Scorpio woman and Leo man

First thing I don't understand why only Scorpio women are giving feedback here?? Where are the Leo men to give their feedback about their relationships with Scorpio women? Actually this says a lot that Leo's pride will never let them share their experiences with a Scorpio woman... DUH

Coming back to my experience. I dated a Leo man twice (the same guy). It was WOW. The worst was unforgivable. Initially we had plans to get married i.e. first time but we broke up because of my destructive nature and he couldn't take it easy. You know what I mean. But I can't stand his flirting nature especially when I found that he was cheating on me. The point was he couldn't take destructive nature from me but I was because had too much of female company. I knew he really loved me but he also knows that I cannot compromise for another female as much he cannot compromise with my anger.

He continued his life with the other girl and I let him be.... the worst was he came back to talk to me and this time he thought he could get me back but he never made his intention clear. I didn't give much thought because I was still hurt and couldn't forgive. I never got over him... actually not even today as I broke up with him again the second time.

The first time when I was leaving the country I couldn't call anyone and the only one I could talk to was the one I loved the most... My Leo man. There was so much of chemistry and heat in between us that my other ex-boy friends became jealous and came home to almost kill him. I could handle that situation by not allowing it to go out of hand. But Leo men are good at pretending. My Leo man can pretend and lied very well again. This time he couldn't play me for long and I kicked him off. All I wanted from him was truth and committed relationship. But he was pretending though he had intentions to marry me... I couldn't stand when he started playing mind games. I thought its best to dump him before I could feel the hit from him. Honestly he was the best guy I ever met despite some of his lies…

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Scorpio woman and Leo man
by: Anonymous

I'm a Leo guy, and my experience for what it's worth:

Scorpio women are very hard to handle for us. We're pretty superficial people. We joke, exaggerate and lie sometimes to get attention, create drama, and generally misbehave.

Scorpio women tend to see right through that (most others don't) which makes then very unique, but a nightmare to keep happy.

The best way I can describe it is that a normal woman is like a house cat, and a Scorpio woman is like a panther. So much more interesting, intense, feminine and scary... but damn do you pay for that in so many ways lol...

The sex seems to always be off the charts, which is just cruel, given the other challenges.

I haven't read all the comments here yet, but I will do so. Just responding to a few asking why no Leo guys are posting. They're probably all scared to, or too busy trying to get their Scorpio women naked, so they'll stop b1tching for a few hours... just kidding. Well, only half kidding actually.

Scorpio woman and Leo man
by: Anonymous

A Leo man here. My ex is a Scorpio. I'll try to use my experience and the sign generalities to comment.

Leo men have a facade, but superficial they are not. I think a woman is lucky to see the depth of Leo, but I don't pretend to have the formula for that.

I've had disproportionate attractions to Scorpio women, them to me, and me to them, more than any other sign. I love their allure and mysteriousness, and their strong personality. But that's not enough for a successful relationship.

I think problems stem from many roots: first, for a Scorpio, they want to become one with their partner by containing and assimilating. Doesn't work for Leo. My ex would even correct me when I say "My anything" to say "Our".

Second, Leo is non-assuming, not as secretive, and a what you see is what you get kind of person. It's quite easy for Scorp to pull out whatever they need to know about their Leo. On the other hand, Scorp is quite secretive with guards on high all the time. This imbalance is not pleasant for Leo. I could swear I never got a straight answer from my ex. not only that, but the sophistication and convolution in dealing with me is still unfolding as I discover, I think at least, the true reason or meaning to things she did and said.

Third, it ties with the 2nd point, scorp is all about controlling their loved one. Leo abhors such control.

Fourth, unfounded suspicious-ness. My ex would suspect that I had a relation with every female that said hi to me when in fact I have never even touched any of them. My ex had the guts to ask some of them if they've slept with me. Outrageous. Also, when we're together shopping or walking, my ex would say look, this chick is checking you out, that chick too, etc, when in fact I could care less. This would ruin the day as she makes up reasons to fight once home. What the heck do you do if females are attracted to you like this?

The sex wasn't good either.

Scorpio woman and Leo man
by: Leo man

Scorpio women are hot!

One thing I've noticed is that, if a Scorpio woman is interested in you, she will let you know in more ways than one. That can be confusing to a Leo man, because we are used to being the hunter, not being hunted :) Leo Man

Scorpio woman and Leo man
by: Anonymous

well ...all I'm trying to do is experience a Leo relationship...I really like him but haven't approached him yet...

