Scorpio men and moodiness

I'm a Scorpio man and I am writing because of the comments I have been reading about communication shutdowns and moodiness, and want to share insight into the Scorpio man.

I learned long ago that while I am upset, if I open my mouth, I will say EXACTLY what is bugging me with such surgical precision, that I will severely sting, if not mortally wound my lover's feelings, or our relationship. So I clam up in the heat of the moment.

Here is the KEY. READ THIS, LADIES!!!!

I learned to broach the subject at random later moments when the heat is gone. If she scoffs, I will take it personally, communication will break down, and I will not build up the courage to speak about my feelings again. If she cuts me off, gets defensive, or fires back with frustration (be it related or otherwise), I will do one of two things:

1) I will likely just bite my lip, get angrier, maybe try again at another time, or maybe things will deteriorate to non-communication;

2) I will get defensive and fire back with more intensity in that surgically precise deadly stinger-tongue.

These are not strategies.... just reflexes I cannot help and observe/admit.


1) Hear him out without cutting him off

2) Thank him for the honesty, courage and calm he had to muster to do that

3) Rationally and calmly explain why you did not think you were being cruel, and ask/suggest how to work together to resolve the conflict

4) Better still... when you ask what's wrong, and he says "Nothing", but you know he is lying... as sweetly as you can, wrap yourself around him, kiss him gently, and playfully tell him you know he is lying and you want him to fess up so you can see his smile again or that you understand and want him to come talk when he feels calmer.

THIS *WILL* WORK! But you have to decide if it is worth that effort to you. Otherwise, spare both of yourselves the years of agony... once in love, most Scorpios will stay faithful and stick it out no matter how miserable it is for both of you.

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on scorpio men and moodiness
by: Anonymous

I love this feedback.. From a scorpio male I'm a tauras girl dating a scorpio man and that really works... You just need to have patience and understanding... With a scorpio never lash out or pressure him... Its very very frustrating but scorpio men when they find right combination are worth it... The chemistry is... Magical for tauras woman scorpio man just let the barriers down go with the flow.. X

Thank you
by: scorpioms

Thanks for setting things straight. People need to understand that it really doesnt take much to calm the sting. But they have to know how. It takes a real person to understand that.

A scorpio woman with a scorpio man....
by: Anonymous

Hey... some real good advice there, I am a scorpio woman who is with a scorpio man. Where going through a rough time at the moment, the advice is certainly good I shall diffinatly take it in account. I wasnt quite sure how to handle things at first and we can both be bad as eachother at times. I can understand he does need his space as I can asdmit he is a very intense man and now I also know to treat him when we have ups and downs, all thanks to you...X

Leo and Scorpio
by: Anonymous

I'm a Leo girl dating a Scorpio guy until very recently. While I totally agree with the guy above on how a Scorpio really the end of the day, from a Leo's perspective, I think what selfish babies! My Scorpio completely clams up. Because I am King, I have better things to do than sit there and baby him. If you;re interested in a Scorpio man, you will find that he clams up about EVERYTHING. You know he's got all kinds of stuff on his mind, but he'll refuse to just speak up. It's true that he is the most honest sign of the zodiac, the most real. However, he is only honest when it's to his benefit. If he is hiding anything from you, honesty goes out the window and he becomes the most dishonest person of the zodiac. A scorpio man will be faithful only if he is happy. But if he is unhappy for any reason no matter how minute, he will withdraw and cheat on you--this is the stinger part. Also, because he clams up, he'll never feel enough guilt to tell you that he's cheating on you. That's yet another "secret" he'll keep from you. I say "secret" in quotes because you'll already know what's going on in his head, but he'll still be stubborn and put on a blank expression, deluding himself into thinking you have no idea he's lying and hiding things. It's so annoying and tedious! I told my Scorpio that it's what he DOESN'T say that tell me everything I need to know! Leos don't have a lot to hide. They pretty much say it like it is. There are LOTS of good things about a Leo-Scorpio relationship, but I'm highlighting the bad ones because I actually just dumped my Scorpio. I love him, but I can't deal with his immaturity. Like the poster says (if you read between the lines), everything has to be "his" way. You have to talk to him the "right" way or he will just sit there like a rock and aggravate you until you are honestly ready to just slap him upside the head to make sure he's still alive. But even then he won't respond. This causes a Leo girl want to be abusive. But she'll realize there is no point in going there because all the yelling and hitting in the world won't make this wimp stand up for himself. I can't stand Scorpios and writing this makes me realize I made the right decision. Oh ya, Scorpio is SO predictable. Leo always knows better. Scorpio will try and throw Leo off the trail by not answering yes or no, one way or another. Then he is shocked when Leo takes charge (like the leader she is) and simply walks away from that kind of foolishness. My Scorpio is still in shock, but I know he will sit around and stare for a few weeks, and then he'll call and try to talk to me on "his" terms. It's like, dude, we could have solved this ages ago if you had only had the decency to speak up when I ask you a question.

by: Anonymous

to the post above me....Sounds like you got burned by a bad person not just a scorpio. This is just like saying that you hate guys now. Good generalization.... Just because one acted like that doesnt mean they are all like that. Good luck with your open mindedness.

by: Alison

I had the same experience with my Scorpio man and I'm an Aries. If you read what this leo says, she is saying the same thing as the original Scorpio poster, but from the other person's perspective. Scorpio's are stubborn and seem to think they are doing the right thing, adn from my experience they don't have any capability of putting themselves in the other person's shoes. Scorpios are extremely secretive and moody...and every Scorpio I know seems to cheat, whether it's a man or woman. They always seem to WANT to be a one-woman man, but they rarely are. They tend to keep everything inside and alienate their partner, which frustrates the partner. Then the Scorpio will cheat and/or lie and blame it on their partner. Only at the bitter end of the relationship will the Scorpio even admit there was a problem! Maybe you should be a bit more open minded yourself, esp if you happen to be a scorpio reading this =)

I wrote the super long message
by: Anonymous

I wrote the long message above, and I am smart enough to know that not everyone is the same just because they are the same zodiac sign...Just like the original poster's rules don't apply to every single Scorpio, so don't take everything so seriously! I agreed with everything the OP said. Here are examples of some of the things I agreed with (I bolded my comments below to distinguish my comments from the original poster's comments. I'm not yelling):

"I'm a Scorpio man and I am writing because of the comments I have been reading about communication shutdowns and moodiness..." I'M NOT THE ONLY ONE WHO KNOWS THIS. THIS IS EVERYONE'S COMPLAINT ABOUT SCORPIO. EVEN THE OP KNOWS IT.

"I learned long ago that while I am upset, if I open my mouth, I will say EXACTLY what is bugging me with such surgical precision, that I will severely sting, if not mortally wound my lover's feelings, or our relationship. So I clam up in the heat of the moment." AIN'T THAT THE TRUTH! TRY PUTTING YOURSELF IN HIS LOVER'S SHOES, KNOWING HE'S BOILING INSIDE BUT WONT TALK BECAUSE HE'S AFRAID HIS REAL FEELINGS WILL CRUSH HER. SCARY!

"I learned to broach the subject at random later moments when the heat is gone." SCORPIO BECOMES A ROCK, AND YOU CAN'T GET BLOOD OUT OF A ROCK.

"I will likely just bite my lip, get angrier, maybe try again at another time, or maybe things will deteriorate to non-communication" YES, THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT SCORPIO DOES. HE WILL ABSOLUTELY TRY TO TALK AT ANOTHER TIME WHEN (OF COURSE) HE FEELS LIKE IT.



"THIS *WILL* WORK! But you have to decide if it is worth that effort to you. Otherwise, spare both of yourselves the years of agony..." IT WASN'T WORTH IT FOR ME, PERSONALLY. I AM THE ONE WHO BROKE IT OFF. AND JUST LIKE I PREDICTED, HE STARED AT A WALL FOR 8 WEEKS, AND THEN HE CALLED ME--BECAUSE HE WAS FINALLY READY TO TALK. I DID NOT RETURN THE CALL.


I wrote the super long message
by: Anonymous

"Long message." I have to agree with Leo. Leo is very bright; thoughtful and made the right decisions. The way you described Scorpio-is very true. The feet need the right size of shoe for perfectly fit as a puzzle need to put in the right spot. For Love need to be match; a million cannot buy loves to love.
I agreed with you, Leo!! You are smart! I meant it, Virgo loves.

"Long message"
by: Anonymous

I like to add a few more word: In your situation, it is painful. A questioner being asked and you got a none responsive, that is sooo meant; unless the person is deaf or a non speaking English and really don't understand, lol, lol. I would excuse just for that. Another reason, I may accepted as the way he is because the zodiac designed him that way if I do love him, easy,forgive; some time the person is may lack of consciousness. As I read your articles, the sounds and voices of you are pretty smart and open minded. But I can feel, you are upset. So, I can say...a perfect love is never ever got hurt both physical and mental.
Good luck to you. Virgo

aqua girl and scorp guy
by: Anonymous

Heh there just wanted to add in a comment about my scorpio man. Im an aquarius girl dating a scorpio guy. Have to agree with some of what leo has said. My scorpio man is so moody and if i ask whats wrong he will say nothing even though i know something is wrong. He also can be calm one moment and then suddenly lash out i normally just give him time to fight with his emotions lol He is very secretive with family and friends and will go out of his way to disclude me also he will go out socially and not tell me where he is. I have very little privacy he read all my emails he prob knows everything about me yet i know very little about him. Aside from that he is an amazing lover and very passionate which i love. He tell me he loves me and will whisper nice things to me.

aqua girl and scorp guy
by: Anonymous

A response to Aquarius lady. I'm a perfect, independent, and beautiful as Virgo. You have a relationship with a Scorpio guy, heh,heh... That is nice water + water = water, so you love him (Mr.Scorpio) as you fell in love with yourself. That is very interesting. As I'm Virgo feminine, I never been with Aquarius guy at all; I knew Aqua man is very nice even he acts aloof some how; I'm saying this because I have an Aquarius classmate who always compliment me, "Smart girl!" "You knew all the answer." Begging me just to sit next to me for the power of making me feel uncomfortable.
Anyway, Aquarius is very nice for both sexes as I noticed. For a Scorpio man, I don't know for sure
how is his feeling?? I only have a Scorpio girlfriend; we both love each other deeply and she is sexy as a movie star compare to DiCaprio. I feel so in love with this man at a first sight when I saw him in the movie rescued pretty Rose. So, You are a Lucky Aqua girl to have a Scorpio who loves you even though he is is natural. Good luck to you Aqua girl.


