Scorpio men are so intense

I'm a Gemini girl and I just recently met a passionate Scorpio whom I am kind of dating... See well the thing is, from the moment I met him he felt like my soulmate. My mom was a Gemini and my dad was a Scorpio as well and their union turned out just fine.

I have noticed how his possessiveness is shining through a little bit. I guess his true colors are different but that doesn't make me run away so fast this time. On the upside he is so very passionate, we haven't made love yet but I can just feel how he'll be so into it. I'm usually laughing during sex... Well not "laughing at them" but in this flirty kind of way. I love expressing my emotions but not all the time. I would rather sit and talk about small stuff while my Scorpio lover is so expressive with his emotions towards me.

He is so focused on marriage and he can't wait until the time is appropriate for him to say he "loves me" I'm usually a laid back kind of girl, dating, breaking hearts and having mine broken... Well I'm just dying to know where my Scorpio hubby and I will end up... He is so intense, just so intense.

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by: Anonymous

I am a Gemini woman, the Scorpio man I am recently involved with is all Scorpio! I feel as though I am hypnotized by him...I have had relationships before, but this man has me totally captivated... and he is the best lover I have ever had by far....we are supposed to be a terrible match. I communicate, he holds everything inside. It probably won't last, but I will always remember him and his passion. I think Scorpio and Gemini are attracted physically, but the emotional part is more of a challenge for me.

Physical and Emo need to be shair, too.
by: Anonymous

Gemini woman, you already knew the answer if a Scorpio guy and Gemini are best match or not. You know if the two of you are compatible, it should be both of the physical and emotional as well as; it has to be connected and bond very strong and unbreakable. You may know as it is said, when love comes easy, it will be easily vanish. Something is very hard to earn, that thing is very valuable and will be keep and last for a life time. So, you Gemini lady, don't give your heart away to regardless of whatever the signs are. I believed men don't like it that way but maybe they want to try, lol,lol. I don't mean you are too easy but the Gemini personality trait in the Zodiac has been written. No one can change it. So, just too be careful with Scorpio. You don't want someone to play a game of mind to you; that is hurt. Speaking as am I as a Gemini; I'm your sister in the Zodiac sign. So, best luck!!!

Scorpio man , aries woman
by: Anonymous

I have been involved with a scorpio man for about 4 months i am an aries ... he is intense , passionate and demanding, but i love him and he loves me ... we struggle because we cannot be together all the time ... its the most sensual, intense relationship i have ever had

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