Scorpio Men Are Not Moody!

by King Scorpio
(Los Angeles, Ca US)

I am a Scorpio Thru and Thru. Scorp rising/Scorp Mars Moon Leo. I am 48yr old professional man. Been Married to a Sag, Gem and Leo. Have had relations with every women of the zodiac. The best way to handle your Scorpio man is to COMMUNICATE.

When you SHUTDOWN, we will give you your space because we need ours but we will try to talk to you but we will NOT waste to much time in trying. That was the problem I had with Ms. Leo...She would not talk for days on end and I FIND THAT very disrespectful and irresponsible....

Most women will play MIND games just to see how far they can go with you. thats all good but once i put my foot down i dont expect to be tested ever again. you should know after the first failed attempt. If a women continue to play MIND GAMES, shutdown and not communicate and once i try to get thru and you shut me out, then what do you expect Scorpio to do? We will shutdown.

Then you must make the effort not Scorpio. We can take a WOMEN to the HEIGHTS of HEAVEN and to the DEBTS of HELL at the same time, it depends on the WOMEN we are dealing with. All in All, I think Scorpio/Eagle men are the best catch a girl can get but she must be MATURE enough to deal with herself and with MR. SCORPIO...One more thing!! The best match for Scorpio man is a TAURUS and CAPRICORN with AQUARIUS, ARIES and VIRGO in close second...I find these women very SUBMISSIVE, sweet and Loyal to King Scorpio...

Love to ALL the LADIES.

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You can say LOVE to those ladies but.....
by: Anonymous a Scorpio man, well do you think that you can win to all the ladies in the Zodiac???? Ouch!!my stomach is hurt. Ha, you are right!! Take a moment to think if you are the man. Hopefully, you will find a happiness from many ladies relationship but Not this VIRGO Lady. I'm sure I don't make mistake. I Love, Adore, and Respect a man who has one-only one Mind and Heart. This is a perfect Virgo prefer to be a fiend-Nun.

question for king scorpio????
by: from gemini woman

how was the marriage with gemini woman?

by: Anonymous

So have you settled with ONE yet?

leo woman and scorp man
by: arablatingirl

iam a leo so if i text u 3 times u didnt answer me iam not going to kiss your ass thats what happened iam not 12 years old i dont beg and so u dont wana talk thats fine dont forget leo woman are very understanding.. so you tell me what should i do should i bug him or leave him alone

Moody Scorpio
by: Anonymous

To King Scorpio,

So you think you're not moody? That wasn't the reason you had three failed marriages right? or it was the sign the ladies were?

From a Loving Libra

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