To Aqua girl and Scorpio guy
by: Anonymous

I feel it is not right when a Scorpio went through to check your email stuffs. Otherwise, it may be good if you on the same page with him and if you allow him to do so; email cannot be open without a password; different from cells phone. Me, no, even though i love him or on the same page. I wont let him to do that even though I have no secret; email and cell phone are under my identity, not him.
He should knows better. You Aqua girl, you need to be a little selfish. But if you married with a true Scorpio that your desire, you should not hide.
good luck with a Scorpio guy.


My scorpio man from an aries woman
by: Anonymous

I have been dating a scorpio man for about 4 months now , he is very jealous and when hes mad he can ignore me for days , but when we are together its like no other relationship i have ever been in , i know he loves me regardless of the way he is sometimes and i have learned when he is upset with me to just stroke his ego and he will come around every time i let him think it was his idea but i know now how to get to him now ... i love him he is awesome

small advice on scorps in general
by: scorpionms

Im a scorpio female and though I dont have a male point of view I do have a scorpio point of view. I would just like to say, it is true that scorpios in general are intense people and it takes a lot to understand us. Not to many do. It takes time and patience and if you have both. We can show you things emotionally you will prob not experience with any other sign. then again some of us are just crazy and should be thrown back in the lake, if you come across one of the those be happy you threw him back.

Ahhh the Scorp...
by: Anonymous

I am a virgo woman in a relationship with a scorp. Everything im reading about them is pretty accurate!! Especially what the Leo girl said..she's dead on, however virgos have more patience with scorp is moody, lazy and the biggest procrastinator,never comes through on promises, selfish, self absorbed, distant one minute, warm and loving the next. will be angry with me and not tell me whats wrong, he'll just sit there seetheing with resentment all while pretending nothing is wrong all while smiling in my face, this is what scares me about scorps!! you never know whats on their mind or what their thinking. When I dish it out with him he cant handle it, he gets all quiet and never speaks up, he'll just avoid the confrontation.
It like pulling teeth to get him to be open and honest about his feelings and emotions.
Sometimes i do suspect he is cheating,because he never gets jealous or questions me about anything,and shows little emotion,and little interest, I catch him in little lies all the time, but i have no proof of him cheating. We are in a long distance relationship which makes things worse. Really Hard to trust.
when he is mad he can go 2-3 days with no contact, and then suddenly he's fine and back to normal, thats when i think hes done something(like cheat) in the meantime to stroke his ego and get back at me. they are very vindictive and secretive. Im a jealous controlling virgo,so he tries to give me comfort that he will not do anything to hurt me. I love him very much so I tolerate him. But if i ever find out he's being/been unfaithful, he will never see my face again!! it will be his loss not mine.
You just have to know there is no "perfect" partner out there, so you just have to know what you can tolerate and what you cannot. I prefer to work on our relationship than move on to the next! quitting is always easy, sticking it out takes love and serious devotion.

Gook luck in love!!

True virgo

How to deal with a Scorp!!!??
by: Anonymous

MIRROR THEM!!! that means whatever they do to you do it right back good or bad. When you mirror their bad behavior they cant handle that and will be shocked and get mad when you do it. Then when they get mad use it as an opportunity to point out to them how that's exactly how they make you feel.
Scorps think whats ok for them to do is not ok for you to do. You have to show them differently.

virgo woman dating scorpian boy ;)
by: Anonymous

They NEED constant love, attention and ego stroking, validation and praise, As well as complete loyalty and devotion.
They will make your life hell if you cant consistantly provide any of the above..
You require ALOT of patience to deal with a scorp. Any sign other than virgo, pisces,or cancer. Need not apply. you just wont be able to understand/handle/put up with them.

by: Anonymous

Patience .. whats that? im about to lose it with my scorpio he is so intense and makes me feel like there is no other woman in the world... but his constant moodiness is driving me nuts! I am an aries and patience is not a strong point for me.. i cant constantly wait and deal with his moments(days) of silence at times ... he always talks to me ...but some days i feel like im squeezing blood out of a turnip ... hope it gets easier ... i love him but need MORE!

Others guys are good
by: Anonymous

I'm not in the mood. That is the opposite of me and Aries Lady. I though there are no good man in the world beside a Scorpio man. Ah, but I am not looking for a guy anyway. I prefer to live in a single life as Virgo female It is easy; no one telling you what to do. Why do I want to get into a yoke and work hard for the person? I can't depend or trust on men anymore.
I have a friend who is Aries; personality not look like Arise at all; I just knew him in a year who graduated last year, but I felt as I knew him a long time. He is very loyal and always taking his time to write back to me, no matter what. He is very gentlemen and supportive. Because he is a man.

Though I know there are a good man out there for me just to be friend not for a mate or any thing. I feel free to do my own thing without a dictatorship.

You article on the top here just make me laugh when I heart you have enough patience for a Scorpio also you said, you want to squeeze his turnip until it bleed; that makes me laugh even more while watching a movie of Forest Gum.

Why is it a Scorpio? Can you look for another sign? Scorpio is too moody, emotional, and secretive. Come on forget about Scorpio intense. Other guys are good too. I'm a Virgo woman not too involve with men in a stupid thing. Wish you luck.

by: Scorpio guy

Haha you all kill me with your self absorbed crap. Really Leo as a leader? To where? Your local headcase group. Anyways
I'm not here trolling by no means but what you women should
Know is that your Scorpio man if he's being an ass to you is
More than likely he's bored of you that's right your boring.
Sucks to have that fragile self centered ego shattered at the thought that ones self is boring. Scorpio men, like anyone want love and understanding. If you ask the what's wrong q and the reply is nothing. Drop it. You may not want the answer that comes out. He will crush you with honesty and tear your ego to shreads. If he wants to talk he will for gods sake. And really do you really want to know the shit and garbage floating around anyones head just to satisfy your curiosity? Sweetheart it's not worth the effort and besides if your man had shut down, your tomorrows laugh while he's at work.

Truth will set you free
by: Scorpionms

Dag that last comment was messed up but true. Ladies you best to take to note even if it hurts.

Attracted as a magnatism
by: Anonymous

The truth and fact are direct and it is hurting. To avoid hurting, you need to bee perfect. Virgo I do not criticizing but I learned a lot without taking note. Sharing communication is the best idea to bring Virgo and Scorpio closer as a mate. Virgo can forgives the one she is deeply in love. You don't need to express a single word to her but she knows. Virgos have six senses; able to understand how her lover feels; an aspect with a higher conscious.
You though Virgos are self absorb. That is true. It is a reasonable. Virgos men and women are cool, grounded, understandable, and hold their temper very well not only love you, Scorpio. You cant spot them unless they show, heh...What else do you want from Virgos? I have a question, why do I attracted to a Scorpio man as a magnetism? Not other? Another question has been ignored. If it hurts so much I understand. I'm sorry and won't ask anymore. Men and women, don't take it as a personal. It is someone's though and experience. Be happy!!

by: xMarch16

I'm a Pisces female with a Scorpio male. I'm sensitive so when my boyfriend would get so INTENSE with any emotion (and Intense is the word!!!) it would throw me off.

He's just as, if not more, sensitive than I am. I sometimes have to baby him when he gets in a mood, and I don't mind because I know how it feels to be in a mood!

Whenever things get heated, I listen to him but also I have to have what my issue is down to a T..."surgical precision" as the OP said. Otherwise, he thinks I'm mad about nothing and I get "stung" again.

I never see the intensity they give to EVERY emotion as a bad thing at all. But I know not every sign can handle it. Good...more for me :o)

I gave up
by: Anonymous

I'm a virgo been with a scorpion man for 12 years and I still don't know how to treat him, I tried all strategies with him but I"m always pissing him, the problem is when he's in a good mood oh my god he's the sweetest most loving man in the world but if he's in a bad mood I really question his love to me cause the way he treats me will looks and sounds like I'm his worst enemy it makes me feel like trash, So I gave up trying to understand him and just going with the flow and constantly praying that god will save me from his bad mood swings.

Watch out for Scorpio men
by: Anonymous

I am a Scorpio woman who has been married to a Scorpio man for 17 years. The Leo was dead right about her assessment. I am getting a divorce now. He wouldn't talk and wanted his secrets and his freedom, while I was raising the family and holding down the fort. I just found out he is having an affair - with an Aries - ha, that's won't last as he cannot stand to be challenged about anything. Virgo was right - lazy, proscrastinating. Not a great catch.

Watch out ladies.

Leo...aquarius...Virgo, ehhh...
by: xMarch16

most if not all of these women talking aren't even "compatible" with Scorpio. no guy is an ass unless he's sick of the person. my Scorpio does close up but he always talks when he's ready. I'm the same way so I understand I guess.
and how many of us tell people not to do things then they do them? um. EVERYBODY. sounds like these couples shouldn't have been together anyway.

don't give scorpios a bad name. men suck in general.

whats the rush
by: scorpionms

This is true, not all scorpio men are bad. Shoot the next person u come across may be the same way because of his personal problems. The key is ladies is we need to stop jumpn n relationships because its seems like the beautiful thing to do at the time. We need to go back to the olden days when people actually took the time to get to know one any another. Calln a person ur boyfriend or ur girlfriend or moving n wit each other after a couple of months of just knowing each other is too much too soon. Take ur time, get to know wut ur dealn with first. Its really doesnt matter what sign ur dealing with. People are people regardless and finding that right match takes time. For the one n a million that luv at first sight works for. Great for them. But that usually doesnt happen. SLOW DOWN!!!

not so sure
by: Roxie

i have been nothing short of reasonable and have respected my scorpio guy. apparently he has a past (2 divorces and 1 failed relationship that i know of) and i thought things were different when i stepped into the picture 3 1/2 years ago, at least he made me think they were. I was blindsided twice, I found out he was stringing me along the entire time. Telling me what i wanted to hear all the while going behind my back and seeing other women. who tells you that you mean the world to them and then go and do something like CHEAT? I don't understand it. and now I feel like my heart has once again been ripped apart and for what?... was he that selfish and self centred?.. I just don't get it

the signs are there
by: scorpionms

this is to roxie. the signs were probably in ur face and u just didnt take heed to them. Men give themselves away all the time but we fall for the pretty words they give. If it doesnt feels right or something just doesnt pan out right, more then likely u gut is telling u the truth. Pay attention to the little things he says and do and start calling that shit out early. They worse thing he can do is get up, be mad, and walk away. And if its that simple to walk away, is it really worth it? Start thinking with ur head, and put the heart to the side for a while.

