Scorpio woman so in love with an Aquarius man

by Monnise

My aqua man and I broke up afer 3 years of dating and 6 months of living together. after the break up I was soooo depressed and lost 30 lbs. well after a month of not talking we started seeing each other again as friends still having sex all the time (keep in mind he was with another girl). When I told him I was pregnant he told me goodluck with that and didn't talk to me for 3 weeks.

He texted me out of the blue and came over to visit. he said to me I want you but I don't want a baby and that he wanted to get back together. he also said that he was no longer seeing the other girl. ok so here's the kicker after I didn't agree to have an abortion he stopped talking to me and even sent me a text telling me that he was moving to another state and that I will be on my own.

2 months went by and I decided to stop and see his mom and sisters who call me every other day. when I arrived he came over to me and hugged me. I went into the kitchen and grabbed a bite to eat. while I was sitting there he came over to me and kissed my forehead and then my lips as if we were still together. WHAT IS HE TRYING TO TELL ME? HE IS SENDING SO MANY MIXED SIGNALS PLEASE HELP ME FIGURE THIS MAN OUT....

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Scared to Death
by: Scorp42

In my opinion I think that the baby has him scared to death. You know Aquarian men LOVE their freedom like nothing else. The living together had him scared that he felt trapped. I think he got another girl to make sure that he had an 'out' so to speak. He realized that it was you that he wanted once he analyzed your situation over and over again. However having a baby unexpectedly truly complicated things. Aquarian men under no circumstances want to be told of feel they have to do anything except by their choosing. If you ever wanted to make an Aquarian feel trapped, have an unplanned pregnancy. Not saying that it is your fault, trust me he is kicking himself for letting it happen. The only thing I can tell you is to exercise patience and give him the time and space he needs to process what has happened. The are good, fair men. He will come around and do the right thing by the baby. I'm not too sure where your relationship will go from there. It depends on how strong his love for you really is.


Pregnancy and mixed signals
by: Marc

Please don't take this the wrong way, but do you realize how many women mysteriously get pregnant after a break up?

He must be asking himself if he would still be with you if you weren't pregnant. I'm not sure you can really accuse any guy of sending mixed signals in that situation.

I'm an Aquarius and thankfully this has never happened to me but if it did I would probably react the same way. I can tell you I would lose a lot of respect for the woman once I had come to terms with the situation.

Scorpio so in Love
by: monnise

Thanks Marc for your comment but let me tell you something interesting. This is not my first,second,third, or fourth pregnancy by this man and each time he would say its not the right time so yeah I had that many abortions!!! the funny thing is when I finally got on birth control after the break up I got pregnant again so tell me what am I suppose to do? throughout our entire relationship I always respected his wishes and did what he asked me to do when it came to that situation because contrary to what people may think I never wanted to trap him that is not my style that's why I backed off. The only thing I'm guilty of is being in love with him and being a good woman to him.

by: Marc

Hi Monnise, I think that almost makes it worse. As an Aquarius man I'd have alarm bells ringing left, right and center if any woman did that.

I'm not saying it's your fault, perhaps it's his - but on the surface that situation has "desperate to trap him" written all over it.

He MUST love you (a lot!!!) because I think most rational men would run in the other direction from any woman who got pregnant 5 times in 3 years. Just thinking about that makes me cringe and want to take his side in this discussion (and trust me I like Scorpio women a lot more than i like other Aquarius men!)

I know communication isn't a strong point in our Aquarius/Scorpio relationships but I think you seriously need to sit down with him and get on the same page about starting a family or not. It's going to destroy the trust between you otherwise.

I know Aquarius men can be seen as unpredictable etc but we value stability in a partner - at least when it comes to major life decisions. They absolutely have to be mutual, and not some random surprise.

Ok Marc!!!
by: Monnise

I know what you mean marc but don't you think that were past the sitting down and having a long talk about starting a family? You must understand I am 6 months pregnant!!!! Listen marc I told him he is free from me I do not call him I don't ask him for anything not even to go to my prenatal appointments. I DON'T BOTHER HIM I AM GIVING HIM ALL THE SPACE HE WANTS AND NEEDS. Tell if I'm crazy, but I figure after reading different things about you aqua men that I should let him go and in my mind maybe after sometime he may want to be with me. I'm being patient not pressing him just because I am having his baby. What do you think??

by: Marc

You told him he's free from you and you're giving him all the space he needs, but that's meaningless when you've already handcuffed him to you for the next 18 years financially and emotionally by having his baby. You might as well be holding a gun to his head when you say it.

I'm sure the mixed signals you're getting are from him deciding what the right thing to do is. Should he stay with you? If so is he just doing it for the sake of the child? Does he love you? Is it kinder to be a one parent family? Should he have contact? Can he afford to not be with you? There's probably 1001 questions going through his head.