2 sides to an extremely complex sign
by: Anonymous

I'm a scorpio woman and have been dating a leo male for 18 months. I can tell you it's been a very rocky road. My experience relates to astrology as follows.

Scorpio women are attracted to the ambitious, adventurous and all round extrovert nature of leos. We can't help it. Leos attract people, they just do. But at the same time Scorpio women are highly intense and want all of their boyfriend, physically and emotionally. I think in many ways you just can't win with us Scorpios because we're so damn attracted to the aloof and pretty arrogant nature of a leo but we want to dominate them...if we did dominate them they're in jeopardy of losing their appeal to us. It's true in my case that Scorpio women are sex orientated, it's a huge part of our connection with our partners. In my relationship with my leo boyfriend, he just is not interested and this is absolutely a big part of our problems. Scorpios feel regetted and angry if they aren't getting what they want in any area of life but sex is probably the biggest thing! Leo men need constant admiration and appraisal and scorpios can recognise this with their highly atuned emotional instinct.

Yet scorpio women have a knack for emotionally controlling leos and know how to get what they want. Unfortunately with leos this knack weakens as leos will neither accept dominance.

Scorpios have such strong instincts and can really read people, while at the same time we don't want others to try and read our minds. The thing that really bugs a scorpio is not being able to get a compltete picture for things or understanding ''why'' about anything. Scorpios are constantly trying to find deeper meanings in things which can be an outright conflict with the very nature of the leo, who is very ''what you see is what you get'', and also means that often scorpios are looking for double meanings or deeper meanings that simply are not there...hence misplaced suspicion and jealousy. If a scorpio trusts a leo, that leo has done well!...or the scorpios secretly not trusting!

The good.... both signs are strong characters and know what they want in life. Leo's are highly predator like and ambitious. Scorpio's know what they want and will be as stubborn as hell to see it through. Because the two are both ambitious they have good common ground. Secondly...attraction, attraction, attraction as I've said. And finally altough there's likely to be huge amounts of bickering and a refusal for compromise from what I've seen Leo's and Scorpios are resillient and their determined nature means they will keep at it and essentially always be there for each other and each other only.

Scorpios are hard
by: Anonymous

I started talking to a Scorpio women about five moths ago and I am at my wits end, I'm so tired of thinking about what she is thinking about. It's like a never ending emotional roller coaster ride. I treat her with nothing but respect and all I get is the coldness. She doesn't open up I never know what's going on in her heart I get bits a pieces of her feelings, never a straight answer from her. but we have this unique love for each other its almost feels as though we've known each other for years. The chemistry between us is/was amazing. She said not to long ago that she is jealous of my best friend who happens to be a female. The funny thing is she knew I had a female best friend. sometimes I feel my heart is being toyed with because it seems like it's one big game for her or a test to judge who I really am. The unfortunate part is people take kindness for weakness. I don't know what it is but I don't have to time to get hurt. I poured my heart out to her and I think that was a huge mistake. What you see is what you get with Leo's, what more do you want? but whatever this is me and I like to be liked by ALL people even girls if she can't handle that o well. I can't change my nature. Scorpio women are to elusive for me. It's sad because we had this spark like no other and even she said the same thing that i felt like I've known you for years, but to what end? To me Scorpio women are vindictive and cold at least on the outside although the strange thing is sometimes she gazes at me as though she is burning a hole through my heart and thats all I get to show that she cares. She loves to hear my crazy stories and gets a kick out of them she always says I make her laugh, so who knows but she is the most beautiful thing I have ever laid my eyes on so in the end if it doesn't go my way. I will always remember her beauty I just wish the inner beauty was a good I hope I'm wrong but I don't see to much compassion or warmth. I treated her the way a women deserves to be treated. I'm 33 she is 23 maybe it's a generational gap? We continue to be friends so I will see where this goes.

Leo Male

Im with a scorpio woman right now... really what i dislike is the lack of attention she gives! I know she loves me but i need her to be more interactive with my life and she needs to show to me more that she is interested. She's great in bed she lets me control everything which is how i like it and she has learned to agree with me on most things. I will admit when things go my way everything is much better and the only thing holding us together is the sex, once that goes down and if she doesn't seem more interested by showing me more attention then i will be on the prowl for another!

