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I can't stand sex demon Scorpios

I'm a Virgo woman dating a Scorpio man and I must say that we are on FIRE together. I enjoy his company, his sense of humor, his loyalty, his honesty and, most of all, his passion. He's insightful, thoughtful, and loving with a healthy dose of dominance, stability, possessiveness. I think I may be falling in love.

I like Scorpio guys.. but sometimes they are soo stubborn and it is hard to talk to them.. on the other hand they are really caring, loyal and passionate.. they bring out the passion that Virgo women have inside:) I am myself a Virgo)

Scorpio man will be devoted to a Virgo woman when he falls in love with her; Scorpio never afraid. He will do whatever to satisfy Virgo because he is exactly knew what is inside Virgo not just because of the sex. Virgo attracted to this guy because he is very dominant. However, all Virgo are not the same; it is depend on the day and time she were born on. Virgo is always faithful with her mate and very close friend, but it is all depend. Virgo's selective is very high. Virgo expects the same value from her lover. She will turn a way when he is incomplete.

Virgo love, tender, and care. Virgo 99% perfect believe it or not. She is not an easy one. I mean the lock must have the right key. She can sees all thing-beyond. I'm Virgo, born on the cusp of Libra. I never cheat with the one that I selected. Plan carefully before going out on a date with a true Virgo woman.

I am a Virgo woman... I don't know why I start and end up with a Scorpio man...

I had two previous relationships with Scorpio men. I never expected it.. but they always attract me...

Now I got a new boyfriend who is also a Scorpio man but he is more dominant

I was born to be in love and hope to be settled with a Scorpio man

I am a Virgo woman. I met my girlfriend who is a Scorpio. She loved me at the first sight when we were in class together but I never felt that way. she is very annoyance; she acted as she is number 1 in class. She told me that she like me more than like. I said, I'm not a gay or a lesbian. She tried to control me and insulting me in from of my other classmate. I could not stand; I say something back to her in a cool way. It worked. After that we became a best friend; she is jealous when I speak with my other girlfriend. I always call her but she never call me; she married two time. I'm still a virgin; "she seems to be a little loose." What? I don't need a bunch of guy as her?

I'm a Virgo woman who has met a muscular Scorpio man. I wasn't attracted to his appearance at all initially, but when I saw him approaching to me I felt very hot as if I have a fever and a higher heart rate; he told me "You're very different to anyone else I've ever met"

He questioned me a lot when we first talked on the phone. I'm extreme deeply in love with this Scorpio man; he is very private. His commitment, caring, honesty, intensity, and passion won me. I love him so much.. I met him in the JFK elevator, Boston two years ago.

I can relate to most of these stories. haha! I think Virgos are really underrated. I am scrupulously observant but I accept everybody. then again I'm a Pisces rising. man but I can't seem to stay away from Scorpios especially this one I've been infatuated with for a while now. Virgo and Pisces are supposed to both go really well with Scorpio so I read so like others on this page I feel destined to be with one eventually. I don't know if I could settle for any less than a Scorpio hahaha (hear the Virgo?)

My response to the above. I believe that Virgo is totally opposite of what she said. Virgo is the sign of discrimination and very deep to the point that no one can understand. she fears of giving the truth or opinion to other people; Virgo cannot be led easily or even going out to fool around. However, I believe Virgo woman is honest to a specific person or authority. I have a Virgo friend; I knew exactly as a Virgo nature, picky. I can't estimate Virgo at all beside the eleven signs. I said, Scorpio is Lucky if you have met Virgo Lady. Virgo means very deep, complex, and get hurt when mad mistake. LOL... I have no doubt with Virgo. Virgo never ever believes anyone even herself. hes,hes,hes. I wish Virgo the most... Listen and think...Me, Libra.

I'm pretty good Virgo; fortunately met a potential Scorpio man. In my heart, mind, and soul, he is very special to me. We have been sharing our precious time together during the past two years ago. I want him to know it doesn't matter where he is, So I always be there with him. I remembered he said to me on my Birthday, "I'm your." Now we are too distant. I knew that not a dream. This month is his Birthday, if he is mine and I'm is a his, we will meet again and to cherish and enjoy each other as a new start. I have a song for him performed by Selena but if he is not mine, I will let him go; also, I have a song for him by Kelly Clarkson I love Selena and Kelly, artists. I wish he will be meeting someone perfect than me in love and relationship forever and everlasting. Once again, I never make a mistake and get hurt. I keep all the love for myself. Thank you; I love this website. Scorpio is my first Lover. I just realize that I'm more reserve for him but he has no time for me. Should I let him go???? I listen to Kelly music five times a day to forget him; it is hard. Virgo Broken heart. Thanks.

Here I'm again, Virgo- September 21; Med Assisting Student. I decided to give up with my potential Scorpio First Lover. Yesterday November 10, it was his Birthday.... Happy Birthday to him!! I wish him the BEST OF LUCK, LOVE, and every thing he does. I'm a fan of the two MUSICIAN ARTISTS who are Selena and Kelly Clarkson. I have two favorite songs from each of them - one by Selena (Dreaming of you tonight) and next one by Kelly Clarkson performed by Nick Pitera cover (Already Gone)

Pitera is great!!! his voices is amazing!! So I send these 2 songs to my Scorpio man who I loved. It is too late for him to call me. Anyway, instead, I enjoyed Nick Pitera and Kelly Clarkson musics. They help me to reduce my heartache and to forget the memory. I take all my love back from him and keep for myself. Listen to Kelly Clarkson musics several times a day to ease the pain than read the books to gain more knowledge. From a loving and caring Virgo. Thank you so much for the website. I love you and I love the website!! I give up and let him go. I believed I fell under his spell; in the naked of the eyes, in appearance, he is not attractive at all; I should not say this but this is the truth. I should listen to my girlfriend's opinion


well im a Virgo women and im in love with a Scorpio man. I trusted him so easily that it scared me but I still love him. wer not together but I hope one day we are cause we both love each other. he understands me and is WAYYYY different than any other guys believe me that's what I noticed about him first!

Im a Virgo woman and am now with my second Scorpio. We never agree on anything. When I say A he will say B. I love this guy but I don't like who he is, but something about him keeps me from leaving every time I feel like ending it. He shows no emotion, no affection, no nothing, this leaves me no other choice but to wonder what he thinks most of the time. Im hoping that he will change, but from what Im reading on this website it looks like this is who he is, I just have to either accept it or leave him alone. And he has already told me on numerous occasions that he will never leave me no matter what. SMH help!!!

I'm a Virgo sun, Pisces moon, Venus in Leo, sag rising born aug 24th and I'm dating my first Scorpio guy, it has been quite unpredictable! we are having some trouble with communication, I find that my way of communicating is more direct and his more nonchalant which bothers me, but he tells me because he likes me so much he's willing to keep trying but at times I want to just give up but the sex is amazing! lol and not only that he's one of the few guy's that I can actually say I trust so I guess Virgo's and Scorpio's are a good match as long as you're willing to work at it but then again I think that's any relationship :)

It is kind of hard to looking for the best compatibility to mate for a long term in the sexual relationship. A Scorpio is very emotional deep and cold as an ice. No one can break him. But if he like someone as in love-especially Virgo, he will come to you without trying hard. He knows how to communicate very well and take risk for Virgo that he loves; however, it is depend on these two signs-which I mean both of them are educated person. So, both of them are fit as a puzzle. When the time move on, Scorpio became less in communication; only Virgo became a talker. I think that is not a case. Other hand, I believed it is depend on our sun, moon, rising or what day-week-month-hour we born on. I'm Virgo met my Scorpio man; I found my number included the number in our Alphabet in his House-Birth's Astrology chart more than he is in mine; I knew that I love him and think of him more than he think of me but I knew he loves me as much as I love him. For Virgo above, you may need help from Astrology advices by the reading of your and your Scorpio Date, time, month, day, etc. Don't give up on Scorpio man if you knew that you love him deeply. For real Scorpio like to acts performs during a candle light; you will love him even more; trust me. All you need to understand him; he is your like no other. Virgo and Scorpio are very Loyal to each other. Don't give up, Virgo!!!!!! I'm a Virgo Libra Cusp lucky to meet my private Scorpio. I love sooo matter what's someone's view.

