Scorpio woman not a cat in heat

by Stevey the Leprechaun
(Over the Rainbow )

I'm a Scorpio woman, and according to what I read not the typical kind. Every article I've read suggests that I'm somewhat mean, plotting, vengeful, cocky, sex-hungry, overly seductive, controlling, "poisonous", mysterious, loyal, and jealous.

I'd like to remark that I'm not a cat in heat!

As a Scorpio Woman I actual prefer men with a more feminine appeal first of all...(no I'm not a lesbian). By feminine appeal I don't like the kind of muscle that's claimed to be natural but looks like it grew from steroids. Too much masculinity (both physically and mentally) annoys the fuck out of me because there's an ego to it. I can't stand it when a man is way too overprotective or tries to be dominating. I also hate being put in a position where one would like me to dominate. I'm more into the lean type who holds a more sensitive appeal. When I'm in a relationship I don't want to be dominated or dominating, I want to have a genuine best friend, who I can talk to freely, laugh with, feel down to Earth, not have to look good for, and balance that with being mushy and romantic.

I'm not a huge fan of romance, I prefer adventure and enthusiasm. I prefer being around a hefty company of people to enjoy my time with as well as my alone time with one or two close mates. It depends on the mood and I believe that applies to every sign.

I do acknowledge that at the very least I at least physically look decent, but that doesn't draw so many people to my so called "sex appeal". Really, I'm the one far less noticed in the masculine realm and I prefer it that way (being in a high school which consists of testosterone happy boys).

I'm not a mathematician or a physiologist type as implied a Scorpio woman is. I'm a writer, photographer, artist, and hockey player. I'm also not that most sportific woman in the world. I enjoy being a couch potato and when its summer I hibernate and become one with my inner bear.

My humor isn't that sarcastic...Well maybe it's a little witty and comment filled but I prefer story telling jokes. I write stand-up comedy skits and the humor inside of them doesn't exactly consist of the anecdote of the Scorpio woman's 'humor'.

I like to be open about myself rather than close (which puts aside mysterious) but that doesn't mean I'll tell every human being on the street my life story. That's just a rational decision any sain human being makes for obvious reasons. I don't like to talk about myself so much, I like learning about the person in front of me in conversation (which puts aside the need for flattery and self absorbed personality). Though, I'd OBVIOUSLY be jealous if cheated on, who wouldn't? It's a natural response and so is sadness, but I wouldn't take revenge EVER. It's a waste of my time. At worst I'd be cold to a person which I feel deserves it.

I understand that my approach may be Scorpio-like however I believe that my pattern of choices are somewhat straying off that very description. Anyone care to put an input?

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by: Anonymous

I am also a Scorpio woman, and that was 100% me lol, I'm very competitive but i HATE sports, instead I'm competitive in other things, i am also an artist and writer, and I'm not sex hungry. And I definitely feel you on that one. Almost everything you read about Scorpio is sex sex sex sex sex, its annoying, there's much more to us. Also, I'm not mean vindictive spiteful etc, I'm a very sweet loving and caring person almost to a fault because i tend to put other's need first. My Virgo (ascendant could be why)But what you're saying is true, we arent all hateful and sex-crazed. but we DO have a lot of love to give.

Dont hate.
by: Anonymous

Not all scorpios are exactly alike these descriptive words differ for evryone. They may not suit you 100% but they do fit other scorpios quite well. I'm a scorpio chick and i am a bit sexual and i do love were all different.

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