@ all u leos
by: Ms Biers

its so sad tat u leos complain so much about scorpio it cuz u all cant handle a real woman ..??
scorpio dis...scorpio is tat...well wot about u guys....u guys spread ass!!.....if u had given n shown a scorpion women da love she deserves...she wud be less bitter....
...u leos r so full of urselves.....u think u r always right...wel dis kinda atitude wont work with scorpio women.

Leo's and Scropio's
by: Anonymous

I agree on what must people say in this love and hate relationship. We Leo's do think we are always right and that Scorpios needs to open up a little. But hey, they're like that in nature and we love them for that and same to them.

My experience with a Scorpio women has been short but intense. I think, and when i say i think it's because I'm not really sure if the girl really liked me or she is just being mysterious which Scorpios tend to be all the time.

Somehow I always feel like I'm under a microscope when we're hanging out in a group of people. I would be standing on the other side of the room and she'll be standing on the opposite side. Let's just say i was interacting with other people; guys or girls it doesn't matter. The Scorpio girl would say something like, "I didn't know you like to joke." out loud. And i got real confused cause it really came outta of nowhere. But from that i knew she was examining me which i guess its a good thing since i really really liked her.

The dominating factor. I know both of us likes to dominate but she test the water even before we're ever together and i felt that heat. She "orders" me to make reservation for something which i usually do probably 8 out of 10 times. But that one time i stood my ground and i would not yield. We were on the phone arguing for almost 20 min, she threatened me with everything, like I'm getting mad, I'm gonna cry etc. And after that incident i knew i was in for a ride if i ever dated her.

I really liked her.. ever since high school... i feel like if i ever date her, she probably be the one. So comeon and Sting me already!!!!

by: Anonymous leo man

Scorpio women be straight forward tell a Leo man how you feel what you want out of your relationship. Instead of being secretive Leo man want somebody they could trust be in love with and be a friend a Leo man going to you how they feel.if you be stop being so secretive,and let your Leo know how you feel. a Leo man love to be with a mate we could trust. we don't like to get our feeling hurt either but we they a chance just open up a little more you get a better result.

by: Anonymous

i am a leo man with a scorpio girls for a year.she is good fren but still feel like that we r for each other.i like the way she is funny, helfpul having a dazzling pretty eyes which i cannot forget even closing my two eyes.
i like the best of her is the way she treat me.her love for me is uncountable till the date i have met ever.we both have lots of understanding. she is neither posssesive nor she is angry.she jst want me is to smile...
i love her very much coz i trust her the way she is..n will always be loving her.jst mean to say is that scorpio girls are the gods precious gift.

Leo man
by: Anonymous

i leo man just started dating scorpio girl and within 2 months she told me she loved me first and i told her back.its so true about scorpio women being secretive, and not saying their feelings. shes over protective, gets angry when things doesnt go her way. All i want from her is to tell me what shes thinking and her feelings and her affection and her admiration. it feels like shes hiding something(i've told her this). i do have female friends i associate with and get attention from females most times, i sensed jealousy from her only once. im faithful and treat her with love and respect always. she says she want to know more about how i feel about her and i told her i want the exact same, she acts like it is so hard to explain and to put in words. im not about to be the only one pouring out my heart and feelings with nothing in return.

by: Anonymous


Scorpio Leo
by: Jay

I am a scorpio woman who dated a leo man for two years. The first year was great and the chemistry between us was off the charts. The second year not so great as I got to know him abit more and he played too many mind games and lies which I, being a scorpio could not handle. I had to end it but still love him to this day. I am now talking with a another leo man and I am attracted to him very much. But have noticed he does some mind games too. I can't understand why I am so attracted to leo men yet our personalities clash so much.

scorpio woman Leo man
by: Anonymous

Well ive been seeing this Leo dude for three months and it was cooo until I will tell him certain shi!!! And we get offended now hes not talking to me, im trying nit to be a bitch about it but it is really pissing me off with h ok m acting like the female, I likes him alot and assume he likes me, im confused, my family & friends dont like anyway.

