Scorpio woman devoted to her ex

by Kellen

I'm a Taurus and I just started talking to a Scorpio girl... met on myspace. We emailed each other here and there over the span of a month or so, then I decided to shoot for the moon and gave her my number. I fell off the chair when she gave me hers back since all her pictures are model-typed. I was skeptical at first (maybe they were fakes), but played along.

I text her, she'd text back. Then one night she saw me online and text me to go to bed. I text her back and we ended up talking on the phone... for over 3 hours. Our phone calls are never shorter than 3 and the longest was 6. I think I'm going to die of brain cancer, by the way.

I'm not religious but I DO believe in God. One day, while praying, I told God I was in love with her. No idea where it came from and I think even God got an awkward moment of silence.

I'm trying very hard NOT to be in love with her but seeing how great we get along and how we connected so fast, I can't help but think that there is long term potential. Seeing how devoted she is to her A-Hole ex/sometimes-boyfriend (Gemini), I can't help but want that devotion to me too.

Keep thinking I've finally found someone I can give the world to and she won't cheat or use me.
Well, I'm not even sure why I wrote this on here but I guess I wanted to let it out. Oh, and her pictures weren't fake...I've seen her on webcam already.

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go man and get her
by: Anonymous

scorpio and taurus gets well it's water+earth give mud you are perfect for each other on all levels good luck

Scorpio girls rock!!
by: Alexis

Wow your story is very interesting to read, only cause I can relate in your scorpios perspective. Im a scorpio girl/woman as well, and after my experiences with past lovers one (Sagitarius) the other (Gemini)I can't seem to get over the fact that what they did I can never get past. which in your story about your scorpio girl talking about her ex, I feel I can relate. I assume the reason why we (scorpios) talk about our past relationships is because we are very loyal and passionate people who just want to be loved the right way and have someone to fight for us, rather than being rejected & cheated on. I loved your story because you have those qualities that a scorpio deep down loves in a partner. So thank you for sharing your story, you made me realize there are still good guys out there in the world. & trust me your scorpio girl will be worth fighting for!! Best wishes to you both(:

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