To scorpionms
by: Roxie

Hi Scorpionms... thanks for your comment and you are 100% correct... the most difficult part of tis relationship also happens to be that it is a long distance relationship, we live in two different provinces... so of course suspicions have been there only as recent as last fall.. and when i was out there my suspicions proved to be correct... him and i thought have always been pulled apart and then pulled back together... and even after being hurt by him... well I can't imagine him not being apart of my life... he's overtime become a part of me and its a hard part to let go... but we had a talk again this past weekend after once again not speaking for 3 weeks... i pulled away because i was getting frustrated by a few things, anyway he told me that after all this time yes he does love me but he is unsure about where he is going in his life.. he is 47... but i made it crystal clear that if he needs or wants to date other women.. then he should do that and if that is the lifestyle he wants (without the commitments), well then he should do what makes him happy... ... BUT he can't keep me in the picture because i'm not up for that... I don't want to be strung along for another 1 year or 3 years only to be told that he's found someone else... anyways, i hope you get what i mean.... he's a rather complicated guy... and boy he is a true scorpion... lol but as a taurus .. what they say is true about the magnetic attraction... it's been there along and what seems to keep pulling us together... but one day at a time and if it's meant to be then i guess it will be.. thanks again...

How to Handle A Real Scorpio/Eagle Man
by: King Scorpio

Listen Up Ladies......I am a Scorpio Thru and Thru. Scorp rising/Scorp Mars Moon Leo....

I am 48yr old professional. Been Married to a Sag, Gem and Leo. Have had relations with every women of the zodiac. The best way to handle your Scorpio man is to COMMUNICATE. When you SHUTDOWN, we will give you your space because we need ours but we will try to talk to you but we will NOT waste to much time in trying. That was the problem I had with Ms. Leo...She would not talk for days on end and I FIND THAT very disrecptful and irresponsible....Most women will play games just to see how far they can go with you. thats all good but once i put my foot down i dont expect to be tested ever again. you should know after the first failed attempt. If a women continue to shutdown and not communicate and once i try to get thru and you shut me out then what do you expect Scorpio to do? We will shutdown. Then you must make the effort not Scorpio. All in All, I think Scorpio/Eagle men are the best catch a girl can get but she must be MATURE enough to deal with herself and with MR. SCORPIO......One more thing!! The best match for Scorpio i think is a TAURUS and CAPRICORN with AQUARIUS and ARIES in close second......Love to ALL the LADIES.

Im a Pisces Woman and im in love with a Scorpio
by: Anonymous

Scorpio Meets Pisces

I envy the way that he is so openly opinionated and not afraid to speak his mind, even when it might cause trouble in the works. Yes I'd say he can't always hold his tongue or his sting for that matter... He is resilient and hard to crack, whereas I am the very opposite, but I will never let it show if I can help it, where a humours cover-up or sarcy comment might come into play.
Scorpios are inspirational and wise, they give out positive vibes most of the time, my Scorpio has a playful, fun manner that intensifies the relationship greatly as we both share this child-like quality. Pisces' go by their senses more than what they see, and I do sense true love from him, even though I seem to not show the same level of love, I do this for fear of him loosing interest in me, the old 'keep him on his toes' saying applies a lot here, but at home, when we are most at ease and intimate, I will show him endless forms of love that I believe he deserves, even when he may not.
Does he tend to bluster about our relationship to family and close friends? Sometimes we do get our wires crossed, being of such different minded signs, no, Scorpio’s are proud of themselves and of their strong bonds, you might say that they are warning others off, cleverly showing others that they pose no threat to our secure, sturdy walls, and of course I will go along with it to his great satisfaction. Trying to blatantly and forcefully change him is a no, no, gentle reasoning and compromising is a yes and intelligent Scorpio appreciates this, as it enhances the relationship productively.

Part 2 - pisces in love with scorpio
by: Anonymous

I possess a very caring, motherly nature of which I will practise, I’m very willing to please him most of the time... some signs find this very difficult, It happens subconsciously, as its in my nature, so Pisces don’t have to try as hard to be sympathetic, understanding or patient, because most of the time, that’s already what’s going on. Apparently we are born to serve mankind, often accused as easily led and some people do take our kindness for weakness, don’t let them dampen our spirits, as long as you are true to yourself, you will be set free...
The love making.... yes there is definitely very intense passion present, more than I’ve ever seen before - unreal and heavenly to say the least, emotions get deeply involved here, and they expect it to be given back. I use mind tricks sometimes, but In no way do I use it against him, you see, as secretive Scorpios go, they really need figuring out some of the time, easy to us as we are one of the most intuitive of the signs, lets just say he wont be handing out his deep fears, worries and emotions on a platter, that’s for sure... being slightly on the physic side helps. Scorpios will not show their weakness' as much as others, even if its not seen as a weakness to you, their desire to triumph and survive all oppositions is so strong and taken very seriously. However the dark side of them can manipulate and use people like pawns in a game of chess, you need to see this, and instead work with the Scorpio not be used, a little reverse-psychology to defend your position helps here.

part 3 - pisces in love with a scorpio
by: Anonymous

I’ve always been attracted to powerful, strong signs, amazingly Scorpio's are so opposite, yet we fit perfectly together like ying and yang. A dear friend of mines uses the term chalk and cheese, she’s right, individually we are on different planets entirely, yet together we could rule the world!!! Well, you get the picture I’m trying to paint anyway, I know this sounds all so ‘white picket-fenced’ but let me tell you, I know what this power-driven sign is capable of.
Strategic, to the fullest, you wont notice it at a glance, they are very clever, some say they are capable of complicated crimes of evil, interestingly Jack the Ripper was also of this sign, planning, constantly. Can hear the fast moving cogs piecing in his mind? Plotting? Maybe, but they do hold such a power that they cant quite comprehend themselves could it be the fear of burdens of responsibility? Wherever it takes them, don’t let them go it alone... as once you have helped a Scorpio, they will not forget it, this goes for hurting them too, the grudges they hold in such a firm grip may never be released. Indeed the sharpest of stings will attack when provoked, and like a sting it moves fast and before its too late, you wont know what’s hit you.
The good thing about a Scorpio in love with a Pisces is that when that darkness starts to develop, our angel-like, compassionate selves, slowly calm the waters again, I believe I can neutralise My Scorpio’s anger, subtly calming or hypnotized in such a way, to keep that brewing storm at bay.

Part 4 - Pisces in love with a scorpio man
by: Anonymous

Most of the time I’m totally oblivious to when these good conquering evil episodes occur, maybe my sensitive, nurturing gentle spirit will rub off on him, not that he would ever admit if it did. My aim is make him a better man in life, and I will support him in anything he chooses to do with total faith in him, sometimes to my downfall, I will absorb his pain and joy, with the hope to throw the joy back to him, ten times better.
However, the rare occasions that I’m not always in that sunshine-filled mood, he will turn those tables for me, in a loving, yet humours way, as he shows this sensitive side to me, it does scare me, such extremes of opposite emotions, both anger and sensitivity clash, but he really does try to juggle them correctly when needed.
In conclusion, I will always stand by his side forever, he is my strong saviour, and as we pick up the pieces of each other and conquer life's endless battles, one thing that will remain is our true feelings for each other. As he is the powerful, passionate, missing piece to my puzzle, I hope to be the gentle, compassionate, piece to his.

The End

by: Anonymous

I have been with my scorpio for almost 13 yrs and alot of these traits are right. He can be the most loving man and then look at you with scorn. His need to be secretive and in control keeps him from revealing his true feelings. He does not communicate well and suppresses alot of feelings and later explodes. I am just now finding out the dark side more and more as he gets older. When he was in his 20's, he was less moody but I guess over the years, his suppressed feelings are coming out negatively. I have to admit the good outweighs the bad so unless his badness overtakes, or I am too hearbroken, whichever comes first, I am going to be more understanding and loving.
true virgo

My scorpio is gone
by: Anonymous

I had been seeing a scorpio for 9 months ... he was .. or seemed like the most sensitive man i had ever met at first... he was loving .. sweet amd always something nice to say ... very attentive and promised me the world ...Not in material things .. but all the things women need,,, love ,, attention .. u know? ... we had our issues and mostly because after the first couple months he would start getting where he would loose touch for a day or two... then id get upset thining hed just disappeared on me then hed come back say i love it when u get upset makes me feel like u care... WTF?? (bye the way he is in the midst of a divorce) so he had to b careful not wanting to have an adultery charge in the divorce he was married 2 yrs) anywaywe were doing great sailing along except when he had a quiet time... but it seems like they were more and more frequent ... i asked him many times if he was unhappy and wanted out ... that i couldnt handle the disapperaing acts ... he told me he would never go away ... that he was in love with me and wanted me to love him for the rest of his life ... well 2 days later he broke it off with me in a text!! only explanation was he could not give me what i wanted that it had nothing to do wqith how he felt about me and that he was trying to b fair ... that was a month ago ... he has only sent one text since then saying he was sorry and that he never meant for this to happen... it broken my heart in two and the owrst part is that he wont talk to me AT ALL!! and believe me i tried he cought me completely off guard with this never saw it coming .. i want him back ... but i believe he is gone ... i paniked and said alot of things texting .. and prob made it worse ... i have excepted it now... but i wish he had just explained it to me ... maybe it would have been easier

Scorpio Man
by: Eileen

I'm a Libra female married to a Scorpio man. My previous partner was also a Scorpio male. My last relationship ended badly because he was very jealous and I was too wild for him. As the years went by, I calmed down a lot.

My Scorpio husband is an amazing person. Yes, he does like to be mysterious at times. But I become bored easily so he keeps me captivated. I give him his space, but I'm there for him when he needs someone.

It was difficult in the beginning of the relationship because I verbally express how I feel where he SHOWS how he feels. I've come to understand that their love is genuine if it's with the right partner.

I also think that he has helped me to show genuine emotions. It was easy for me to be superficial at times and throw words around. I enjoy learning body language and how my Scorpio keeps me motivated.

We have had some stormy fights in the past. At the end of the fight, we talk things through. I can have a bad temper so I'm glad he holds his tongue to allow me to cool down. I am patient with him because it takes him time to speak his mind. A great mind indeed.

Our relationship gets better with time and it's full of passion. I have either met my match or my soulmate.

Leo on the cusp of Cancer (woman) dating a Scorpio on the cusp of Sagittarius (man)
by: K

I admire my Scorpio. He is clever, witty, intelligent, honest, and not afraid to voice his opinions.

