Scorpio woman - Leo for sex Pisces for love

I'm a typical Scorpio woman... I appreciate the loyalty and consistency of a Leo man but I really dislike superficial expressions, flirty nature and magnetism with other females...

I can be magnetic as well... But I really hate to...

I believe in one man for one lifetime

I accept I'm suspicious but I have never expressed this to him... I never had made him feel jealous because I know that he is too possessive about me... And i really don't want to add fuel to the fire by kindling his jealousy...

I was patient for 3 years, I felt I was more important to him only for his pleasure than real love. I really regret meeting him in my life but really cant hurt him by telling this...

He had been testing my love by being highly egoistic by not turning to me after any fight over these years...

I had suffered pain for more than 3 years and still cant quit from this relationship.

All these years I have been showering immense love on him and am evaporated now... He taught me how to be strong hearted, independent, rough and egoistic.

I had come to the extent of quitting from this relationship but he is back with so much of love, care and passion for me... I really cant believe and my heart is suffering from lots of uncertainty about this relationship and fear of being captured into his den and controlled for my lifetime...

Dear fellow scorpion woman...

If u r looking for nasty hot sex go for a leo man...

If u r looking for an emotional heavenly platonic love with full of security support, greatest love and loyalty wait for a Pisces... No one else can match ur intensity and passion and meet ur deep emotional needs...

I wish my guy tuns to become a Pisces...

Comments are welcome...

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by: Gina

I was engaged to a leo, Pisces are freakin liars. e Leo's are wonderful men , they match me very well I'm the one always getting cold feet and leaving. Cancer men same thing no good for scorpio women , I'm a true scorpio, I know, I have had the best relationships with Leo's and aries , Taurus are not for me either. Leo's are the best

Re: Leo for Sex, Pisces for Love
by: Hope

May 9, 2010

To the original poster:

Interesting comments. I have never dated nor had Leo or Pisces males as close friends. Not opposed, just that the opportunity has not yet presented itself. I have had good Leo and Pisces female friends.

Hi Gina,
I enjoyed reading about your perspective as well.

Not sure what a typical Scorpio woman is though. I am a Scorpio sun, Scorpio moon, Scorpio venus, and other placements in Scorpio. I have never had issues with jealousy; however, I do tend to take the lead in most situations regarding family and relationships. I am highly protective (often mistaken for trying to control), very patient with partners and friends, too generous, and I am sensitive to slights but easily give and accept apologies,

I need far more privacy than most people do - I have no exciting secrets so it is not the typical Scorpio secrecy, but rather I am hyper- protective of my private life and those in it. I love mystery and adventure, learning, reading, meeting people from other cultures, political debate, and figuring out the motives behind behavior. Therefore, my best matches are Virgo, Taurus, and now, Aquarius. They each have tremendous appeal and satisfy different needs.

Virgos quietly get me and understand my need for privacy and alone time. I love their organizations skills and thoroughness. They are good and drawing me out.
Taurus satisfies my need for partner loyalty and reliability. They provide the sense of home and family I want to share.

I just met the Aqua, but we share humanitarian values and I am drawn to his cravings for new adventures. He makes me laugh and makes my life more exciting.

So True
by: Anonymous

Gina: I completely agree with you, Im dating a Leo and its the best relationship ive ever had! I dated a Pisces and he was the biggest liar ive ever met!
Im a strong Scorpio who is jealous and often irrational but me and my Leo man seem to even each other out, he holds me up when i need support and i hold him when he needs it.

by: Anonymous

I have so much to say...

First yes I tottaly agree with you @ Pisces for man leos for sex!! I was with a Leo for a while.. I consider my self a true scorpio women with all the you know what I mean!! There was something about that Leo man that made me go crazy for him. But as time went on I felt used for his pleasure..I knew he loved me but when I feel used I shut down and want nothing to do with you. Me and my leo guy were so obsessed with each other it made other people sick. But bottom line to GINA and other lady who post...Its not that Leos dont lie they are just very good ones. There so intellegent and intune with everything around them. If it wasnt for me being so snoopy I wouldnt have found this out. I would have just went around thinkin he was my soulmate. Those LEOS HAVE DEEP DARK SECRETS!! YOU JUST HAVE TO DIG DEEEEEEEP!! lol...another problem we had he couldnt handle me going off and doing my own thing. He always wanted me to stand behind him!1 WHich is where or relationship had to end because that was something I could not do. Im currentlly with a Pisces man and it has been the best experince Ive had with a man..Hes loyal, patient and kind...where so intune with eachother its errie. My leo has came back trying to get another shot realizing he messed up. But one thing I learned from taking my Leo man bak over and over is that..Its not that he is that deeply in love with you(NOT SAYING HE DOESNT) Leo man just cant accept failure and have to win!1 Please dont take him back it will be the worse mistake of your life..there so controling. And as for you other ladies...just wait and see...all your leo man real traits will come out and after you figure it will run away screaming!!!

leo or pisces for me a strong scorpion woman
by: Anonymous

i am one of those typical scorpion woman. i have been dating a Leo man for almost a year now. he is so good to me in all aspects.

like five months ago, i met with this Pisces man at work and happen to fall to each other. i am not the cheating type of woman but i found my self in a very strong attraction and love to this Pisces.

the problem that i am facing is a dilemma. i don't know who to be with. a Pisces or a LEO. AM a finalist in my masters degree and my plan is to get married as soon as i graduate.

the negative things that i see in my two relationships are..the Leo guy is my age met, he looks and sound younger than me....i don't feel comfortable working around with him. he doesn't know how to kiss....(too bad for a Scorpio)

the Pisces guy is not that caring as the Leo. he doesn't tell me if he is happy with the relationship. he is not the chat kind of a person. he rarely call or text me. he drinks a lot of alcohol.

otherwise..the sex is wonderful with both...though i enjoy when am with the Pisces more

the Leo is so in love and i feel sorry to let him go. i am not sure if the Pisces will be good for me...plz advice

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