he was in this just for the pleasure of a chase. He loved the fact that I could tell him in no terms that he was so bloody arrogant and selfish that no sane woman should be allowed near him (he was very wealthy and powerful).

In the end I couldn't take any more and got committed to a more down to earth Taurus with whom I could be open, feel relaxed and secure. Never heard from my Scorp again, even when sent him a Birthday wish! After almost 2 years of an emotional rollercoaster I am glad to be back from those scorpion jungles and enjoy the pleasures of the world of mere mortals, but I do not regret knowing him, as he provided me with one hell of an experience.

Can it work between a Scorpio man and a Taurus woman?

I'm a Taurus, and my man was born on a cusp (Nov 21), and in the beginning everything was fine. We had so much in common, and it just felt right. Now it just seems to be a 180, we're arguing, he has been flirtatious with other women (one of them a Gemini), and he's not the guy that I fell in love with. He says he doesn't want to lose me and gets jealous if another guy tries to pursue me. What can I do to make this Scorpio come home again?

I met my Scorpio friend about two and a half years ago, and only see him about every few months because he moves around a lot. I'm a Taurus and although it bothers me that Scorpio is so mysterious, I prefer not knowing some details of his life for fear of partial heart break due to jealousy and envy toward other woman he may have. Mr. Scorpio and I are very open and honest with each other, so I'm well aware that a "real relationship" would not work out between the two of us at this time in our lives. As lovers and friends, I'm sure we will continue to see each other for many years to come because the lust we have for each other is like nothing I have ever experienced. Seriously! All I can think about is that next time I see him, I'm sure we will be making up for lost time over, and over, and over again.

I met this Scorpio guy when I was at the age of 13, when he was 15 or 16. Originally he had been my best friend's childhood friend and I had heard so much about him that I was intrigued to meet him. Big mistake. After hearing about how much he had messed my friend around, I thought meeting him would only make me hate him more. Instead I found that on meeting him it was like magnetic, and we engaged in a conversation that felt like we'd known each other for years. On that a couple of more times we met up by chance and I fell for him more and more. On the outside it seemed like he had no personality, not even that good-looking and just messed me about continually but there was something that connected us in a really weird way. At one point he asked me to be his girlfriend, when I was probably at the age of 14 and he was 16 going on 17 and I thought he liked my other best friend (not the one who originally introduced us) and declined. A few months later he found himself a girlfriend and I found myself fine with that and It didn't bother me- it saved me from wondering if he liked me or what could happen. He dated her for nearly a year but in that time still talked to me, invited me over etc. I then started to wonder If I had said yes to his offer of being his girlfriend would he have played me too. But when they broke up, he was so interested in what I was up to, constantly asking my friends where I was etc. So we met up early this September and it was the same feeling over again that we both really liked each other. It was all fine, until he started to mess me around again to the point where he was in front of my face flirting with my friends just because I was talking to one of his. In between the times we have met up there has been long times of not talking at all, but when we were together it was like we were a couple and nobody else mattered. Then recently after 3 years, me at the age that he was when we first met and him nearly ready to go to university we kissed for the first time on an important date completely by chance, and I thought that maybe this time it meant we'd get it together. However a few days later he also kissed a girl from my class and I decided I'd have enough. Only two weeks later did he come crawling back.. now im completely lost. My friends tell me he's just a player and I should leave it and meet other guys, believe me I have met other guys but nobody has really come close to the way he makes me feel, and I feel myself becoming putty in his hands again, I just wish he would commit to something better than just meeting up with each other. I can't tell whether he likes me or not, it seems when he is with me he really does but I just don't know anymore.. help :/

All I know is that Scorpio men are master game players! Mind games is what turns them on...Thanks, but NO THANKS...They constantly put you down whether blatantly or subtly, but it's there...and don't even think of getting the best of them, because you'll never win! They're nasty, cutting and vindictive...No more for me! Been there, done that and don't want to ever again!

I have been with my Scorpio man for two years now and he is fantastic with everything.

Only bad point is they distance themselves a lot from time to time. And then they like Crazy in love with you all over again.

For a Taurus women to be with a Scorpio man is not that easy, its hard in the beginning because we are totally different. But you learn to except each other. And if you want to keep your Scorpio man, let him lead because if you don't he will leave you because of your bull headedness.

My Scorpio man and I are both very committed in our relationship and we stand up for each other. So there is a bad and a good point. But if you can grab a Scorpio man's heart, you will never be more happier. Scorpio men are loving, caring, trustworthy and honest but bear in mind they can also be secretive.

I have been dating a Scorpio man for 3 years, not an easy go at times, but when it is good it is fantastic! but when it is bad its nasty. Roll coaster, however it comes from both sides, although his nature fair out rides mine for the nasty. But when its good it is so damn good I can't walk away. It'll make sense to those whom have dated a Scorpio male. My problem is I need to walk away, I am not handling very well emotionally, the 'waiting' for him to quote 'fall in love'.

I'm a Taurus woman, been talking to a Scorpio man for a few months... He seems to need his own personal space, so I only see him once every couple of days... in other relationships with Virgo or Leo, they were with me practically everyday, all the time, so it's a little different for me, but he calls me and texts me all the time. It did take some getting used to. In the beginning I felt really insecure about the way he felt about me, even though he told me he had "his eye on me" for years before we started dating (we were both in relationships with other people when we met). Maybe I'm just naive, but I don't see him as "playing games," with me, although he is a little flirtatious with my friends and it drives me insane. I think he seems to have a harder shell to crack, and isn't as open about his feelings. He won't blatantly come out and say that he has feelings for me, but he will be affectionate towards me and wanna touch me, etc. We were at the grocery store the other morning and he ran up behind me with flowers and then he cooked me dinner later that night. Maybe he's not like other Scorpios. He says "I'm sorry," a lot, almost too much. He makes me laugh all the time. Likes to paint. Plays guitar. Is very very sexy, not just physically, but in every subtle way. I don't know how long it will take for our relationship to go to the next level, but I'm pretty much assuming that I have no say in it because he wouldn't want a woman to make that decision.

I am a Taurus girl who always goes out with Scorpios. I'm not the typical I'm not the typical Taurus girl because I love adventure and I am very complicated to figure out. A Scorpio guy I used to date a while back was 5 years older than me and our relationship was very good at the beginning. I got completely over his dominant and jealous persona that I begun cheating on him on purpose; I guess it was a way to "get back." I now go out with a different guy, who is also a scorpion...who figure, and I really like him!!!! He is more understanding and is able to hang on even when I go through a emotion rollercoaster! He is by far way more compromising and patient. I love him!!

