Scorpio should be Earth Positive Masculine Polarity

by D'Mo

I am really not a big Astrology person but I think Scorpios are more related to "Earth-Positive-Masculine" polarity. You see, Scorpions live on Land not in water. Yes, we are moody sometimes, secretive, vengeful, jealous and all that, but what person isn't???? If you are in a relationship with another person you are most likely to share some of those traits.

Scorpios are methodical, we plan before we act or talk, we are goal oriented, very fond of our kids and for the most part we are stable.

Scorpios can also be labeled an Air Sign. The Eagle also represents the Scorpio personality. And the Eagle, as you know, has dominion over the Air and all the Birds of Prey. The Eagle fly high and hunts its prey from above and then swoops down and attack. This is Scorpio. We sit and wait for the right time to make a move. You see we play for keeps if we are playing. GET IT???

The Ruling Planets of Pluto and Mars are accurate. But I think Uranus has to be added. We love to figure out High Tech gadgets, we love to buy the latest Electronic devices. We are very ECCENTRIC and possess Lofty Ideals. We love to stand out in the crowd and be considered "Different". We love humanity. Yes, we can be very low key and then burst in a non-stop flow of emotions but this is due in part to our Eccentric nature.

I have also noticed that i blend very well with women who are either Earth or Air sign. However, i do get along well with Aries Women also. One of my best friends is Aries. So in my opinion Scorpio is more Earth Polarity than Water with a Flare of Air Quality.

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