I am also overwhelmed by his blunt persona, moodiness, take charge attitude, jealousy, hypocritical stances, and whip-like tongue.

We love each other and I can honestly say that he's the yin to my yang. He's dead-on logical and I'm incredibly emotional. We fill each other out and grate each other's nerves.

I understand most of his mood swings, times of sabbatical like silence, and jealousy. I don't understand why he takes it out on the one person who is there to support and love him.

We've been together a little over 3 years now and there are moments where I can't imagine life without him and then there are moments where I wonder why he's in my life.

Leo doesn't have much patience, but my Cancer side tries to act Motherly. I think the hypocritical side of him affects me the most. He will gripe and complain about how he wants me to approach him a certain way (and I truly try to accomodate him) but then he'll turn right around and treat me the opposite. I will never understand that. And since Leo leads with emotion, Scorpio's headgames are sometimes too methodical, too chaotic, too strategic. It's hard to keep up.

The good things about my Scorpio are that he is intensely loyal, always wants to do right by those he loves, passionate in his mind and heart, extremely intelligent and witty, giving to causes that capture his heart, sexually open and experienced, and will go the extra mile to care for his family.

The not always good things about my Scorpio is that he is materialistic, unrepentant, stubborn, "my way or the highway" attitude, extreme emotional swings, brooding, jealous and territorial, quick-tempered, unfiltered, and a little on the lazy side.

This relationship will definitely keep you challenged. How much challenge you want to meet head on is up to you. There are days when it's exhausting, and there are days that my prideful Leo will not take a backseat, but there are also days where the Lion and Scorpion exist in peaceful harmony.

scorpio guys
by: justhetip

This is to all the self-righteous females out there who think they know every scorpio male in and out: You don't, nobody does. I agree with scorpio guy in saying you're wasting your time. We don't like to be put on trial all the time, who does? As for the claims that scorpio men are impossible to date and reserved and don't talk and all that bullshit is also incorrect. I recently dated a Libra girl for a little over a year, she liked me at first because i was mysterious and a little shy, but then we really opened up to each other and connected on an incredibly deep level. We broke up because we are in college and didn't want to hold each other back. She recently called me this past weekend to tell me she's still in love with me and no one compares. She complains that other guys are not nearly easy to talk to and it's like pulling teeth. you can't assume that all guys are exactly the same because of their astrological sign, and if you do believe that you're incredibly naive and will cling onto any explanation as to why it hasn't worked out when in reality the answer is much simpler than that.

im an aquarious women n i love my scoripo man
by: cassandram

We were friends in high school he liked me but i had no intrest in him more then friends... we meet back up after 7 years we were both just getting out of horrible marriges... we talked alot about what went wrong in our relationships n felt very close i swear we fell in love because what we wanted for our future was so similar... its been 8months now... yes he is a very moody man but its fine i just give him space when i know he needs it n thats the time i get to be free also... there r some days where we text all day long n then others just say hi whats going on hows ur day kinda stuff like without talking for 5 or 6 hours.... we both have kids n dont want to get them involved with eachother just yet so we get to be together sexualy maybe once or twice a week but when we do its amazingly loving n passionate on a mental n physical level! He picks up dinner about 5 times a week... i do alot for him he is not shy about asking for favors n i have no problem doing anything because i know he is so appreciative! I believe we r ment to be together... at first i had a hard time with the thought he would pick me to be with but we studied eachother n yes we can both get angry wih certain things but its so worth it i love his obsessive picky emotional dynamic sexyness n he loves my willingness to speak my mind caring loving giving nature because it mirros him.... he tends to question things n he picks up my phone from time to time n its ok with me cause i know i have not a thing to hide n have no problem asking with a sweet smile if he found what he was looking for lol.... i know he loves me n will be faithful because i feel n will do the same!

Here's the trick!
by: Piscean Princess

I've experienced the same things you ladies are going through with Scorpio men. After many long arguments is emotional torture of my bf icing me out when he's upset. BUT PAYBACK IS A B****. I find that ANY threat of leaving them is a done deal. Don't exactly say the words but act oblivious to how upset they are (since of course they don't mention it) and pull back.There are different ways of pulling back. When I'm at my bf's house, I start to slowly get ready "to leave" without telling him why. He always makes an attempt to ask "why" and I just say that "there's obviously nothing to talk about". He would act completely unfazed until my jacket is on or purse is in my hand. Lol. Immediately he charges after the door and blocks it begging me not to go and to "talk about it". If he is at my house I completely separate myself from him by going into another room and calling a friend(Scorpios hate separation. Although they can do it to you, they can't stand when you do it to them). After this, he comes wherever I am and apologizes. In both circumstances we end up working it out and making passionate love after. :D

Other forms of "pulling back" are letting them know you're unhappy first and simply not calling, texting, or initiating any form of contact(visual or physical).

All in all, just play the game. Most importantly, mirror them. When all fails this is the best way to show them that they are hurting you because you can then point it out when they finally unfold. And if you enjoy manipulating them innocently and indirectly as they do it to you then this wiLl become too easy. I do advise you to do this ONLY if you really do love them because this should only be to improve your relationship and not to torture them. Be smooth on the Scorps, ladies. GOOD LUCK!

by: Mystic

to say he has feeling and they are deep but he cant pin point them. and that the word "love" means alot more to him then most people?? and when he does say it does he mean it

by: Annne

What I've read so far from many articles, websites, astrology's point of view...everything is true about Scorpio man...moods, passion, praise, mysterious acting e.t.c.

I am Leo, 20yrs.old while Scorpio is 26yrs.old.
I knew this Scorpio guy since my best friend used to love him for years without any positive sign from him. One day I told her to tell him her feelings, then he told her he is not attracted by her. HE WAS VERY SINCERE.

After three years, I saw him in the downtown and asked if he can do me a favor, by sending me the e-mail when and where I have to apply as an intern to a company where he works. He told me he will let me know. So he did, he wrote me an e-mail to send him my CV and motivation letter, he was very kind. And I respected him a lot.

After a while he praised me for my achievements so far, for an enhanced CV and a great style of writing. He even told his manager good words about me, even though he did not know me that much.

I got accepted to the company, and the first thing I did on my first day. I ignored him, cuz he is so handsome and he has that gaze that pierce..I could sense something is going to happen. He ignored me too for a while, after some hours he came and saluted me.

Very soon, we became very compatible in our work. I am so enthusiastic, and he likes that about me. I love to dramatize and use body language, and he was just watching me with an intense admiration.

We started chatting on the facebook at night while working on the day. We never talked about ourselves, work, and people. We talked about our imagination, creative thinking, and romantic places if we were to be there..and we could realize there was so much passion.

What kept me high was his compliments all the gentleness, kind and very feminine voice, charm, hair, body; he even analyzed my body, by telling me he likes my legs, my breast, and my wearing style.

We felt so attached that we could no longer our own words, just by hugging each other and holding tight at the workplace. He cared about me..when I got tired, he worked instead of me.

He is very good-looking just the way Scorpios are described, muscular body, broad shoulders, blue eyes with intense gaze, and also the skull is just as it is described on the web-pages of a physical look of a Scorpio man.

But, let's get back..I worked within the same company for five months..we kept in touch at night and day...he was the one to first say hello.
I am very proud of what I posses and what I am..but I never talked about myself neither did he. So, we were practicing MIRRORING.

by: Annne

After a while, I checked on his birthday and realized all these traits, moods, personality he possesses; there is nothing more to add or to erase. By reading them I realized that my attitudes were just matching his wants and needs...even though they were not intentional, but rather spontaneous. His wants were honesty, passion in almost every field I talked about, a sense of humor, loyalty and communication.

I could sense he was extremely jealous when my male clients complimented me. He wanted himself to be the apple of my eye. So, I did not flirt, even though I love to flirt, I stopped for some time.

Later on, there happened something that he thought I lied him..and yes I lied, but is a small lie, but anyways he does not forget and forgive. He strongly dislikes lying.

I could see him distanced, and I asked him, he told me he was disappointed, and his feelings dropped down by 50% I was playing fool, but he knew. So, my advice is to never lie a SCORPIO MAN not even in a dream.

He kept a little distance and I was the one who behaved as if I did not care since I did not lie. He turned back very soon. We started chatting again.

I finished my co-up and we kept in touch, but then he said that he rarely sees me; therefore, he is cooling.

Soon we started seeing more often since when I went out I dropped by the shop-company where he works just to say hello to my ex-colleagues, and he was there all the time complimenting me.

I had a lot of patience since I realized that Scorpio needs some time to ask you out for a date.

I invited him three times, but not a date just accompanying me for a walk..or playing tennis, but he refused.

One night I passed by his house and wrote him a passionately sms on how I would like to kiss him. I impatiently waited for me to meet him in front of his house. But, as a proud LEO I changed my way and went for a coffee with some girlz.

Later, I told him I couldn't come. I did it purposely just to tell him that that's how I felt when he refused my proposals.

Aqua woman and Scorp Man
by: Anonymous

Yes, yet another Aquarius woman dating a Scorpio man! I love him passionately, but sometimes he can get so moody and closed off. It used to drive me to distraction and make me want to pull my hair out.

But I've learned to give him a hug and a kiss, and simply walk away from it. When he wants to talk, then he'll talk, meanwhile I have other things I could be doing, like painting, organizing my closets, or making a new tasty dish.

It's not that I'm ignoring him, but I refuse to baby him, or bug him about what's bothering him. When he's done stewing he can seek me out. That's usually how it happens too, when his dark cloud has floated away, he comes back as if nothing ever happened. I hug him again, give him a kiss and tell him I love him.

Scorpios can be a bit tricky to deal with when it comes to communication and being open, I've found what works for us, is to leave him be and let him know I'm here if he wants to talk. He is the most complicated sun sign I have ever dated, but it has been well worth it. I've never felt so loved, cherished and protected in my life...that is until him. I agree with the OP, you have to decide if its worth it..because trust me, there will be some bumps in the road with this man, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel..and is not a train.

