Scorpio Woman and Pisces Man, staying casual?

by Melissa
(Red Deer)

I am a Scorpio woman, and I have known a Pisces man for a few years now, but we have just recently hooked up and agreed that things are going to be just casual. I have been reading blogs and charts about how compatible we will be together, and I am a little worried that I will fall for him and the feelings won't be returned! Everything is perfect as is, and I am not looking for anything serious... Any advice?

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Dont do it
by: Anonymous

I'm in that boat right now. I have been seeing a Pisces casually and I am in a dead lock. It moved so fast and the last thing I realized is OH NO, I'M IN LOVE with him. He does not feel the same, he just divorced a year ago and wants time to "float" (how pisces of him) - I get where he is in his life, but I'm afraid he will find someone else while out on his raft. He says his feelings are strong for me; and has admitted he's never had sex the way we do ever before. They sex is the best I've ever had in my life. Hands down. Its sexy, hot passionate; we have had 12 hour sex sessions and still wanted to keep going.
I view myself as a keeper to this guy, not a casual fling. Our unspoken understanding is fluid - there is nothing casual about it. So if he wants to keep it casual; take off! That is what I had to do in order to avoid the intense feelings of sadness I am unfortunately feeling now.

Don't Worry
by: Anonymous

i am also in the same situation, we agreed at first to keep things casual but it quickly went in another direction. it almost seems uninviteable to develop feelings in such an intense union as scorpio/pisces. i would continue to enjoy his company and not stress over any "labels", stay in the experience as long as there is a mutual interest. at the right time (and youll know it because us scorpios are highly intuitive) express some of your feelings to him, he may feel the same way. dont assume the old myth that if you "start a casual sexual relationship with someone thats all it will ever be"-ultra special connectins in life happen in so many different ways, especially unconventional ways. i hope it blossoms for you.

Causal... you can forget that!
by: Anonymous

I met this Pisces man 3yrs ago, the attraction was intense, without much conversation. Nothing ever happened. Low and behold I run into this same man again almost a year ago, the flirting started a few moths later and although I loved the attention I resisted, fought, and stifled my desire to be with this man. I lost the battle five months ago. We agreed to keep it casual however, its not working for either of us. I feel such a connection with him, and the sex is very intense, the most passionate that I have ever had. I am falling fast and he is not to far behind. What makes it so bad is that in addition to the great sex, he feeds my needs in so many other ways. Good luck with keeping it casual.

by: Anonymous

I HOPE we're not talkn bout tha same guy!Just divorced and only wants 2 b frends!Clt. guy!!!I met him n 08 n c him every now n then.Gud lover but neithr one of us is tryn 2 get locked down.I can honestly say i do have feelns 4 him.His intial is G.C.Please holla back!

Try but it may not work
by: Anonymous

I myself am trying very hard to just be friends with a married Pisces. I myself am married. It's hard..very hard. I think the chemistry is too obvious between the two signs; however that being stated, don't assume you're compatible. I don't actually believe I am that compatible with this particular pisces and this is coming from someone with the exact same interests as her 'pisces friend'. I think these two signs will always have strong sexual chemistry but don't destroy the friendship unless you're certain it's a great match. We Scorpios have strong intuition about this. I had a lot more security and happiness dating my Cancer husband. This pisces friend of mine, although perfect on the surface, I find irritating in that he seems distant all the time even though he initially hit on me. It's almost as though he's changing his mind now and backing away once it's obvious that I'm attracted. We Scorpios can get too easily hurt dealing with someone fickle like that. Cancer's are straight shooters however they're not nearly as good in bed. I guess it's a matter of prioritizing what's more important. Quite frankly I have reservations that this so called friendship will last as the tension is too uncomfortable. You may feel similarly in the long run.

I have the same experience with my Pisces male friend..
by: Anonymous

OMG! I too am trying to stay friends with my pisces male friend. I am married and so his he. And he acts actually the same way with me. They sound like twins.

He approched me first too. He plays in a band and is older. I have a hard time sometimes getting to open up. He slowly is but it's taking forever... I am very attracted to him. but it seems he pulls away like he's not interested anymore yet he comes back. I only see him one day out of the week. Wow, they are different..

by: Anonymous

No such thing of a casual relationship with a Pisces man! The sex is awesome and the one I have been in a "casual" relationship with is going to break my heart and I know he is! Just can't seem to get enough of him! Good conversation and great sex! I lost my Virgo husband three years ago and just intended on a casual relationship! I would be lost without him, the Pisces! We have more than a sexual thing but I get tired of staring at his ex-wife's pictures in his home. I actually recommend that if you can take the hurt, stay and enjoy while you can as I have decided to do but if not, get out and find a Cancer. Also a great relationship compatibility!

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