Scorpio Pisces and Cancer Triangle

by Crystal

I've been doing my own thing lately, and havent been really dating. But recently someting happend that has turned my world up side down!! I have had an encounter with a Pisces man and a Cancer man! Ive been dating both for about the same amount of time. And I knw that point is coming up where I will have to decide between the two! They both have good jobs and do not have any kids. (Which is perfect for me because i dont have any) And I dont want to make the wrong decision!!

My cancer man is so fun to be around it seems like he balances me out!! Whenever I get moody are stressed he knows exactly what to do to make me let loose and just have fun. When he holds me in his arms I can feel how much he cares and wants me.Our sex is out of this world and its always differnt! When im with him there is never a dull moment. Even though he is sensitive for some reason I just want to make him happy. (which is not normal for me) Ive never had this kind of connection with any one on the kind of level we do!! We just complement eachother so well. Even when we disagree it doesnt last long. He just brings out another side of me that I didnt even knw I had!!!

Then My pisces man, He is just so admirable. Were so intune with each other its scary!(I knw he knows theres another guy) When were together i feel like he can see right through me! Hes so patient and understanding with me.(which is hard to do with a scorpio woman)Hes romantic, sweet, sensitive but not too much..or at least he doesnt show me.. I dnt knw what else a girl could ask for. He knows just what to say at the right time to make me feel better..And half the time he doesnt even know im n a bad mood when he does this. Its almost like were telapathic. I know he knws there is something holding me back and it scares him. But he doesnt give up on me he just keep showing me he cares in different ways. Its like he knows he has competition and hes fighting for me. (which makes me want him more)!!

So you guys see why Im so stuck...please help me!! I don't want to loose both of them bcause im so indecisive!! And im so loyal when i a relationshiop I knw ill have to cut ties with whoever I dont pick. There both so perfect for me and it seems to be too good to be true!!

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