Scorpio men in the bedroom

by Cathy

Great article. My scorpion man is molten lava in the bedroom and feeds off my passion and delight. But once outside the bedroom he is stingy with his affections and seems guarded. What a trade off if you can handle the hot & cold personality.

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Just same like your case
by: Anonymous

my boy friend is a scorpio as well

And every time I wounder how he could be having this two swing moods.When we are sitting in the car ,watching tv he is totaly like my girl friend!!\
and Suddenly when he decide to have sex he goes to the bed and ,Every time I want to resist I can't and once I'm beside him he take the move of course and after that he takes me in his chest and huges me and the morning he will just treat me like his sister .
I just decided to not to sleep with him and I WILL TRY because I just like to be with him.Even sex with him is not fullfilling my desires except that I love to be with him and seeing him I think I just loved him and he doesn't..

You Loved him
by: Anonymous

You Loved him but he doesn't even though he is with you and sharing the intimacy through the night.
All the sex he did was just for him because you said you didn't satisfy with your desire. I understand what you said. Virgo is very sensual. Your Scorpio don't understand how you feel and needed. He has so much energy; fast as Mercury but not using it correctly and that might be leaving you not complete-only painful that you can sense.
Otherwise, he has a mood swing while he is with you but thinking about other girl in his secrete mind.
I think he loves you,too, but not show because you were there with him in his arm at that moment. You are lucky than the other girl that just capture and left behind in his mind. Talk to him. I knew Scorpio is very loyal and love you if you are a true Virgo.
I am also a young Virgo-understands what and who you definitely need. Okay, take care.

"my boy friend is a scorpio as well ."
by: Anonymous

Hey, at least you are with your Scorpio man. How much more you want from him. He loves you. I am Virgo-don't have enough of luck to be with him night or day or may be are not meant to be with each other in a physical state. im by myself-thinking of him-Scorpio my love-first love from my pure heart. I refused to move on-don't know how but try hard to do so. There are many people in this world but i found nothing in them as to be close to share as a best friend and a lover as a soul mate. im a modest Virgo who was born with a great gift and talent that many ladies don't have. im a successful Virgo surround with a great people among of them but not in love. i wont let other man fool me in Love; i rather save and hold on to my true love Scorpio man who i really in love deeply. i never been missed anyone as i missed him; my birthday was two weeks ago; i delay to celebrate my birthday when my family asked to do so; now i just to go with them in a nice restaurant for my blessing and happy that i deserve. But i could not be happy without him. I hope you enjoy to be with him. Be happy and ignore his mood swing. He is your man. i CANT LET HIM GO since i don't a chance to say goodbye to him yet. You take care. :)

the scorpio man, how do you figure him out?
by: trisha

I have known a scorpio man for bout 2yrs. we have been on and off. when we are on it is the most amazing feeling i have ever had with any other sign. our connection, physicaly, mentally and emotionaly are very strong. but we are both very stuborn and wont let that initial feeling or emotion surpass. niether of us will admit the true feelings we have but we both know in our own ways cuz it shows when we are together. He is moody and I have to be very careful of what i say and what i push. I cant push emotions he backs off. Im learning about him and ive tried to leave him be but i cant and i keep coming back for more. He is the only man/sign that has truely impressed this Aquarious woman. how he does it i dont know but i will figure him out one day, i just have to be patient.

To Aquarius lady
by: Anonymous

Lol.. you said, "you keep coming back to Scorpio for more." Seems that you can't let it goes. i can see this Scorpio knew your weakness point. He plays a chase with you. Sound, he doesn't try hard at all but you. Thing will be different after Scorpio got your body and soul. you can never ever get away from Scorpio. He back on and off just to make sure not to free you, girl. I'm not Aquarius; I'm a solid Virgo-I can read him a man who has less speech, selfish, and trouble with an expression. Leave him alone and be yourself. He will be lonely.
You expect the love to be love in return but he doesn't care about that. Don't worry! the bad thing will bounce back to him. You need to look for the sign which is compatible with your sign. So, you will be never be disappoint. Alright. I'm Virgo won't let any Scorpio plays mind game with me. So, do you. Good luck to you.

by: aqua girl

ok..dam..i ben w a stinger for bout 2 yrs..we live took me a couple of months to drill nto his heart,but after many break-ups,n tears..i finally got him.We fight a neither one of us baks struggling w dat cz n my former relationship,my x never argued w me.I am not used to being challenged.yes,it's true,the sex is the best i have ever had..i am 38..but at times,i find myself not even wanting to hav sex,cz he pisses me off so bad!!..I used to leave him a lot bfore he gave me his heart,but now since i "broke" he puts it..he will not even hear of me leaving.i love him..but i dnt really think we will last too long cz i cnt deal w his moods,and he never baks off wen we argue...i used to cry alot cz he never opened up to i cry cz he wont let me go..he tells me i wnt make a fool out of him now that i have his heart..its true wat the zodiac sighns is going to end badly..he is very jealous of my former lovers,very possessive..juz terrible wen his stinger comes out,but he can b very loving..loyal..very good man..but dam..his moods really freak me out..who gets jealous of past lovers??..i dnt..we all hav a past..he jz wants to hear he is the best lover all the time..i am very attractive..sociable..he wont let me hav male him..dey all want to sleep w me..idk..jz as quik as his stinger comes out..he retrieves it..not me..i stay mad for a while..he dnt understand that..idk...i never believed n all the zodiac stuff..but his personality is n all da googlings for scorpio men..pretty scary..n yes..i hate his secrets..i find out stuff here n there...idk..i will b moving out soon...jz wanna meet cool friends n fun people like myself..he is quiet most of the time..but being w him has depressed me a lil...

Need help from a scorpio man pls !!
by: Aquarius girl

Actually My scorpio and I always have ” kinky sex ” that means I surrender and become his sex slave and enjoy the most kinkiest things he does to me. He allows me to dominate him few times in a week and I take full advantage of it and surprise him with my new ideas of reaching earth shattering orgasms. We are truly and deeply in love infact I came to know through one of his friend that he is planning to propose before his birthday as we have planned a romantic holiday in the month of December. I am so very excited with the progression of this relationship. So, My problem is that last night was my turn to dominate him and I had few kinky ideas and was reluctant to share with him. At first he was amused with my ideas but looking at my expressions he asked me ” Are you really serious ? ” . I said yes. ( I can’t reveal what we did because he took promise from me not to spill it out infront of ANYONE but just to make it clear it doesn’t involve any third person ). Finally he agreed for it.We did it and my god we both enjoyed it so much.After we finished he said with a smile and wink ” we have so gone far ahead of kinky “.He expressed he is willing to experiment more if we keep it just to ourselves.I am loving whatever we do and I love him a lot.I am just afraid that if we get involved in ” kinkier than usual ” sex ,he might just see me as a good sex partner and not a wife material.Is this ” SUPER KINKY ” sex going to jeopardize my chances of becoming his wife in future? Is he going to stop respecting me if i keep suggesting filthy sex? Will he change his mind about proposing me and I’ll end up being just a good bed mate? Will he look down upon me for being so open and upfront about it? I so want to marry him. Any suggestions please? Also If any scorpio man could help me figure it out. They say that scorpios are always testing you so I’m just afraid of losing him.

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