Scorpio woman wants her Pisces man back

by Lola
(New York, NY USA)

We were together 2 years. I was slow to enter into the relationship, but once I did, I feel for him hard. He broke with me after I began acting insecure, although he contributed to it. I dont know if its all Pisces men, but he is very charming, handsome, and talented in so many ways... great artist, dancer, singer, cook, you name it. He started out very jealous so I backed away from certain friends and clung to him. Once I made him the center of my attenion he said he felt suffocated (surely this was manipulative and controlling). I have never loved anyone the way I love him and Im praying that GOD gives us another chance. I intend to get that man back and when I do I give you all the details. Meanwhile I am dating other men and trying to focus on myself but I want my man back. Scorpio, Capricorn, and Leo men were who I dated in the past and they couldnt hold a candle to this man! Anyone with any encouraging words...I am determined to rekindle our love.

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Pisces men
by: Anonymous

I have to say i can not stand pisces men they are insecure they dont know what they want. And they like women who are insecure so that they could manipulate them and think that they are the only ones that love them. That is there way of keeping a woman by manipulating them because they don't have personality, they're uncaring, very selfish and they make it all about them. So ladies if you come across a pisces man run run real fast and don't stop. Stay away from these men all they care about is themselves. They want the whole universe to revolve around them. They love attention but they are not good in giving it back. One day they are fine with you the next they loathe you.

by: Anonymous

cancers attracted to scorpio; to pisces to ...... Nobody wins!

pisces man insight
by: Anonymous

i can never say exactly how your pisces ex thinks or feels. but when a pisces loves, he loves. you will feel it and you will know. i am a pisces male in love with my scorpio woman. like you, i want her back. but scorpios are known to think in either black or white. up or down. there are definitely more mysterious things going on around the universe that affects us humans and whatever they are, we all have to learn to live with it and embrace it. if you feel he has fallen out of love, then maybe he has for pisces are some of the most honest people in the world. and they can be vocal about it, unlike scorpios. i love my scorpio woman. hope may be dead. but hope will keep us keeping on. good luck.

I'm a Pisces man
by: Anonymous

As a Pisces man, I admit it, when I love a girl, I LOVE HER with everything I have. I do hurtful things to her to kind of "gauge" where her love is for me. I constantly test it when we have our downs. I feel bad doing it, but after a setback I NEED to know how she is feeling, I want her to open up and be honest about how she feels. Good or Bad, it can't be worse than you lying to us. Honesty is key if you want to keep your Pisces happy. And expressing how you feel about your Pisces, I believe, will keep them from manipulating you and toying with your feelings.

A Pisces knows when they've hurt you, and we do it to test you. Waking up one day and calling it off--don't be surprised; it's a test. Skip the tests and just show us how much you love/appreciate us, be honest and I will guarantee you that you will be loved forever

by: Anonymous

pisces men are player is bullshit! i am a pisces and i know how it feels...yes we are actually very insecure and very depressed... we hide it with smile and secrets...and because we are dual-signs like Gemini's we tend to have a "player" mind... this is not entirely true... because we are "wishy-washy" we dont know what we minute we feel lke we're in love with you... the next day we can't stand to see your face...i wish i wasn't like that... i would probably be able to hold a relationship better...the best way to keep a pisces man on your leash is to give him mixed signals all the time and make sure your conversation is very good... bad convo means quick interest lost in a pisces...From my point of veiw, even though they are completely not compatible, i think a Gemini Pisces relationship is one of the best... they both get annoyed very quickly and they both will understand each other a hell of a lot better

piscean man
by: Anonymous

Hi my name I jesus and I had a similar relationship with a capricorn woman at the biggining of my relationship with her, her friends were an issue then she devoted her selfe to me I didn't get bored but she when back to her friends slowlly I told her many times and had all the patience in the world at the end she felt insecure toughtfull. About our relationship I left the apartment yesterday here insecurity unberable, even if she was doughtfull about another or not I can't stand the fact of her being inecure about my pure love. I cried her yesterday as we huged good by and she said to me that she diint get bored of me and she couldent see her self with anyone but me as hunthing as those words were she should'nt have doughted me I belive at the end her friends familly and even an potential crush influenced her isecurity.

been there done that
by: Anonymous

Sweetheart, the man who is truly for you will not only allow you to built them up but elevate you at the same time. If you feel he has weakened you and you allowed him (no matter what your own reasoning/justification)to have you lose sight of yourself during your relationship then he was not good for you as a person. You may love him still but you should love yourself more.

I agree and then some
by: Anonymous

All I have to say is WHAT THE *&^%@!!!!!! Guess what - I got my Pisces man back and he left ME AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! After almost 2 years. Devastated does not begin to describe. It;s like someone took an Uzi and shot a hole right through my stomach. Dear God the pain is unbearable. I absolutely will not recover from this. All the things people said on here .. all so true. I could not have loved this man more if I tried. Yes I have a Scorpio temper and a scathing tounge when he pulls his Pisces b.s. All the thinking I was cheating and lying and trying to manipulate and control me because of his insecurities. I was so willing to look past all of that because I thought our love would concour all, I thought he would wake up and smell my devotion but instead he woke up and LEFT MY HOUSE!!!!! And I lost my freaking mind which made matters worse. I really thought that we could get through whatever bs issues arised because of our soul mate bond and because the good times were oh so good. I gave my emotional everything to this man. We brought out the best in eachother but we brought out the worst I guess too - I really am dying inside and I just changed my phone number and blocked him from my email because I can't stand that he is pulling another dissappearing act on me. I cant stare at a phone that doesnt ring or watch how he changed his status to SINGLE on facebook like 2 days after he split. I am normally a composed (at least on the surface) individual who is very private and totally embarrassed to admit any of this so I have to post it on here. I am in control of my emotions at all times but this man stirred up such rage, love, passion, anger , sadness every emotion magnified by 1000 with him. I am empty void wounded dead inside. Sounds dramatic but I am a shell of what used to be somewhat of a woman. If you read this my true fish..,, I wuv you...always your Beautiful Thing

the best for emotional content and games, but the rest - ruuuuuuunnnnnn
by: Anonymous

1) manipulate - 100% - will always "guage", will always test and will always avoid directness

2) insecure - 100% - used in strategic "poor me" situations to gain CONTROL

3) total maladjustment to what LOVE is - which is giving - they rarely give, always take though

4) mean and liying - avoid acceptance of responsibility and always lie and deny their part in causing an emotional upset

5) there is so much WRONG with them - they're not worth bothering with - they THINK they're IT, but they're so boring when you actually GET to the core of the person

6) becuase WITHOUT a MATE they have very little of their own - they absorb other people and incorporate their personalities into their own

7) I would actually class a lot of things PISCES do with psychological abuse - no doubt about it

8) they don't need people - they need emotions
and they do give up when asked to contribute to an emotional resources of the relationship

9) Uncommital, false, abusive and selfish - 4 months of it was enough - I spent so much energy, time and love on this pisces - I couldn't believe I was doing it for what, exactly? nothing in return but the games. I'm a Libra-Scorpio cusp - very little escapes me in a person - and sadly I decided to let it go - because there was nothing really on the horizon (they're also cowards, althought they WILL claim the opposite) to it any more - same old fish bowl - goung round and round in it wasn't my idea of a relationship.

10) Sadly, because the psychic and emotional content of this sign is awesome ))))))))))))
but not a good foundation for anything long-term

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