I lived with a Scorpio man for a year after dating for 4 months I'm a Taurus girl). It didn't work out. He was 32 and I was 23 at the time. He had a child from a previous relationship and ex drama. Didn't really know where I stood with him for most of the time I lived with him, weird! But he bought me gifts and took me to baseball games. Our sex life was FRICKIN AWESOME but it didn't seem like we had a future together, when he went out with his friends I didn't know where he was going and he never answered his phone. I dumped him back in 2004 because I wanted to settle down and stuff. We talk on Yahoo Messenger now, Im married to a Cancer now. My Scorpio ex says he misses me and says I had the least drama compared to other girls he dated. He keeps telling me to visit him in FL and that he was sorry for pissing me off. I'm like dude I'm married, should have thought about then, lol.

I'm a Taurus woman dating a Scorpio man. Whirlwind doesn't quite describe our relationship. We had a chance meeting at a group event and from that moment on, it seemed like we were connected at the hip. We've been dating less than 3 months and he's now moving in (might as well since we've been living together unofficially for at least 2 months now). Magnetic is not a strong enough adjective to describe this guy. He's personable, friendly and very attractive (women throw themselves at him all the time). I trust him completely though, but his brutal honesty is sometimes just that. Brutal. One thing that has begun to surface is that he takes it to heart if I'm not in a good mood. He withdraws completely and then I feel responsible for both my bad mood and his. What gives? Talking about unpleasant (but necessary) stuff makes him run in the other direction. It's frustrating, but I believe we can eventually find a happy medium. What's the best way to break through to this guy without making him run?

I told him I loved him and he said he doesn't love me, but has feelings ..what does that mean exactly? we are working on seeing how it goes he says he needs more time together, to know. To me that doesn't make sense, as its been 3 years already.

I don't mean to sound rude here but yes the sex is excellent, as you all mention here. but hey its not everything, is it worth the disrespect, meaning the head games, my heavens, the waiting games, waiting for THEM. Who in hell died and made them God. I mean seriously. Personally I am fed up, and have had it completely with this relationship of 4 years. I'm done!. Maybe mine is a bad apple in the bunch don't get me wrong but wow. I'm outta there...Maybe I'll meet a decent scorp male one day, not looking though. I'm done.

I have been involved with a Scorpio male for the last 3 years and have lately been reading about the Scorpio personality and traits... I have to say that I am so relieved actually that so many women say the exact same things as I have myself felt... my Scorpio drives me mental!... but I love him like no other... but honestly as mental as he can drive me... I am somewhat relieved to know that there are so many common traits amongst Scorpio men, I too would love to know how and what he is feeling and as a Taurus woman I have a need to know... his mind games frustrate the hell out of me and someday I wonder what the hell I have gotten myself into... but again it comes down to love... and I just can't see myself not having him in my life in any capacity... I am really drawn to him and we definitely share a special connection, even when we have been torn apart for months we always seem to find our way back into each other's lives... anyways, that's my two cents... I wish us all well, those who are involved and those who have warned us about these little boogers.... lol....

I have loved my Scorpio my whole life, well since I was 16 and he was 18. I am now 43 and am more deeply in love with him then ever. It isn't always easy but what in life is? My best advice is to not try and change them other just except them for who they are and ask that they do the same. If two people come together with trust and understanding as well as forgiveness. It can work and it is a beautiful union.

I have been with a Scorpio nightmare for the last five years and he's not the first male Scorpio who has exhibited poor personality traits with me. For some reason Scorpio males and female Taurean are not a great combination and that is based on several experiences. Perhaps it's communication styles or whatever. I agree with what was said earlier, sex could be great but it's not everything and it's not worth the heartbreak of going through a waste of time with someone who won't appreciate the love you have to give them. Next time I meet someone of the "Scorpio" background I am running miles away in the opposite direction and that is no word of a lie.

I knew (almost started seeing) a Scorpio man about 10 yrs ago... For some reason it didn't work out...the last time I saw him we had a great time... 10 yrs later and I still think about him 24/7.. I had 2 short term relationships and none of them could take my emotions as high as he did... I don't think I'll ever be able to be happy again...If any one has some insight on how I can heal this open wound that I have had for over 10 yrs. Please let me know.... I know I must have done something wrong but I have suffered long enough, I did my time for whatever crime I committed... I deserve my sanity, life and heart back... Please help if you know

how...nobody deserves to hurt this much for this long

as a Taurus girl I really like to be dominated, the weaker one, even though I will put up a fight.....

Scorpio men know how to fight me....which I love...fall for etc......


it is not worth it.....he is all about the conquer.....for your own sake just trust me on this one.....cancer men can be really sexy too....look at Megan Foxes bf/fiance/w.e...look at Penelope Cruz and Mathew....u really think he ever loved she's with a Pisces....

I know it's silly using celebrities....but I find it's better than giving you personal examples

we are magnetically pulled their way....but we have to fight it....

the whole only a Scorpio man can make me happy is a lie we have convinced ourselves of...and will suffer greatly for.....

I am involved with a divorced Scorpio. we are about to take our relationship to the next level. he lately been asking me often: are you sure I am what you want? you have the desire to be with me? are you really ready for this? etc. I told him many times over how I feel, but occasionally those question keep on coming and when it comes up in conversations its always: "this cannot wait, need answers now". help, I need some opinions where he is coming from. last note: his marriage was a loveless one and his wife was awful to him for 20 years.

if you want something that might help aid you into gaining a deeper understanding of the Taurus Scorpio relationship I think it would be enlightening to read about hade's and pheresphone's relationship ..if you google "hades peresphone relationship" the first wiki article is really informative

also from the Scorpio guys that have been in relationships with Taurus women, why did/didn't it work out....what did/didn't you like about her....please don't hold back...taurus girls are strong....the crueler you are, the kinder you'll be...holding back and keeping us in the dark is actually a lot meaner than any criticism you may have to offer us....

I hope you enjoy the article, and thx for any comments in advance

I am a Taurus female and I dated a Scorpio male for 25 months.

When I first met him, it was like he set my old life on fire and forged me a new life with him at it's center. For the first handful of months, I was blissfully happy.

But my Scorpio hand wandering... well everything. I attempted to forgive and forget, but my obstinate made it quite hard. The Scorpio claimed he wanted commitment, marriage, etc. but continued to roam that pasture.

Scorpios are too good at lying, but I see the potential for an amazing relationship if both parties are willing to be loyal and honest on the important stuff.

I think it's because we're too boring for them

also the first post with the Aquarius g/f further confirms my belief that Scorpios hate Taurus's the most, apparently we're the sign they're most likely to kill (literally) .Lol.

I agree with all the posts saying to stay away from Scorpios. Obviously they don't want anything to do with us (if they are with us they're cheating) -experience. We just need to let them go, as hard as it may be. We deserve a real love, not this pretend love (aka lust) that they control us with for their stupid pleasure.

regarding the whole Aquarius vs Taurus thing.

