Scorpio men reading you

I totally agree that a Scorpio man will know you inside out before you can even tell. I know there are a lot of guys who like to tell you that they "know you" just to tick you off or maybe not... But I feel like my Scorpio can totally read me... He's got me figured out... but I don't mind.

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"Scorpio can totally read me..."
by: Anonymous

Good for you that your Scorpio man can read you but how?? I'm Virgo, I just have my firs date with my Scorpio, and I don't think he can read me because I'm so complex and can change the forms, ha, ha... for good. He is acting some what as a dork or may be he is so happy to meet me as a perfect/a nerd Virgo in my small school. I don't know for sure if I want to meet him another time; I'm trying to look for a flaw but I can see when something is wrong. Whatever, I learn to accept the way he is; loving without judging. Sorry, Scorpio for you can't read me, but I can read you even though you are silence or quiet. I have a talent; I can see through. Any guy can't wins my love but you. Be happy- you are the one is lucky and secure because I loved you-you have a great personality which I adore and respect.

Thanks to all; the articles are great!!!
Independent Virgo

by: xMarch16

Yeah I've been with my Scorpio boyfriend for over a year (I'm a pisces girl) and from day one he's been telling me about myself. I used to find it annoying but now I use it to find out more about myself. He's helped me become more intuitive!

And his dad is a Scorpio, too. Imagine sitting in a room with the 2 of them. I feel like I'm being probed.

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