Nooo..Way...I'm a Virgo lady. I have my own Zodiac Culture. I never ever want to go to look for a boy or man who I feel in my heart or mind; any way that is nothing wrong who looks for who fits if we both in love. I rather be a broken heart and I believe later on it will be heal. I don't want a trick from a Scorpio adviser- a Virgo man. There are many sign of a good men or women out there; lots of fish is in the sea. No wonder, My Scorpio man always go a way on his business and call me one for a while to excuse him- I just realized that is not very nice; I think that is very mean to me and it hurts me. I just met a Caucasian who is in the Law Firm-Libra-very honest; he give me his home phone and a cell#; However, I never call him; he the one did; we are in a progression as a friend. I swear I never ever want to meet a Scorpio woman or man again in my life. I have been through. A Scorpio woman is worst. I dumped one of my Scorpio lady friend. Virgo man, please don't involve with that sign, I'm serious; you will get nothing-only sex which is demand from a Scorpio ...all night long...No! I don't love Scorpio because of the sex.

Virgo, I believe you are very wise; You think before you jump in. Okay. There are nothing with Scorpio -only sex... LOL...for more Scorpio is a mysterious/secret-hiding something... Thanks to David. The website is useful for compatibility / relationships. I Love you!!! From beautiful Virgo-Brown eyes- Brown long curly hair. I swear to god I never fall in Love again; perfect can't keep the love like that alive, No!. (^_^)

I am a Virgo woman and I made the mistake of staying in a 5 year relationship with an abusive Scorpio man. Supposedly, it is said that Scorpio men and Virgo women are compatible. I found the relationship to be a nightmare. Scorpio men are too demanding, evil manipulators and will stop and nothing to dominant and control you if it means abusing you verbally or physically to achieve this. They only want to control and possess you and expect so much from you, whereas, in return they give nothing but torment and cruelty. They will keep their secrets, however they won't allow you to keep any. I stayed in the relationship so long with my Scorpio man in the hopes that he would evolve into a wonderful and good human being, but I could no longer sacrifice myself nor my self esteem for someone who wasn't worthy of me. True Scorpio men are extremely charming and they ooze sexual energy. However, you will come to find out that the romps in the bedroom is more ego than sexual pro wess for the Scorpio Man. Being a sensitive Virgo woman you will find that you'd rather not have your feelings bludgeon than having a passionate lover. Virgo women believe in true love and if Scorpio men weren't so abusive, cruel, vindictive, controlling and secretive maybe they would be compatible. Also, they will appear to be physically faithful to you, while not telling you they are secretly keeping in contact with their ex girlfriends. Not to mention the countless numerous emotional affairs with women they flirt with in passing. Where you come to find out later that he passed his phone number to. However, he will convince you he only has feelings for you. YEAH RIGHT! Virgo women if you meet a Scorpio man - RUN! These men can not be trusted with your heart or secrets and you will feel like you've been thrown in the Atlantic ocean with no land or help in sight. Finally, Scorpio men are great at hiding their true selves. Don't be fooled my their charm. A lot of smoky mirrors with Scorpio men. I'd NEVER date another Scorpio man ever again. Ladies who remain with their Scorpio Men - GOOD LUCK!!!!

I feel most likely accept with the above, Virgo, who stayed 5 years with the abusive Scorpio man. I never been abused by a Scorpio man but I want to take all my love and trusted from him. My love is real and pure. I agreed with you; he is yes, evil manipulative; secretive-not human. I got nothing from him for a souvenir beside his demanding for sex a night long and get sick or ill another day. All he wanted every thing from you. Scorpio man and woman are the same. Don't be friend with them.

I learned my lesson very well for Four years pasted. Luckily, I met my old friend-Libra. I found him by searching on the face book. He told me," all he wanted is a friend forever"; "no mysterious." I'm a heart broken Virgo; now I'm healing because I found Libra; he is elegance, smart, and has a lot of charm-tall better than Brad pit ten times. I burned all my Scorpio's pictures that I painted. I never mad mistake or regret even though I loved him very much. Also, I never listen to a friend of mine said if my Scorpio man is very "ugly." Now I SEE he is ugly-his heart is ugliest. No more him and me in each other arms ever. I can change. There are many guys who are better man-human. Virgo, you don't need to run a way.

For the past Four years, I fell under Scorpio spell to trap me. His love is unreal-just for sex. uh, uh. He is a liar. I devoted for him nothing.

I'm back to Libra-my protector and maybe love in the future.

If you want to mess with Scorpio go ahead, Virgo. You will end up with a broken heart at last. I'm telling' you.

I have to say I have read a lot of mixed messages on here about how Virgos are perceived and how Scorpios are perceived. I would like to share my experience. I am still married and I am a Virgo woman. My husband soon to be ex-husband is a Libra. He was always running away from the relationship and he abused me. Me and my dumbness married this man knowing this but I wanted to at least make it work since we had a child together. Needless to say I wasn't happy and cheated on him numerous times. This is very much out of Virgo woman's character but I felt like I was justified by doing so. NOW I met the man of my dreams. I have been praying to GOD to send me someone wonderful that would understand me and is a good man/person. He is a Scorpio, he is becoming a sex demon and that is because of me LOL!!! I love his so much that it makes me so happy to know that I could feel like this about someone who deserves my love and attention. There is a age difference of about 12 years which does not bother him or me. When we are together nothing matters but us. He is kind of controlling and domineering, but I kind of like that. I need a man that is going to take charge, and that he does. He is persistent which is good for me because I'm such a procrastinator. I know there may be bumps along the way but I can not imagine my life without him EVER!!! All Scorpio's are not the same and it does depend on the person and the kind of environment they grew up in. Oh don't forget about the Chinese signs too the both of us are Dragons which makes it even easier for us to understand each other cause no one else does LMAO!!!!

In response to the above Virgo who has read a mixed messages. Hmm..I'm a real Virgo born on Libra cusp; unfortunately, I never been dating or choosing a mate of my interest according to the old time. I was born in a new era/generation. Either arrangement or neither arrangement of married, I never cheated on my fiance or whom I loved or never been in love with him at the first place. However, it depends on the case of the individual. As I'm a Virgo, I have no intention to cheat on my fiance,husband, or lover even though I was happy or not happy for somehow; I must decide it for a break up if there is something wrong. But I allowed a plenty of time to my lover to make a correction.

I always give him a chance and just for him who I loved and cared for the first place. I avoided all negative which is both him and me. Regardless of the distance; I'm the one who always drove to meet him. How nice am I as a Virgo? Also I need help , how do I stop thinking of Scorpio???

