Scorpio Men, Capricon Women Can we make it?

by Oana

Ive been dating a Scorpio man for the past 5-6 months. We get along well, but sometimes he gets really controlling and I can feel he is testing me almost all the time, with his friends, family, the situations that he puts me in...also he is jealous, even with his friends and I can feel he can get abusive...a couple of nights ago i hide something from him and he got really mad with me...he is 13 years older then me and he has a lot of baggage and not the best past, but that really doesn't bother me, what bothers me is that he is always trying to tell me what to do, what to say, how to handle things and tries to get in every corner of my life, he says that's because he is really protective of me...the thing is that he tell me almost everything about what he is, who he was was, what he is doing, but I can feel he hides a lot from, anyways...Im sure he cares a lot for me, but sometimes, he leaves 3-4 days without seeing me and then sometimes his all over the place and wants to see me all day...this is a really strange situation for me, Ive learn to let go of control and let him guide me, but I have a strong personality also and I dont know how long will let him do so. Sexually, is the best relation ever, we make love for hours...and he says its the best so far, for him also...
My problem is that I never know what to expect from him and I feel so insecure, the passion and intensity of it, is way beyond my comfort level, but I am adapting :)...I want to know whats ur oppinion, from what Ive told u above...are we going to be able to make it happen?

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You are lucky ,Oana, with a Mr. Scorpio controller
by: Anonymous

Oana, Be happy that you dated a Scorpio guy who you said,"thirteen years older than." That is very nice that you said, "Scorpio is a controller and protective?" In my opinion love is respect, trust; free of controlling. Anyway, I never been experienced with dating or going out with the opposite sex. I'm a single perfect Virgo in my teen years but solid and still in college. Many cute boys in my Bio-Chem class who is 21 off the teen years keep asking me to hang out, ha, Na!!. I don't really care; all i care is good grade not SEX to ruin my life. Also, I don't believe a guy who is over 30 years old stay single anymore and perhaps he is a father; at this age is very tricky and liar.
Any young men or any sign in the Zodiac, if he is a single, he never ever control you and went a way from you in a few days without notice that is not cool; that is a fool. I can sense, he is completely a liar to you, lady. I hope you like that.


Respect is a two way road :)
by: Anonymous

I recently started seeing a scorpio. This is what every woman should know in a nut shell..

Scorpio's value personal privacy and respecting that will be one of his biggest turn ons. The more you pry in to his psyche, the more distant he will get - Don't do it, let him keep his secrets and he may eventually open up! If you prove your trustworthiness that is. So when asking questions, keep them light hearted like travel, career etc.

If he's asking when he can see you, texting, calling and making the next moves, it's genuine and he wants to be with you - You have been making the right moves, don't make excuses not to see him. I know scorpio's are difficult to read, they have immaculate poker faces but don't doubt his motives. He will pick up on your vibes intuitively but the natural tendency for scorpios and capricorns not to trust people is a trait that puts you both on the same page and may bring you closer together.

Be emotional when around a scorpio, they thrive on it. How you talk, how you act - PASSION, passion, passion, I cannot stress enough!

Don't spill all your personal beans just because he is secretive. He values a woman in control of herself - same goes for behavior, don't get drunk and sloppy around him and watch how you act around other men, he is possesive and he IS jealous.

Scorpios also tend to be very insecure so once you get yourself in to a relationship, be sure you are going to commit fully - He won't accept anything less. Never mess with his emotions or let him down and cheating is a huge NO.

It may feel like he is constantly testing you but ignore it, he has his reasons. Be confident - any guy finds it sexy. Know he has chosen you and your spirit to connect with and comfort yourself with that.

This is a guy that's a huge challenge and if he's chosen you, it's because he wants a challenge too. Make sure he knows you are there for him and go out of your way to make him feel special :)

With compromise and true understanding, this relationship can grow and be very rewarding.

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