I'm a Taurus, my sister is an Aquarius.

When I was in grade 9 I had a silly hotmail. It was cutie or something of that nature. I got beat and called a whore for that by my (Scorpio dad)

my sister went out one time got so drunk that she started stripping in a bar and my dad didn't do anything to her, no one was allowed to say or do anything bad to her. He didn't look down on her one bit, he didn't lose any respect for her, he just loved and accepted her unconditionally.

why was he so vindictive towards me, but with my sister, nothing.

why am I not deserving of any compassion (in Scorpios eyes). I think you guys are real dicks for that.

There's this guy I see around. I've never talked to him, probably never will but there isn't a doubt in my mind that he is a Scorpio. Now I see what people are talking about when they bring up the whole Scorpio intensity thing. Not in my wildest dreams would I have thought that it would be that much of a powerful force. He makes everything from my blood to posture freeze completely. I try my hardest to hide any signs of emotion but he has had a huge impact on me. For one, he has some how transformed me into a more honest, ambitious person (keep in mind we've never talked and I've made sure to make as little eye contact as possible). As a Taurus girl I'd never be brave enough to be close to something so (Devine?) for more than 3 sec. I don't understand how other Taurus girls do it, you guys must be really strong. The energy this guy has given me is enough to last me the rest of my life and then some. Def. A transforming experience. I really wish I was strong enough to allow my self to feel/ face his presence.

I have a Scorpio younger brother, and am a taurean girl. . Many stuff said about Scorpio traits here r true, we nvr ever agree wit each others view, argue most of the times over all the stuff s we read, hear get to know trying to analyze in our own ways, both stubborn refuse to lose argument. . . But one thing I can say honestly, if there s anyone who can really convince him on anything, or solve his mental complications easily, its only me!! I have made him realize, I really care for him yet he can open his Scorpio tail sometimes when I chose to ignore him to cold . . He will always smile next day or come talking nicely. . . Am strong and he knows it!! He s my brother and all I can say to you girls is if you feel, passion, commitment, possessiveness , is what you want and can ignore silly stupid arguments , called mind games by them , go for it! For they r thousand times better than cheating Gemini s :) good luck

I am a 42 yr old Taurus woman and have been dating my Scorpio boyfriend for 4 yrs. Before him I was with a Cancer for over 15 yrs. My Scorpio boyfriend has this power over me that I can't shake. The weird thing is he's not that great looking and doesn't have a great body but I'm so incredibly attracted to him! We've broken up several times over the last 4 yrs (mostly due to trust issues...him not being able to say no to the attn from other females) but we both can't stay away from each other. In the beginning he was very attentive, loving and affectionate. Now he seems to purposely hold back, BUT I still know he loves me and doesn't want to lose me. I think unless you're willing to "play the game" with them AND know how, you should definitely stay away from these men because it will be a hard...emotionally draining. road.

hmm Taurus girl here dating a Scorpio guy

Amazing but emotionally draining !

great sex but not really worth it.

very passionate but the mind games are stressful

if you're not a strong Taurus go the other way immediately he will break you down inch by inch . he can read right through you he loves us because were innocent by heart but! hell never say so till take forever for him 2 if he's a bad Scorpio he'll seduce you and then attack you mentally and only mind games .

if he's a good Scorpio then you're very lucky with urfind-

u have to be strong willed in order to fuQ wit a Scorpio guy mentally.

there really good but also really bad-

so I stand by my words if you're a strong Taurus girl and you cant take things to heart and learn to dismiss all his useless remarks then it can work but if not you gotta run lol run the other way he's no good for you girl im telling u.

Taurus female deserves much better and the Scorpio guy knows that's why he wants you all to himself but then don't wanna stay committed and even when they are there mouth issent such a potty mouth .

I'm a Taurus Woman, and I just recently started noticing Scorpios. Before, I used to have an obsession with a Scorpio guy who lived far from me, he liked me but he didn't want to be in a relationship because of the distance. (Vegas vs Miami= very far.)

Then In this year, all of a sudden, he who has not had contact with me in like 3 years because I took my myspace off, suddenly adds me on Facebook.

I ask him "How'd you find me!" And he told me he remembered my Pen name and searched for me on google.

That sounds very special to me.

I also met a Scorpio recently who is 2 years older than me, and is very fascinating type of person. At first we hit it off great, we were talking, he gave me advice with a break up I was going through (A Cancer), and he was there and all.

Then he disappeared for three days, he comes back, and he isn't talkative anymore O_O

I figured, because I tried talking to him like I usually do, and he only says a word or so.

So I just stopped talking to him, I didn't ignore him though.

So my question would be, how the heck can I get him interested in talking with me again?

I just want to flirt around, but if the right guy comes along, I'll end my single trip early.

I thank GOD or whoever I came across this site. Almost every Taurus woman/Scorpio man experience is the same in most aspects and I am no different going through the same. I almost fell out my chair reading the same emotional effects and similarities we've gone through. We are both seeing different people ( I am involved with a Taurus) but the polar magnets makes me so drawn to him! UGH I hate it! I am emotionally strong and never break in front of him. even seem aloof about us but he got me. and I am aware of the outcome! I guess time will tell..

ive been with three Scorpios and there all nut cases you just have to be strong and have a thick skin also a lot of times they mean the total opposite of what they say .just don't put up with there stuff and they will respect you .this one ive been with nine months but seems like years ,he drives me crazy as hell and if he wasn't so loyal the sex wasn't so dam good id leave him .weve broken up many times but cant seem to let go, he swears he loves me wants me but says he cant make a commitment because I keep breaking up with him. hats because he's an arrogant a hole and I tell him so with is one of the reasons he loves me because I want take no crap off of him ......

I had Scorpio boy friend and we were going to get married soon. everything was going good but suddenly I came to know that he proposed my friends and he crossed his limits by proposing my own real sister. after this he slept with my own best friend......when I asked him about all this, he simply said "I don't know, what you are talking about!

'in short he was nice only in front of me. I cried but later I realized that its of no use and I broke up with my boy. now I miss him too much but we are good friends FROM TWO YEARS..........but believe me guys its very difficult to be friends with EX.......NOW I CANT TRUST ANYONE.......

