Scorpio Woman Leo Man

by Sheerien

I have been "matched" with a Leo man on an elite internet dating site, the site matches people on the basis of their "compatibility"... I have been communicating with this man for a week,he lives in Australia I live in Wales UK, I am going to be travelling all the way to Australia to stay with this man at his Animal hospital, he is a very good man who has devoted his life to the welfare and conservation of endangered species. I have only just asked my "match" about his Zodiac sign, we are still at the emailing stage as I didn't think to offer my phone numbers, I have only just given them to him, so he will probably phone me later today! I was SHOCKED to see he is a LEO! I would have deleted him from my matches had I have known! however I'm glad I didn't delete him! (somehow!) oh dear what am I getting my self into!!?? please advise me.... thank you Sheerien

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