Also, I feel it is not right to live under the abuser-mentally, controller, and manipulator. I want Love, care, and a great happiness from a lover or a husband who love you for real. For me love is just not all about sex; great or not great. It is about someone who treats and cares for you in the right position as a wife, fiance, or a lover in a healthy life style in a relationship. Other reason, I disagree with Virgo for age differences as a matter of fact, age group is really important. The older person is the most dominant over the youngster one, exactly. Believe it or not. Lol.

I really don't know how is the Libra man or husband treat his Virgo woman. I had a friend of Libra man; he is always nice-perfect; I have no desire to sleep with him. Not all Libra man are good. In chinese Zodiac, it depends on the year; there is no other sign better than a Cobra/Sneak; year #Six in general.

And of course you are right; not all Scorpio and also Libra are the same; it all depends on how much conscience they have. Virgo, it's your choice with a Scorpio man; Scorpio is very intense, emotional, and secretive and not sexy or attractive at all; he wants to sleep with every woman. For the first time, he devotes for you for he wants your soul-sex and will run a way as Libra run a way from you. I don't want to hurt my soul. Lol, lol... I'm not telling you; you are your own woman, Virgo. Anyway, best luck.

Virgo /Libra cusp rather be alone-independently.

I have read a Scorpio's man article above I feel that I understood some how about a relationship with a beautiful Libra woman. I can picture that. This is just my opinion, please regard it if it's not make sense.

If you still love your Beautiful Lady Libra, you need to compromise with her somehow-in a form of an oral or in a form of written words; to ask for the reasons of why, how, and what caused her considerably difficult and obstructed between you and her?

Libra woman is very loyal, honest, and loves, devotes to her love one very deeply as well as a Virgo Lady. I believed some thing irritated her or maybe her busy time schedule is her burden. So, if you really need to win the love from your Libra woman heart again, recall to the past; the beginning of time when and how you met her? You are the only one who knew her during a sexual relationship. Be ready to have a very small thing at hand to present her as a gift from your pure heart at least once for a first time; that is a symbolize of love from you heart. Otherwise, I think Libra withdraw for awhile to meditate, refresh the mine. I don't think she close down with her happy relationship. You are not losing your depth of relationship either, believe me if you have the right words for her. I don't think your Libra betrays you at all; she is very secure and faithful; maybe how you feel somehow insecure that is why you said, "you feel that you are unable to trust her."

I have a cousin, she is Libra. Also, Libra lady is trustworthy, responsible, faithful, cheerful, mate for life with a true love. In the same cause, she withdrawn from her love when she is upset-not cheating.

Don't give up or disappoint, Scorpio-Man. You need to do your home work. You are lucky to won Libra woman's heart.

Don't ever lose her.

Be a little open for what and how you feel about your Libra woman. Libra loves to compromise-words are important to her; also she is very curious.

I just feel very sorry for you, Scorpio.

I was born on the very last day of Virgo early Libra, I guess. As well as, I have met my Scorpio-man and really don't mind if he is a good compromise or not but I loved him very, very much; he gave me a huge space; too distant and sometime I want to give up because I don't think that he cares about me but somehow I can feel his heart and understand him, loved me, during alone time. I always give him a chance because I don't want to lose our blessed relationship for he is the one that I truly love- the very first one of my choice in my life and soul. I trust him.

You may ask David the professional Astrology by reading your date of Birth and your beautiful Lady Libra's Birth month and day.

I love his website as to share personal experience about the love and relationship. Thank you David, and thank to you all for sharing the articles. I always come to visit when I need to a break time or recess.

Best wish for you Scorpio!

Virgo early Libra cusp. Loves you deeply, my Scorpio man.

im Virgo lady just met a guy on Friday night on the way I came back visiting my uncle; he introduced his name to me also I was. He is maybe Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, or probably Gemini, very cute with dimples when talk and smile. he is very young looks great with his whitest uniform. His looks, late 20s or early 30s; he asked me," do you have a boyfriend?" I told him, No!! "Do you want to go out and do you have a cell phone?" He has his phone ready in his hand for me to give him my cell phone. I told him, I'm home alone and I go no where; also, I have no cell phone either. He asked, why? I don't want to get a heart or head ache, I said. The guy stood still with his smiling, watching me disappear from him and said, bye as I looked back at him. But I have my cell phone, can't give him because I loved and still love my boyfriend so much; he works oversea, yet we are not broke up. I told my sister about this guy asking me to go out; she said, "why don't you say yes to hi m?" My sister made me feel bad for the guy, now; yet, still in my head- I can't at this moment; I love my boyfriend very much; in my heart, he is very precious; our sexual relationship is nothing can be compare. But, If my boyfriend will not return in a specific time that I have set by the clock, that mean he is no existing, I will begin a new relationship with this good handsome guy-he is perfect both characteristic and physical trait and can replace him.

I pray to not let him wins my heart-can't take my heart a way. Lol...

Does any Virgo lady agree with me? I value your opinions.

I feel Virgo can sense and see something as a microscopic. Virgo sad, "Libra is not the only beautiful but very honest, faithful, determine to her lover - soul mate'" this is just for a Libra who is on the line or near Virgo. My girlfriend is Libra boarder of Virgo; she is perfect and down to earth; her loves toward me is priceless/meaningful. Our relationship is beautiful as a flower bloom in the midst of May season. I remembered the first time I met her; knee down; kissed her hand in my chamber. I never been happy in my life; luckily, I met her; she made me very proud and excited. Now we are apart because she needs to take care of her seven years old son from her ex-boyfriend. I, myself feel not secure, so I though she withdraw from me forever. That made me feel unwillingly to keep in touch with her. I remembered she said, "no matter what I always be your." I lost touch with her for a while also, lost her cell phone number. I went to check on a face book if she st ill there; goodness! she still there; I left a message for her. Now we are back together-sweet than ever and never lose her again; "she loves me and still need me, said she." Don't give up Scorpio man. Libra is very smart, bright, and very talented. I was born on the first day of Scorpio, not exactly or relate to the same story as you are but heh, maybe similar. Some time I have a difficult to express myself to my Libran woman. I tried very hard to find a right word for her. So, I'm the winner. Our connection will be stronger and last forever; now I engage her. Also, don't forget to say I LOVE YOU!!! this word is a great impact on Libra. Libran loves LOVE & PEACE. Be a winner man!! You have to suck her up a little bit, heh. Win her or lose her man. Good luck to you!!

Dated a Scorpio man for 7 years - up and down rollercoaster thing. The sex was AMAZING, and, well, it was the only thing that kept us together now when I think about it. He was possessive, demanding, always right, all the rules he laid out - all rules applied to me, none applied to him. VERY CONTROLLING to the point of using physical and emotional abuse. Considering I wasn't even allowed to go shopping by myself.....and the one time I did he said I went to meet someone else and I was cheating....? Scary! Thou, the sex was good. I met him when I was 17, he was 24, so I now see things very differently and can't believe I stayed with him for so long.

I'm a true Virgo...and I just meet my Scorpio guy a month ago. We were on a date this past weekend and it was by far the best ever! So...after a few glasses of wine and deep sensual conversation we ended up staying the night together. He's never been much of a talker but I'm afraid he may have lost interest. I really feel bad because I let my guard down and I believe he may not take me seriously anymore. He said to not worry because he's not immature like other men I dated before. [he's 8 years my senior] with that in mind...and not to mention how successful he is....I think I made the wrong move and lost a guy who I had a unforgettable connection with. Help!