I am totally in love with my Scorpio man 90% of the time, the other 10% I hate the way he makes me feel. The more I need to hear 'I love you' the more he will NOT say it... he says I should know how he feels, saying it makes it false.. Maybe I'm just soppy but hearing the man you love tell you you're loved back is what it's all about for me. I very often think.. leave him the waiting game is not worth it... the whole I need space. but don't really like to be be myself..but actually ..i do... I love you completely like no other...actually I dont...i want you forever...we'll see how it goes, i'm am an island, crap drives me insane but I couldn't think of life without him. Sex is good but we share a very deep closeness, when he is being I have never known before, but he can become so distant sooooo quickly. its like dating 2 different men. He isnt unfaithful. He hates lies and cheats, but he screws with my head..i like to feel secure..he likes to keep me on m y toes. He told me first he loved me, then told me I was rushing him..can I leave him....maybe one day..but not yet..maybe not at all. I thought I was stronger than this. I agree he does not like weakness in a woman and respects being told when he is being an arse... but not when he is actually being an really have to pick your moments or the Scorpio tail hits you in the mouth. He says his love is very strong and he is very romantic...but don't tell him, its a secret....even from me. good luck ladies and if your strong enough to hold onto the bucking bronco..and it takes all our taurean stuborness to do so..i believe it could just be fantastic.....heres hoping x

Cool down girl I can surely say you're Scorpio was still a bit too immature!! As I hav seen them they r in constant process of refining themselves, to perfection I can say its amazing!! May be you met him a bit too early in his life before he was molded himself a bit!! Relax cut off because ex r strangers in truth. . . Good luck

I am amazed at the responses I am hearing on this site. All of you are making Taurus women look weak. I am a strong emotional Bull. Not even the Scorpio can conquer my emotions. I have dated two male Scorpios. I converted their mind playing-@sses into complete emotional wrecks. I dealt with them when it served my purpose only! I played on their self-esteem (trust me, their pseduo-confidence is a put up job). I belittled them to the point of no return. Here is the key, You boost their self confidence...and then you slowly take it away. Let them tell you everything. But tell them nothing. How do you prevent yourself from being emotionally tied to them? Play the Mother Theresa role, but keep your options low-key and open. Be unpredictable. Send them on an emotional rollercoaster. Play with their heads until he becomes exactly what you want him to be...and then tell him that you're no longer interested. Mirror his actions. He will never be the same!

When he's down, tell him that you detest weak men. He needs to to go fetch his pride and dignity. They're miserable people. They only respond positively to NEGATIVITY! Once I feel that I'm being manipulated or underminded, trust me, I will bring a man to the lowest level I feel that he needs to be...and then completely cut him off!

WOW! sounds like were all dating the same man but the truth is, for all of you Taurus women out there who have found yourself with a scorpio, you have to be strong and VERY secure with yourself to handle these men. if not, they are capable of walking all over you sending you on the wildest roller coaster ride that you've never experienced before. i'm a very strong and secure woman and have also had my experience with a Scorpio man. he was a liar, cheater, controlling kind of man but then again, what men aren't, should you let them have their way!?! my best advise, play the game, be in it to win it, don't give up and send them on the same ride! guaranteed they'll like it and love the fact that they didn't get the best of you! SEX? well, I can go on and on about that but I will only say this, party like a rockstar and F*** em like a porn star and you've got em hooked! i'm still with him after 2-1/2 years and still going strong. he's done everything under the sun to me be ut rest assured, i've done it all back to him and he now knows, 2 can play that game! if he loves you, he'll stop. if not, well, GET OUT!

hi I went to skul with a Scorpio he was my senior and also dating my friend, then after a few years (im in uni now) he started chatting with me on msn, and now its quite frequent with skype, he is in australia and I am in malaysia, his ex was here in malaysia and he used to come see her, we seem to be very attracted to each other, we share a lot of things in common, and he tells me deep stuff about his family etc, stuff he doesn't tell anyone, but he also seems to have this girl who is after him,he tells me all about her etc, but he says she is not his type, I asked him who is you're type and he sed u... but he still sees this girl, I don't understand the other night he skyped me from her bedroom and sed he wanted to talk to me while she was in the shower ( he had drank alcohol) im very confused, I like him alot, and he sed he likes me too but will get bored of a long distance relationship, I am thinking of goin to australia next yr on holiday to meet my cousin, and he sed he w ill pay my ticket to come meet him in his state, and spend time with him... what should I do, we sumtimes have fights and those get bad, but most of the time I know what to do with him, if he;s in a bad mood I give him space, thats y he says im "cool" and not like other girls, I "understand" him, and wen im angry he makes me laugh so much.. help.. I don't know hw to proceed, I know sx means a lot for scorpios, but he keeps tellin me he hasnt had sex with a girl for few yrs now... please reply soon!

well i'm on the boat too! lol and not only am I a Taurus woman with a Scorpio guy, he's younger and from another country!!! so we have cultural barriers...we met online, been talking for a year and a half and now in 3 weeks will be meeting. The sexual chemistry sizzles off the computer screen as it is. He has frustrated me with his aloofness, but I am not the typical taurean girl...i like that, and I like that I have my own space too. but I totally can relate to everything everyone is saying. however, now, he tells me he loves me every day, has started doing romantic things, sending songs, etc. I laugh inside, because it took forever! You do have to be patient and persistent. but it is soooooo worth it!

Yes, I can feel each and every one of you woman's when talking about the Scorpio man... I am a Taurus, My first love was a Scorpio from the age of 12 to the age of 18 years old... I mat another Scorpio who was around 12 years older then me... we dated for 20 years... I am now 45 years old... He was very protected of me... Love to have sex. Our sex life was the greatest... I mat another Scorpio... we dated a total of 8 months live together for 4 months, left me for another woman. but right after he left me, 6weeks later asking about me, wanting to see me, know how I was doing; wouldn't talk to him for about 3 months ... he was very cold, hurtful, mean, evil, cause a lot of pain to me... act if he never cared about me, he even act like we never had a relationship... finally I saw him... he act if we had never been apart... wanted to be with me again... but he says he has his regrets of leaving me... but still want me in his life... that we would always be with each ot her... we will never stop seeing one another... he keeps my emotions on a roller coaster... I don't know what to make of him or think of him... he almost drives me crazy... when we break up... I never saw him walking out on me... then act as if nothing has happen... when I was with him... he made me feel really good... he made me feel loved, important, special. he was good to me... call me everyday, came home on time. Out of all I've been through with him, I am very much stronger now then what I was back then, I deal with him because I still love him and he knows this... I don't know what to say or what to tell anyone who is dating a Scorpio man... what I do know is that while I have the strength to live without him and that I am able to move on without anymore pain, my best bet is to run, get away from him while I can... If I continue to deal with him, then I must accept him for him and let him be him... which is painful for me... not knowing what his real feelings are about me or what he could be's hard to let go... those eyes, that smile,the touch, the sex. Everything about him is so bitter sweet...

Im a Scorpio Man and I have always loved Taurus women. The strange thing is this. All the Taurus women I have come across and dated, they all had TWIN SISTERS. Amazing.

