Scorpio missing my Scorpio Man

I am a Scorpio woman who was with a Scorpio man for 5 years..From the first moment I saw him I was hooked..and this was before I even knew he was a Scorpio like me. We connected right away and had a beautiful, sweet relationship that I knew could last forever. It is true about a Scorpio's eyes.. This man's stare was so intense it even made this little other Scorpio melt.. He was so handsome.. intelligent, classy.. distinguished and a great heart.

Our problem was we were too much alike in personality and temperament. We were both very introverted and both held things in. Yet sometimes I felt like we could read each other minds-the connection was that strong. But he was also hard to figure out. You do need to put in a lot of effort and also respect Scorpio's independent streak.

So what happened? I had a Pisces man courting me, I wasn't interested in him but Scorpio got jealous even though he told me he wasn't jealous. But I could tell by the way he glared at the Pisces man whenever we ran into him. Of course Pisces was clueless. I ended up moving to another city for a job and Pisces man continued to call me. I told Scorpio that Pisces was not getting the hint and that I didn't like him (Pisces).

Scorpio started to get very passive aggressive and eventually exploded. (well not literally of course!) He told me I was to blame for everything that went wrong in his life and that if I wanted to be with Pisces to go right ahead. Nothing ever happened between me and Pisces. We had a bitter break up..and vowed never to see each other again..I was devastated and seriously cried for weeks. I ended up moving back to my former city and even though it was hard, we slowly started to be civil to each other and now he's back in my a friendly acquaintance..I still love him and want so much to get back together but he doesn't want to and I need to respect that. No other man has captured me the way he did..I miss him so much. He truly is a gem..and the woman that ends up with him will be one lucky lady..I wish it could of been me..

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