Scorpio woman aquaruis male heart break

by Sparkles
(Salt Lake City UT)

I am a scorpio woman and I just got out of the worst relationship with an aquaruis male About a month ago. I would never suggest this this relationship for a scopio woman. I have no idea what I did wrong. It was perfect at first. I knew him a little on friend bases before we dated. He is my ex's best friend but thats a whole differnt story ! I had always been interested in him and found out after me and my ex a pieces broke up that he had been interested in me too. So like i said at first it felt so perfect. After our first weekend together i felt emotional connected with him like like i never have with any other guy. After one week of dating and we take this spur of the moment trip to denver colorado , I live in salt lake city utah. We were only going to go for a week but the second day there i crashed my car in a blizzard and we got stuck there for two weeks. But i felt like it was great we got to know each other on an emotional and physical level. I truely felt love for him deep in my soul. When we got back from denver I took him back to his school and he just instantly changed it was like it never happened he was just differnt to me emotionally like he didnt care at all. I hurt so bad then he said he needed a brake and changed his number. The a month later he just randomly texts me after i was almost over the pain of that kind of rejection. . And hes flirty with me acting like he wants to get back together an he feels guilty for what he did and all that. So the next day he calls me and tell me to come and see him and were hanging out over at his friends house and he is being all cute and blushing and just flirty like. So we go to go have a smoke and that exact moment these two chicks walk up in the apartment complex and go in a place a couple down and his friends were like oooooooooooooo i didnt know she could come off campus and i was like WTF and hes like that my girlfriend. I was hurt twise by this m***** f***** and i dont know why he would hurt me this way i dont know what I did wrong ? Dose anyone see some thing I did wrong? All I know is i will never ever date one agian ever!

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Be honored Scorpio...
by: Anonymous

To even get the elusive Aquarius man to notice you is a pretty big deal. Don't put yourself down. They will settle into relationships late in life or if they have an epiphany or another. Your best bet is to not take this so seriously. it's not you, it's the timing of things. Let him go and if he cares, which he will, he'll be back. However, when he does come back, be honest with what you want, in a NON EMOTIONAL WAY.
i'm sureyou have men atyour heels. I know ...they do do it best don't they?

To Sparkles
by: Hope

Big hugs to you! I can only gauge my response based on what you have written from your perspective. It doesn't appear that you have done anything wrong. His oafish behavior has nothing to do with your worth, or his sun sign!

You mention college, so I am guessing you are he is in his 20's? Unfortunately, many 20-something males are still in that space. They are far from being ready to settle down for life with one woman, but instead eager to explore the many options available to them. Still, I am sorry that you are dismayed and hurting.

I have just started my journey with an Aquarius man, but I think we are considerably older. I appreciate reading about the broad spectrum of experiences with Aqua men on this site and appreciate your post.

Your mistake
by: Anonymous

Am an aquarius 24. I think the only thing you did wrong was going for him after breaking up with his best friend. Aqaurius men like to be the FIRST in every thing. But in ur case, his best friend was first so he wuldnt take you for a long thing only for the fun. It would have been better if he never new your ex. Aquarius men are sweet but very real. Trust me. Am one

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