I been married twice, once to a Gemini and a Leo. I would love to meet another Taurus women, they are so SUBMISSIVE. Im much older and wiser now and the next Taurus I get she will be my Sex Slave/Wife and I will be her Master for LIFE.

I'm a Scorpio man we have a gift ladies no not that! thats too obvious. The gift is we feel the world differently. I have a Taurus woman as a neighbor she moved in three months ago a nice sweet looking sista mmmmm... I caught her vibe instantly.. she has a baby father who lives elsewhere but checks in on the regular . she said he was crazy lol haha hee hee not crazier than me hmph the other day I start to engage her in this most excellent conversation.. I could feel her boyd get excited nipples start to get nice and plump as I talked to her.. I wonder what that would feel like........

okay so I'm currently dating a Scorpio guy and I am a Taurus women we have been dating for a year and almost two months, we are doing great right now we are planning our life together, we will be getting married as soon as we both turn 18. I love his family and he loves mine, I am very possesive and I don't like to lose any arguments, we have broken up once but it was for a good reason, I love himwith all my heart. And I know that any one can make through just by making a lil effort(:

p.s- we do agree a lot in sex =P

really? so what do you think he's doing with his girlfriend when he stays over actually? playing battleships? or perhaps rock-paper-scissors? :/ please, don't be fooled girl.

I've been with a Scorpio for 2 years now. Yes, there is no doubt that the sex is good. However, most typical Taureans who crave a secure, stable and uninterrupted loving life would find Scorpio unrealiable. During our relationship, I had my fantastic moments of course, but for the rest, it's all heartbreaking. I cried a lot. I think he is too cold, and sadly he loves me less than I do, or he just acts like that....

If you want an adventure, and if you adore intellectual guys, you may try to date a scorpio. Security seeker, though, be careful...He will change before you notice

Oh my god, Im a Taurus woman and I dated a Scorpio man for almost two years and I just couldn't take how he was so controlling and jealous! it was great in the beginning but after a while it drove me nuts for a couple months I thought it would pass and that he would quit playing his games but it didn't and then I finally met my Capricorn man which is totally the opposite of scorpios secretive caniving ways:) I recommend capricorns!

to the woman dating her 3ed Scorpio and is wondering if she should run or stay.


get yourself a capricorn. you'll find everything you're looking for in a cap.

i've been into scorpios for a long time, it's just not a relationship that will last. We're opposites on the wheel. It's constant work making sure the energies are balanced. too much good will disrupt the balance, as will too much bad. Opposite signs are just really hard to maintain in the long run; sooner or later the balance will be disrupted, and then all hell breaks loose.

you will get hurt 1000000%.

capricorns will build you up, not break you down.

i've been dating a Capricorn for a while now, and it's perfect. Everything from passion to security; isn't that what you always wanted?

As for Scorpio (men), i'm pretty convinced cancers are the best ones for you.

OMG. Please!! Mr. Scorpio who thinks he will find a sex slave/wife and be her master forever. Yes the sex might be great and that would be a fantasy to play out in the bedroom, but thats where it would stay!

I'm a Taurus female.

My first real relationship was with a Scorpio man.

I must admit, I was extremely attracted to him (more than I had been to anyone before) & didn't understand how or why?

But he played a lot of mind games & was very cutting & vindictive & broke my heart hundreds of times.

His personality seemed so strong compared to mine.

But usually compared to all the other men I'd met before him I had always been the strong one... But definately not compared to this Scorpio. The longer I knew him, from all his put downs & negative comments, I lost confidence & felt emotionally weaker.

I tried cutting ties with him but after several months of no contact, he was still on my mind & I'd would keep being drawn to him time & time again. So we were on & off all the time.

The good parts were that he was nice some of the time, reliable & had a good sense of humour & our sexual relationship ;)

But why is it Scorpio men & Taurus women have all these issues??

What about Scorpio men with the other signs???

& yes I agree with previous comments only very strong Taurus girls can handle them. If you are not very strong & secure with yourself they will emotionally rip you apart! So your better off just staying away from them! :)

I'm over it.. On round 2 with Scorpio man. I am a Taurus woman. The only conversation that I can get from him is sexual in nature..he is intermittent with is conversation, phone calls and text one per day and that is it. For a Taurus woman who likes attention this just doesn't cut it. It is almost like a vendetta that I want to experience the "scorpio" man like everything I have read..but do not have the energy to wait around for him to decide to show it to me. This is the end of the road for me. At the end of the day, this guy does not give me what I need and I have a very attentive, sweet Pisces who is on the other line just waiting for my next move. I am not gonna let him got by..

I am a Taurus woman who was in a nine-year relationship with a Scorpio man. The first five years were bliss. The rest were characterised by nine months of bliss, and three of hell during which he withdrew everything from affection to sex. He would then "get back" into the relationship as though nothing happened. This cycle happened over and over again, the good times reducing from nine months a year to six until the whole year was just too much. I called it quits six months ago - and both of were so miserable it wasn't funny. However, I moved on three months ago - and lo and behold - I find another Scorpio. This one seems more intense and I am not sure I have the stomach to take another emotional roller coaster ride again. If it starts, I am out of there. I have nothing to prove to anyone...i will not save him from his emotional demons & I will not try to understand him

I am a Taurus woman with a scoripio male been together 5 years and I love him to pieces but he does drive me mad. We are opposites. He spends money I save, he tells white lies I am blunt and always tell the truth, he is messy I am clean, he is not organized I have the whole year planned out. For him it was love at first site I think he told me he loved me on our second date and after 5 years he is still head over heals in love. Me it takes time.

how will a Scorpio man act around a Taurus woman he is interested in?

For the guy who think he ll make a Taurus lady his sex slave, I cant stop laughing:) you must be a moron Scorpio or one blown up egoistic!! Ul nvr understand till the very end who conquered whom!! Finally when you know ul be in bits and pieces after Taurus ladies!! Lol you don't brag too much, truth is only a Taurus lady has the real courage to conquer even you guys . . . . .

I Love My Scorpio Man. He is very intellectual, but not overly so. He is very smart, and can recall amazing facts when needed, and is a great listener. Making him wonderful to talk to. He is smart, but not in a degrading way to me. He loves deep conversations. instead of mind games, He loves to challenge others minds. He is very considerate, and loving. He is a lot like the description, but never in a bad way. We are also so connected and passionate in the bedroom. this Taurus and Scorpio match is a great one. =)

Are Scorpio men only sexually attracted to Taurus women? Do they not have any deeper feelings for Taurus girls?

English is not my mother tongue, so I apologise in advance for any language mistakes I make.