Oh and the ALL CONSUMING a plus.. He's loyal and loving, and for giving me that, I can put up with his dark moods here and there..after all;;; Aquarian women are no walk in the park,

Confused by Scorpio
by: Taurus

I am a Taurus woman who was casually seeing a scorpio man. Seems like we hit it off great. We have so much in common yet so different. It was great. He is seperated, and is working toward making his seperation legal. When we were together we had a good time, we spoke of doing future things together. (nothing real seriuos though)
He is such a wonderful man. Very quiet and shy, and respectable. He would ask when he was going to see me again, text after dates, etc.
Although all the signs were obvious when we were together, when we were apart, we did not communicate that much.
He has told me is thankful that he met me, and I also told him the same. Now we dont talk that much and he has not asked me to do anything with him in over a month. He told me that he is over his ex but is not over the "heartbreak", he also told me that he has a lot going on right now dealing with the seperation and a few other things. I dont want to put all his business out there. He told me he didnt want anything serious right now, but hoped we could still be friends and go out every once in awhile. He also told me several times he didnt want to loose my friendship and he hopes that the bs he is dealing with does not make him loose me as a friend.
He also recently told me he hopes he can see me soon.
Okay so here it is. If he really wanted to see my then why doesnt he, also who really cares if he looses me as a friend?? He has friends, and we have only known eachother for a few months, its not like I am his best friend. I guess Im a litte confused he is still very nice to me, and curious. I just dont know if he just doesnt view me as someone he would like to be in partnership with, or if he really wants to get his seperation leagal first. I know I didnt really want to date anyone till my seperation was legal because I didnt want my EX taking revenge when we had a good relationship and fighting over our child. I dont want to be making excuses for him either. I just have not ever been in a situation like this. What do I do? Do I continue to occasionally check in with him and let him as a "friend" or just ignore him completely? Is he even interested in anything more with me??
Any advice is greatly appreciated, but I would love, love, love to hear from a Scorpian man.
Thanks Everyone

aries and scorpio
by: Anonymous

I dated a scorpio man 1.5 yrs i posted abt it on this board a year agowe have since broken up abt 3 months ago... the relationship was intense and i am not sure i have ever met a man like him.. he was seaperated(so he said) our time was limited but what we had was always so fulfilling to me at least... he told me story after story abt hisd div .. lawyers falling thru /one doied i think... LOL.and even though i knew he was lieing .. i clould not help myself...

he was sweet, passionate, loving and MEAN as hell when he wanted to be .. not necessarily mean like intentionally doing something to me but in a way where hed just ignore me... for days / weeks or months... i was convinced it was me because he was always so calm .. id get upset and he knew it
so i thought i was irrational ... i tripped over myself apologizing to him til hed finally talk to me again

i agree with what one of the posters said abt him holding a grudge and being manipulative, his silence can be so frustrating til u just feel like if he doesnt say something.. anything .. at that point you dont even care what it is .. because u feel like u r going to explode!

he didnt offer any explanations for his behavior, it was the mnost frustrating relationship i think i have ever experienced.

we have been broke up 3 months ago i saw him out with another girl a few nights ago ... it hurt like a knife was stuck in my heart , he kept walking by me and looking me up and down and smiling as if to say i know u still want me...if the girl had known who i was i dont thjnk she wld have been to hap[py with him doing that

i thought he was a kinbd caring man.. dont misunderstand its not that i think they are incapable of caring .. i just think they get bored with the whole relationship thing

sad part is i know hes lying to her too his wife is still living in his house and she thi nks he will be div in Jan .. its dec 21 .. not likely to happen but when that time gets close he will make some excuse as to why it is taking longer

i hope she smartens up quicker than i did

Capricorn Dating A Scorpio
by: Anonymous

It's hard dating a scorpio, but if you want to be with him and you know he really cares for you...just be patient and loving and give him his space. It's THAT simple. Not saying this is an easy task, but this is simply what you need to do. It has worked for me over and over. You have to be able to be mature and to endure. Also keep one thing in mind if you want to be wise: if he's a player or immature or has a major defect in yourself a favor and leave. You're stupid for allowing it. Respect yourself and always be gentle to the boys. If you can have real feminine can have who you want and you get to be the chooser and this is the kind of woman a man wants to be with in the first place.

makes sense
by: Anonymous

I agree with the above post... me and my scorp broke up 3 months ago ... i saw him a little over a week ago out with a girl... he hjas since contacted me .. i ignored him when i saw him out and evidently it didnt sit to well with him...

i have been reading alot about scorps and relationships in general ... its really a bunch of game playing .. which is silly to me i never could understand why u couldnt just be in love... geesh guess i am way out of the dating thing i have to catch up ...

i will NOT initiate contact with him ... if he wants to talk to me .. then he will have to make the effort..

this is how he usua;ly opens the door with me .. he will send a Merry Christamas happy 4th por whatever holiday it is and usually i will continue to try and make conversation.. not doing that this time

we had an amazing connection ... but i need more than a few months on and a few months off

anyway i am reading the advice ... didnt follw it close enuf last time

Please I need help
by: Cancer Woman

This is my first time to write about this, actually about anything, I never did this before!! lol anyways, I need an advice from a scorpio man, that's why I'm here. I'm sorry if this will take too long and thank you in advance.

I'm in love with a scorpio man. I've known him from high school, we weren't friends back then and hardly talked. After 4 years, we began talking through facebook and msn. That was about a year ago. It was really easy talking to him and we got along fast. We understood each other very well, although we both find it hard to trust and actually really communicate with people. It's not that we're weird or anything!!:D but people just don't get us easily. He doesn't tell anything to anyone, doesn't show how he feels, but he did tell me everything and I know he was comfortable talking me. Everything was great, simple and easy. After a few month I began to feel that I'm getting emotionally attached to him, always wanted to tell him everything, wanted to see him, call him and such (although that never happened).

I don't know when exactly things began to go wrong, but he was really busy because it's his last year at college and I knew he was busy but he suddenly began to ignore me and never responded to my messages and so. I'm very patient so I never really pushed him too hard but after a while I felt that he's ignoring me intentionally, I tried and asked him why and I always got answers like "I'm sorry" "I'm just busy" "I didn't see your message" "I haven't been online lately", although he was. We did talk once in a while but not like we before. I kept trying and trying but nothing happened. So, I began to feel that I somehow lost him, that he's not there anymore. (that's after about 5 or 6 months). Of course I understand that because we only talk online and that I haven't seen him since high school it's a bit weird, I mean I'm not really in his life and he's not really in mine. But he means a lot to me and I never really wanted anything more from him just to be around till we decide to take it to another level if he wants to, because he always made it clear to me that he's not thinking about having any relationship and that he wants to be free.

Anyways, after 5 or 6 months I felt I'm losing him and I thought I owe it to myself and to him to tell him exactly how I feel and what I'm thinking, so I did. I told him how much he means to me and that I'm not asking anything from him and don't want to pressure him or anything, that I'm only telling him this because I need him to know that I care about him.
His answer was, I really don't know what to say, you know I'm not thinking about any of this now and love my freedom, you're a really good friend but I can't be anything more than just a friend to anyone now.

Sorry this is the rest of my comment :$
by: Cancer Woman

After that he ignored me more than before, he was totally not there anymore. Nothing, he was gone. I stopped trying for a while and then got back to trying but nothing. After a few months he got back to talking once in a while like we were before I told him, but not just the same.
We're like this till now. Sometimes I feel he does care, but he doesn't try or doesn't show it to me. We never got back to how we were in the beginning.

I don't know what to do. I know he's a good person, he's not playing with my feelings or anything and doesn't mean to hurt me. I'm not even hurt really because nothing really happened in the first place. The only things that's hurting me is that I don't want to lose him. I know we have a good understanding and I know he means no harm. But he's just not here anymore.
What am I supposed to do ?

I forgot to say that he was madly in love with a girl 3 years ago and she hurt him badly, that's when he decided he doesn't want any of that anymore.

taurus girl and scorpio bloke
by: TaurusGirl

i've just started hanging out with a Scorpion man over the last 2 weeks. he was intense from the get go; we slept together the first night after hanging out and i heard from him every day since :) we are hanging out a few times a week at least now. we make each other laugh and i listen to his ideas and his face lights up when i see him, as soon as noone is around we make mad grabs at each other!

because i am used to Scorpions, and grew up with some very dodgy and bad ones, i know what they are like with manipulation and the bad things they do.

i know he is testing the water with some of the ridiculous comments he makes about monogamy or looking at other people; Taurus are faithful usually in a relationship but we are obsessed with sex like Scorpions, so when single we play the field.
i can see jealousy being a problem for both of us.he may say that it is ok for us to both notice hot people - but i know full well his blood would boil if i perved on a guy in front of him or if a guy looked at me!

i am not sure where we are headed or not. relationship wise. i'm not worried, we have fun.

i DO know what you should do with scorpions;
* listen to their ideas and don't ever mock them. bad move
* if you aren't sexually driven forget it. luckily taurus and scorpio sex mad!
* give him praise where needed
* don't mess him around, i certainly don't want people messing me around either. we have funny little fake arguments because we are both stubborn and used to doing what we feel like.
* you have to bear in mind Scorpions will do stuff that a Taurus will think is risky and crazy, like wanting to do mad sky dive stunts or something. just let them do it.
* try to watch out for both signs' problems with addiction; food or drugs or whatever.

i think if Taurus and Scorpio both work on it, it can be a great combination. I personally like how intense my Scorpion is; I dated 2 Leos long term and their self absorption and laziness pissed me off and I left both of them.

to cancer girl
by: cancer woman

To the cancer girl who cares so much about the scorpio guy my suggestion is to find somebody else to care about. I know how it is to be a cancer I am one and we tend to get hung up on our emotions and feelings real strong but I have been through so much with cruddy men that I have mastered how to control my feelings and emotions.. that guy sounds like he could care less. We as cancers can't deal with does he/she really like care or love me its either all or nothing so I say leave the guy alone don't think about him and find somebody else to have a special bond with that you know and feel have that same connection with you because life is too short to be wasting on people who don't have the same feelings.. IJS

to cancer woman
by: cancer woman

To the cancer girl who cares so much about the scorpio guy my suggestion is to find somebody else to care about. I know how it is to be a cancer I am one and we tend to get hung up on our emotions and feelings real strong but I have been through so much with cruddy men that I have mastered how to control my feelings and emotions.. that guy sounds like he could care less. We as cancers can't deal with does he/she really like care or love me its either all or nothing so I say leave the guy alone don't think about him and find somebody else to have a special bond with that you know and feel have that same connection with you because life is too short to be wasting on people who don't have the same feelings.. IJS

damn funny.

