Scorpio woman and Leo man is the best there is.

by Sandyhyllgrl

I immediately felt an UNCONTROLLABLE, UNDENIABLE, AND VERY OBVIOUS connection from the first day I set my eyes on my Leo man. There was just something there. Period. I wanted him from the start. I could never pinpoint to the exact degree why I was SO VERY attracted to him, but I felt immediately drawn to this man. I could simply not look away. Not once. And he, within two weeks, confessed that I was "getting under his skin"
There was just something so undeniable there, between us, and may I point out that that was only through guided communication and social chatting and picture exchange, even before I put my arms around him
And once I did , I simply did not want to ever let go. Ever.
I am just astoundedly, undeniably, no-holds-barred stuck on this man like a fish needs water. And, this comes from a scorpio woman who always prided herself on being very independent.
God, how I love everything about him.

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Me too.
by: lisa

This could be written by me. I'm also a Scorpio crazy and wantonly in love with a Leo and cannot believe how much passion and devotion we have for each other. Everything else just bleeds away. Nothing matters but him. I am different with him than I've ever been with anyone.

I used to be very independent and have never really given myself completely. He just swept me off my feet and hasn't put me down. *sigh*

My Leo
by: Anonymous

I know what you mean, I have been head over heels for my leo since I was 16 and time still has not yet brought us together, yet the passion that boils underneath and the desire we still feel after years of distance and petty fights etc, there is nothing better!! I never knew you could feel something so deeply, for so long, and never even have kissed at all, I can't wait to see him again for the 1st time in the spring, wish this Scorpio girl some luck!

by: Anonymous

I dated a leo man for four yrs, broke it off with him and now it's been a year, I want him back. We have always kept in touch, little text messages nothing too personal but we made sure we stayed in each other life. we have met up a few times between, some with frens and some alone. He has not dated anyone else but I have. I do not know if he wants me back, we did not talk about that but he is sorry for hurting me and I thinjk he was hurt I dated someone else. What should I do I am very in love with him. I broke it off with him last year, I feel he didn't love me and didnt trust him when he says he do, he cried when we broke up. please help! he is my best friend and love of my life.

Replying to Last Comment
by: Anonymous

Then Get him back. Why waste time? Its worth a try!

I met a Leo man yesterday. I replied to an ad for event he's throwing and we immediately hit it off. It was like we just fit. I have a tattoo on my wrist which says 'G.C' stands for Gods Child..Come to find out its his initials:)

He was very honest when we spoke last night. I asked questions and shared (which I never usually do) Something about him feels right. Im going with it!

My Scorp
by: Anonymous

This is so true. I'm a leo man and I will never ever forget the first time I laid eyes on my scorp girl. It was intense, like an out of the world experience. Somehow I never thought she found me interesting too, but she had already been dating someone else before I showed interest. However we've had so many weird coincidences of meeting each other in random places(with no chance of either of us stalking one other) and memorable moments when she can read words in my mind. Anyway it's been two years, we've never even dated and now I'm half a world away from her. Yet, we somehow manage to keep in touch and casually show our interest to each other online(she's broken up with her bf now). If ever there was "the one" for me, I'm sure she is. Wish me luck!

by: True Leo

I am a Leo man, married to a Scorpio woman. We have been involved with each other for over 11 years. Married, seperated, divorced, and remarried. It is a roller coster ride for us, and I wouldn't have it any other way. A lot of heated arguments, and even more heated make up sex if you know what I mean. She is so loyal, trustworthy, faithful, and a dedicated partner. Will do anything to please her man, and I am the same way!!! So I will go on and say that because both Leo man and Scorpio woman are very passionate, strong, and dominant signs...This is probably the most powerful combination in the zodiac. Speaking from personal experiecne of course. My fire, matched up with her water make things very, VERY, STEAMY!!! Any man that's ever been with a Scorpio woman, knows what i'm talking about!!!

Mutual and instant
by: Amber

My friend whom I consider a brother, had a bday party at a bowling alley. I was dressed very swxy and was the center of attention with his friends & brothers except 1. And that 1 happened to be a LEO. I spoke first asking him why he was so anti-social and he nonchalantly said he was talking to ppl. {Except me clearly Lol}. Of course it made me want him more BC I love choosing my prey Lol. By the time we got outside and the party moved near the water, his arm was around me, we locked eyes and were inseparable for the next 24-hrs. A lot happened in that 24-hours and a week later we were officially a couple. 7 months later after A LOT of passion, both good and bad... We're stronger than ever. Communication isn't always easy BC o we are both very sensitive (me emotionally and him, temper-wise) but we are completely in love with one another and neither of us wants to go anywhere.

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