I've had a long distance relationship with a Scorpio man for almost a year and half and I'm a Taurus, of course. The relationship is very complicated not only because of the distance but because his character is very complicated although he says he is a simple man. He is loving and affectionate and light-hearted most of the time, and then he is distant, introvert, reserved, ...There is no consistency in his behaviour and I understand that his moodiness is due to the whole situation (he loves me, but he is married and his job involves a lot of travelling, so he can't be with his children, although he would like to and he can't be with me because he doesn't want to make his children unhappy - that's what he says). However, he says we'll be together sooner or later when the time is ripe for that.

I'm not sure if I want to end up with him in life. I love him and I feel (at an intuitive level) that he's my soul mate. On the other hand, I can also feel that he is stubborn, possessive, jealous, controlling and domineering and I am the same, but I resent being controlled or domineered, and I think he hates that too. At the moment I am thinking of getting out of this so-called relationship because it's been too intense, too mentally draining, and probably I can call it unhealthy (at least for me). I stopped communicating with him a week ago and I already feel much better (emotionally). However, it took me a year and a half to be able to see the whole picture and pluck up the courage/mental strength to stop this madness. Before that, it was as if a spell was cast on me and I couldn't do anything about it. Now I've matured.

OMG I never thought there are so many women like me had betten up by scorpio.. I was married wiht this Scorpio man and yes he drive my emotion crazy I almost want to kill my self, he wanted me to be his pet and let him takeover the lesh. He hit me and latter he said "I know I am not suppose to hit you but I won't tell you sorry, this is the word that you never going to hear from me". He was extremly jelous, controler, disrespectful, selfish and thinks his word is law. After nine months I left him and he toke all my jewelry and clothes. Since I was a Taurus woman I was acting like his slave I did every thing he said but finally I quit and that was the only good thing that ever did to my self. Now I afraid of love and relationship. I get lots of attention from men but I cant move on I afraid of getting hurt, and I completely lost my confident. Those who is happy just be their but those who has a little of problem just move on before it is late.

have just spent 7 months with my first Scorpio man, I have my own house and he moved in within 2 months, and he made me feel like I was his soul mate, absolutely the most intense fabulous relationship ever. Then I found out he had lied to me and got drunk and confronted him, out he walked, has been torturing me with mind games every since. if anyone can tell me about the pain I am feeling, I would appreciate it

I was with a Scorpio man for 23 years. The jealousy and games were far more than I could deal with. Sadly, communication was lacking on his part - and he was solely the ONLY important person in his world. This Scorpio man had high expectations of what he expected of me and as a wife and partner and mother of his children. However, when it came to the expectations I should have of him, there should be no restrictions. I realized that even after trying to leave him and asking him to leave if he was so unhappy and continuing to make everyone around him unhappy, he would not leave. The Scorpio man lives by double standards (at least my ex-husband did), he was concerned that all else saw him as kind, loyal and giving. His true colors proved to be completely opposite of what he wanted to be seen as. They (Scorpio men) are quiet, for fear of saying to much and giving up their true person and divulging their secret lives and lies - they are sexual, yes, but also sel fishly indulgent in extra-marital affairs, they are cold-hearted and selfish when it comes to exerting themselves for the good of anyone aside from themselves.

The best part of my 23 year marriage were the times he was gone. Finding out about his numerous extra marital affairs was final the key to having him free me of fulfilling his needs. Once I had that ammunition,there was no more reasons to listen to as to why he could not oblige me and get a divorce.

It appears that Scorpio men want it all and do not like being rejected and they do not like the thought of possibly being alone. They need everyone to say yes to them and cannot deal with the word "no". They don't take losing well, even if know what's best for them.

Very strong traits are they cannot be trusted and their quietness is not being reserved or shy, it's a plotting and seeing what and when is the best time to strike. They don't mind hurting, but they do not like to be hurt. Double standards and extremely jealous.

m taurean girl and my first love was scorpio....i don't know what to say...i was always very determined towards my dreams..but when this guy arrived, he was just a friend and suddenly changed everything...i don't know what it was that I fell in love with him...'cause he is neither charming nor good looking...doesnt even talk much...but sth is very impressive about him....he never accept but even he likes me a lot...he says that he has never met a girl like me....he like my very loving,caring and generous well as my way of dealing life... my intellegence, creativity,ambitions and my way of thinking different from others...i like him appreciating me...he also says that the person who will marry me gonna be very lucky...although when I told him that I loved him...he rejected was took a long time but I got over he is my friend...and whenever I am with him he looks so happy...he cant stop appreciating me..he gets jealous if I talk to any other guy...he doesn't talk to me much unless I initiates talking...but he tries not to miss any chance to be at the same place where I am..he cant stop staring and smiling...although he tries his best to make it not noticable but m good observer...i find it very wierd 'cause I cant does he love me????

I'm a Taurus girl who is in love with a gorgeous Scorpio man. He is so beautiful, his way of speaking sooths me and plays off as a sweet melody to my ears. His gaze astounds me, now the only thing that satisfy me is his presences. This may sound ludicrous but, I can always sense him even without thinking about it. We use to talk from time to time and when we did we were like magnets unable to detach from each other. No one could interfere because we were in our own personal universe. Lately we haven't talked much my stubbornness was over thrown by the though of him with someone else. How selfish and insanely jealous I've become. Only thinking about myself and not even giving the slightest thought to what he wants. I don't know if this is love or I fell in love with the idea of him. I just miss him so much.

I would like to hear the opinion of you Scorpio men as to what you might think of this situation.

Thank you

I guess it's differen't for everyone? I've been with a Capricorn before, they are very distant and cold. They get upset, and you'll realize it. They talk to you less and become heartless. The one I met, was very lazy. It ended up of us not trusting one another. My Sun is a Taurus, My moon is a scorpio, and my rising is a Libra. All of my friends whom I am close with, are SCORPIOS. They all adore me. My best guy friend is a Scorpio as well. My other earth signs 'Virgo, Capricorn, Taurus,' we don't tend to get a long. I took an Astronomy class in college, your rising and moon has a lot to deal with it. You can't just base it on your sun sign. I have a sister who is a Taurus sun and an Aries moon, we constantly fight and she is getting married to a Leo. I've dated fire signs before and they're very abusive towards me. Other earth signs, we just don't see eye to eye and they become too boring for me. So, it all depends. I am a very strong Taurus, Born April 29th. I don' t let Scorpios play mind games with me, and what they say doesn't bother me. They really don't like it when they are trying to be rude and you play their game back to them. But, I have always been loved by Scorpios. I find it strange how Astrology plays its role.

I am a Scorpio male and have worked with a Taurus girl for a few years now at my place of work. Every time I see her I can't keep my eyes off her. I know when she near me even when I can't see her. The attraction and physical presence when we are close is amazing. I hardly know her to talk to but feel I know everything about her. When I make eye contact I can see she is a special person and I love everything about her just the way she is. There is something special about the connection between Taurus and Scorpio. I want to get to know this girl and wish to work hard at building a long term relationship with her.