I ,Virgo, just met a guy probably a Scorpio cusp Libra-civil services and own business. He is younger than me about five years; formal invited me for a party for a special occasion next week. I feel very nervously mixed with exciting that I never ever invited from anyone else before. I knew he liked me, but I don't think it that way. He emailed to my Ipod twice and called one. I replied to him for an excuse but it seems he doesn't mind; all he said, "waiting to see me there."

I need your suggestion soon, should I go or not? I'm already felt bad. My lady friend pushed me to go.

I'm freezing now.

Virgo worry.

Well, all the Zodiac signs are different. Each of them is not the same as personality trait and characteristic. Anyone can met someone and fell in love, but some time the love will not last forever as Juliet. Any one can be nice or loyal but it might be in a different degree. People can be cheat; but may be not all. Every one has a privacy.

Social and public speaker are depend on the individual and what is a professional. The day, time, and year has been written on the personal Astrology chart and palms to show who, how, and what you are. No one can changes or pretends, heh, heh...

I'm glad to be born on the Sun sign of Virgo. I'm not better than other person; I knew I'm good. I respect to all the signs; though, I cannot fall in love with all of them. Lol....Astrologist has an accurate answer for who is very curious. Better ask David and order the book from him to read the mystery of each sign.

"I'm a Scorpio man with a hopeless crush on an amazing Virgo women."

By reading your comment, I can feel and understand how deep it is in your inner emotion - disappointed. It is very hard to meet the right person as to be friend or close friend that you able to trust. You are a very intelligent Scorpio man if you think to keep Virgo woman as your priority relationship, no matter what condition is and if you think it is worth it. Try to listen and understand to what was your Virgo mention to you with analyze and feedback-not your friend outside of the office. I believed your Virgo still holds on and keeps all the promises in her heart for you. I don't believe she has new guys. I'm not saying that because I'm also a Virgo woman, No! Every sign can be cheats but this one most NOT likely in cheating. Virgo is very responsible, reliable, loyal to her lover or husband, smart, and hard work without worry about her. Her qualities are not free; those are cost- can't trade with $$$. I hope she'll come back to you if she loves you and still white-you know what I mean WHITE. Try to update with her by email or phone...whatever it is best for you.

Or you lose her forever by letting she falls to someone's arm whoever she thinks that she can depends on as for a compatibility. I'm speaking like this because I knew how Virgo feels. I repeated, I'm a Virgo as she is...not trying to protect her. Another hand, I hope she will come back to you if she wears your locket or ring as a friendship's promise-not words alone. Cross your finger-wish you luck with your Virgo woman sweet heart. This may helps you a little. BEST WISHES FOR YOU.

Virgo loves

"I'm a Scorpio man with a hopeless crush on an amazing Virgo women." According to you article, you are such a very LOYAL and understand by giving a space to your sweetheart Virgo that she desperately needs.

In my suggestion, if you Love your Virgo deeply as well as she loves you, that can be worth it and it doesn't need to be waiting when to contact or ask to catch up. I knew Virgo is there waiting for someone who she truly loved and adored.

In your relationship and privacy, you might know Virgo than I do. You have abilities to acknowledge- is this Virgo is the right for you? I can understand how you feel. All I can say is, it is not easy to lose something that you have had found. I believe Virgo must be keeps the promises and reserve to meet her Lover once again in the future. Be happy and have faith as she is. This Virgo is very honest to you that you may never know, Scorpio. Remember, not all Virgo are the same. You are lucky. Ok..

I just want to thanks to the planets for bringing back of my Scorpio perfect friend. Almost a year since 09 and 2010, we were apart from each other because I, Virgo, graduated before her. I gave her the space for herself; also I never call, we trust each other and already promised to be friend until the day will be without the Sun's Ray. We are so attach because we have a gift for each other-it bonds us. Finally my Scorpio called me for a new as she promised but I missed the call, so I have returned the call to her; she told me that she graduate "passed the Bar Exam" I was soooo happy. Both of us are loyal and understand each other too well;

She and I have been through the storm of an unkind of relationship who is controlled us from doing the right thing. We both love, respect, and honor the mankind. Now both of us are free and secure because we are completely independent and reliable to other signs that we consider it is the best for us. We are able to figure it out of a man who liars and wants our body as in vain. No, absolutely no!

We are not a weak women. We are a women that man can depends on. We are challenge Ladies. I love Scorpio-this one is very intelligent-remarkable.

Cheers Virgo and Scorpio!!!

I'm a Virgo women in like with this mysterious Scorpio guy, but I keep getting mixed signals from him, one day he seems interested and the next day he pretends not to notice you and when I just force myself to ignore him and move on he'll start talking to me and puzzling me about his intensions, I don't know what to do because im attracted to him physically but I don't know if that's enough but I don't want to do, he's too secretive

I'm a Virgo woman wondered who is too brave sent me an email to invited me for a friendship connection and sharing photo and date of birth, Huh... who cares? I don't care if he is too honest, too handsome, or a Scorpio man, heh, heh....That is too lam this kind of Scorpio man- sent his cartoonist picture of himself to brag and to impress me. I forward to him...ask him who is he?? Pretending not knowing him. Wait for my answer, ha, ha... I cracked up. Some how he looks as too disappointed and very emotional as I saw him on TV today. Just leave me, Virgo alone. And go a head; have a nice life, Scorpio man....I can be wild or mean as much as someone.

I'm a very strong independent Virgo. I though that I'm free at last. I promised myself not to think about any kind or regardless of what sun signs. All I have to do is avoid the opposite sex. On the Mother's Day, I have a trip off the town to visit my grand parents. That guy who is very late-Nov 21 left a message in my ipod to let me swing his home to pick up a gift. What? hell, no!! as I returned a text to him. This guy is crazy about me almost 6 years. My cousin helped me to bring a shopping bags to the car; then I said, bye. She said, No!! Go back in to pick your gift. What's gift??? That is good!!! I don't need to see his pretty face, so I took the gift of fragrance and went home. I do appreciate to this person very much but I never ever felt in love with him anyway. This makes me think of him because I never met a guy look like him. His personality and appearance are great. just don't understand why I don't like him that way.... Anyone has a suggestion??? Pleas e say something. I, Virgo, always travel alone even on the highway-regardless of time.


I'm a hopeless Virgo lady who just met a handsome Scorpio on the line and phone; he is my new hiring manager at a new place. I'm too exciting. He left a message for me that he will call me next week for the job. I just need a job. Now, I feel full of hope to meet him and to get a new responsibility.

what do you do when a Scorpio man ignores you? give him space or pursue him harder? help please

"what do you do when a Scorpio man ignores you?"

Ignoring is depend on what kind of situations; I don't know exactly what you mean. Your Scorpio never ignores you if you have enough good quality to empress him in the right way and fairness. Other hand, if you think that he needs a space, you should provide him some spaces and there no need to pursue him or try hard to get him. Smart Scorpio man knows and understands enough from his abilities/knowledge.

You need to be who you are, be honest to yourself, and do your best as possible just for yourself. I believed Scorpio never breaks his/her promises as well as Virgoan. Good partnership needs to work together or leave him for a while. I, Virgo has lots of loves with cares and always polite; Virgo, nature, is practical and dependable. Don't beg or thank Mr. mean Scorpio, okay. Does this help?

