Scorpio woman married to an Aquarius man

I have been married to my Aquarian husband for 4yrs, we grew up together as neighbors and close friends. We have our ups and downs but the good times outweigh the bad. I am a "typical" scorpion strong woman, very devoted thinks of her relationship always, but have managed to swallow some of my "possessive" nature to make this relationship work. I think with 2 very strong "fixed" signs it is very hard to turn away from one another because we both are always determined to get what we want. Scorpio ladies if you love your Aquarius man, hold your jealous tongue and make your man happy so both get what they want. The Aquarius is very loyal that is why it is such a good mate for the possessive Scorpio.

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by: scorpio

thankyou, for once someone sees eye to eye with me. I've only been with my aquarius for half a year but I've learned to look past my astrological problems to make our relationship work and he does the same. Even though we may not be compatible I've loved him since our first dance together.

20 years and Counting
by: Anonymous

Well, I will be marrying my aquarian guy soon after dealing with each other, and back and forth for the last 20+ years! We have arugued and left each other for years, then come back together, then leave, etc., and in those periods of leaving each other he got married 3 times! But I love him and he loves me. He has asked me to marry him twice before over 4 years and this is the 3rd time after 2 years of not seeing each other (A big blow out). I noticed something different in him and I am now ready to take that step with him. He says he loves me everyday, and promised to say it everyday along with promise after promise of his undying love for me (we will see!!) lol. I feel it is our time now, we have come full circle. I am more at peace, and matching his love for me, which has shown to work regarding his being so open, because being a Scorpio I can cut you with this tongue, but I have kept things at bay, just being a better me which is makeing him a better, open, loving Aquarius man.

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