Scorpio woman dealing with an aquarius man

by Isabel
(California )

I been dealing with an Aquarius man on and off for 8 years.. something about him .. keeps bringing me back to him.. our relationship never been serious. he will call me or see me every other day. never he did ask me out as a girl friend. So for him i was just a good friend .. As for me i love him so much that i never actually told him how i feel ..scared to think he might run away..

Now after 8 years later he was the first one to tell me he love me. am really shocked cuz not only i still love him too. But am dating someone else and am afraid if i let go of my new relationship and start the relationship i always wanted with the Aquarius man .. it might not work .. so confused

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Space is A must
by: Vlad

This may sound cheesy...but follow your heart...the aqaurius will probably hold off asking you to be his girlfriend if you say no...or he may never ask you again and reject you if your relationship goes bad...follow your heart and know what you want...if you want the aqaurius be with him...if you want to stay then way or another someone feelings are gonna be hurt...

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