Scorpio woman Leo compatibility

I enjoyed this site very much. I've been trying to read up on Scorpio woman Leo compatibility for as long as I found out he is a Leo being a Scorpio woman I am very possessive even if we are just friends I don't won't any other females sneaking in on someone I have my eyes on...and if they do sneak in ill use all my sweet and innocent tactics to take her out the picture sneakingly...that's when my confidence is at it highest when I see something I want I'm getting it by any means necessary...and I am in love with a Leo Omg can u say someone who finally keeps me on my toes every second...he keeps me guessing and he brings out the best in me and if he gives me the cold shoulder everyone feels the raft but his simple touch and that lions roar calms my spirit...playing with fire...he is the kindest lovable generous sexiest confidant man I ever came across in my life he is the center of attention in any room and he doesn't have too say a word...and his words are like music to my ears his strength and manhood has never been proven weak around me he treats all the same...someone I want to be with forever.

He hates speaking his feelings outside of "I love you" except for when he's furiously mad which takes a lot too make him mad (we got into a argument because I felt he lied) he got so heated over me not believing him he broke his hand in 3 places) I felt bad but that stroked my scorpion woman ego in the biggest way....and the sex is beyond everything I expected sex too be when he's inside of me there's no greater feeling he can handle me completely... a great teacher of everything.

I hope to spend the rest of my life with this man...he's very strong and courageous...and cannot be completely weakened by the sting of a scorpion madly in love....

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