Scorpio seeing Leo Man - Everything I read is TRUE!

by Anonymiss
(New York, NY, USA)

I'm a younger scorpio chick (mid twenties) who is majorly crushing on an older leo guy (late 30s). Literally we only met within the past 24 hours and I just feel as though we've known each other and probably will know each other forever. Now, I've been down this road... twice. Two separate leos. Never really ended badly... as a matter of fact, they never really ended at all. They seemed volatile, passionate, deep. But man it was too much!

Okay, so as a scorpio there are somethings I need to admit and I hope this gives Leo men some insight. Now, I'm not a firm believer of horoscopes; however, I do like the types like these that focus more on common personality traits and can bring us together to share 'em! That's why I'm here and reading all of this I laughed and was deeply moved. I know exactly how you feel and it's through reading other people's stories that I've also learned that I may need to change my ways (as well).

Very true. A scorpio scorned once is a scorpio scorned for life. I got my heart toyed with and while I have played freely as a single gal after the ordeal, meeting someone like a leo just changes things completely. Believe us leos, we WANT it to work out so badly that it's almost blinding on some point. And if you're anything like me fellow scorpios, you're constantly thinking and fantasizing about what could be between the both of you. It's our mission and it shows how deeply loyal and dedicated we can be to leos. And there's a source of mystery there that allures and often aggravates because we we're walking a thin line between remaining invulnerable to potential heartbreak and internally, secretly, loving you to death.

Pretty much, leo. We want it all to work out just like you. ;)

So I know I'm echoing scorpio sentiments on that note, I think. What touched me the most were the leo men who responded. Boy do I understand it now! I feel so bad sometimes. Granted you guys aren't perfect. Tomato, tomahto. Let's just do what the song says and cut the whole thing off. We're too much equals. That all said, leos are very giving. Trust me. On the first date this man went through three different restaurants to find one that would accommodate my food allergies. No one has ever done that. And he took great care to make sure we had the best dinner possible. We totally did! There's so much we have in common. And by the end of the night we had to leave... we couldn't keep our hands off of each other! Sex on the first date was flipping ridiculous! Which is geektalk for amazing! Ugh! lol. Anyway, my point is that they are loving, loyal human beings. And everything I love about leos are what drives me crazy too! Their strength, understanding, dominance - why, of course, is the sex so amazing? The dynamic is way too intense to deny and we're both adventurers in our own ways, which is why despite our differences we'll always psychically tethered to one another.

Oh the jealousy! Our date is a perfect example. When I return from the bathroom, he is chatting it up with the hottest waitress in the restaurant. And she was completely sweet to him. Yup you men are magnetic. In the past, I'd always felt insecure. However, essentially scorpio women have to remember that we have the same exact power. And leos you have to understand that your extroverts, socially capable of bringing people together and ladies to you. Scorpios are introverted; they can attract and not do too much. As a matter of fact, he planned with another date the very next day, and i was into it but had forgotten I was meeting a male friend. When he heard about this, I think he retreated into himself. And I'm sensitive to that sort of stuff so I took it very much to heart. But, now thinking about it I think mentioning the male friend did me in (I shouldve added that this friend o' mine is gay lol) Anyway, the way I've handled my own jealousy is just to face it full on. I joined the table and we all held a great conversation. She actually lives in my neighborhood! This guy has a female friend too but I would want to get to know her as well. And when a girl comes along who may want to flirt I'll simply think, "well duh. look at him.." but at the end of the night he's coming home with me. And, if it gets to the point where I'm really lovesick for him, her too (lol)

I definitely can see the ups and downs ahead but I feel deep down we both want the same things but tend to protect ourselves and express those things in very different ways. It's like learning a new language. Sexy, fun, and challenging. But, it's a known fact that the best way to exercise your mental power is by learning a new language anyway. Maybe if a scorpio needs to exercise her heart, she'll take a leo ;)

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