Leo Man
by: Anonymous

Here we go....i am a leo man to the 100% fullest...i take life by the head and i live it to the fullest...and then i ran into my scorpio...the first night we finally got to see eachother we sat and talked for hours into the middle of the night! soon it became that we didnt take eachother serious because we knew the commitment it would take...soo i layed off...she would still call on random nights tho..but when we fianlly took eachother serious it was magic we had pure chemistry it was natural and soo obvious..she was my bestfriend i could talk to her about anything and be completly myself...and she said she felt the same...she even said she felt like she known me her whole life...she asked me to be her BF!!!! bt a week n half later she dumps me saying we were better friends and that she just wasnt feeling it...i still want her like no other woman before and idk what it truely is about advise is be careful before u end up like me! bt take the risk!!! its soo worth it.

Bro comment above me (leo dude)
by: Anonymous

Thats exactly what my scorpio woman does, she gets into other relationships and when none of them work out she runs back to me or while she's in a relationship she sneaks and text me she's thinking about me....she told me she's in love with me but dumped me recently and told me im not made for her and we have different views on life...i was so disappointed and kinda hurt a bit but found out she went back to her first love who she claim its hard to break off so used to her coming back and forth back to me like she was confused or something. So when she broke up with me the 3rd time, i just know shes gonna come back to me (she cant get enough of this Leo)...somebody please answer my question. Why does she do all of these strange stuff, i just dont get her at times smh

Not All Scorpio Women are the same...
by: ScarlettLetter

I read most of the comments written by Leo men and it was interesting to see your point of view. What I noticed was that some Scorpio women are:
1. really sharp, cold and harsh
2. Using you by making you feel special while she goes out and plays the field.
3. Much more understanding, loving and willing to share their feelings.

So, you cannot really sum them up all in one. As I am a Scorpio female myself... I can say that I have been through all of those stages above.

My #1
I tend to be pretty self-assured and presume to be intelligent and when I am with men... I truly feel that I am their equals. But that is what I think mentally, outerly I am uber feminin and I seem to attract a lot of men easily. But I think some men (the alpha males in particular) have this impression that I SHOULD be mentally submissive and that is when I show my SHARP attitude. I get very analytical and a bit harsh goaling to cut them with words or disinterest. This is my defense mechanism to show them I am not to be toyed with... and set the boundaries.

My #2
When I was single... I LOOOOVED being single! I attracted a lot of men and could have my pick. So, I would pick a rainbow of men. I wanted to explore them witout getting to close. I really protected myself in this stage because I thought as a "player" I could never get "played". I just wanted to have fun and wanted to be spoiled. And I WAS. But I am sure I hurt a lot of men along the way. The less I cared, the more they cried and marriage proposals I got! But I had none of it, because most of those men were hot but I was very picky with what I thought was my ideal. And I knew I would never present them to my family. Bottom line, I wanted to have fun and I was sweet to all of them but I was deep with none. (deep in my book, bc some of them claimed that I was deep... I guess its hard for a Scorp not to be deep ;)

#3. I am that way with my friends, my family and my husband. After being in a serious relationship, I learnd to be that way with men without being too flirtatious... although that still something that comes very natural to me.

I hope this helps you Leo men to understand your Scorp females. I tend to be a pretty social one but there are some out there that are very introverted but explosive!

Scorpio Woman Dating A Leo Man
by: Anonymous

I Was In A Relationship With A Leo Man For 10months At First It Was A Connection Like I Never Felt Before He Respected Me Gave Me Anything I Want He Was A Great Provider & Made Me Really Feel Loved For The First Time & Then All Of A Sudden Things Took A Turn We Started Arguing About Petty Things Continuously. Things That Can Be Avoided But Can't Be Resolved Becuz Leo Men Are So Stubborn With Way Too Much Pride & They Love To Ignore. It Have Become A Big Issue For Me. Scorpio Women Are Clingy Once They Fall In Love But They Keep Their Guard Up & Needs Emotional Space & Leo Man Wants To Be Bothored With U When He Feels Like It & Hates That We Can Live Without Them They Wanna Be Praised & Admired & If Your Doing Anything But That It's A Problem. We Haven't Gotten Over Our Differences & He's A Hard Person To Talk To So Idk Where We Stand

Leo comment
by: Anonymous

leo man here,
my opinion:
i have a fling with a scorpio woman, who i respect more and more as we spend time together.
at first, she was just a cute girl i met, had sex the same night. but as we met again and again, i noticed that she was a lot deeper than i had initially thought.
to keep it short, the most important revelation for me is that she is an independent woman.
she attracts lots of guys, and gets into all kinds of crazy situations.
recently, she confessed her love for me, while i am ever playful with her.
i really like her, but looking forward, i think the hardest thing for me would be my jealousy, since i want my woman to follow.
here is the dilemma, i like her for her strength, but it would be hard for me to handle all this attention she gets.

