Scorpio woman long distance dating Aquarius man

I'm currently long distance dating an Aquarius - and actually not sure I would qualify it as long-distance dating by my standards. Seems more like long distance friends with benefits. We were friends/acquaintances for 7 years (6 of which were online since I moved away), both in our 30s. He never caught my attention early-on in our friendship but apparently from what I'm told he made passes which he says I brushed off (in reality they were so subtle, dead people wouldn't have noticed). Mid last year I attempted to set him up with a friend and things between us kicked up a few notches. He chased after me aggressively (like wanting to meet up and go on a trip together). I loved his aggression but was nevertheless reserved and needed to put my feelers out first. We emailed, IM'd and texted only - regularly at first and then I wouldn't hear from him for weeks. It became a repeat offense and it made me furious! To the point I would delete his contact info, all our correspondence and say to myself I'm done..he doesn't even exist-moving on lol.

And then I'd hear from him (and I would pretend all was fine and I didn't care). He does however, have an uncanny ability to say the most random quirky things that seem to put my fire out pretty quickly. It's a quirky coolness that counteracts my hot temperament which is usually calm only on the surface.

Recently we finally met up and had an amazing time though I think it's strange - he is very anti-PDA but is a fabulous cuddler and very affectionate in bed. The dichotomy is curious. There are so many facets of his personality that work well for me and that I appreciate and adore. His frankness, openness and honesty blow me away sometimes. I love it! No game-playing. I don't know how intense my intensity is - I think I've learned to keep it fairly cool - but I don't want to feel rejected when I give affection and I want to know that it's enjoyed when received. I wasn't very affectionate when we met because I knew it made him uncomfortable, but holding back bothered me painfully; all these little moments of happeniness and I was left feeling unfulfilled because I couldn't share those moments with him with some affection...

Anyway, he communicates with me more regularly now but what we're doing-whatever it is-feels so superficial to me sometimes it drives me batty (though I haven't and would have difficulty saying something about it). I internalize my frustrations. As friends he used to make personal inquiries as to how I was doing. Now it's all sex talk all the time. He wants me to get on video chat so we can see each other; and normally I'd be fine with that but I know exactly where that's headed. I'm confused by this person's behavior and I'm not sure if it really is for him simply long distance friends with benefits. I'm debating whether or not I should just cut it and move on.

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