Straight up, those two scorpio guy's posts were dead on. I cannot believe you women! Trying to pry out information from a Scorpio. Fucking idiots. You constantly nagging and trying to get a scorpio male to speak his thoughts will only get yourself left at the curb.
-My wife did that shit with me when we first got married but that shit stopped quick. She has finally realized that If I WANT to tell her what my thoughts are, then I will. Otherwise don't bother finding out. Us scorpios are the natural detectives... I don't know if us being around you women rubs off or something, but all the sudden everyone near us thinks THEY themselves are suddenly Sherlock Holmes... when really they are more like Inspector Clueseu.
By the way, Leos are fucking annoying. With your constant wanting to be center of attention shit. Hate it. Odd mix when an attention whore is with a secretive dark Scorpio who hates being in the limelight. Maybe he likes watching you make an ass of yourself and completly exposing your ignorance. haha See that shit from a coworker everyday!!
Aries??? really?? haha
Virgo, now I have done some of them down. Nice ladies.
Capricorns... well, my wife is one.

Oh ya.. A real Scorpio Male won't let the woman run the show. I guess it looks like that is what the guy is doing to the leo girl. She broke up with him because she wanted to control when HE SPEAKS HIS MIND TO HER. He decides, well, I don't really have to. Ill just go fuck your friends. Oh ya, your mother is kinda hot too.... ;-}


damn funny.

Straight up, those two scorpio guy's posts were dead on. I cannot believe you women! Trying to pry out information from a Scorpio. Fucking idiots. You constantly nagging and trying to get a scorpio male to speak his thoughts will only get yourself left at the curb.
-My wife did that shit with me when we first got married but that shit stopped quick. She has finally realized that If I WANT to tell her what my thoughts are, then I will. Otherwise don't bother finding out. Us scorpios are the natural detectives... I don't know if us being around you women rubs off or something, but all the sudden everyone near us thinks THEY themselves are suddenly Sherlock Holmes... when really they are more like Inspector Clueseu.
By the way, Leos are fucking annoying. With your constant wanting to be center of attention shit. Hate it. Odd mix when an attention whore is with a secretive dark Scorpio who hates being in the limelight. Maybe he likes watching you make an ass of yourself and completly exposing your ignorance. haha See that shit from a coworker everyday!!
Aries??? really?? haha
Virgo, now I have done some of them down. Nice ladies.
Capricorns... well, my wife is one.

Oh ya.. A real Scorpio Male won't let the woman run the show. I guess it looks like that is what the guy is doing to the leo girl. She broke up with him because she wanted to control when HE SPEAKS HIS MIND TO HER. He decides, well, I don't really have to. Ill just go fuck your friends. Oh ya, your mother is kinda hot too.... ;-}


scorpio from hades...what the...
by: TaurusGirl

jeez that was harsh. leos are annoying with needing attention and thinking they deserve presents, sure, that's why i refuse to pander to them anymore.
being bitchy isn't that nice though, bit uncalled for.... you guys aren't all the intellectual genius you think you are though. it is laughable that you are all Sherlock Holmes....

who the hell are you?
by: that scorpio from Hades

Listen up Taurus girl.. Nobody mentioned you!
I have never dated a Taurus girl, but I'll have you know some of my greatest friends thus far where some Taurus guys. Yet, in time, they stabbed me in the back and where cowards. I got jumped before and my "Taurus best friend" jumped in his car and left. Coward. I let him slide because we were good friends and I think the best revenge for that was to let his reputation dwindle down to EVERYONE knowing he was a sissy little bitch. Taurus women though, never met one. So pleasure to meet you Miss Taurus girl. Are you blonde or brunette. I prefer brunettes. I'm sure your attractive though. ;}

cancer and scorpio
by: Anonymous

Am a cancerian woman.Scorpio guys are very much out going. they also want to have fun around them.the Scorpio who you see and the scorpio who is really inside are totally different. Lot of love inside them but they will never show you. Some times even you may feel why i should puor him that love when he never gives us back. but thing is they care you more than you will ever know.most sensitive souls they hide their fears inside that's the reason they never commit some time even he/she love you to the core.

but sometimes they are so much confused and thats the time we need to clear them and give confidence that everything will go right. thats wat he expect from his partner. for them "real love takes time but never fades" . he won't forget you in his life time.

Even he may be playboy kind of guy. but wen once hes is commited he vl never look any girl other than his. ofcourse possessive too.

on the whole life would be so happy when you are with a scorpio guy. but never try to change him anyways he won't. he need his personal space.he is not a kind of guy who vl cancel his badminton class for you ;)

but they are the best guys. who never take advantage of your situation.

i understood best my scorpio bf but becz of some reasons v parted our way. but still he is my best.

Scorpio and Aquarius Collide
by: The Water Bearer

To be honest, I don't understand why there needs to be guidelines to how others should communicate to Scorpio males.

It should be the other way around - Scorpio males need to govern how they project themselves to the world and stop crying about being so misunderstood all the time.

If Scorpio's instant emotional reaction digs them deeper in relationship rut, maybe they need to learn that yelling, pointing fingers, and cutting words will exacerbate the situation, rather than resolve it.

Especially when they are matched with zodiacs who are sensitive to criticism, like Aquarius.

AS Air signs, We Aquarians have an amazing ability to float above and completely fade out all of Scorpio's dramatic displays, which I admit doesn't help the situation either and tends to frustrate Scorpio more and more, causing poor Scorpio to huff and puff even harder.

Aquarius is air and Scorpio is water. Together, we create a perfect storm. However, since we are both fixed signs, we also can't completely dominate the other. Thus, this is the type of relationship where a lot of personal growth can happen as well. Oftentimes, the most difficult relationships are the most memorable and rewarding.

The only way it will work smoothly with any zodiac is for Scorpio to understand that others are not supposed to cater and tolerate their temper, forever milking the excuse that they are simply "passionate".

Because despite of the rough and loud angry exterior Scorpios unwittingly project, Scorpio is loving caring and passionate, and therefore should try to be a little less" fixed" when it comes to changing their impulsive reflex to lash out with words that could jeopardize losing the people they care for the most.

Aries with a Scorpio man
by: Aries Lady:)

I’ve been with my Scorpio guy for 9 months. I have to say that I’ve never in my life, had someone love me more and make me feel more alive. I feel like our souls are one when we are together and the closeness that we have together is enough to make me read a million articles on what makes the Scorpio man tick And to be honest, I can deal with the moodiness and needing of your open space, because I’m right there with you. I’m not the easiest person to get along with too. Kinda like a Scorpio. But once you break through all the walls and I trust you I have the ability to make any man feel like he’s the only one! And the nice thing about finding that perfect match is you finally have someone that thinks like you and knows how to make you feel special. The problem that I’m having is my Scorpio has been hurt in the past and he is very sensitive and that’s what makes him so caring and loving. You can’t have one without the other I would just like him to let go a little and enjoy the ride. You can’t always control how things are going to go and it’s almost like he can get so negative that it puts a block in between us.
We’ve discussed moving in and he’s still a little gun-shy but I WANT to give him the space and I WANT to be patience…because I LOVE him. When you truly love someone, as I feel I do with my Scorpio. I feel like you have to take a chance and put yourself out there. And believe me, it doesn’t go unnoticed with my guy. For every selfless act and patience that I’ve shown he comes back and loves me even harder.
Soooo, how can I make him feel more comfortable about moving forward? Because at this point I would like to see a little less conversation a little more action

Two-way street
by: Anonymous

It is never good for any woman to be in the vulnerable position of "walking on egg-shells" around any man. You are as entititled to your fears, feelings, passions, wants and desires as any man. The use of the Scorpio male's ability to love so deeply he is afraid to let his woman know how deeply is a trench-filled with BS that you will wallow in until you can't wash off the stench without a bleach-bath! Ouch!

Any man has the ability to make you think YOU are too needy..that the Scorpio male does not want you to need him but he wants you to want him is like having sex just because it feels good. The needy woman will drive him to go "into his cave" because he does not need her but wants her sex. If a Scopio male ever finds himself needing a woman - he will marry her, just don't get it twisted. He can keep the marriage and all older relationships (old time's sake) in an indefinite holding pattern. He is so passive-aggressive however that he will prefer you do the breaking off since he can't really commit to that either unless of course he has decided you are not capable of him the sex he wants but does not need.

If you understand the difference between wanting and needing than any woman should apply that knowledge in all of her relationships regardless of the zodiac sign, n'est pas? So if you tell any man you don't want to pressure him....what are you saying...what are you giving him permission to do to your empty bag of wants?

If a man asks you a question that requires a yes or no response is it difficult for you as a woman to say yes or no? If a man asks a question that requires more information in the answer than a simple yes or no, as a woman we know this is not difficult to do. Yet, we should make excuses for any man who feels pressure with the simple yes or no questions! Rubbish. Get a grip and grow a backbone. Tell him his responses are convoluted for a reason - that is to make you think he has shared personal information with you.

When you really think about it later, you will realize his response was no more than a text-book psychiatrist's-couch double-speak - which sounds good but tells you nothing...nothing at all. Do not accept these responses...Ms. Leo is absolutely right, when women are moody men avoid us, but with Mr. Moody-Scorpio women should treat him like a four year old boy? Please. (04-09-2012)

Aquarius woman with Scorpio man
by: Anonymous

My man is amazIng. He gets super worked up sometimes and he's "always right" and that's fine...unless its gunna hurt him, I support him in whatever bc he's gunna do it anyway. When he's angry at something else, I just listen until he gets it all out of his system. When it's about me, I fight back if I have a valid point until we both get it out and then it's over. What you have to remember is their emotions are not who they are, they are just something that passes through. I love my Scorpio...we've been together for 5 years and all it takes is patience, understanding, and lots of communication.

Leo girl and Scorpio guy
by: Leo girl

I really like this scorpio guy because he's honest and real. I'm more flattered by his sincerity than any compliment. I usually don't accept compliments because i feel that they're not sincere. He gets to know me first then points out the things he likes about me and that's the kind of compliment i can actually accept. But the thing is, he is MOODY. He's hot and he's cold and sometimes just shuts down and ignore me. I don't get him. I just tend to question "does he really like me? or is he just a flirt?" As a leo girl, i get really attached to people i like. I want communication and contact. I just can't stand those times that he just goes cold. I miss him but i don't know anymore if i should talk to him when he's being that way cause he might say that i'm being clingy..again. We flirt a lot. Some days he'll be all over me and the next, he'll just completely ignore me. Why won't they just talk about it?

What scorp women really wants
by: scorp sun girl

I can only speak for myself when talking about tendencies and since I'm girl I can only speak from my point of view.

Scorpios are very self conscious. When ever something unanticipated happens I frieze up and I frieze up by pretending not to care or becoming very tense. This come across as INtense. Small things affect me deeply and continues to bug for a long time. Its taken me 3 years to learn that the best thing for a scorpio to do when things are bugging us is to BITCH AND MOAN till the cows come home to a close friend or family member. I use to resist this type of behaviour because I though it was petty.

