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I am a Scorpio woman and my best friend is a Virgo. It all started 4 years ago, we met at work. I had my eye on him about 6 years ago but I was in a relationship and so was he so I didn't bother. I broke up with my partner and heard through the grapevine that he had ended his relationship so I gradually started talking to him. I could sense that he was shy and I knew he wouldn't ask me out so I scored some really good seats and invited him to a football game. From that day on we hit it off and it was like we were inseparable - I liked his friends and they liked me and vice-versa. We spent a lot of time together and always had a good time. One night however, I had some issues with my phone and was not receiving text messages we both had the same phone and I went to text myself with his permission from his phone to see if the text would go through and I noticed a flirty text from another girl on his phone so I played dumb handed him the phone asking him to text me bec ause I couldn't figure out his phone (yet we had the same phone). Later on that night he was being really sweet and telling me nice things and I couldn't help but ask him why he would say those things if he was seeing other people. He was shocked and tried to play it off but when I mentioned this girls name and the text he had nothing to say. I gradually lost trust in him and with time I started distancing myself even though all of his friends preferred me over the other girl he was seeing - I'm not one to compete so I started dating another guy. For about a year I was seeing the two of them and then cut things off with my Virgo friend and continued seeing a Cancer for 3 years. Through out the three years Virgo and I remained friends and have established a wonderful friendship but there has always been an attraction between us. Virgo and his girlfriend broke up about a year ago which was shortly after I broke it off with Cancer and since then we started hanging out more frequently. Initially he wanted a relationship with me again but due to my trust issues I was very guarded. Shortly after he started dating another girl for about 2 months after his break up and he would call me on occasion for advice but after about a month or so she got back with her ex and then he started coming around more frequently again. As the months went by my feelings for him were growing but I didn't want to say anything...we had been traveling together, we would cook together and sing and dance in his living room while drinking wine, for my birthday he treated about 7 friends of mine to sushi and drinks, no matter what we did together I always felt comfortable being myself around him and no matter how goofy we got it's always good times with the two of us. In December 6 months after he had broken it off with the girlfriend #1 (same girl from text 4 years ago) we went to Mexico together. Everyone thought we were the cutest couple and would ask how long we had been together and neither him or I would deny anything but I knew we were just friends. On that trip I finally told him how I felt about him and he said that he enjoyed our friendship and that he didn't want to ruin it so I let it go. When we returned he gradually started hanging out less and less and by the New Year he was M.I.A. I soon found out that he had gotten back with ex #1 and he didn't want to tell me. So again I dropped it and let him be. there were back together for about 3 months and during this time I rarely spoke to him. I happened to send him a text message telling him that I missed my friend and a week later we met up for lunch and he was still seeing her at the time. A few weeks later he started calling me again more frequently and it turned out that he was gradually breaking up with her again. We have been hanging out a lot again and about a month ago we had an intense conversation and I asked him why he always comes back to me...He said he loves being around me and after a few drinks one thing led to another and we had the best sex you could imagine. It had been about 3 years since we were intimate and the next morning we woke up and were intimate again. We both got ready and left for work and that same day he called and invited me to lunch. Me being his friend I just played it cool because I didn't want to come on to strong so I maintained our normal relationship. Shortly after he called out of the blue and we met for dinner. I had plans to go out with some friends after dinner and he had other plans and later that night we met up again. I ended up leaving with him and again we had sex. I had to take his car the next day because I had left with him the night before but I returned that night and stayed with him again and of course we hooked up again and the next day on our way to work he drove me to my car. Every thing has been fine between us since but in the last 2 weeks I noticed him getting distant again and suspected he was seeing someone again. Last night we talked on the phone for two hours and I told him I enjoyed our friendship and that I wanted to keep our current friendship along with the new thing we had going and he asked if I wanted a relationship. I told him I did't want to label anything and that I just wanted too go with the flow of things and he asked if we could see other people. I asked how he would feel if I started dating other people how he would feel and he said he didn't know. Then he confessed to me that he recently started dating girl #3 two weeks ago but that he didn't see it going anywhere. Again I let it go and told him to do his thing. I asked him why he always goes back and forth with me and he told me that he didn't want to lose me because he cares about me and that the attraction is there. I reminded him that I had asked him to leave me the $%#^ alone last time he did this and he told me that if I made him choose he would choose me over her. I told him to follow his heart. The next day we talked on the phone and had our normal friendly conversation but deep down inside I wanted to tell him not to call me anymore but I didn't know how to tell him - 40 minutes into our conversation he said he would call me back later on that night so I asked him not to bother...He questioned why and I just told him I needed my space from him and by his tone I could tell he was hurt. I texted him saying "please don't take that the wrong way...understand that I have feelers for you that go beyond our wonderful friendship which makes it hard for me every time you come in and out of my world. I'm not giving you an ultimatum either because that is not fair to you or me. I'm just making a choice for myself because I can't keep allowing you to come around and leave as you please while I suppress my feelings. So I'm choosing to distance myself for now...I still consider you a good friend but I need to allow myself the space and time to get over it. I know this sounds cheesy but it's what I need for now. Take care buddy and no hard feelings :) as 2pac would say "I ain't mad atcha..." (feelers is an inside joke between us...we always say you hurt my feelers when we're joking around.) He replied I haven't left your world so I replied "You're right - you haven't left my world - but when you take a trip to "Venus" and come back when you're board it just makes things hard on me - I do have feelers for you in my world but I have no control of yours so all I can do is take action to protect mine because that is what I have control of. Nothing against you but I just gotta do me for now. I still luv ya though :) He replied "I never knew you felt that way and I said that's because I'm good at hiding it. He said Well that sucks but I guess it is what it is. and I just left it at that. I don't know if this means the end of us and our friendship but what I do know is that the Virgo/Scorpio relationship can be very fun and intense so if you ever have the opportunity to experience it it is well worth it!!!

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