Scorpio woman having trouble with aquarian man

I'm a Scorpio woman who has been in an on and off relationship with an aquarian man. i know i am an emotional and jealous sign but its seems like he just doesn't know how to express his feelings. he says he loves me and he loves my kids unconditionally. but sometimes it feels like its hard to believe. we are now having a baby as well. we always break up and get back together. he claims as well he has female friends who are just friends. but its hard to believe sometimes. i don't know what to do. i love him unconditionally but i love myself as well.

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Take a Deep Breath and Relax!
by: Red Oktober

Hi Scorp!

Men just don't respond well to "jealous and emotional". I'm a Scorpio woman as well, so I totally understand how you feel. Thing is though, if the tables were turned and he was jealous and emotional towards you, as well as being insecure and untrusting - how would you feel? I'd find that a real pain if a man was like that to me.

Just relax, be happy, create happy moments, create calmness, and show your man how much you love him in a way that he will respond to. For example, set up a treat for him, clip out an article he'd like, surprise him in bed etc.
You're right, they do have trouble expressing their feelings, so trying to force anything out of them is just gonna make them retreat into themselves even more, because Aquarians are very uncomfortable with feelings and emotions. If he says he loves you, accept it as true. Jealous, emotional, needy type behaviors are difficult things for any man to have forced on him. It kinda implies that he's doing things wrong, or that HE has to take responsibility for YOUR lack of emotional control. Its not fair to him.
Men are attracted to happy calm women, not needy naggers. Just relax and enjoy what you have and try not to 'put it on him' when your emotions get the better of you. Its for you to control your emotions and perspectives - and it doesn't sound as though he has done anything wrong.
I hope this helps - and please read this in the spirit in which it is meant, which is to try and offer a different way of looking at it.

Lots of Love
Red Oktober

Sounds similar...
by: Scorp80

Wow - your relationship sounds really similar to me and my fiance! We've broken up and gotten back together a million times - drives everyone nuts... good luck with him. The only thing I've found that works for us - is to give him his space. The man loves his freedom.

by: Anonymous


Remember you are a scorpio, and have your own special powers, and inner strenght, that you can tap on any time you want
by: scorpion colleena

Hi, i have read your letter, i found it amazing that the replys you have had from other woman, that have, had dealings with an Aquarian man are suggesting that you become one of his followers. and to make sure you do not anoy him, by being overly emotional, he does not like that, after all as they point out it is not fair on him to make these emotional demands,because he does not live in the emotionalworld. Yes they are right.If you were part of his harem, but- No you are not part of his harem, and make note here, this aquarian man will always have many woman waiting in the wings, ready to take your place, this is the way he, conducts his life, until he finds the right one, which could be you, or maybe not. Twice you wrote but its hard to believe, thats because you are sensing that all is not right.As a scorpio, you need to go with your gut feelings. This man could promise you the sun and the moon in the morning and come the evening will have changed his moon, if you question this with him, he is likely to turn around and say what sun and moon, did i tell you that???? You want to be with him because you love him, but you also need to take care of yourself and your children who must come first, men come and go, your children are forever. If you want to hold on to him, stop being his slave, aquarian men quite like their woman to be assertive, but not make demands on them, they are a strange mixture of folk, one minute the blow hot, next minute the blow cold. The reason is they are afraid of comitment, they like to be free spirits, and share themselves with everybody. To be in that emotional world of love, where emotions are involved is alien to them, they are uncomfortable with this because they dont how to deal with it. This relationship is going to take a lot of hard work, and a lot of give and take on both parts, see if he can meet you half way, if he really loves you, he will. Just stay strong and be true to yourself. I wish you luck, and sucess in your mission.

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