I'm energetic pretty Virgo creature. I have been notice one of a young Scorpio male. He and I are completely mystery. He complained that he has a bad relationship with his room mate; I just can't help him beside listen to all of his whining and complaining. We have a conversation to each other in the public place. I felt for this guy somehow. Each time when we talk, his phone is ringing or beeping. I knew it is not a good idea, so I try to cut myself from talking to him. This early June came, I met him again. I told him it is good to see you; this is the last time, too; he said, "Lucky you." Probably he didn't know what I meant. I just need to move to another city for my career. I told my co worker that I don't want him to have a heartfelt and anyway we work in a difference department. This guy is absolutely a great Scorpio that I ever notice. No one else.

I read all the responses. I am a Virgo woman and all my experiences with Scorpio men have been bad. A comment was made that not all of Scorpio men are bad, because they can charm just about any woman and the have so much sex appeal. However, that charm serves one purpose only, that is to get sex from you. The sex is overrated, all ego on the Scorpio man's part. I believe in real love and Scorpio men believe in possessing you and dominating you. If you like being dominated, manipulated and coned. The Scorpio man is perfect for you. They always play victim and never accept their faults. When they do apologize they have a hidden agenda. The Scorpio man will seem like the man of your dreams when you first meet him. As years go by and you stop lying to yourself and making excuses for him, you'll realize that you are in a relationship with the devil. Lot's of luck to any woman that makes the mistake of falling in love with this man. The Scorpio man I broke up with stalked me for a long time and when he saw that I was not going to ever allow myself to be charmed into taking him back. He sent me a picture of him and his new girlfriend. Because for a Scorpio man once you leave them, they want to emotionally destroy you, so you will be no good to any other man. However, he didn't have his way, I didn't give him the satisfaction of responding and now I am looking for my true and real soul-mate. Don't fall for that charm, Believe me, you'll regret you ever laid eyes on him later. There were a lot of good things that came out of that relationship. First, I'd NEVER take him back! I'll know my soul-mate when he comes along. I'll never date another Scorpio man again! I'll never allow any man to tear my self-esteem down again. I write this to help other women out there to help other women who are currently in this triangle of torment with a Scorpio man. My sympathy goes out to you. I survived my ordeal, I hope you survive yours.

I'm a Virgo woman has been in loved deeply with an AWESOME Scorpio man for YEARS. He is mighty with a great personality, Loyalties, professional, and commitment are the power to draw me in close to him in the relationship. He made me feel SAFE, LOVE, and PROTECTED that I never met before. We spent time together to share our moment in our intimacy which can't be unforgettable; "his words waiting for you only." In my heart, he is my REAL lover, soul mate, and best friend who that I came to ADORE and THANKS, him. My life full of meaning while having him in my life; even though, we are too distance that I'm unable to reach quit often and meet once in a blue moon, I feel very lucky. Yet I still have faith and reserve for him until the day we should be meeting again as my promises. I felt reluctant to leave him each time when we are together; I just can't let go; we are perfectly fit as a puzzle; I can't imagine for now we are disappear from each other for months and so on ....I don't know for sure if he is UPSET with me. We are so far away; I still NEED him.... It seems the time is not right and just doesn't workout for us at that time. I have nothing left to say. I'm confused even more if I think about our private and quiet precious moment when we were together; there is no other, believe me!!! Now, I have to move to a difference city. I hope he will call me some day if he still SPARK and SHINE. I'm OPEN for him without a limit of time at this moment. Or should I forget and move on??? I feel so awful and miss him terribly for those many months and felt almost dysfunction some time. There are a huge gape of time that he gave me. There is nothing but the TIME came to SEPARATE us. I don't know what to do beside picture of him and me in my mind from the first day we started. I feel to continue and not give up; especially with him. Thinking of him.....

Can you or any sign has a better Idea/Suggestion for me??

I tried to break up from my Scorpio man that I have been in love with him so long for I just want to be by myself, so I'm successfully did finally, yes I did!! I did that just for my girlfriend who is a Virgo just as me; both of us are girls; we are pretty-good looking. She and I do not mind who said we are a "lesbianism", but we are not, ha... We took picture together just to keep it as a memory; we love each other so much because we have a worst relationship with men. Our men wanted to use us like a sh..t. We detest them up to the point that we do not want to involve with other guys in our life. Hah, hah, we are free now....We both Virgo are not a sex toys; we are your women, Scorpio...; we are clean-not dirty. We can do and wild....better as other signs, lol, but we are not that kind of girls. Our love is not free, so don't you, Scorpio men play game with us. Ha! We love you but you are.... Are you a man?? or just like some one said?? What... D...V? We Virgo if you don't like us Virgo no more...Just go a head, more sh...t with us; we need love but not that kind....we don't beg!! There are plenty of men if we want. Virgo just want to be nice nothing but nice!!! We do not lie to ourselves...never!! Charming means nothing to us. Remember, we Virgo love real love-the best love from an angel....we are done with a bad or ugly guy-at heart.

Hope you, Scorpio, meet a very good lady.

Wow! I've read all the comments and I just wanted to say I am a Virgo woman that was involved with a Scorpio man. First let me say that there are probably some WONDERFUL Scorpio men out there but here is my experience.

When I first went out with Him I knew in my heart he was not the one for me but then he poured on the charm and I fell hard. Like the above comment said I thought this guy was too good to be true. We had a very strong physical connection (but never any sex thank god!).

But as time went by I began to get this feeling that something just wasn't right. He was always very secretive. He always knew what I was doing but I seemed to never know him completely. Then one day a woman called me from his phone! I left immediately, didn't say a word to him but he pursued me like a lion and I foolishly took him back. Then it was back to dreamland, for a while. Then he was back to his old ways. Again I started to feel like something was not right. So finally I just left, walked away and I have never looked back. Now looking back I gave so much to the relationship and got nothing in return but passion and affection which is nice but it definitely is not worth it.

So if you are a Virgo reading this trying to figure out what's wrong. If you have a bad feeling about your Scorpio leave now! Do not make excuses for him and rationalize his actions. You are too intelligent for mind games. He will be a hard one to get over but you can do it and someone better is out there. Someone who will not put you through the emotional rollercoaster ride. Like someone said its really just the passion keeping you there most of the time. I hope this helps! And for those happy Virgo Scorpios I wish you continued happiness:)

I'm a happy Virgo lady with understanding. I don't understand exactly what is in my girlfriend's mind, Scorpio. We went to the same school; for trip, we went together; every thing pretty much we did together except sex, No!! I was graduate a year before her. I went to celebrate her graduation with her family; her three children with a beautiful gift banquet of fresh cut flowers....I have no children; I gave her a big hug. A week after, she and I met for the cook out; I went late; she told me get something to eat. I mingle in the crowd to chatty and hug with each of my previous professors men; women. I turned around, she is gone. I looked for her like crazy; can't find her. I'm thinking that it. I left messages for her; I got no response. Now, hah, I it comes to an end between her and me without a case, so my blog has to delete pictures of her. From today on, there in No way for Scorpio man and woman in my life. I have no regret for our broke up but the only thing which I look back at her is not right; her jealousy is so intense and bad. However, I still wish her meet a loyal person and continues to have a happiness, always. Her charms mean nothing than a knowledge which I'm already possesses. I'm Virgo-plain, and always be very true to myself. Wishing every Virgo and Scorpio love each other don't be happen as me.

