Scorpio woman Pisces man long distance

I need some advice from a Scorpio woman. I am a Pisces and have been dating a Scorpio woman for several months. She obviously likes me a lot and wants to spend time with me but there are problems. Her job requires her to work long hours usually into the night. We live a long distance apart so the phone is the only real way to keep in contact but I always feel I am keeping her from her work so don't call. I don't want her to think I don't care and want to call her all the time but don't wish to crowd her. Help!

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Scorpio Pisces long distance
by: Anonymous

In response to the above Pisces man for late working Scorp: I think you should tell her that you are into her and you don't call because you don't want to interrupt her work. Us Scorps need to know that we are wanted by you and communicating is key. Just tell her.

I myself have a question. I have known of a Pisces man for about 2 years now and he never really gave me the time of day. We run in the same circle and I am completely attracted to his positively, his smile, his service to others. So finally, one night I said something to him on the computer and broke ice. A few months later we find yourself chatting long hours into the night and him recognizing this. Just randomly he blurts out " I am in love with you" This comes later 2 nights of 6 hour comp chats. I am like wooo wow. I am speechless and nothing more really said about that. So we met for breakfast and it was awesome. He pretty much laid before me al of his baggage and paid for breakfast. We then continue chatting on comp and make another plan which Unfortunately had to cancel. I ask him if he wants to date/friend me? He asks for my number, finally and he tells me he thinks I am attractive, smart and he is really digging getting to know me but he has 2 reservations 1)friendship with my ex 2) afraid of commitment but that he wants to continues getting to know me and looks forward to it. Even said something about "our relationship" in that phone conversation. So he has now gone away for weekend and I don't want to be the pursuer 100%. Let me know Pisces guys what to think?

long distance
by: Anonymous

I am a Pisces male and I would say having a friendship with your ex would keep me away. Doesn't sound like a ex but a maybe we can always get back together kind of thing. Give up your ex and pursue him 100%. He most likely is worried about commitment because he doesn't want to get hurt so let him know you are there to stay if that's what you want. If you are not don't do it. You replied to my answer about the hard working Scorpio. I did all you suggested already but I think even though we get along very well we are growing apart and I can't figure out how to fix it. Is calling her all the time the answer? Think I will try to meet with her one more weekend but if that doesn't work will call it quits. Pisces do not like emotional disturbance and would rather just forget about it and move on. It's easier to give up than deal with the heart ache.

by: Anonymous

to the scorp girl who posted: im a Pisces and my ascendant is Virgo... i know how people like... If he said he is looking for talk with you: in this case its doesn't have a double meaning... so my advice to you, chill now, and let the things go in their way... im certain in that u touched him inside... patience again... u know, he is a Pisces...

hey, im living in Europe but the zodiac is the same here too... atm a cute scorp wait 4 me to say what she wants to hear... just im a coward f*ck to say to her... say to her that I need her so much... Pisces/scorp rules if the ascendants don't ignore it, but I think the attraction is too big, the rocking them anyway... ah mannn... scorp girls are to sweet to ignore them... we cant... me neither... Mr. Pisces and ms Scorpio rocking the world

long distance
by: Anonymous

im a scorpion woman, definitely give her a call. you have to show her you are thinking about her.

long distance
by: Anonymous

you should call her, plan something romantic, we all know that Pisces men are romantic, so show her a world that she has never seen, she'll see something in you that she has never seen in any of the zodic signs, unless she's not looking to be in some sort of relationship; and us scorpio women, we are much likely in love with our work force unless your not a "True Sign" then go for it. Scorpio and Pisces are a match made in heaven.

Pisces with scorpio...anything...
by: Anonymous

forget about it! I am a Scorpio female...married a Pisces man who became successful and all...not happening! #1. his business will always come first
#2. his friends #3. his parents #.4 his kids #whatever...if you're left somewhere....

Here's what it is....they're BORING! No one said anything about that....they're self-absorbed in business and friends (Allllll the friends) and down right.....boring! Scorps are not that gregarious....we like our small groups. These guys are like....PEEEEEEPS all the time!

Get away from these creepy fish....they're ALL THAT to start...get them behind closed doors...and they suck! forever.

You don't know what you've got until its gone!
by: Just Observing

To the bored lady above. You obviously had something once upon a time! You should try & revive what you once had, maybe have a holiday just the two of you! You probably need to get pampered & buy a new outfit or two. Lighten up & remember fun! It's too easy to just take the back seat & rubbish him! He's probably successful because of you backing him. Did you ever feel like the others?
Did you ever just love him to death? Do you have any idea how you'd feel if you lost him? Have you ever had time away on your own without him & the family? Maybe you could go on a cruise or something, you might get his attention if you got a new sexy look or something! It just seems like your really over it! But you really need to consider what it would be like without him.
I hope you don't mind my comments! Good luck!

Hey here is my advice?
by: Anonymous

Hey the first thing you do is send her 2 dozen white roses to her job anononmusly the reson why I said white is because red turn black and black is a sign of death and the mystery will turn her on.

The 2nd thing to do is to call her on her luch break while she is in work and ask her out she could only say yes or no what have you got too lose be brave and honest with her she will love that.

Also the third thing move from where you live now so you can be near her.
The fourth thing be honest with her for gods sake and tell her how you feel.

