Scorpio Men and jealousy

I read all these things ~ bad things being said of a Scorpio man. I am a Gemini so of course it is said we aren't suppose to be compatible but honestly I am 38 & he is 28 and we just clicked from the beginning. I am wonderful at reading people like a book & he loves that I see who he is. He shares himself completely with me cuz he knows that he can't hide who he is from me.

Let me say a Scorpio man is the most amazing lover I have ever known & I am not even talking about sex. He knows me & I don't have to teach him who I am ~ he studies me ~ trust me ladies you want to be studied. As far as his "wrath or vengeance" he has been nothing but gentle & kind to me ~ I have wounded his heart many times & never has gotten angry or paid me back for it. He loves me deeply. The jealousy issue ~ I established from the beginning that a little jealousy is ok but not obsessive amounts ~ I let him know that I don't like jealousy cuz if I am with him he can rest assured I only have eyes for him. His love satisfies my need for variety ten fold.

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Scorpio can't hide from us
by: Anonymous

Off course you can read him because you are mature than him ten years. Any men can develop by age 32 years old according to the Biology-science and compare to women-21 years old is completed. Off course, Scorpio is too jealous. For the best of all Scorpio and Gemini are not a heaven match. It is good thing that you notice. I hope Mr. Scorpio needs to accept the astrology fact or will deeply get a heart breaking after it happened, ha,ha,ha.
Sexuality cannot holds both of Scorpio and Gemini together forever if both do not compatible. If foreplay, oh, there is another page. I Ms. Gemini has a ruling planet mercury that is sharing with Ms. Virgo. Both of these signs are fast mind-can see every detail and read people; Scorpio better to reveal the truth if he want the please. Heh, heh,

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