I'm a Virgo lady wanting to say to all Scorpio men; You don't need to reveal to me or other Virgos about your emotional side; we understand you very well. You are hardly to find other women such as Virgo Ladies. Virgo is not the only who is blessed by nature as in beauty but in though she is very bright-very intelligent. She is who you can depend on as for a lover, mate, friend, and a spouse. Virgo takes care of you - remember she is not free and not too easy to catch....

I never believe those men besides Scorpio. Finally, I admitted that I might be wrong. Now I'm on my own staying in my nutshell; yet there some great men invited-expected me to the dance and sign in in his face book as a friend through email. I don't mind to let him to see my blog and leave questions. For Love matter, excuse me! I'm all set. It's my choice if I wish to go with you. So, Scorpio if you lose Virgo, you are not smart enough, lol... you are not the only Scorpio man who always having what?? Charm...? There are other man, too, who is great. Best luck to you!!!

I think Scorpio and Virgo are the strongest, most mature, sign in the zodiac (each in their own way) and they should do whatever it takes to be together (I'm not either by the way, I'm Taurus )....

I love Scorpio men.....but I think that the only women that can satisfy them are Virgo women.

I hope that every Scorpio man and Virgo woman find each other, as together they will reach life's potential without any difficulty....

some Scorpios have a cruel streak, but I believe that Virgo women can filter these guys out (and leave them for the rest of us lol)...

my parents are of this combination...I don't think my dad could have found anyone better than a Virgo woman (aka my mom....who by the way is the best mom in the world...and I know every child says this...but mine really is...

WOW! I am appalled by what im hearing about Scorpio men!! I am a Virgo woman in a relationship with a Scorpio man, we've been together 1 year 2months, and yes Scorpios are manipulative, strongly opinionated, possesive and always has to be right. My Scorpio man is controlling, but not so much with me, they have an obsessive personality (with anything) and don't fall in love easily, they are very cautious when it comes to love and my scorp never shows signs of jealousy with me, and is never abusive. In fact I am the jealous controlling one in the relationship!! He can appear to be emotionless, and unaffected, because of this I get very suspicious and always feel like he's hiding things from me.

He assures me I have nothing to worry about, and that he would never do anything to hurt me. But I always keep my eyes open. (as a true Virgo would) I love him very much and I hope it works out.

Virgo is no cup of tea to deal with either, we can be very difficult and very jealous we also need constant reassurance. When a Virgo falls in love we tend to be very submissive, this is where a Scorpio can take advantage and become domineering and lose respect, but if you stand your ground and put them in their place when they get out of line you will earn their respect. If you are a pushover they will walk all over you.

Overall my scorp and I are extremely loving with one another, tolerate our differences and will do anything to make it work. Our devotion and loyalty to one another keeps us together..

As for those of you giving praise to Libras, sorry to burst your bubble, they are the biggest charmers and cheaters of the zodiac!! both Libra men and woman!! they're are too shallow for deep Virgo or Scorpio however they make great friends! because can charm just about anyone! they fall in love fast and fall out of love just as fast!! beware of the Libras!

Keep in mind no matter what your sign is, we are ALL capable of cheating. But we are also ALL capable of being faithful.

Hah, hah, be aware of Libra. Your comments are to general-very broad toward Libra. I found Libra is very easy going that does not mean he fall in love quickly. Libra is a symbol of fairness, love, peace, balance. He just very nice in the public and it might causes someone misunderstands and of course that may be blindfold to the shallow one. Who knows? Any sign can be cheat and liar. Virgo am I; you see me just the exterior-maybe not deep in the internal. I am 100 percent sure & knowing exactly how Scorpio or Virgo feels without an expressing a single word.

You get me if I only open to you. Ha, you can't break Virgo's stubbornness. If you fall in love with Virgo or Libra, you are a loser-very coward and you must pay the debt, lol. Scorpio can fools with others but not this one-a smart one,lol. Anyway, be happy. Sorry, NO offense!

Virgo is pretty amazing sign as I read the other Astrology profile on the line about the compatibility or going along with as friendships. Virgo able to get along very well with the other six signs as well as. I believe Virgo must be special and very unique one.

Anyone who is Virgo male or female, you must be blessed by nature. Man or women if you have Virgo as your mate, you are also lucky. Virgo is very dependable, honest, affection, intelligent, and neat that you may be come to expecting on him or her in a good or bad time for the shoulder to cry on.

But you have to be good and honest to them. Virgo men and women can see you through without lots of detail or expression that is why this sign stays in the nut shell and trust in himself or herself. They don't liar but they can liar as well as other signs do.

I found Virgo's personality and trait are very in interesting in my life. Whatever believe it or not, you can read for the twelve signs profile in a difference astrological charts.

Good luck to all.

I'm a Virgo lady with a rad Scorpio guy.

We met about 9 months ago. We had been introduced by a mutual friend but it took us both a good amount of time to muster up the courage to actually speak to one another. The first night we hung out together we stayed out till 2 AM just talking outside the restaurant. The connection was almost instant.

We're both pretty accurately represented by our signs. He's a true water sign. He's artistic, passionate, jealous, and very deep emotionally. I'm sarcastic, stubborn, generous, and painfully aware of my shortcomings. But on the bright side he's also hilarious, affectionate and considerate. We bicker like any normal couple but I've never met anyone as fantastic as him.

The sex is amazing to say the least. No other sign I've been with has been this good. It's so intense.

I feel like I found something extremely rare in him. I've never loved anyone this much, before.

Wishing to all Virgos men and women to be happy with your young or old Scorpio relationships forever lasting. I'm a real Virgo very pure and neutral. I'm free-nothing can blogs my path. I visited every article. Each of them are very challenging and talking about your Scorpio intensity and quality. Well, good luck to all. Virgo Loves

After a year of dating long distance and my Scorps frustration of not living close, I suggested that maybe he date locally. Our plan is moving in the same city within the next 6 months & we are still on schedule. I have read that Scorps need closeness and really wanted to maintain friendship until we moved and stop the arguing in between visits every 2 weeks.

He has refused to date others indicating that he never turns back and would rather work it out which I wanted as well. But, one delayed trip and he decided to start communicating with other women without sharing the information. From the Scorps perspective has he started talking to other women because the distance is killing him? Or, he no longer has interest in us?

At first, I fought it but after talking through it, I have said "you, obviously don't me or us, feel free to find your happiness."

It is not the end of the world without a Scorpio man. There are other signs that match Virgo very well such as Capricorn, Taurus, and Cancer or may be Libra. Who cares if Scorpio do not like Virgo anymore? Scorpio feels insecure toward Virgo lady. He could play a mind game with you. He will withdraw when Virgo lady feels intense for Scorpio. Well, that is not nice in my judgment. Otherwise, it doesn't matter how far the distant is. For me there is no excuse because of that. If you don't like us as a Virgo, that is fine. These is the way-door for him to go. Lots of men who are good, too. ha, ha, don't say this Virgo is meant.

I'm a Virgo lady could be nice or not as well as he is. Virgo is not a sex slave engine. If Scorpio wants to be treat as a king, he should treats Virgo as a queen. Virgo is a creature but Smart in a good case as he does. Okay, Scorpio. No offense.

