Scorpio men control freaks

by geminigirl

they are spoiled brats... very secretive and tell lies and not loyal, control freaks, very possessive, want everything their own way or they,stop talking to you,.. those are the bad points, they can be very kind and seem caring.. the one i was seeing told me he was separated and then i found out he was still married and he was very possessive and tried to be violent, then denied everything.. i will never date a Scorpio again, they cant be trusted too sneaky

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get real
by: Anonymous

k that was just your scorpio. i dont even have to read all your post to know how ignorant you are. grow up and open your eye's to the bigger picture. Expand your mind

by: Anonymous

You sound like an idiot. Every sun sign has bad characteristics as well as good ones.

Sun signs
by: Anonymous

Definitely, Sun signs have a great impact with the individual personal characteristics as negative and positive. It is naturally show how one acts and behaves-as in spirit into a real action. Whatever, education is another hand, skills, to adjust and improve for the idea and the right though in human mind. The twelve signs and nine planets are interesting Path. People act and behave differently.
No complaint; learn to get along with others as possible.

Control Freaks
by: Anonymous

I am dating a Scorpio and he isn't a control freak. Also, I can tell he wasn't this way with his ex-wife also. The Scorpio I date knows he can't control me. I wish I knew how this really makes him feel. He tells me that I'm the boss in the relationship--he says that he does whatever I ask him to do. He runs his own business and sometimes gets on his high horse after work and complains that everyone at work listens to him and then he comes home and his "authority" is gone. Well, I'm an Aries. I don't mean to "not listen" but I'm unwavering on my opinions about some things. For whatever, reason this guy sticks to me like glue. He's completely in-love and ring shopping. I think I'm lucky to have someone in my life that even though they find me annoying at times, is willing to accept me for who I am.

Big No No
by: Anonymous

Well whatever you may say...scorpios do lie!!! A lot... but if you don't find out you'll leave in the security of ilusion. Once you find out the 1st lie...believe me more will follow. All their secrecy has got a purpose hide they rotten secrets. Not trustworthy at all.Regret every single day of the 3 years i've spent with one. Found out that my entire life with him was a complete lie I the worrying part...didn't even had a clue..that's how fake they are. They smile at you while stabbing you on the back.

Scorpio is stubborn and spoiled he admits it
by: Anonymous

I was married to a Scorpio and he cheated and I'm dating a scorpio and he has lied and is and will admit to being very selfish and self centered! Everything has to go his way and he truely believes everyone is and thinks like he does he is extremely stubborn and will not do anything to make sure I'm happy in the relationship a horrible communicator yet I'm still here . He does have a magnetic thing about him and I'm a glutton for punishment and I can't believe a word he says about his feelings about me

to Geminigirl
by: Anonymous

Sounds more like an abuser and/or sociopath...research, google it

dated scorpio guys
by: scorpio chick

I am the traditional scorpian chick...loyal to the death. I have only dated two scorpian men and both were not loyal and both did lie...alot. I could see right through them but the sex was ultimately worth putting up with the other nonsense. For this reason it was very difficult to walk away, but eventually I had too. Sorry fellas maybe after 30 they calm down?

Scorpio fresh out of lies
by: Anonymous

Not even after 30's, just ninja's out of control!!! I am a cancer with a scorpio for 13mos now he has lied about not having a kid etc... I have uncovered everyone of his lies, he trust me now cause I know the real him. I told him what I don't know about is by choice.

by: Anonymous

Some scorpio mens are like that, but not all the scorpio i date wasnt control he was just not reliable,always back track to his babyma, never beeing frontfoward on anything,always running away from real life situation, never faceing life headon, always convience everybody that he isnt the fault why thing going wrong in a relationship with him. The only thing i can say enjoy the time u with them they are good lover.

Manipulated by scorpio
by: Another aqua girl

I am 26 and my ex scorpio bf is 22.We were seeing eachother for one and half year.. my new guy was thorough gentleman,very polite and reserved.I dont know why we aqua women fall for these men when we know they are not suitable for us.The chemistry was great and sex was well out of this world.He wasnt selfish in bed.He would call up and ckeck up on me,would have dinner with me almost every night,shared his feelings and fears( which is weird coz everyone says they dont share).He never cheated on me there was no other girl in the picture.I mean you can imagine that it was perfect.Everyone thought we were madly in love with eachother then after 8 months i was anxious and i think i asked the wrong question " where is this going?".Now damn you all the astrologers for saying aquarians are "EMOTIONLESS".I am an extremely emotional aquarian.We are not emotionless, we dont waste it on just anybody because we like to save it for the 1 person who is worth it and then we show so much emotion that we can put even scorpios to shame.So,whenever i talked about our relationship and where it was going he would become silent or change the topic.I assumed he needed more time so i carried on silently.I gave him my everything.I gave up on my freedom,i gave up on my male friends,i deleted my fb profile and did everything to make him feel secure.After completing one year i started getting more and more anxious.Whenever i tried to talk to him about " US" he would throw me on the bed and start making love.I used to feel so irritated.I felt something was wrong and he never acknowledged it.Here i was givinghim my 200% while he kept me in the dark about the fate of this relationship.I broke up with him and he kept coming back with so much emotional drama and crying.I was hurt too.I told him he has to make me believe that he was not just fooling around with me and that there is marriage in future.And then he started blurting out that how his family was dead against our relationship because of the age difference and they thought he could do better than me.WTF!! Specially his dad filling his head with the thoughts that i was bad for him and forbid him from marrying me.He said he couldnt hurt them and that we could continue our relationship till it lasts.I dont know if it was true or he just made it up.I told him that i want husband and kids in future and its very important to me.He stuck to his decision.I just couldnt bear with it.I told him i am not going to be in this kind of relationship and broke up with him.I let him go but seriously after doing all that and spending one year together thats not what i deserved! I feel cheated and disgusted.

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