Scorpio woman and Taurus man friends hopefully more!?

by Bianca
(, CT)

I am a Scorpio woman (16 soon to be 17) and im interested in this Taurus man (age 20) . I've known my Taurus Man for almost 4 years now. He's absolutely great! when we first met, we had that instant connection and i could tell. but because of our age differences and more important Maturity differences, we parted separate ways for a while. me n my taurus man have only hung out a few times but always kept in touch. one day a few years ago when i first met him he surpised kissed me while we were sitting on a park stone bench on memorial day and to this day its the ONLY kiss and hes the ONLY person to ever take my breath away. Hes in the army and i thank god for that because it turned him into a more patient, understanding, non jerk face person lol. hes always been sweet but due to my MAJOR lack of maturity back 3 years ago, he slowly but surely became more n more iggated with me and at one point, blocked me on FB and stopped talking to me for about a full year. WE started talking again but he has a girlfriend who was my age and was "in love" with her. He blocked me on fb AGAIN fo her. They dated for almost 2 years and i became friends with her. While he was in Afghanistan since Jan 2010 to Sept 2010, she told me and he later found out that his gf cheated on him by getting with her ex bf and when my Taurus man came back home on leave, she dumped him. he was upset but mad. thats when i texted him and he came to see me for the first time in 2 and a half years. WE both cried when we saw each other. We also noticed how much we both matured and realized how much we click. I want a relationship with him but hes got to get his shit together after he comes home. we kissed again when he came to see me the second time he was down and it was sheer bliss! i told him how Scorpios and Taurus are indescribable and the perfect match. and he thought so too. but no matter what happens, who he is dating, he blocks me or i block him ive noticed that NO MATTER WHAT theres some kind of force that brings us together and we r inseparable. ive never clicked with anyone like i have with him.

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