To pisces guy long distant
by: Anonymous

I am in the complete opposite role. He is moving 2 hours away due to work. I already have visions of our future. I personally would love him to text me at random times during the day and tell me that he is thinking about me, or just hello. I am scorpio sun, venus in libra, and moon in virgo.. Those signs in the those planets are specific to people's characteristics. Good luck.

by: Anonymous

hey omg just a quick blurb. just started dating this guy whos pisces. and omg the magnatisim that i feel for him, is just out standing i am falling for him.. but have been hurt in the past my self so am holding back... he is romantic in the way i dont get flowers but get a few little txt msg. or facebook msg. saying hes missing me. And i cant wait to see and speak to him again. Our biggest problem is that we live 5 hours apart and i dont drive. we both have kids so moving closer to each other is going to be hard in the intrim. anybodys thoughts.

Hey buddy if you love her tell her!
by: Sexy legs 100

Hey bud I'm a scorpio woman and I myself also is in long distance relationship with a pisces man but in saying he is a 1 hour bus ride from where I live This what is what you do you spend 1 week in her house and she spends the next week in yours it works because thats what me and boyfriend do I'm with him a year and 4 months and were expecting our 1st baby in May a little Taurus awh .............................

by: Anonymous

been dating a pisces man for over 2 years now and i am a scorpio women. we started dating around the time i decided to get a devorice from my ex husband. the connection and chemistry was the most amazing thing i have ever encounterd. We text all the time everyday for a year and a half then things stared to get real hectic in his life with his two kids and his job. at the beginning he would put whaterver time he had aside for us then it started to really slow down along with the text messaging. he would always through out hints about being my childs stepdad and how he could afford it all and at times he never wanted me are my child to go back home,he couldn't stand to see me leave only it seems as if he could never really come out and say what he really wanted to say. his job is very demanding and i understand that. our last conversation was on why he has become so distant and he say's his child is failing every subject in school his daughter doesn't even ask for him any more because he never gets to see her and now his job has become even more demanding and he's say' right now he can't give me the attention i need and it's not fair to me but yet he say's he can't imagine me with someoneles and it would be wrong if he asked me to wait for him but he knows he can't do that. so confused and lost in love. What to do? advice please.....

Stay away from Pisce males
by: Love or Happiness

I am a scorpio women who has a strong liking for a pisces male since Thanksgiving 2012. When we first meet, he treated me so nice and I felt like it was love at first sight. He was so attentive and caring the first week or two. Shortly after, he began to be distant. When asked about why we do not see each other as often (or at all) he committed that he is doing things he would not normally do when he is with me. I felt like the only things he was doing was being a friend. The first nite (I know I messed up) we had "relations". I could not help myself. It was such a strong sexual energy between the two of us. After about a few times of doing that, he wanted to just be friends, as I was in a relationship that was ending, not due to me. We stayed up at his house late at night talking after(no sex). We absolutely enjoyed one another. I really did not like the sex that much anyways cuz I did not think he knew how to please me cuz I he could not get me there to have an organism. He seemed as though he was in his own world (kinda pleasing himself). But he was a person I could relate too. I thought he felt the same way. When I call and make plans he says he is willing to participate but to later cancel. I do not know if I love the fact of love or if I actually care for him. It is a lot more to the story but my hands are tired from typing. any advice? anyone?

by: Anonymous

I can top that....I am a married Scorpio woman who has is falling for a younger pisces man who lives in another state. We are co-workers so we talk all the time and are good friends. We have been together face to face a few times and even though it was platonic it has left me a mess. The feelings he stirs in me, the way his eyes look right into mine, his smile, and boy is he charming and mysterious just like his sign says he is. We have never crossed any lines or told each other we have feelings for each other but its weird because three different people who work with both of us say the sexual tension is palpable when we are together. I never intended for it to be like that but if he stands close to me I feel like I am going to combust. When I go back home it takes days for the sinking feeling in my stomach to subside. I think about him everyday. when we talk on the phone for work, the way he says my name just about melts me to my chair. We had a very rocky beginning to our work relationship and we butted heads and my scorpio personality was hard for him to deal with but I have noticed that the more time goes by the more he seems to open up to me and he has a way of making me feel calm and happy and want to take care of him. I am afraid if he ever touched me I would not be able to hold back these emotions and physical attraction to him and there would be no turning back. Scared of my own feelings...Everything I have read trying to figure this out says we are a match made in heaven and bond very easily.

Pisces Men are Worth It Go Get Him
by: Anonymous

We demand loyalty, and we will give you the world full of fun, sex, loyalty, comfort, protection and the traditional qualities that are great in a true man! We do not like to your ex has to go! You can have as many female friends as you like, but for a Pisces male, we better be the only love of your life. Women always say that they want a committed man, we Pisces men are just that. So why are you overlooking us? Yes we dream, we have vibrant detailed imaginations and can think outside the box. We consider others before making a move, but when we do make a move, it is deliberate and impressive. We are not to be run over, but we are more powerful than Leo males who bark loud, but piss off a Pisces male and you will lose in ways you had not thought of. Women should be chasing after Pisces men for our brains, sensuality, masculinity. We are your "Roman Army" or "Spartan" when it comes to protection...I love to fight!!! I love to protect the weak, yet I love peace quiet, comfort. Piss me off...and I will outthink you and keep coming to say the me, and I will bow before you and kiss your toes literally!!!

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