Scorpio woman dating a Pisces man

I am currently dating a Pisces man and I'm a Scorpio woman. We have only been together about 3 months but it seems like forever! (in a good way) and agree with everyone else, the sex is awesome! I can't get enough!! but I hope were are the right kind of combo and if it ever does end, that it ends with friendship!

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Scorpio woman dating a Pisces man
by: Anonymous

I'm a Scorpio woman and my boyfriend is a Pisces. We have been together on and off, and off... And on for over 3 years now. It has been difficult because of religious differences but I know he is my soul mate. I have never felt anything close to this about another man, even other Pisces! It's like god put him on earth for me. We are perfect for each other in so many ways. We connect deeply on multiple levels, emotionally, physically, spiritually, mentally, and especially sexually... LOL! He is a sex GOD! He treats me like a princess, and he is my king. I know that if we get married we will be happy forever.

Scorpio woman dating a Pisces man
by: Anonymous

I have just met a Pisces man and it's amazing how I feel like I've known him longer than a month already. He is charming, kind, knows what to say. He is just amazing. When I talk to him I have to remind myself that I am talking a man who I want to be my man and not a girlfriend. That's how comfortable he makes me feel. I never use to believe in that horoscope compatibility stuff but now I am believing that a Pisces and Scorpio were meant to be together.

Scorpio woman dating a Pisces man
by: Anonymous

WOW! Almost all the experiences I read are great! Thanks for the insight...

I met a Pisces man just a month ago and I thought that he's just going to be another ONS but was I wrong. I fell for him and it was HARD! I told him that we'll remain in an open relationship due to distance (I can't bear to be far from my lover) but we kept communicating and I can't wait to meet him again planned a long trip together...)!

We never said that we love each other but both of us kept saying to each other that we simply understand each other! He just knows when to call me and what to say... We can just talk for hours and both of us never got tired of it!

Oh, and sex was definitely great!

I'm not sure if the relationship will be a serious one but one thing for certain is I'll never find another guy like him!

Scorpio woman dating a Pisces man
by: Anonymous

i'm sure both of you are on the same page. Scorpio &Pisces are match made in heaven.
both that connect toweards the mind and soul,
both wanting, and needing the same in life.

i myself is a scorpio dating a pisces man for over a month or so. i have never connected so well with any of the other signs, the way i do with my pisces man. the experience we share with one another, whether conversations or our time spent is WONDERFUL. both think alike,& i was having trouble to say the words at the moment...
but i said "i love you" first, without hesitation he said it right back.

he loves me, and he thought he was alone, but i think scorpios are the dominate one's we take the role to be that leader...

i know i've been dating him for a month, which feels longer but i can truely say this guy is my dream guy, SOUL MATE that someday i hope i can share myself, marry &bring the little one's.
Scorpio &Pisces are match made in heaven...
he is my angel, which i'm sure any other scorpio dating a pisces man would agree :]

loving the thought of him
by: miss devine 55

Iam a scorpio women dating a pisces I had my doubts about him but I was wrong we have not had sex yet but the connection is awsome I an agree with the others when they say it feel like I have been with him longer then we have he calms me in so many ways

Scorpio girl with Pisces guy
by: blacksheep

I'm a Scorpio girl who's been dating a Pisces guy for about six months now, although it feels like much longer. For Myers-Briggs fans, I'm an INXJ and he's an ENXP. The sex is great, first off - he was my first though not vice versa, and we like to try anything we can possibly think of and agree on. He's also very intelligent and insightful, and he lets me speak my mind while he tends to be the more quiet one in our deeper discussions which I love because I tend to have a lot to say but no room to say it. When it comes to joking around and being with other people, I tend to sit back by myself and listen while he makes everyone laugh. I've read elsewhere that Scorpio in shape form would be full of sharp edges while Pisces is like a smooth circle, and I agree entirely; when I'm stressed out about 10 things at once, he stays calm and tells me it'll be alright, and I love that about him. He seems to love me - I'm not sure what I offer him - but as long as we're both happy, I see no issue :)

helplessly IN LOVE
by: Shanna

I agree with everyone of the prior posts. It was LOVE at first sight. We're kindred spirits. He is the essence of a true gentleman, opening doors, pulling my chair out, respectful, etc. I don't know how to explain IT. He knows just what I'm thinking and will tell ME how I'm feeling and be right on the money. Even though we've only know one another for about a month. He's on my mind constantly, soulmates indeed

my pisces carsalesman
by: Anonymous

I am Scorpio women . I met my pisces man only 2 weeks ago he sold me a car and let me tell you it was chemistry from the word go..We talk every morning he calls me on his lunch and on his was home from work everyday and txt almost every night...He is my Soul Mate I have never connected with anyone on this level..... But we have to remain just friends..... He has someone in his life and however its not that serious she is there so I refuse to move forward until he resolves his issues with her one way or another but I hope and pray this gets figured out soon I can totally see my self falling for him with a quickness.. He says I am over thinking thing ..But I already do not want to share him 😞

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