I am a Scorpio and I have been chasing Virgo women for most of my life. when I was young and un-aware of astrology, I guess my super scorpy senses just knew that was the kind of gurl for me.. as I learned about astrology over the years especially the virgo-scorp relationships, I actively sought out Virgo women. the mixture of a calm, analytical mind, and a smoking hot sensuality can't be beat. in my opinion the Virgo woman is the epitome of

"Lady in the street, Freak in the sheets woman"

give me a Virgo woman every time. ;o)

tantricpulse at the Y who if you'd like to discuss this further, im in the united states

I have dated a young Scorpio a week ago. He told me that he never dated before. Just one day his ex-called my phone and told me don't believe this guy. She told me about him that he has a problem. It is better don't get involve with this Scorpio. He is possess cheater, liar, devil, a freak, and jealous. I'm not surprise beside saying thanks to his ex-girlfriend. That is suck!! He should have tell be straight.

"He himself is a hungry freak as his girlfriend said." I want to say goodbye and never ever see this scorpy again. I though he is a man instead who been at the trash can at the curbside. I gave him triples cheerio without milk. This comments envy to a good Virgo men and women.

I am a Virgo woman and I agree to the Virgo-Scorpio relationship article above. Based on my own experience, I've been always attracted to Scorpio men. My ex's a Scorp and now I'm currently dating a Scorp man (again). He's loyal, passionate, deep, and not like other sign who probably finds me fussy, he likes it when I start 'organizing' him. He's also very affectionate with a healthy dose of possessiveness and damnit its true when they say Scorpios bring the passion out of a Virgo. Sex is amazing and the way he goes about 'demanding' for it helps boost my self-confidence. And we all know Virgos always have problems with their self-confidence.

Oh and the part where the article said that the role of talking will reverse in time is true as well. I think I should just accept that it's a normal thing in a Scorpio and Virgo relationship, but during bad times my insecurities will kick in and I will start wondering again: Why is it that I feel that I'm doing all the talking here? LOLs

It is also true that sometimes I feel intimidated by his self-confidence as I'm lacking in that area and this is actually is our main problem in the relationship, but apart from that a Virgo-Scorpio relationship is a nearly perfect relationship. :)

For some I agree with you for the Scorpio bring out the passion out of Virgo. Well, I did not spend enough time with Scorpio to get to know him but I'm sure that I am attracted to Scorpio man. He is very intense and confident that made me to admire him. For more I need to learn more about Scorpio in real life. Scorpio creature is amazing powerful that can soften my metal heart ever-no one can ever take his place. I probably never get involve or wish to dating other sign beside this one. There are other Scorpio men but I don't think they are the same kind. As Virgo, I'm not picky but very selective for a long and lasting relationship. I rather walk alone, LOL... I wondered why Scorpio talks a lot but later time he talk less. I'm the only one who is doing the talking all night long as you, said. My...anyway. Good luck with your new Scorpy.

How does a Virgo woman tell a Scorpio man she hates people with controlling personalities - especially since she sometimes has those tendencies herself?

I am a Scorpio man and my girlfriend is a Virgo. My biggest problem is trust. I really give her a hard time and feel my lack of trust has taken it's toll on our relationship. I truly love her whole heartily and don't want to lose her, but I can feel her slipping away due to my trust issues. The problem is that it seems it can never be just about us. She has "realities" from prior a relationship which are first and foremost in her life. I am having a hard time finding my place besides what seems to be the backburner. I'm reading that Virgo's are faithful women, yet my heart is telling me different for some reason. It's really killing me inside, yet I'm also reading somethings about myself as a Scorpio that are convicting and I rebuke i.e. Being oversexed or Secretive. God knows my heart and knows I only want to do right and do right by her. I'm sorry boo if it's to late. I truly love you.

Im a Virgo woman with a Scorpio male and I feel like together we are a very powerful couple and weve only been together for four months. He's my dream guy and im 7 years younger than him so of course I follow his lead and have no problem in doing so. I feel like a woman should always follow her man's path. He learns from me and I learn from him. We are both very protective and possesive over each other. I am very shy and he makes me comfortable. He seriously brings out my emotional side before him I was cold hearted and now I am an emotional spoiled brat lol! though me and him have our differences we are just a like in many ways. And trust in believe WE ARE A DANGEROUSLY SEXUAL COUPLE!!!(((U don't have to be a Scorpio to be CRAZY OVER SEX))) Lol!

I'm a Virgo born on September 3rd and He is a Scorpio Born on November 18th. I decided to end it in October and he is still chasing me. He is very stubborn and always negative. When I tell him something he feels like I'm trying to put him down or take his man hood away. He is one that I gave my trust to, but that was soon shattered when I found out that during our break up, He slept with his baby's mom. One that he didn't really know. He said that he would never sleep with her and that I had nothing to worry about, but he did. Now, here I sit, said because I thought that I could trust him.... A man of his word! The reason they are so crazy about us Virgo women is because we help them see other sides of life and the difference between right and wrong. I honestly felt more like a mother to him. I am also trying to listen to music to get over him! LOL! Funny how us Virgo's are? So last night, I wrote him a 3 page letter pretty much telling him everything I felt and tha t he was now my enemy. You see..... I caught him in the lie........ he denied it.... and then admitted it. I'm very forgiving and I would normally take him back... but this time since I REALLY TRUSTED HIM and he broke that trust, I cannot take him back. For he needs to learn what it's like to live without me. And that will be his Karma!

I am a Scorpio man,who went out on a date with a breathtaking Virgo woman 3 years ago. The truth is she approached me first in a Resturant in the front of it's bar while I was getting a drink for myself and a friend ,we clicked instantly and the rest is history,you see I've been in 3 long term relationships and they were all Pisces before,but the level of respect and understanding I have with this girl is off the charts. we have been intimate once and that was enough for both to see future possibilities in each other. she lives in a state that I was living in for my job and now I'm in another state and after 3 years of being apart,she has gone on various dates and so have I,we easily talked about our experiences without feeling guilty or bad it shows our feelings have not changed and once we reunite will most likely bond like a cement. she has asked to come and visit me this winter and I've gladly replied "YES".I'm surrounded by beautiful attractive and intelligent women, but only one will make this life better to spend it with forever and that's my physically Elegant and Eloquently speaking Virgo woman. can't wait to tell her she's the one.

I'm a Virgo women In love with a Scorpio man. His good in bed. His sweet. And he cares about my feelings. Although sometimes its hard to reason with him becoz he doesn't compromise

I am a Scorpio man real one born Nov.8th and an evolved Scorpio man the ones who have had bad experiences should understand scoprios only sting when provoked and hold grudges forever and a day I am with ah Virgo woman she makes me feel so calm and relaxes my turmoil undderneath I guess it is because we are both evolved and thats the key 2 Virgo woman and Scorpio man.... thats all I have 2 FuGGin say .....sting 2 all you Virgo women downing the young scorpios what happened remeber where you stepped on his fragile emotions and then you will know why it didn't work for you....

I'm a Scorpio man who has completely fallen head over heels for a Virgo woman. I've been burned in almost every relationship I've been in so I'm extremely hesitant to reveal how I feel; though that doesn't stop me from writing poems about her. I make sure we don't hang out more than once a week as I just don't think I could handle more days with her without going crazy. But the times we do hang out I just feel completely comfortable with her; we laugh a lot as we have a very similar sense of humor, and just being around her makes me feel as if I'm in a dream. I thought this feeling was lost to me forever, but she has definitly helped me feel like it is okay to love again. Yet, at times, she seems too busy to talk to me and other times doesn't stop talking to me, which only makes me more hesitant to reveal my feelings. So, I'm not so sure what to do. Like the typical Scorpio I am, I'm more than willing to wait out in the shadows and get more information while I can be efore stepping out.