Scorpio woman
by: Anonymous

I had 3 leo boyfriends and 1 leo bestfriend.What really got my attention is that me as a Scorpio woman,I always observe the guy I like and want to find out deep things about him.Usually Scorpios want to get what they give.My nature is mysterious and I love it,Leos should start having some damn patience to find out who we really are.We seem cold and bitter but actually deep down we are sensitive and caring.I think we pull off such a cold image to discuise our kindness so no one takes advantage of us.Also start admitting you're wrong too!Leos are like children...damn but at least the sex is good.

Scorpio woman CRAZY about Leo man(AH)! ;)
by: ScorpioEV :)

First of all, the comment above doesn't sound like a full blooded Scorpio. She may have one guy she keeps running back to but 3 and 4 guys is unusual. She doesn't sound like she's evolving yet cause the evolved Scorpio wants to at least try and stay with the one she's madly in love with. It depends on her and her chart.

Anyways, Leo man and I are crazy about each other but we seem to have compromising issues as he wants what he wants and I want what I want. I'm the typical Scorpio that's secretive and private, but with him I tell him exactly how I feel and let him know I'm happy he's apart of my life.
I have known him since high school and we were close friends and its been 10 years now. He's liked me since our HS days but I never gave it a try until now at 26 years old and him 28!

We make each other laugh and smile so much and we talk many times through out the day and all through the middle of the night. I have never felt like this for anyone as he makes me feel so "AWESOME"!! He's very tall with dreads and just...... Beautiful!

We have our moments and we argue but never stay mad at each other. He's just amazing, and we can't seem to walk away from each other even though we have issues! The sex is mind blowing as hes so affectionate and romantic and when we kiss, it feels so magical. Scorpios get bored quick but this handsome fella knows how to keep this feisty Scorpio interested! I'm excited to see where this relationship goes cause he's looking like a winner!!

Just an observation.
by: Anonymous

My last relationship was with a Scorpio woman. I'm a Cancer sun, but having my share of placements in Leo, I can relate to everything said. It started off great, we quickly became best friends and the sexual chemistry was off the charts. She said many times that she's never known a man like me. She would typically always defer to me, although she would definitely try to test that in a very secretive way. I, on my own accord, distanced myself from ALL of my other female friends. But when I could see she didn't, I started back with my female friends again. From then on, we would be deliberately pushing each other's buttons until it blew up in a major fight. We haven't talked for 2 months now. I don't hold that against any other Scop women though, you're all unique.

by: Anonymous

Am a scorpio woman and i love my Leo man.He's the best

(Leo male)Scorpio female are fascinated with leos
by: Anonymous

I have noticed that Scorpio females are attracted to Leo's regal aura. It's like they are the female versions of us and we finally meet each other after all those years. Some couldn't help themselves, they either tried to flag me down by waving at me or by coming dangerously close to my face and cross-questioning me. I think that Astrologers should really try to explain why most Scorpios females can't control themselves when they see Leo males, all the while they are scared to express their true intentions with us. If the feeling is there, why not ?

scorpio woman here
by: Anonymous

I will never give another leo man a chance. I may have had just a "special one" but the lie.....boy do they lie......I was strung on until he found somebody else. I loved him probably more than he will ever be again. But he wants that "high" of first falling in love. I would tell a scorpio woman to stay far away. We deserve much better than bullshit Even though I do believe they mean it at the time.....they are on to the next thing very quickly No substance just superficiality

leo guy
by: Anonymous

I just broke up with my Scorpio girlfriend and totally regret it. Wasn't enough sex. I gonna try and get her back.
I understand now that sex should be built up causing it to
Be romatic because thats what she wants and i'm her slave
If I get her back (problaby not since I hurt her feelings)
Im going to shut up cause leos talk to much and say hurtful things, agree 85% of the time and never let her catch me cheat because I have a problem. I love to hard

I want her back
by: SunChamp

I lost my Scorpio after what have been eight months of love, warmth and happiness. She dumped her ex (he's a Capricorn, Moon in Cancer) to be with me and now she dumped me to be with him again. I think she was kind of guilt-tripped into it because he talked about how depressed he was, and how he never did anything after she broke up with him.

I miss my Scorpio so much and everything that she is. Please give me hope

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