Scorpio woman finds her strength from break with Aquarian

by ScorpioWomanScribe

It was the best of times. It was the worst of times. I fell in awe with an Aquarius. From the moment our eyes locked, I knew he would seek me out and he did. A week passed an in my inbox was an email inviting me to his art show. I waited a week to respond and sent him a message that I would go check out his art on my own time and let him know how I felt about it. This intrigued him. That I was willing to check out his art and not even do it while he was there.

He quickly sent a message back that he wanted to be there with me and we should have a drink as well. We did just that.

And nine months later my life has not been the same.

My relaionship to him has brought out every insecurity, but now that we are breaking up, I am starting to turn those insecurities into strengths.

I felt like his yo-yo. The constant push and pull. He was the first to say I love you, I was reluctant to follow. He talked about future and love and all the possibilities. I slowly followed his lead only to be dropped on my ass. I became accustomed to his mood swings and I'm sure my fervor and passion was something new for him to get used to.

Some days we wouldn't let each other go and some days I could have wished him dead.

About a month ago he expressed to me how much I meant to him, still holding to his guns about not having a committed relationship and I shook my head and agreed that I no longer wanted anything from him. Whatever hope I had he killed it.

So a month later I have stopped all communication. He's called and texted but I have not responded. I'm sure soon he will get the picture.

But at this moment I want to reach out to him. But I know he's still not able to give me what I want. We need some growth apart.

I wanted to post here to tell whomever may be reading that I'm thankful for the relationship and the lessons it taught me. It broke my heart open.

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by: Anonymous

I dated a scorpio man and I understand how you feel with dating and aquarius cause I am and aquarius woman myself. All the traits you mentioned about him was something I did to with my scorpio man. I hope you are doing good now and well. Your post touch me since I recently broke up with him.

Yours truly,

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