Scorpio woman thinking about breaking up with leo man.......HELP!

by S.O.S Scorpio
(United States)

I have been with my Leo boyfriend for 5 mo. At first everything was amazing, he was romantic and driven, he said things to me that stole my heart. He relocated and moved in with me within 2 mo. Ever since then things have not been the same. I give him plenty of attention and stroke his lion ego as often as I can. He seems distant and like he isn't trying anymore to show me affection at all. It's even lacking in the bedroom! Talking to him gets nowhere, it always turns into an argument. I cant stand it anymore I am not happy, he doesn't seem happy but says he is. Will that Leo charm ever return? Or should I cut my losses early and leave the relationship?

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Scorpio woman
by: Anonymous

I'm engaged to a Leo man fireworks exploded we been together for a year and four months now and we are still very much in love, the best advice I could give is you guys should sit eAchother down and talk it out not yelling over eAchother but take turns expressing yourself and work towards righting the wrongs of the relationship

by: Flo

I would leave him. This is exact the same story that I have had. I immediately broke up with the fool and adjusted myself to have a happy life without him. Honestly, up to this point I did not know what he was thinking because he did not talk to me directly. But we have our own choice to be happy and there is no point to be unhappy in a relationship. If you do not see him try to solve the problem with you or to talk or listen to you, the best way is to walk away from him. Find another man who is way better than a Leo!

Space makes Want
by: Aug 1 Leo

As a Leo, I may have some insight. Unless there are some other underlying issues (which could be uncovered quite easily ..we Leo's are open to share). You need to make him chase you some more ..become his prey again. I know this is not a role that may come easily, however we Leo's need to feel like there is some work for us to do ...or we can become bored. Your usual Scorp mysteriousness, is not enough right now I can only strongly suggest that you distance yourself a tad, scamper away, he will notice ..then even if you think its not working (he acts as if he hasnt noticed) out! as that Leo will rush you like a flood to claim his prey. Good luck darling.

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