But let me tell you! the quicker you express your feelings and get it out of your system the quicker you can get over something. The more you resist petty human emotions such as jeolousy, anger, the more it will persist. Of course I'm still very selective of who I bitch and moan to (My mom, and best friend-who is a leo and people who I happen to be waiting at the bus stop with-its true, strangers are easier to talk to sometimes).

To often, scorpios want those around them to change, but you can't change anyone but yourself. And that is the first action you should take, you other Scorpios out there. (Rise out of the ashes)

And now I would like to share with you a wish. I wish one day I would forget my existence and become completely unaware of myself. I wish I could become 7 again (I'm 22) and have someone take me out and buy me ice-cream. As a scorpio girl sometimes I just want to fly a kite and sit on a swing. My dream date is for someone to buy me a balloon and skip with me down the walk path, feed me japanese food and then have a deep philosophical discussion about existentialism and and critic Vonnegut's 'Sirens of Titan'. Followed by hitting the night life. (boy do scorpios like to party). Sure scorpios are intense but I really didn't choose to be this way.

Scorpios can be really funny when we joke around and act retarded. I feel most myself when I'm running around the house chasing my younger sister with a smelly sock or having a wrestling tickle fight with her. I feel most alive when I'm rolling on the ground laughing after watching 'Running man'. We scorpios are DORKS, AWKWARD and retarded and that's why we are so popular and lovable.

If you want to attract a scorpio woman, make her laugh and her smile will light up a room. (to all my scorpio sisters out there~)

sag and scorp!
by: sag!!

im a sag woman and im dating a scorpio guy AND we have the est balance i personally think thats to key to dating a scorpio male. they have this unspoken emotional language. and i do mean unspoken!!. lol as a sag its very easy for me to disconnect and move on emotionally when i feel its time. but with scorpio i get caught in the net!! scorpio men arent all bad i agree that a person is more than just an astrological sign. but some key advice i would give for the other ladies is. if you want to win a scorpio guys heart. play it cool. and get ready to be old fashion submissive bot 100 percent though he likes a woman who has a passionate opinion but he just doesnt want to be dominated by it. he likes to feel incontroll which isnt bad cause he protects you with it as well. dont interview them...rather let time pass time is bestfriend witha scorpio male. they may not speak up when you want them too but they do it right on time! at least mine does. if im ever left wanting information its only because as a sag i crave it. im naturally always wanting more of it. but my scorp will only give it to me in doses which is great cause it keeps me interested. be very confident. no matter if he has a mood change stay your self. dont show him hes getting the best of you. just smile and give him his space. sounds hard to do but if your emotionally stable its actually very easy. also have your own life. scorpios love to submerge themselves into their own routine. when he sees you have your own it makes him more comfortable to get closer to you. cause he knows you arent gonna booby trap him to stay as soon as he enters your space. also be intellegent in teh begging scorpio is playing an emotional chess game he wants to see if your a good fit for him (if hes looking for a relationship)..he'll mirror you and get the truth out of you with out you knowing it. so be honest and pay attention. BUT dont let him know that you know hes doing this. he wants to feel in controll. just chuckle to your self play the game and kiss him at the end. hel be back the next day and the day after. ;-) .....* i read that sags and scorps dont really go....i would have to disagree.

sag and scorp! corrections
by: sag!!

i did not take the time to edit my post. ...sag trait. were like nike. soooo excuse the errors.

**but not 100% submissive. is what i meant to say.

also i left out something important. its super natural to feel confused about whats going on at moments. when dating a scorpio...sometimes hell go m.i.a with the emotions leaving feeling ike just a friend..but then hell rev back up making you feel like the one. so its best to have a good friend you can vent too. cause if you vent to him about his behavior. hell label you 51/50 and look at you like your speaking another language. stay strong lol. its worth it in the end i keep hearing.

by: Anonymous

I have just finished with a Scorpio after a 7 month relationship, I’m sorry but he is the 2nd one I have been out with and they are very selfish, very immature and the most closed off creatures in the zodiac, they never want to talk about anything and they are also very boring. To be honest I don’t think any woman has got enough patients to stroke a Scorpios ego the way he wants it stroked, all they do is frustrate their partners think about themselves and only see the world from their own point of view they never listen and can sulk for England!. Yes they do eventually communicate after weeks of sulking when they decide the time is right but by then the woman he loves is not interested and has very often moved on. My Scorpio man was kind and did things for me but only if it suited him, or he had something to gain by it.

by: Anonymous

i am a libra woman and my scorpio man and i have been together for 7 months....what can i say, when its good its great, when its bad,its like someone opend up the gates of hell. Does he cheat? most deffinatly...i have found multiple dick pics of his all over the internet along with various comments to other woman like one pic i found of some girls vag and his comment was...and i quote " let a killer hit that, lette!". all this acompanined by the excuse that "someone hacked his account and put them up there". Does it hurt? hell heart crumbles every time i see this shit. Do i care? of course...but from what i have come to understand is that hes the only one who has ever had my heart, and because of that i just roll with it now...better to have him as mine then lose him cause i spoke up for myself. hes never gonna change and i have come to like feeling numb...


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scorpio man and leo woman
by: arablatingirl

so iam a leo woman and ive dated scorpio man before and now i meet another scorpio maybe i just love scorpio men or they love leo women he asked me to be his girl the first day we met. i said yes he told me he only wants me to be happy,so for 2 days we talked ,text now he doesnt replay or call we do have a busy life we both work and go to school full time,i did tell him why he came in to my life now cuse im busy i also told him that i new he was gona come full speed at me and once he had me he would stop ,he told me he hasnt been with anyone for 2 years also before 2 days we new each other he had made plans to see his friend/girl on monday and that he respected me and wanted to let me know and that he wasnt going togo it turns out that at onetime they were friends with benefits i asked him why he wanted to see her he said he was going to borrow some money so i told him i would lend him the money if he wanted cuse now his my bf anyway i would like to hear comments .

i'm in hell with my Scorpio guy
by: Denise

Everything, I mean everything is as you guys say. I want to communicate and say what I say and then move on, what do I get back?, nothing, not one word, its like communicating with a brick wall, we are both unhappy in this 20 year marriage, the first 16 were awesome until he retired and started to have a roving eye for another co-worker, i've been in hell for the past 3-4 years now, i approached divorce numerious times, doesn't want to do that, i've tried everything, there is so much resentment he has toward me because i found out the way he truly rolls and he doesn't like it, very bitter, deceitful, manipulative, lying person i ever met in my life, when this is all said and done, i will never, ever date a scorpio man, ever, they suck in relationships!!!

for denise
by: Anonymous

Denise just thought you should know, he doesnt resent you for knowing the true him, he resents himself. and hes ofcourse taking it out on you , what ever any man is feeling he will put on to the woman that is attached to him its human. your an emotional mirror for him so remember you havent done anything wrong whatever anger and resentment hes spuing is really him talking to himself at you. aslo you dont have to stay in the situation just because he doesnt want the divorce. dont wait to let someone else decide your fate and happiness. ...20 yrs is a long time and i ofcourse dont know what your damamge limit is...but seperation will do good either youll be able to move on and carry on with your life. or it will give you and him time to work on your selves and then possibly forgiving and working tward a happy marriage again. either way. its more then just a zodiac problem here. both of your guys emotional attraction isnt there rightnow and thats why he shuts down on you.

Response to Virgo ladie that respond to Aquarius girl
by: Anonymous

Hi these posts are very interesting ,it is funny to see how people go deep in their comments. However, it is never 100% right , like the smart Virgo girl who said to the aqua girl that feels ok with her Scorpio moodiness because their both water signs. Sorry Virgo but you're wrong. Aquarius is an air sign and not water. So their not very related. I'm cancer wich means water sign and in my compatibility chart says that water signs don't really get along with Aquarius(air sign) Important thing to notice tough, sun signs alone are not enough to say exactly how you are , your moon, ascendant and other planets are important too ... Very interesting reading though ... These Scorpios sounds interesting deep people , finally some sign that get the blame of being moody , I was tired to read about cancers moodiness etc, good to know that we're not alone. Another interest thing is that air,fire and earth sign feels attracted to water sign exactly because we're deep emotionally . However, they just want to get the exciting part of us and not the full package, that's sounds selfish doesn't it ?

I concur w Leo & Scxorpio post above
by: Anonymous

I am a Sagittarius who never dated a Scorpio before till recently. I cosign everything in a comment above by a Leo girl. I am all for compromising and giving my all to my man but Scorpios are big babies. They use sex to manipulate. They with-hold sex, communication, affection and emotions when going thru hard time. I have never lived with a problem so long, I see problem, I resolve and I move on. Because I haven't got the slightest clue why he is upset, we have been going to sleep and waking up with a problem that I don't even know for two weeks. It's stressing and frankly ludicrous. I'm beginning to feel he likes space between us so he is lingering this just because. He doesn't call or takes no initiative to communicate with me. I feel like I am baby sitting or dealing with a girl. Regardless of his sign, a man shouldn't act like a big baby. Had he given us the opportunity to talk whats on his mind, I am confident we could have resolved it long ago. Instead, here I am reading online articles on Scorpio and trying to make sense.,..when he has all the answers and with-holding it from me. The way I see it, he is actively blocking our togetherness. I am growing resentment. Even if we eventually resolve our problem, I know I will harbor this resentment towards him for emotionally torturing for something I don't even know. Grow up, will ya! There are 2 people in this equation. Unless you can meet me half way, why did you even get into a relationship with me? Bottom line, I am tired of reading, "oh you gotta do this and that to get a big baby Scorpio to talk to you". How about this for Scorpio males? Grow up!

by: Rebecca

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who is this?
by: Scorpio From Hades

Who is this anonymous person writing posts? You seem to be a bit feminist. That dear, is an extremely bad thing if your looking to be with a Scorpio. Last thing any Scorpio male wants is a woman trying to run the show. Not gonna happen chica.
-As far as you calling us babies, what do you mean? Babies emotionally, or physically? I can see the emotional part, but physically expressing being a crybaby, never happens. My problem is that when i'm upset, I usually turn violent. So does all my Scorpio friends. There have been countless times I have been cheated on by Capricorn women, Gemini women, Sagg. women, Aqua women, and it is always followed by a quick ass kicking to the guy, and a swift kick to the curb to the girl.

-you want no problems with your Scorpio male, then shut up and stop whining all the time. Be mysterious and sexy, we can't resist that. The more you shell out sexual love and a gleam of happiness in your eye, the more we will flock to you. And protect you!