OMG! Taurus Woman here. I was with a Scorpio Male for about 4 years. Mind tricks like crazy!!!!!! The thing is that I knew when he was playing all these little games, I was always 5 steps ahead.

Its started out intense, with the looks, the flirting, his approach reminds me of Dracula for some weird reason. Once in the relationship he would always TRY to dominate me. I put up a good fight (not sure if that's what made him stay). The truth is that like mentioned in a post above all the complex feeling are draining, and as a Taurus female its exhausting to keep up/and put up with all that crap. I like to take care of people I care a love, but I think this Scorpio male needed to get some of his issues solved before dating and getting others caught up in his mix. I think he was really selfish, and deep down though he wouldnt admit it, I think he was needy.

I gotta say though when it was good it was great. He was not one to open up easily, but I feel I may have provided him with an outlet to open up to me. He was extremely loyal to me as I to him. Unfortunately with all his unsorted complications it had to end. He still remains my good friend.

To all the Taurus women out there... If you spot a Scorpio man you don't have to run, but do tread cautiously. Good LUCK ;)

I know of this one guy who I was interested in for quite a while, but it doesn't matter anymore now, because unfortunately, I just found out that I'm never gonna see him again, because he doesn't even work at the same place as me anymore.

Well, I'll just get to the point. I'm a young Taurus girl(20), and I never really had any experience with a Scorpio before, except for one when I was in high school. He seemed nice, but I didn't really know him well enough to tell you if he had strong Scorpio traits or not. However, with this guy from my job, I always noticed him making intense eye contact with me. I'd see him staring at me from across a room. Now, I'm not sure if that was because he thought I was weird, or what his reasons were. But his eyes were so dark and mysterious looking.

He had introduced himself to me in the beginning, but at the time I wasn't really attracted to him because I was kinda stuck on someone who I just had a falling out with. Within a couple months of meeting this guy, I finally was over the last guy. I then began to really notice that my new attraction was this guy who I really didn't even know, and his name slipped my mind, because I was too hung up on the last guy... I actually forgot what this guy said his name was when he introduced himself to me! Anyway, It always seemed like he was the flirtatious type. The way he spoke it was almost like he was throwing signs that he was interested in me. Well, to make a long story short, I never really found out the truth, whether he was ever interested or not. And I still don't know. I remember back in November I asked one of my friends/coworkers about him. At the time she told me not only his name, but that he didn't have a girlfriend, was dating around, and that he just had a birthday.

Even though I never asked her what the exact date of his birthday was, I am almost 100% sure that this guy was/is a scorpio. And honestly, just judging by his eyes, I think he was a scorpio. They were so magnetic, and it was like he was looking right into my soul when he looked at me. I don't know, maybe I'm just looking too much into it, and I sound ridiculous, but for some strange reason I was always drawn to him. He was really good looking too. And I didn't start to show that I liked him until around the time when he left. I don't really know if I would've had a chance anyway. He was older, and I acted a little bit like a child when he came around(nerves). But man, I was really attracted to this guy. There was something about him. I believe the last time I saw him was probably around january or february. Kinda sucks that I got a crush on him just as he was on his way out.

I had 3 boyfriend and the first two of them were scorpion. they were good, great sex, but the thing is they really made me crazy with the mind tricks thing. at first you'll find it very adventurous, very sexy, very sparkling. but with time you'll see it's very tiring to suffer from all his mind tricks. I would say if you know how to handle a scorpion, then go for it, your sex life will be a blast, very sensual and stuff. but if you're fragile your heart will get broken for many times till you can't take it anymore.

I am a Taurus girl who has just met and been out with a Scorpio guy once. The date was so intense that we ended up making out by my car and it was extremely hot. The past couple of days since have been a roller-coaster. It feels like we are dating but he was supposed to meet up with me last night and never showed. He seems to need validation that I want him but is more upset about me not being sure about him than anything else. When I tell him I like him over and over again he seems to mellow him out but I don't think we are on the same page. The problem is the chemistry. It is crazy. I've had many experiences, but this was off the charts and we didn't even sleep together..... I can see the draw. We are sensual. They are sexual. The sex runs the relationship but WE are loyal and grounded and they are mysterious and not forthright.

Scorpios may be the best lovers, even boyfriends maybe, but family men the are not!! They may wish to be, but the truth is they are the passionate lovers of the zodiac, nothing more, nothing less!! If you want a couple of nights of the best sex possible, u'd be stupid if you did it with anyone other than a Scorpio, But if you're looking to settle down and a stable long term companion, this is so the wrong place to be looking. Your best bets are Capricorn and cancer, then Virgo, then Pisces Idk, personally I kinda think scorpios are a little overrated.

I've been in a relationship with a Scorpio man for five years. It is soo complicated. I have been suicidal as well as homicidal because of the emotional roller-coaster. He is passionate in bed, he is loving in bed, he communicates well in bed, he is loyal in bed, and he is committed in bed. Everywhere else he is distant, he is a liar, he manipulates, he tries to be aggressive but I don't play that, he is fickle, indecive, lazy, a slop, manic and then depressed, and he makes poor devious with money. Taureans we have to understand the Scorpios are predators They search and destroy their pray. If you are in a good relationship with a Scorpio it's likely that he has you dicmotized. They require a Strong-weak relationship. They are indulgent and usually have multiple addictions. Mine is a pot head ( he is a great person when high). He will never truly love you because by nature you are strong. He will always have a certain level of distrust for you and will seek out w eek companions. He is with you because you because of your sex. It will never work!!

I'm dating with a Scorpio man since 3 months..i'm 16 and he is 23. When I talk with him, he always reminded me that he is serious about me...and I loved this. But seeing that he flirts with other girls on facebook...makes me angry, but I don't tell him anything. I told him to meet me, he said he would come...but that day he left me alone...and when I asked him why he has not come, he made excuses.

Sometimes I feel like he's ignoring me, but I can't understand why he can't simply tell me that he don't want to be with me any more...because it's really hurt me when he react like this.

I just want him to be true and sincere. I hate when he flirts with other girls and knowing some of the girls are more beautiful than me. Sometimes I think I should share my feelings about how I feel about it but whenever he comes in front of me I just cannot express myself fully and tell him how it hurts me when he flirts with other girls. I don't want to lose him.

