Scorpio man wants to fight for no reason

by sarah IK
(UAE )

I am a Gemini girl of 26 years and my man is a Scorpio of 38. The first time i saw this man I fell in love with him and with his manly attitude. We used to keep staring at each other in that restaurant we visit everyday me and him. I loved the way he approached me after 2 months but everything happened so quickly to find ourselves saying "I love you" and having our first kiss only after 3 days.

As a Gemini, freedom means everything to me, however this man is so controlling and possessive, I love that but sometimes it freaks me out.

His anger is intolerable; he gets angry for stupid reasons and yells at me. I always forgive him and apologize for not appreciating him and avoiding fighting with him when he is mad. Once I apologize he becomes like a baby and he showers me with love and makes me feel like am with the only girl on this planet. I love him so much and I cant live without him, but sometimes I can't tolerate his mood swings and his bad temper when he wants to fight for no reason. How shall i handle this guy ?

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