Scorpio with Taurus man

We have had an interesting relationship to say the least. Both from different countries, both met while traveling abroad. He is the second Taurus I have dated.

Both showed VERY similar qualities: If they are not ready to commit to you, expect sheer and utter confusion and totally mixed signals. They are deciding in their head whether they want you or not... and they are not going to talk to you about it. Push them before they are ready, and watch them run. Wait patiently, and get what you want.

Once you have them- be prepared for everything you dream of. Romantic, charming, soft spoken, loyal, passionate, but the little intricacies - they love to cook. Don't even try and cook for them to impress them (unless they are tired), because they'd much prefer their own. Highly critical. They are bound to point out your faults before your good qualities. They notice the good, but they don't verbalize it as much as they assume you are self-confident and don't need reassurance. Non-emotional- do not even try to get deep with these guys. They are logical, rational, and practical. Their emotions run deep, but not so much on a spiritual level. They do not like city life. They may enjoy a trip to the city, exploring new cities, but ultimately their home must be peaceful. They enjoy peace and tranquility and they ABSOLUTELY must be given some alone time. If you do not give them their space, they will get it anyways. They will distance themselves from you emotionally, without telling you why, and it will hurt. They are big kids who want to play. Don't just be their partner, be their playmate and fellow accomplice. They like to drink, smoke, eat, have sex, and do things in excess. They are only willing to change if it benefits them. They are a bit controlling, but in a way that is almost sexy (if you are into that). The control is only to help you and to keep the relationship sturdy. They are HUGE flirts, but they are faithful. I am a Scorpio with jealousy, and this creates great trepidation for me at times. Try and get past it; lord knows I am.

This is all I can think of from the two I have dated. One thing to keep in mind: Be direct! Don't play games, don't drop hints, and don't expect them to read your mind. Tell them what you want, how you want it, when you want it, and they will do it or not. This is how they would want you to deal with them to.

Overall: The positives MUCH outweigh the negatives.

Most importantly: With great passion comes great intensity. If you are a Scorpio woman/Taurus man combo... be prepared for the fire. Lots of loving, fighting, hugging, screaming, and great make up sex!

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