Im a male and a scorpion... after reading everyones opinion about the Scorpio male at first I felt proud and then as I went down and read all the other comments I felt ashamed... know know how Taurus females truely feel about us... well to all you Taurus girls who have bad bad experiences I can't say anything against it... im a Scorpio yet I believe Scorpios can be the cruelest of all stars extremly evil and what can you say just sinister.... but not all... I'm in a relation ship with a taurian girl... I didn't love her at first just went into the relationship cuz I was bored... yes us Scorpios are EXTREMELY EXTREMELY JEALOUS... and two months after ou relation ship we had a fight cuz of my jealousy and we broke up.... thats when I realized I loved her. we got back together fought got back together again... we get together and we fight again but I just can't leave her cuz I love her Nomatter what she does will do I do break up with her for the time being but in the end I always get her back and always will.... what I hate about Taurus girls is they NEVER take the first step... I have to be the one to say sorry and take the first step in gettin her back even if its her mistake... but eventually she duz feel bad and guilty.... we fight alot... flirting is like a thing for Scorpios we just cant stop flirting with other girls :$ still we fought so many times but eventually all the fighting made us love each other more and more... we try and try and find ways to understand each other and come to a compromise of some sort and just settle down our differences... and it works you just have to be patient.... that girl is my first and last love and I will never ever ever leave her even if she leaves me... as I said before some Scorpios are evil and some are just lovers.... their loved cannot be matched by any other... no one can understand our emotions or comprehend our mental capabilities.... Scorpios like all other are both good and bad... its just who you choose... If your lucky enough to get the good scorpion... trust me you won't find any one better your entire life... me and my girlfriend are still together and I will never leave her no matter what happens, I wont ever cheat on her and I cant cheat on her ( sometimes when I go crazy with anger do think about that though ) so I guess we are dangerous... but I just cant... Taurus and Scorpio hell I don't care about that.... its just how you fell about a person and would you change for him or her if you would then any stars would be compatible together.... and we cannot stand lies... please never lie to us or keep anything hidden from us if you want a successful relationship. and don't know about other Scorpios but I forgive anything anyone ever does to me no matter how bad it is... but we can't forget it... we can hide a world of pain in our hearts and not show it just so that the smile on our loved ones face doesn't get effected... we can die for love... and kill for love... oh and last and not least to the guy who wants to make all the girls his sex slaves wtf dude... Scorpios love... they make love partners... not sex slaves you frikin moron... oh and I don't know but I think being good in bed just comes naturally to us ;) goodluck taurians choose you're Scorpios carefully they can be very good 10% or extremely sinister 90%

Im a Taurus woman and I have a Scorpio friend that I am completly in love with. He is tall dark and handsome and is very intellegent. He carries himself very well and I am so attracted to him. He accepts me for me and asks that I trust him and let him lead. Scorpio men like to feel like men, they want to be in control of the situation. He is very open minded when it comes to sex and I love that as well. I am very bull headed and don't take bs so our relationship has been up and down because I am constitantly testing his love for me. Its hard to get a Scorpio man to tell you how he really feels and that irrates me. He would rather say he cares for me than just telling me he loves me upfront. You sometimes don't know where you stand with a Scorpio man. I try to distant myself from him and stop dealing with him completly only because I don't want to get hurt but something keeps drawing me back to him. I love him and cant get enough of him.

Hi, I'm a Taurus Girl and my beloved is a Scorpio Man and let me We haven't even met yet and we have sparks flying (Online meeting.) The first time we started talking, we admitted to each other that we felt this connection and that we wanted each other so badly, not even in a sexual way. Just a weird stong desire for eachother. We stopped talking for a little bit then randomly I decided to text him and we just picked up where we left off. He talks to me a lot, and I enjoy his company. He reveals to me things he says he's never revealed to another girl before. I don't know about the mind games, but the connection is so good. Even if it is just online. For now. He'll be coming to stay in my state soon, and I can't wait for him to get here. And for y'all who are having problems, my Taurus girlfriend says that you can either really like or really hate a Scorpio and it seems as though that's what happened. Good luck.

After reading all these comments, I am quite surprised at you Taurus women! I might not be a typical Taurus (I have a confident Leo Moon sign), as I am not generally drawn to Scorpio people, male or female. I've known lots of Scorpios in my life,and none of them were cheaters, liars or very much into mind games. Where are you women finding these horrible Scorpios? Anyway, Scorpio men have often been very attracted to me physically, spiritually and mentally, and I just kind of humor them, because, lets face it, they are kinda weird and immature. I can see right through them. I don't even find them secretive or sly.. They are very insecure, sensitive people, afraid of rejection. They try to be better than everyone, and try to compete, but its so sad really, isn't it, to be lacking in confidence? I started seeing a Scorpio man recently, who is rather shy, not controlling, managess his jealousy, is very honoest, and is very funny. I see through his shell and inse curities, and it kind of turns me off, because he does not take charge very often--and I like strong male to lead me. The sex is okay, but let me tell you, Scorpios are not the best in sack--they just think they are, and that might fool more inexperienced women. I would say Virgos have more sexual skill, Cancers the aggression mixed with sensitivity, Leos fun but very vanilla, and Geminis may be the best in bed, they are not too serious and can really perform! Anyway, with this shy Scorpio guy I have now, its only been 2 months, but I am already bored. Sure, he's gorgeous, attentive, straight forward, hard-workinig, kind, talented, funny, caring, has integrity and all that, but, at the end of the day, he really has many insecurities and that is when they start to act weird and play mind games and withdraw because they feel they don't measure up. It's hard to always be reassuring then that they are great. I am not giving up on Scorpios, but they do need to believe in themselves a bit more, because they really do have a lot to offer, are very talented, and can be truly amazing people if they can just learn to relax and have confidence. I will see where this relationship goes, but I not the most patient Taurus, and if he doesn't man up a bit, too bad for him, its his loss really.

I'm a strong, fearless Taurus woman. My Scorpio hurt me long ago, for reasons that only became apparent later on...and they had nothing to do with me. I love him without fear now, as I have for the many, many years when we were estranged. I do not try to project what will happen or where we are going. I am grateful for the thrill ride of my life, the greatest gift of passion and yearning that has ever been given to me. The future does not belong to any of us; we only have what's real right now. If you are truly a STRONG Taurus woman, you know deep down that no one can make you inferior without your consent. Unconditional love means that you expect nothing in return; not even love reciprocated. If he should shut me out again, I will forever return to him at his beckoning. Irregardless of what he does or where he goes, I shall love him for the remainder of my days. The pain he inflicts upon me is also my deepest pleasure. It is only the stongest of women who can understand and appreciate the love of a Scorpio man, which is summed up quite nicely by Oscar Wilde, "Yet each man kills the thing he loves By each let this be heard, Some do it with a bitter look, Some with a flattering word, The coward does it with a kiss, The brave man with a sword!" be loved enough to be tormented by a Scorpio is a true testament to your influence over his heart.

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