Scorpio woman dating a Leo man lots of arguments

I m a scorpion women, I date a Leo man. I really agreed with most girls up there that Leo men are really magnetic, they can attract girls just like that, hope they're not using any black magic. haha.. just kidding ;)

so far, my relationship with my Leo man went smoothly but that smoothly always came after argument all the times. we will definitely argue each other every time we met more that 5 hours a day but actually not really sometimes meeting for 5 mines also can bring unsatisfied result when the topic is really tense :) sometimes it's really tired to argue, he will make me cry n but he will keep saying dun cry! dun cry! off... I really angry if he scold me not to cry because I want to cry, why he should angry, I m hurt n for me he should understand me :D but only sometimes he cant really understand that he hurt me with his ego :) n actually I should admit that I have really massive jealous over him, I m jealous when he talk with other women, saying even hi with them, staring at other girls really made me angry, but I dun know I just will let him but deep inside my heart, I m boiling :))

another one about my Leo man, he loves to question, some of it really sensitive issue, when it came to this kind of issue, I'll rather be quite or I'll answer very carefully but he will feel like I m not sincerely answering n he hate to see me quite. he hate to wait, I can see it, he really hate even I just took 2mins to think before answer, when Scorpio women become silent, it's not they r stupid but we r trying not to hurts them with our sharp tongue ;) so we r looking for very decent answer n also we r thinking of pro n contra of the answer. some Leo really dun know how to ask, their way of asking is really annoying :D

even there is a lot of argument n fights went between us, I really love him so much, I bet u, I'll never find any other man that can really know how to make u feel better, just his touch can make me stop getting angry n cry.. he really knows when to use soft voice n when to apologize even sometimes it's taking some times.. sometimes when I m with him, I just dun want to talk, but I want to hug him n lie on his chest let he feel my feeling n trust that I'll never leave him. (Leo is really hard to trust people :P )

my Leo man is everything for me, if u r Scorpio women I'll understand all my feeling .. some advice for Leo man, u should learn how to read our feeling from our action n face, it's so tiring to tell out every our single feeling to u :P just try to understand n dun get angry very easily, it's better listen than became angry.. n trust us, we r very loyal to our man, we proudly shows our man, we proudly loves our man n we proudly makes our man proud of us.. we want our man to have strong motivation, if they have no we want to be the one :) understand one thing, Scorpio women always want to be the reason of their man success not failing..

be wise.. match are made from heaven, sex are not everything but sexual feeling solves a lot of problem :) I love his kisses n hope he loves mine too :P (just kisses because we r not married yet :P ) I'll save my virginity for him on our wedding night..

he is the first man n he will definitely be my only one forever :) (even we r not marry to each other) I can't love any other man as much as I devoted to him..

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Scorpio woman Leo man arguments
by: Anonymous

I am a Scorpio woman in a relationship with my Leo man, I love him and I know that he loves me because he tells me so. However at times I do not feel like the love is there, we argue over the most craziest things, and will not talk for a day or two, and we even had gone as long as 4-5 days., that felt like forever for the both of us. I often ask myself what happened to the spark that we had for one another in the beginning, it was like no one else mattered in a crowded room full of people but me for him, and him for me. I am really feeling our relationship but the tedious arguing is 2 much!!!!!

by: Anonymous

I am a Scorpio girl and my love is a Leo.
We both though attracted towards each other are always silent.

We just exchange glances and we never seem to miss each other even in a huge crowd. Our love is different but true and we know it. As we are just in our high school, I am waiting for us to become 18...

On my 18th birthday I would like to convey my deep felt love for him.

I pray to all my lucky stars to guide me through.
For I know he ll be there for me till the end of life.

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