This One Is Very Complicated
by: Scorp42

Monnise, I have to say that I have mixed feelings abuot your situation. First off there is no way in hell I would have aborted that many babies for ANY man. I don't understand why you were not on birth control to begin with. That has me more confused than anything. I also don't understand why he kept sleeping with you knowing you were not on birth control. I don't mean to be so blunt about it but both of you were irresponsible on this one. Marc I do not agree with you as far as her trapping him. She didn't trap him, he trapped himself with this one. Monnise I wouldn't give it a second thought as what to do with this situation. I would not want to be bothered with a man that wasn't supportive of me and my pregnancy. It takes two to make a baby, and whether or not he is involved you are going to be a mother! I think this baby is going to mature the both of you. Parenthood is not a game and you both are about to realize that in the biggest way. Good luck to you and I wish you the healthiest and happiest baby ever.

Thanks Scorp42
by: Monnise

I know the whole thing is crazy right but what am I to do I know that there's a possibility that I will raise this baby by myself. The reason I wasn't on birth control in the beginning is I was single and not being sexually active. I guess the abortions were a form of birth control if you will. It seems as if you know alot about these aqua men so can you tell me why he's not going through the pregnancy with me. I think it more to with just being scared like I said before Scorp42 when he said all that nasty stuff to me and refused to talk to me I backed off. remember when I went by his moms house he was there and was all over me like he had a renewed love for me. oh and by the way we have not talked since that day (3 days ago)HELP!!

You Are Welcome
by: Scorp42

Monnise, I guess every guy is different. I guess the reason I am so versed in the aquarian man is because I had nothing but time on my hands to really sit back and analyze my guys behavior and I asked a lot of questions. My guy told me a while back that I have to be very blunt with him, which gets me the answers I seek. In the case of not hearing from your guy in 3 days, well in my opinion that is normal. He is still sorting out his feelings for you and what it is he is going to do. No matter what he knows this baby is coming and he is in a panic. I'm sure his family is not letting up on the pressure on him as well. If I were you I would contact him and let him know how badly he is hurting you by at least not being you friend and explaning what his next move is going to be. If he leaves you in the cold to raise this baby on your own you have to ask yourself, is he really the man for you. Sometimes it takes a serious situation to wake us up about who we love. Love is blind and all the signs were there for you quite some time ago. I would say about 5 abortions ago. To be direct with you, continue to do what you are doing for your health and wellness. Put him in the back of your mind for now, you have bigger fish to fry. If he matures a bit more he may decide to be a good father to the baby, but as Marc said if it were him he would run for the hills. A decision he would later regret. I don't claim to know what's going on but my intuition and my Godly beliefs have not steered me wrong yet. If he truly loves you he will love his child as well in due time. Think of this, the aquarian man runs for the hills with a lot of issues if they feel uncomfortable about it. This is the motherload of uncomfortable situations. All I can tell you is to excersize more patients than you ever have in you entire life. You will have to put your emotions on the back burner and get it together for your baby. If it is meant to be it will be. Redirect your focus, I know easier said than done. Find people that lift you up and make you feel good about you.

To the girl who has 4 abortions with the Aqua
by: Anonymous

Abortion is not birth control. You're lucky to be able to get pregnant after 4 times because some women after the 1st abortion , they can't have babies anymore. You sound pretty 'crazy' yourself and it really appears that you want to tie him down with the baby, yet he didn't want to have any of that. You're secretly hoping that he'd change his mind after seeing one by one abortion from you , but he really destroyed your secret wish? You said he was free to go but they were words because you loved controlling him in any way. Otherwise, you wouldn't still have sex with him knowing fully well he was with other girl ? Every sentences you wrote just shows subtle manipulations every where . The guy wasn't that great either for not even taking responsibilty for the baby and slept with both of you and the others. You guys were born to destroy and hurt one another and others around you in a really sad way. He was smart enough to see through you though.I guess you've learnt a lesson that it's time to act more responsible to your baby because I'm not sure that the last 4 really want to be sacrifice for the selfishness of their parents.

not even worth it.
by: Find someone better

Aquarians are assholes.I an air sign and will tell you this.They get away with things nobody ever should get away with.Find yourself a good cancer or capricorn.Ditch this loser.Think of your future and all of the mixed signals he will be giving out in the future.Think of the kid who have to raise that he doesn't even want.Aquarians seem composed and say/do all the right things, kind of like a sag but notice how even a sag will miss its mark by being so good at what they do.It's all in the presentation.Look beyond that and weigh the pro's and con's.My astrologer friend always told me aquarians were assholes.I never agreed but after being exposed to a good number of them, i agree that the majority of them are assholes.I hope everything works out.Take care

We're same
by: Scorp3620

Ha! I'd been in your situation before and now i have a beautiful daughter. I' ma scorp and my partner is a aqua as well. My boyfriend had exact reaction like your man and he wanted me to have abortion but i refuse, telling him that if he doesnt want responsibiliy then he's free to go and i'll not bother him anymore. I broke up with him but he acted like i didn't and still contacted me so we talked and he said that he's fine with whatever decision i'll have as long as i'll never leave him ( i guess he loves me so much). He loves you dear, but you need to tell him to respect your decisions if he still wants you around. And for god's sake, it's for the nth time. Tell him not to have sex with you if he doesn't want in that situation over and over again.

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