I'm a very true Virgo, pure, and innocent whose were born in the Libra cusp. I'm not involving with any sign because I am afraid of emotional disaster. In about six month ago, I just met a muscular Scorpio who seems very intense and attractive to me at the first sight. I feel so weird because I can feel the connection some how. He always come to visit me at the sight to say Good weekend to me. I'm too sure not to fall or slip in the hole of Scorpio or others signs as well as. I have to be strong ever even though the attraction is as a magnetic. From a Pure Virgo.

Im a Virgo woman in love with a Scorpio man wow does he blow my mind!!! I can't seem to get this mad out of my head, well we have been talking for a while and wanted our first day together to be special didn't happen that way I was so bizzy with family matters that one day he text me and said he wanted to see me? I said sure he came over asked me if I would give him some head by the way he's a very bizzy man I never thought the first day id be with my love I would be doing that since then ohhh my lord I can't help myself lately he's been under stress and I haven't hurd from him is it right for me to just let him be? Or should I call?...I sent a text didn't get a responce back im woundering if I blew it for good? Need help!!!!

Capricorn man/women is the best partners for all Virgo men/women....they said Scorpio are the best in bed?well, depends if you really love someone then you can give all your best in bed too doesn't matter if what your sign is...Virgos can tap Scorpio it becomes in bed, they think they can conquered the Virgos by their Charms in sexuality?damn....remember, Virgos can live w/o sex in a looonnggg time..Virgos other planets is Vulcan, I know you know what iss under the vulcan...Now you is not forever,you can have sex anywhere whenever you want w/o scorpio...but the best personality and intelectual capacity of virgos are hard to find with others,,,remeber that!!

I'm a Virgo who's had friendships with Scorpio men, and I found they were friendly and affectionate.

I am a beautiful, smart Virgo lady. I fell for a Scorpio man who did nothing but manipulate me into thinking that I was the woman he wanted to be with just to turn around and leave me without a reason.. Furthermore he is a confessed con man! I'm a bit bitter still because I opened my heart, my house and he had a relationship with my kids and he just up and left no real explanation. He recently tried to get in touch with me after a few months I told him to lose my number and pretend we never met! After crushing my heart and crippling my ego he can go to he'll with his emotional tug of war BS I'm done. Virgo lafys be careful with these guys they get what they want and then decide you aren't good enough for there sickning egos. We are far to fair and loving for them also when we love we love hard and don't give up on it easy. If your with a Scorpio man be aware they can be very decieving!

I'm a Scorpio Man, and i've been in a 7 years relationship with a Virgo Woman. When we started, she was 15 and I had just turned 20... At the beggining the age difference made some issues, specially because she was so egocentric. But she was so mature for her age. She just bloomed like a flower while she got older and experienced. I'm a pretty liberal person, I never used boundries in the relationship. Just because I didn't want them to myself either. She would go out with her friends, go on trips, her studies, as long as I felt confident and secure, she could do whatever she wanted. I just wanted 2 things in return, No cheating, and at least a Text saying she was alright at the end of the day. But she always gave more than that, she was so giving and caring and sweet, always pointing how much she loved me and how she never wanted to lose me, sometimes it would get boring, it sounded like obsessiveness... But no, it's just her lack of security, because has you know, scopios don't tend to tell much about their feelings, but believe me... Sometimes we don't show, but the feelings inside are much greater then the ones of the partner.

We were mostly and firstly friends, but really and deeply in love... Sex was always great. No words for it. We rarely had fights, but when we did, we were just literally just like 5 minutes apart, and we just couldnt be away from each other more than that, the make up sex was amazingly good. I had some flaws though, my life was not easy, and I was too negative, and sometimes stood my brains on the past and was unable to move forward, a lot of this was during our relationship. She was really friendly and helpful, but I guess this was destroying the relationship and her respect for me from inside out. Recently things started to be better in life, and she finnished her college, shes a physio, and an excellent opportunitty came by for her to go to Azores... Portuguese islands 1500km away from Portugal, where I am. We talked, it was a great opportunity for a recent college finalist, and what did I do?

As always I gave her all my strength and support, even though inside I didn't want her to go, and I felt something wrong was going to happen. Well she went to Azores, she fell in love with her job, met a LOT of new people, made new friends, and fell in love for a guy. As a good scorpio, I noticed something was wrong... I confronted her, and discovered she was in love with another guy. She didn't describe it has beeing in love, she told me she didn't understand her feelings... I believed her, and I tried to catch her, tried to haver to myself again, but I became jealous, obsessive this issue, and her beeing 1500km away, didn't really help.

I guess I just blew it up... I did put some pressure on her, and she just ended our relationship. Since that day, she has become distant, firstly she called everyday, then 1 time a week, and now she doesn't call, she eventually texts like 1 time a month…

Something else strange did happen. She had to come to the continent so we would attend to our friends marriage. But we were just like friends, eventually, she couldnt be with me just like friends, we were like a couple, we did make love that night. And from that day on, she went to azores again, ignored me most of the time, I didn't text her either, cause im sick of this situation. She did come to Portugal once again, I tried to be together, but she reffused and went away again…

And like this ended a beatiful relationship, that everyone envyed. She is and will be the love of my life. Scorpio man and Virgo woman... just go for it... Just make your Virgo feel secure about her and about your future, and if she really love you, she'll be yours forever.

Not all Virgo are the same unless duplicate, cloning;though, still not the same. Virgo are very smart people;very wise. That is not easy to hook up with Virgo. Use your communication well(intellectual) if you want to win Virgo and want to be with her-honest and trust.

I am really attracted to my Scorpio but he is always so busy that I only see him in passing. Everytime that we meet it is so intense and then he goes back to ignoring me again. Now reading these comments makes me wonder if I should even go down that path and really get into something with him. I had a Taurus boyfriend who ended up cheating on me and I ended it, so no sign is perfect for this Virgo woman. As most people said it can be better to be alone than to be hurt by a callous man. In this moment I have a "friend with benefits" that works for me quite well. Virgo women look after your needs for once and not those of any man.

I am really attracted to my Scorpio but he is always so busy that I only see him in passing. Everytime that we meet it is so intense and then he goes back to ignoring me again. Now reading these comments makes me wonder if I should even go down that path and really get into something with him. I had a Taurus boyfriend who ended up cheating on me and I ended it, so no sign is perfect for this Virgo woman. As most people said it can be better to be alone than to be hurt by a callous man. In this moment I have a "friend with benefits" that works for me quite well. Virgo women look after your needs for once and not those of any man.

I am a Virgo woman, and I completely agree with one of the former comments. Virgos are a pain in the ass quite frequently. We need reassurance frequently and can be quite high maintenance. We do also have a jealous streak and that can be difficult to deal with for a lot of other zodiac signs. I have never dated a Scorpio, but I have lots of friends who are and they are the most loyal friends I have ever met. I would imagine it is hard to generalize one sign in particular. Virgos can be very passive aggressive, and I would never want to be on the receiving end of that either. I am sure that there are some good Scorpio lovers. Not that all of us want to search the whole universe (wink), but I believe that people are basically good.

Best wishes to all of you!

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