-Your on this website trying to find answers no? well I just hope that you haven't frustrated the Scorpio male already with the questions. We hate that shit! We will let you know what is wrong (if it even pertains to you) later when we feel it is necessary. Many times when I have gone in quiet mode its because I have discovered something about the woman I am with. Like maybe an old event, she use to date someone I know, she slept with so-and-so, she is constantly asking me questions, she is following me everywhere in the house, she never cleans, she never cooks... Stupid shit like that. --Why am I quiet? Because I am making excuses for the girl. Excuses why it shouldn't bother me, I try to get over it in my head and shrug it off. But sometimes things get unbearable and we say something about it. If you don't change, we leave.

--Sleeping with other men before us will always set you low on the bar. If your guilty of these things, don't speak of them and try to keep your friends/family from exposing any information about ANY ex. Don't ever speak of an ex. EVER.

Most all flaws will be discovered quickly by us. We just need to see if we can tolerate it. We know nobody is perfect. We sure as fuck know WE aren't. Thats why we put our masks on.

-Best advice for you, You don't like things the way they are with your Scorpio... Then run for the hills. Because we change for nobody!
Besides, you got with one the way they were, now you want to change them? Thats some shit right there!

To arablatingirl
by: Scorpio From Hades

Ya.. I think you lost him.
by the way you have typed out your sentences I can tell your some "valleygirl" type, flighty and what not... (LOOOOOOOL) yaa......... enough said on that.
-Thats not attractive. No wonder he said that. Probably thinks your easy.. and if you have no deep thoughts or conversations with him, he will find you boring.

-plus he is not over that f buddy of his he went to borrow money from. Obviously.

-BUT... your in luck.
He might call you for a booty call later down the road. Or shit, he may even ditch the f buddy and give it a go with you.

(don't dissapoint)

Men of all Signs
by: LuvVenus

I have to give it to the Scorpio men you are by far the toughest to figure out. I'm a Libra not a nagging type, I need my space too. I dated a Gemini man. We got along great I see so many traits like the Scorpio man I met.

Men want to be men so if they give into a women's emotional mothering it drives them nuts. I learned a great deal from my Gemini man. He would joke but I learned not to take it serious just like Scorpio men joke.

The one and only thing I think Scorpio men lack communication skills. You Scorpio men all use the same lines. I'm busy or I will call and you don’t. Life in general now days is nuts, everyone’s busy.

If your wife or girlfriend text's you and you don't want to talk. The simplest way is maybe something like this: Hey! Baby I'm busy or I'm in a bad mood. I will call you in a few days.

If a man did that I would be fine. It's when you text and it is ignored makes women think you don’t' care.

I have to admit I have dated my share of signs and by far the Scorpio man has some sort of spell over women. I never in my life felt so intense on all levels with a man like I did him. I spilled my soul out to a man I barely met.

My closet friends don't know half my secrets.
I will not continue to see him because I need trust and form what my guts say’s he cannot be trusted.

When I told him my wants and needs he responded: All you talk about is your wants. Wow! Way too confusing for me. I'm not selfish at all. I guess I missed what I was supposed to ask him his wants.

Libra Still Searching

Signs are guides, not the end all be all
by: Anonymous

I have read a lot of what was written and I have to say that it has been very fascinating how opinions differ based on sign compatibility.

I'm a Libra woman, he is a Scorpio man. Many of the descriptions of a scorpio male are correct. But I have to also believe that it depends on how one was raised, what their life experiences are and who they have chosen to become that has shaped what kind of Scorpio they are being toward their mate.

I have learned a great deal about myself over the years and have learned to be self sufficient, open minded and balanced individual that can take myself out of the equation when it comes to confrontation in order to figure out what the real problem is.

I don't believe the things that people say are always meant to be taken personally. We all have different moods and more sides to us that some of your closest friends probably have not seen. We reveal what we want to individuals in our own time. I have always said that no one person will ever fully know any one person.

It's how we handle ourselves in each situation that can determine the outcome in a confrontationial or lack there of scenario.

I find that it is easier to let him do his thing when he is in a funk and he later apologizes for the alienation he has caused. Sometimes I notice and sometimes I tune it out and do what I need to do for myself.

Work on you and the negative feelings you are having before getting bent over something you cannot control.

I have for sure noticed my guy does not like it when I am not clear about what I am mad about. I have gotten frustrated, got off the phone to get clarity, then came back later to apologize for getting upset and was able to say what I wanted. I got the results I was after. But then, he is a mature Scorpio who is a giver, as long as I give.

I have found that he his not in a rush for a commitment. For me, I am use to professing my feelings within a shorter time frame, for him 11 months is too soon.

Patience, communication and a healthy sexual appetite are most certainly the keys to keeping a scorpio man happy and keeping your sanity.

Look within yourself to decide if the particular Scorpio man of interest is worth your time before wasting your time. When I say worth your time, I mean does he have his stuff together (emotionally, financially and physically) prior to getting involved. Otherwise there will be more than just his behavior to get feathers ruffled.

Scorpio's Behavior
by: LuvVenus

Why on earth is any man on a dating site if he doens't have:

I mean does he have his stuff together (emotionally, financially and physically) prior to getting involved. Otherwise there will be more than just his behavior to get feathers ruffled.

My theory he's not over his past so he's using women to try to fill the void.

I'm a Libra too, I play for real so I backed out of Scorpio's life for good.

by: TeamTaurus


scorp women married to scorp man
by: Anonymous

WOW! I dont know where to start, and all I can really say is that most of the detailed comments on here about scorp men are true. for the whole 14yrs of our relationship my scorp man has had me in total confusion with his mood swings. damn! I dont know about you women on here, but for me I can not turn my love on and off everytime he goes through his mood swings,one min he is totally fun,loving,ect to be around and the next min he instantly turns into the devil I call it,
now I have gotten so disgusted with his mood swings I refuse to give up my friend, because to me that is not love, sign or not, but love should outweigh personality defects and if you look up the word love hurting people constantly is not apart of that.I know no one is perfect but really thats just way to much in a day to keep going through. them saying things to hurt U should not be acceptable period, and thats why I chose to with hold. how can U make LOVE to someone who has just hurt you and continues to do so with no consequences for his actions NO! that is not right and then as soon as sex is done, and five mins goes bye he turns back into the devil he was earlier. no way thats not right! if you have a man like this you need to be firm and it seems the only way that hits home is withdrawel, and hey if that leads him to cheat thats on him, he may be doing me a favor. sad to say because I really love him, but thankfully I love myself more.

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by: Anonymous

or you can be like me scorpio acendent and cursed to be alone forever all that i love betrays me and trys to destroy me and all because i say the truth and no one can handle truth because it exposses people for who they are i say fuck humanity its not even worth the shit on the bottom of my shoe cant wait for this world to be turned upside down then all will se the scorpio rise from the ashes of death and destruction to be ridd of stupidity and to set forth true law and order

In Love with A Scorpio Male!
by: SexySag

Well here goes my Story!! I met my Scorpio 1 yr ago..on A dating chat!! Once i started chatting with him, he started seeing all my pics...And would comment on all...Which i was flattered how beautiful he is...into me! I gave him my cell # rt away called me....he wanted to hear my voice...asked me a couple if it was some kind of quiz..I had to pass!! I Love to dance....he new i was going to a club....he started sending me pics of him all that night, then got more & more obsessive, even jealous...because i was going to my cuzins house...Hes very controlling....he can shut me up fast!! Im very sensitive...So i always stay quit and let him win!!! Im able to communicate better with him.....Just a bit scared!!! He intimidates me!! I KNOW WHEN HE'S PIST OFF....HE GIVES ME A LOOK OF KILL!! He wants a Baby....I want to take things slow...But his dominance always wins!!! I let him do as he pleases, i give him he's space always!!! Now!!!! I just found out im pregnant.....i feel like I've been trapped, by his venom now!!! 1 wk ago, A friend of his told him he saw me at the store!!! Omg....he flipped over that!! I was grocery shopping!! It's like he can't have nobody even mention my name!!! Honestly...I DON'T WANT TO MARRY HIM....BUT TO SCARED TO BREAK IT OFF NOW!!! Especially with the baby on the way!! Will he ever change or at me half way ever??? Someone Please...Help me understand him better!! So that I can live peacefully with him!!! He never ignorez me by the way...if were @ a party and he get mad...he won't ever leave me there!!! I have to leave with him..once were home....i give him his space..then later ill offerhim to eat, or give him a kiss!!! Then he starts to soften up!! But then i missed the Family always leaving when he says let's go NOW!!! Huh!!!!

by: in Love with a Scorpio Male

CONTINUED: I do have to say!!! When we are making love! It's like fireworks, because im a Pleaser and Heloves that! IM ALWAYS DRESSING UP SEXY, but yet gets jealous that they look at me!! That part "I don't understand! Now The good for the last!! He's Obsession, and Jealousy scares me when he's mad, and when he's happy Makes me feel protected always by him!!! I love that...hes always protecting me!! But God...When he gets mad!! He's tongue is so abusive when he talks, always hurting my feelings!!! Like when hes mad....he has to vent, 1 ignoring me or telling me off!! All i do is Listen, but then i get frustrated and sting back!!! But i never win and i don't expect to win!! I just always want things to be good between us!!! Ill accept any advice!!! :)

by: Scorpion

I am a Scorpion and you may not have our secrets.

In Love with A Scorpio Male!
by: SexySag

@Scorpio......It's not that we want ur Secrets because we know how u are, We just want to live better with u guys!! Use as Sagittarious, are full of life, we enjoy every minute of it! We could teach u guys so much, Again...Please help us understand.....A couple words can make a difference in someone's life, even if u don't know them!!! U know u could change the way people talk about Scorpios all the time!!! Thank you...i know and hope u consider!!!!:)

i dont know any longer
by: deekhay

opposites attract but by scorpio boyfriend is about to drive this taurus away. i barely fight with him buthe has a problem that im too opinionate and when we do fight he wants to talk without me saying anything, his given me a warning about my demands and is moody, ignores me or talks to me how ever he pleases after a fight, i am tired.

Scorpio Selfishness
by: Anonymous

I am married to a scorpio male he doesn't like living in a clean environment.He also has a terrible attitude no matter what you do to calm the situation.Trapped in the past cannot live in the future.If I make any positive attempts to make us better or relationship he harvest on the pain he got from his past relationship.How do I get him past that so he can live happy and not medicate from feeling of a past he once had with someone else.

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